The Dark Fae — Episode 58

Vex and The Morrigan in It's Better to Burn Out Than Fae Away

The Fae World exists as a two-party system, the Dark and the Light. While the Dark Fae are often antagonists, as a group they are not consistently evil, just as the Light are not purely good. We discuss what we know about the Dark Fae, including their political structure and their philosophy toward humans, as well as some of the prominent Dark Fae characters, including Vex and The Morrigan. We’re joined by Stephanie’s friend Elizabeth, who should be writing a dissertation about religion and comics but she’s also watching TV that Stephanie tells her she’ll like and writing about comics and academia at Women Write about Comics.

Drink Special: Bloody Bull (Horse?)

5 cups V8 juice
2½ cups Tomato juice
½ cup Beef stock (or a good, strong vegetable broth)
1 tsp Celery salt
1 tsp Fresh ground black pepper
½ tsp Ground white pepper
1 tsp Old Bay seasoning (Plus more for rim.)
¼ tsp Garlic salt
10 drops Tabasco Sauce
5 drops Worcestershire sauce (There’s vegetarian out there, too.)
2 tsp Prepared horseradish
Celery, trimmed into stalks
Pickled okra or beans (Optional, but très chic)

Mix. add vodka (quality matters not) rim glass with Old Bay, insert stalk of celery and pickled vegetables, and serve over ice. Keep very cold. Temperature is the secret to success.

Fall over, but don’t spill on your seersucker, as it will stain.

Differences Between Light & Dark

  • Morrigan calls them a “two-party system” in “It’s a Fae Fae Fae Fae World” — Are they really?
  • Warring families?
  • Different philosophical schools?
    • Dark Fae “tend to kill [humans] for pleasure, not just need”
    • Light Fae “More like Native American hunters: we respect the kill, won’t overhunt, don’t eat the young”

Dark Fae as Evil

  • Dark Fae have often been used to represent evil on the show, though the Big Bads of Seasons 1-3 were neither Dark nor Light (Aife, Garuda, Taft) — How does Pyrippus fall?
  • Bo’s relationship with the Dark
    • Closer ties with the Light Fae
    • Only one main character who is Dark Fae (Tamsin) and she expresses some regret about it
    • Bo’s plan to motivate her to get back to Rainer on the train included joining the Dark
  • Model of evil
    • Rule-bound
    • Selfish & self-interested
    • Occasionally psychotic or criminal
Tamsin in Fae-de to Black
(c) Shaw Media

Characteristics of The Dark

  • Supposedly treat humans worse than the Light
    • More theoretically than in practice?
    • Example: Lauren
  • Much more organized
  • More stable leadership
    • Elders
    • The Morrigan (says she is “local government” in “It’s a Fae Fae Fae Fae World”) — female leadership!!!
    • Archivist
  • Less forgiving (per Mayer)
  • More funny, take life less seriously?


  • The Morrigan
  • Vex
  • Tamsin
  • Bruce
  • Ryan
  • Mayer
  • Pietra

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7 Replies to “The Dark Fae — Episode 58

  1. In dead lucky I’m pretty sure that Myers put his nephew into hiding because the dark can be so unforgiving with their punishments and he was still family. So yeah,he works for the dark but seems like a genuinely nice guy.

    1. That’s right! He does hide Seymour to protect him. It’s been a while since I watched that episode. I need to do a rewatch of the series soon!

  2. If you go by some of the things said in the season 2 flashback between Trick and his wife it seems there was always the Light and Dark labels because Isabeau mentions Horvis who is a clear Dark fae leader she says.

    Evony is the only real consistent Dark fae “bad guy” we have on the show. Vex got lightened up in season three and sadly so did Tamsin so there went two of the real dark Dark faes so Evony is all we have. And I hope she never changes because I love that she knows she’s bad and she knows you know she’s bad and she doesn’t care; she loves being the bad guy.

    I think both Steph and Elizabeth are right to a degree. I like what Elizabeth says about being aligned period and it making Bo take notice but I think Steph is right on she’s paying attention more because she doesn’t want to be owned by the “bad guys” as it were. So it’s 50/50. 🙂 I do wonder if they’ll address the contract in season 5 because I don’t think it should be that easy for Bo to leave the Dark just tearing up the piece of paper; if that was the case a lot of fae out there would be doing the same so hopefully Evony will call Bo on this in season 5 saying she’s still Dark…to which Bo can then shoot back “Are you still the Morrigan?” because of the human thing and we’ll get some more good banter between the two of them. 🙂

    If ego is a factor for evil then all of the fae are bad guys. I don’t think you can really use “Into The Dark” either as a scale for judging the Dark because the Light weren’t jumping to help Bo either really. The only Light fae members who helped her were her own group and then Val and Ciara so they had like one extra Light person and you could argue she showed up more for her brother than she did for the fae their-selves. So it was kind of 1 to 1 on people helping; and you could sort of argue that maybe the Dark would have fought eventually but they were just going to let the Light go first so it knocks down their ranks and thus later they can move in on them to take over.

    Roman in “Eyes Wide Fae” didn’t get into trouble really for his actions with humans, he got into trouble for using another fae. Dyson and Tamsin frowned a bit on the kidnapping of the wife but really he got into trouble for fae misuses not human abuse really.

    Dark doesn’t mean evil on the show even though now it seems like that’s how they try to use the term so the one sister in “Table For Fae” disagreeing might have been just because she wasn’t one of the evil Dark faes and was only there because of her sister. Ryan is another Dark fae who’s not really evil, he’s mischievous but he’s not evil that we ever saw anyways or that was even alluded to. Bruce is another Dark fae who’s not been shown to be bad as it were on the series. There’s also Hamish. And an argument can be made I think that Trick’s wife Isabeau was Dark fae yet she seemed like a nice person from what we saw of her.

    I’d definitely like to see some Dark fae leaders.

    Aife was suppose to be executed as a war criminal because she killed a Dark fae leader during the signing of the laws high were meant to enforce peace amongst the fae, even if it is more of an uneasy truce currently; the Dark wanted her in trade for their signature and said they would execute her but the Dark fae king didn’t because he viewed her as too powerful a trophy.

    There were women on the Light fae council in season 1 we saw when they were in the room discussing Aife and Trick; we don’t know their titles but there were women in that group.

    I think Lou Ann was punished for helping Aife with baby Bo and that’s just how they took out punishment; the Dark king was kind of like you took my kid, I’ll take your kid. The falling in love with a human was just part of why Lou Ann thought they did it; she turned on the Dark and took Bo from the king so they were going to punish her. Maybe other fae assumed that’s why the order was passed because no one one the Dark knew then it seemed that Bo was the Dark king’s child. Maybe she was on some wanted poster and they finally found her and sent Vex after her. But yeah, I think there’s more to Lou Ann’s situation than just the charges she named.

    I miss season 3 episode 2-most of episode 6 Tamsin. We finally had another really Dark player and they turn her for really no reason; the Dark aren’t all bad people like Tamsin use to hang out with so why couldn’t she be friends with Bruce or Ryan? The quick turn to be on the Happy Sunshine Gang, as Evony called them, just really turned me off her.

    Evony would tell Bo no; there’s a difference in saying no to sex for Evony and saying no to business related stuff. I could easily see Evony sleeping with Bo but then telling her nice try but no on whatever she wants business wise; the only way Bo would get something from her would be to use her powers in which case Evony isn’t really willingly saying yes if you will.

    Meyers would be fun back in an episode.

    1. We’re actually going to release a piece of the conversation that got cut from the main episode about some of the more minor Dark Fae characters we’ve seen, such as Hamish, next Thursday.

      As we said, the Dark aren’t purely evil just like the Light aren’t purely good, but the Dark are often the bad guys in the Lost Girl universe, particularly early on and The Morrigan is still one of the most constant adversarial figures on the show. While the Light can be just as bad if you look at their actions as a group, they still haven’t been portrayed as evil as The Dark. So we’re not saying that the Dark are self-interested while the Light are not (in “The Girl Who Fae’d With Fire” it was made clear that the Light Fae families cared more about petty feuds than uniting against the Garuda), but the Dark certainly have been portrayed as very self-involved. I think we’ve seen more examples of Dark Fae being self-involved to the point of narcissism than Light Fae (but I know — Trick is a big ol’ manipulative jerkface a lot of the time), and I struggle to think of a Dark Fae character who has a sense of a greater good the way that many of our Light Fae characters do. Season 4 Tamsin, perhaps, but she isn’t very connected to the Dark subsequent to her rebirth. So even though both sides can be self-involved, I think the Dark have been portrayed as more self-involved than the Light on average.

      1. There’s a whole lot of rich stuff here in your comment, Aaron. Cool! I hope the follow-up-I-talked-way-too-long episode continues to generate such thoughts.

        I’ll mention a few of the things you touch on that caught my eye:

        First, thank you for properly citing my major evidence that Dark/Light exist before the Blood Laws– that conversation between Olden-Times Trick and Isabeau mentions the Dark (and I think maybe Light?). I never exactly brought it up in the conversation, but I should have. If Isabeau is really Team Dark (was it the “being raised with Horvis” bit that makes you say this?), I am super excited to have her on that Team. She’s such a model of goodness on the show, it would be a real coup if she were Dark!

        It’s good call mentioning that the Light weren’t that helpful with the Garuda, as the DATD folks said above, they were certainly more interested in internal politics. I see that there weren’t that many people at the Garuda battles, but I guess I tend to let small numbers of characters slide because it’s not that large of a cast. Proportionally, still, the Light were more willing to help, even if the incident is not compelling evidence for the Dark being more selfish. Point taken.

        And, I would relish any opportunities for more Morrigan/Bo banter. In fact, anyone Evony wants to trade banter with would be good in my book. Meme the Morrigan. Meme her!

        1. I don’t think Isabeau ever says she was raised with Horvis, she says he’s a family friend and mentions him being Dark fae, but yes, because she never says which family, hers with her family before she met Trick or her family she has with Trick, I think the debate can be made for her being a possible member of the Dark. But maybe that’s just me. As you said I think it would be interesting if she was.

          “In fact, anyone Evony wants to trade banter with would be good in my book.”

          Second this.

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