Half Pint: We’re Not Saying the Writers Forgot, We’re Saying We Remember — Episode 55

Bo in Blood Lines

We’re planning an upcoming episode about hanging plotlines, and we need your feedback! What are some loose threads that you want the show to explain? We also discuss one hanging plotline that might have been resolved? Maybe.

The Talk

  • In “Blood Lines,” Bo tells Lauren that she owes her “that last talk.” Stephanie saw a lot of fans up through Season 3 asking about when they were going to have that talk. (Now the conversation has evolved because they now need to talk about a dozen other things, but DETAILS.)
  • Stephanie thinks that in the writers’ minds at least Bo and Lauren did have that talk during Season 2.
  • In “Scream a Little Dream,” Bo is pressing Lauren about her situation with the Fae now that there’s a new Ash, and Lauren says that she will tell Bo everything but then they’re interrupted. Later in that episode, Bo says, “You promised me a bedtime story about you and the Light Fae.”
  • They do have that conversation about Lauren and the Light Fae at the end of “Fae Gone Wild” when Lauren spills about Nadia being sick and how she came to work for the Light Fae.
  • We think a lot of people thought they never had “The Talk” because they didn’t talk about Lauren’s motivations for sleeping with Bo in “Vexed,” and, yes, that’s true they never did. So it might not have been a very satisfactory talk for some fans, but we think that Bo and Lauren did have it.
  • But of course they now have a new backlog of material they need to cover!

Lauren with cursing nail in Fae Gone Wild

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9 Replies to “Half Pint: We’re Not Saying the Writers Forgot, We’re Saying We Remember — Episode 55

  1. Thank you for this episode. Also thank you for listing the need for a Doccubus talk. Its long overdue and the lack of communication between Bo & Lauren is easily the biggest reason for a lot of issues between them. Aside from that i want some of these tracks explored

    (i) Aife – Trick – Bo — The Bo who was holding her mom in her lap in 3×13 did not even remember her thru the entire season 4? Trick was shown cleaning some blood in 4×02 after the confrontation with Aife.. so can we have some resolution to that track.

    (ii) Bo – Kenzi — This relationship has suffered the most from season to season. It was supposed to be one of the key aspects of the show and has been backbenched in favour of guest actors / failed love relationships / new entries. We need Bo to bond with Kenzi and help Kenzi regain her self confidence. Why does Kenzi need to be Fae? Does Bo ever wonder? or care?

    (iii) Lauren – Crystal / Lauren – Evony / Laurens past — Lauren opened her heart and shared her pain .. but not to Bo. She referred to her brother. Emily Andras had referred to Laurens brother somehow coming in play in reference to Bo.. can we see something to that effect in the new season?

    (iv) Tamsin and her Valkyrie days — It was interesting to see a glimpse of Tamsins past. But why was she banished from Valhalla? Tamsin – Bos father – Trick .. we need to know the whole deal

    (v) Human Morrigan – How is Evony still managing to stay put at the top of the Dark Faes? She is human ..so that will be interesting.

    1. That’s a good point about Aife. Dyson and Kenzi knew that Aife was alive, but if Bo was told that moment happened off-screen. I definitely want a resolution to the Aife/Trick confrontation in “In Memoriam,” and definitely more scenes with Bo and Aife.

      As for why Tamsin was banished from Valhalla, I might be wrong, but Season 4 indicated that it was because she gave Rainer’s soul to Trick instead of taking him to Valhalla. Tamsin talks to Kenzi in “Dark Horse” about how she’s happy she has Rainer’s soul, and she says, “It could end my exile from Valhalla.” The writers might come back and say there’s more to Tamsin’s exile, but I think what went down between Trick and Tamsin in regards to Rainer’s soul was a big part of it.

    1. We don’t know! Last we knew he was comatose, but not dead.

      One fan suggested that maybe he was the living wall at Lauren’s old apartment. I would love to see the first (nameless) Ash again!

        1. Right, Dyson tells Trick that since there was an attack on the Elders under The Ash’s nose The Black Thorn wants him replaced “wounded or no.” So we know why the first Ash was replaced, but we never hear about his health again, whether he came out of the coma, etc.

  2. Sorry this is very long

    1.We never knew what happened to Lou Anne after her talk with Trick at the end of Vexed.

    2.Also Lachlan’s letter he gave to an assistant of sort. Maybe it was just a scene to show him getting ready to leave his life behind or maybe it was a letter that said Hale would reprise the role if Lachlan died? Lachlan’s Gambit.

    3.Evony and Kenzi’s favour/deal for Nate’s life. Of course that might be the thing everyone remembers first when they think about unresolved plots. Table for Fae.

    4.Baba Yaga, the hand at the end of Mirror Mirror :O

    5.Leviathan’s prediction, was it about Hale or Kenzi. We may find out in Season 5? Destiny’s Child.

    6.Kaidan ran off from the truck. Hope to see the mischievous wolf again. Brother of the Fae Wolves.



    9.Laurens brother? We have never seen Lauren’s terrorist past catch up with her. Her brother could be key to bringing about that plot line. Turn to Stone.

    10.Speaking of terrorist, human terrorist? Did Evony only keep Lauren because of how useful she was as opposed to Kenzi. In Turn to Stone Lauren had to examine a fae elder for having some sort of disease due to incest? Was Evony keeping Lauren around to help cure her? It is pretty strong evidence that the fae elder was Evony. Turn to Stone.

    11.Will they ever explain why the butterfly was on the train? Did Bo’s father put it there as a catalyst for Rainbo? Waves

    12.Hell shoe, who has it? Why did they have to go on some sort of hunt to find it when Dyson said Angel had the other one? La Fae Epoque and Groundhog Fae

    13.Stella?Will she ever return? Why did she and Trick split ways? Prophecy

    14. What exactly was the consequence for Bo cheating on her fae final(dawning)? Or did she succeed with flying colours? The Ceremony and Delinquents



    I think i probably missed some things but those are basically things i would love some answers to, but what i really want to know was if Bo was under a wammy from that mark or not?

  3. I still wanna find out who held Lauren captive when she was taken. Also, what the consequences are or were for Bo with the whole dawning situation….oh yeah where’s Alfie!! All the other plot threads I wanna know as well!! I know this isn’t a hanging plot thread I don’t think, but I wanna know more about Lauren being in Afghanistan….more backstory on her.

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