Hanging Plot Threads — Episode 57

Bo and The Ash in It's a Fae Fae Fae Fae World
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When is The Morrigan going to call in that favor from Kenzi? What happened to Lou Ann Heidegger? Is the first Ash still on life support? We discuss the hanging plot threads on Lost Girl that people are anxious to be resolved, many of which — not surprisingly — are leftover from Season 4. We’re joined by Sally, who blogs at Unaligned and you can follow her on Twitter @sheaven. Thank you to everyone who sent in feedback for this episode!

Seasons 1-3

  • Favor Kenzi owes The Morrigan (“Table for Fae”) — We did ask Emily Andras about this favor when we talked to her during Season 4, and she said that the writers have not forgotten about the favor.
  • Lou Ann Heidegger — We see Trick saved her from execution. What happened to her? (“Vexed”)
  • The first Ash — is he still alive? (“Blood Lines”)
  • Kenzi & Her Stepfather (“Mirror, Mirror,” “End of a Line”)
  • Why was Tamsin banished from Valhalla? (“The Kenzi Scale”)
  • Stella — what happened between her and Trick? (“In Memoriam”)
  • Consequences of The Dawning? The Caretaker says The Temple can be vengeful. (“The Ceremony”)
  • Who hired Tamsin? Who ordered Acacia’s hand cut off? (“Delinquents,” “End of a Line”)

Season 4

  • Aife — does Bo know Aife is still alive? What happened between Aife and Trick in “In Memoriam”?
  • Crystal! (“Turn to Stone”)
  • Who kidnapped Lauren? Was it just The Morrigan or did Trick help her? (“Turn to Stone”)
  • Leviathan’s prediction — will we see Bo go back to Irkalla in Season 5? (“Destiny’s Child”)
  • Butterfly on the Death Train — was that the same butterfly from Bo’s childhood? How did it get there? (“Waves”)
  • Lauren’s brother (“Turn to Stone”)
  • Is Lauren ever going to tell Bo about her past? (“Let the Dark Times Roll”)
  • The Crown on the Train (“Of All the Gin Joints,” “Destiny’s Child”)
  • Helskor — is there going to be a quest for the other hel-shoe? Who is it meant for? (“Dark Horse”)

Former Baddies Who Did Not Die

Note: There are plenty of baddies who didn’t die, but these were the ones listeners mentioned wanting to know what happened to them or if they would re-emerge as a threat.

  • Baba Yaga — we see her in the mirror at the end of the episode, not dead. Will she ever take revenge on Kenzi and Bo? (“Mirror, Mirror”)
  • Clio — Bo doesn’t kill her, just chi sucks her. Is she going to pop back up again? (“Lovers. Apart.”)
  • Cayden, Dyson’s pack mate — He escapes. (“BrotherFae of the Wolves”)
  • Engelram gets stabbed through the tail but doesn’t die (“In Memoriam”)

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19 Replies to “Hanging Plot Threads — Episode 57

  1. Thanks for doing these entertaining podcast. I have a couple of comments.

    The butterfly in mythology represents Life, Death, and Resurrection. IMO … Bo is being set up to be symoblically the Butterfly Queen / Goddess. Bo will have power over Life, Death and Resurrection (Rebirth). Which is helpful for her to bring back Kenzi.

    I know that LG has gone to great lenghts to make out Bo’s father (The Pryipiss) as possibly evil. For this very reason, I suspect he will NOT be the ‘Big Evil’. If he is in prison, then someone more powerful then him put him in prison. Remember, the Pryipiss is the Devil’s Horse and not the Devil himself. Also, in Fea terms, he is probably a supreme being more along the line of a God, like Zeus. I suspect that Bo’s father might eventually be seen as a victium of someone elses evil plot to destroy the Fea.

    The Pryipiss is probably able to shape-shift (from Man to Horse). like Zeus did (from Man to Swan).

    1. I don’t know that it’s implied that Pyrippus has been put in prison (though I could be forgetting a key piece of dialogue — if so, remind me), just that his realm is Hel and he needed Bo’s help in some way to gain power over the other worlds. But even if he was imprisoned, given what we’ve heard him say through Bo, “Only I will decide who lives and who dies,” etc. I don’t know if the person who imprisoned him would fall into the Evil category. If you’re trying to stop a dictator who wants to control everyone, that usually makes you a good guy, at least to a Western way of thinking. It’s possible Bo’s father will turn out to be not a bad guy, but I personally would be disappointed since they just did a “fake out” with The Wanderer storyline in Season 4.

      And, yes, Pyrippus can probably shapeshift if he’s a “horse.” We just like to joke about it. I cut out a few minutes of Kris saying, “Remember the Garuda? He wasn’t an eagle all the time.”

      1. The female Knight said Bo’s father was imprisoned. In LG, Imprisonment, Slavery, and Redemption have been reoccurring themes. Why would you be disappointed if her Father is a victim of someone else’s evil plot. Him being a victim does not make him a good person. It does not make him NON-EVIL. How many times has LG made us think a character is good and then show them as truly bad ? Or at first made them look bad and then reveal them to be good ? Tamsin started out very Dark and a “bad person” but has been redeemed. Rainer aka The Wonderer was originally seen as evil and bad but the last we saw of him he turned out to be good (not that I believe that for a second personally). Grandfather Trick also comes to mind. Lately, he does not seem truly good after all. JF has said more then once that he does not want LG to be predictable.

        The Pyripiss words can sound ominous taken in the context that they are delivered right now. But that does not mean it will turn out to be that in the end.

        1. I said I would be disappointed if Pyrippus turned out to be a good guy, not necessarily if he was a “victim” of being imprisoned. And I would be disappointed if Pyrippus turned out to be a good guy because they just did the same thing with The Wanderer — they made him out to be Bo’s father and evil but he seemingly was neither of those things. If you pull the same “plot twist” a bunch of times, it’s no longer a plot twist, you know? Plus, they’ve strongly implied that Bo’s father brutalized and raped Bo’s mother. I don’t want him to be portrayed as a good guy if he did those things. In a universe that’s set up as being about good versus evil, I want there to consequences for doing evil things.

          I didn’t intend to insinuate that him being a prisoner made him a good person. You had said, “I know that LG has gone to great lenghts to make out Bo’s father (The Pryipiss) as possibly evil. For this very reason, I suspect he will NOT be the ‘Big Evil’. If he is in prison, then someone more powerful then him put him in prison,” so I was responding to that. It seemed like you were saying you that because Pyrippus had been imprisoned then there must be a Bigger Bad who imprisoned him. But just because Pyrippus was imprisoned by someone, it doesn’t mean that the person who imprisoned him is evil. That was the point I was trying to make, but maybe I read your comment in a way you didn’t intend.

          1. Good comments. I agree if LG continues to us the He’S Good but actually now He’s Bad plot twist it will damage future stories. But season 4 was very confusing unlike previous seasons. The writers seem to be reaching, trying very hard to write complex story lines. I think “The Dawning” which many of us called “The Yawning” had an effect on the writers. They are trying very hard to not be boring and predictable. I think they are failing in this because now the plot lines are confusing and contradictory.

            As far as The Pyripiss is concerned. Yes, Aife is most likely a victim of horrible torture. But can a Succubus be raped if sex is how they feed. Isn’t the withholding of sex (starving the Succubus) the actual torture ? I’m not saying she was not raped … I’m saying we don’t know what her relationship was with The Pryipiss is yet. Aife was imprisoned and it seems he was too. Maybe they were imprisoned together. Right now we simply do not know what happened between them.

            Did you ever hear the joke about the prisoner who kept cutting off is legs and other parts of himself. Then the warden finally realized the guy was trying to escape (one piece at a time) ?

            The impregnating of Aife might have been done willingly by Aife and Todd (that is what EA calls The Pryipiss) to fulfill a prophesy so that he could escape his imprisonment. Right now, anything is possible.

            1. “But can a succubus be raped if sex is how they feed. Isn’t the withholding of sex the actual torture?”

              Yes, absolutely a succubus can be raped; “no” means no no matter who you are!

              That’s like the assumption males can’t be raped because they’re perceived to love sex a lot. If you don’t want to have sex with someone and it’s forced upon you in any fashion then that is rape.

              Yes withholding sex is a form of torture for a succubus, it’s like starving them, but forcing them to have sex is also a form of torture because it’s like forcing them to eat or drink something they don’t want and it’s just plain rape again because if they say “no” then that means no.

            2. “I’m not saying she was not raped…I’m saying we don’t know what her relationship with the Pryippis is yet.”

              Not a good one I can assure you of that. Aife’s story in “Blood Lines” is not a happy one despite the tone she used when saying the line about having fun – that woman was not having fun, she was being abused and she didn’t want her daughter to see her cry right then.

              Aife seemed like a trophy for Bo’s dad, who I think is also the Dark fae king because of that story, to use how he wanted and that’s it really. He also used her as a breeding person because of er family powers; but yeah I’d say their relationship wasn’t a positive one.

            3. “The impregnating of Aife might have been done willingly by Aife and Todd to fulfill a prophecy so that he could escape his imprisonment.”

              I don’t see this myself; I don’t see Aife wanting to help him with anything. Help him so she can get free maybe but help him with his plan only doesn’t seem like something she would do and why would she – he’s abusing her and she knows he won’t let her leave so why help him?

              And who’s to say he was imprisoned when Bo was born, that could have happened after she was born.

        2. “Tamsin started out very Dark and a “bad person” but has been redeemed.”

          Honestly, I miss season 3 episodes 2-most of episode 6 Tamsin. It was nice having another bad guy on the show who didn’t care that you knew they were the bad guy. The only consistent bad guy we’ve had is the Morrigan. Them redeeming Tamsin in the same season they tried to make Vex a good guy as well to the group was just sad to me.

          What was wrong with her staying the badass bounty hunter for the arc? Have her fake being good, but always really working for Bo’s dad. They had a nice dynamic at the start with her and Dyson and her tempting him to the Dark a bit and I love she made him question Bo because he really was blind at times on the police side of things with her.

          Same with Vex, why the buddy-buddy attitude with him? They do remember he’s a killer right? He made Lou Ann kill her children and he tried to kill Bo how many times? It just seemed unrealistic that Trick at least didn’t say something about why were they letting him stay at the shack. Bo could have said she was doing it because she felt sorry for him, but at least have someone draw attention to it; Trick likes to condemn talking to Aife at every turn yet a known Dark fae killer who’s made an attempt on Bo’s life before he’s okay to have around? No.

          But maybe that’s just me. So please no turning Bo’s dad good in any form. As Drinks said just because he’s locked up/out doesn’t mean it was done by other bad people; maybe he’s locked away because he’s too dangerous to let out and the situation he’s in now is the only way to hold him because other prison cells he could possibly escape from.

      2. “It’s possible Bo’s father will turn out to be not a bad guy, but I personally would be disappointed since they just did a “fake out” with The Wanderer storyline in season 4.”

        Second this.

        Not to mention just based on what he did to Aife I don’t want him to be seen as a good guy. He viciously tortured this woman for decades if not centuries and you can’t justify that in my mind as anything but cruel. Aife did nothing to deserve some of the things that happened to her by his hand. Torturing her for information because she’s a soldier of the Light is one thing, torturing her for her part in killing some of your soldiers is one thing, but other things that happened to her you can’t rationalize in my book; he did those because he wanted to use her for his own personal plans.

        You can’t redeem Bo’s father in my mind. He might be a “good guy” to members of the Dark fae but outside of them – no way.

        1. But in all that you have said you are ASSUMING the Pryipiss is the one who imprisoned Aife and is the one who tortured her. We do NOT know that to be true. Trick turned Aife over to the Dark. At no time was it said she was turned over to The Pryipiss. It is possible, The Pryipiss was imprisoned long before Aife was and were held prisoner by someone else.

          I’m not saying that Bo’s father is a good guy. I’m saying that Lost Girl does not like to be predictable and for this very reason, I am not convinced that The Pryipiss will turn out to be the BIG EVIL in all of this. I think the BIG EVIL … The one who held Aife prisoner and tortured her … will be someone other then the Pryipiss. The Pryipiss might be Bo’s father, but not necessarily by rape.

          I personally think Trick had Bo taken from Aife when she was born by Lou Ann the midwife. Trick is who Bo saw holding her in the nursery during her her Dawning. Aife escaped and stole Bo away from Trick saying “he can’t keep you”. She then hid Bo with humans.

          These are all guesses but don’t think that LG won’t try and throw in twists and turns to keep us guessing.

  2. I think that Kenzi’s dad must have died. I remember when I first saw Food for Thought in season 1 that someone close to her must have died when she was young because she said she used to always go to the cemetery to think when she was little. So in season 2 when we found out she had a stepdad I always just assumed it was him.

    1. That’s a good point about Kenzi talking about thinking in the cemetery in “Food for Thought.” That does suggest that she had a loved one she was really close with who died, and her dad would be a good guess since we know she had a stepdad.

  3. does anybody remember that sphere thing from the beginning of S4 (402)? when they tried to figure out where Bo is Trick was looking for it and at the end of that episode Kenzi is shown using it as payment for Massimo.
    wonder what that was all about. it was never mentioned again and the sphere seemed unnecessary since they found Bo using different means. so why bother showing Kenzi giving it away?

    1. I think the purpose of its inclusion was to show how desperate Kenzi was. Not only was she stealing from Trick to pay Massimo, but she held back something that might help them find Bo.

  4. I like that Evony hasn’t used her favor yet with Kenzi. This is Evony you have to remember, she always gets the most she can out of people who owe her so she isn’t going to rush to make Kenzi pay back that debt; she’ll use it when she gets the most out of it and for it.

    I can see Lou Ann in possible flashbacks but as for her playing into things now, she doesn’t really have to help the group with anything. She helped Aife hide Bo so she doesn’t owe her anything, she told Bo what she knew in “Vexed” so there isn’t a lot she can tell her other than why she picked the Dennis family maybe, and she and Trick are equal so other than another ally in the fight sequences maybe I don’t think we’ll see Lou Ann in modern times if you will. If we go by the Dawning scene then you can argue Bo’s dad took her after she was born, Aife killed the babysitter as we saw in the Dawning scene, and then she passed baby Bo to Lou Ann because she got her to help somehow and told her to hide Bo because she figured Bo’s dad would be looking for her thinking she had Bo with her and not consider Lou Ann who he might see as just another person who escaped during the breakout. Aife gets recaptured but Bo gets to safety yet he still has a brief moment with her.

    I like to think the first Ash is still alive.

    I thought Bo’s dad was who hired Tamsin?

    I REALLY hope Aife is still alive. If she is dead there will be no redeeming Trick in my eyes, he will forever be a bad guy. I would love for Aife to help in the fight against Bo’s dad because honestly if anyone in that group deserves to kill him it’s Aife. And I want her to live at the end of the fight as well please. 🙂

    I’d love to see Cayden back as long as he’s played by the same actor because he just did him so well. And I’d be okay with Clio coming back, she was fun the more she was in season four. I could see Cayden as a bad guy once again because he was for hire as well remember. And Clio could want revenge on Bo who knows, that could work for a one episode plot with that character.

  5. It comes down to if the Pryippis is also the Dark fae king because really that’s Bo’s father to me. Aife made it pretty clear what happen to her in “Blood Line”, the Dark fae king used her for his own personal pleasures so I don’t see who else could be Bo’s dad if the DFK has Aife to himself.

    The Dark fae king fits as Bo’s dad because it gives her that Light/Dark royal bloodline split, he’s also another super powerful fae which explains why Bo is so powerful, and again he’s the only one who really fits timeline wise.

    So if Pryippis is Bo’s father then yes he’s the guy who abused Aife. If he’s not the Dark fae king then he’s not Bo’s father.

    And I don’t think the flashback in the Dawning was Trick myself; it didn’t look or sound anything like him and if it’s meant to be Trick why not have Rick play him? They showed Aife so it doesn’t make sense not to show Trick. Plus the symbols in the room didn’t match Trick’s clan.

    1. Again … You are forgetting that Lost Girl is NOT predictable. We can go round and round on this. You need to stop assuming we know what happened to Aife while being held and who held her prisoner.

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