Half Pint: Minor Dark Fae Characters — Episode 59

Serkets in Table for Fae

In these bits of conversation left over from our episode about The Dark Fae, we discuss some minor Dark Fae characters as well as another example of Light Fae exploiting humans similarly to how Dark Fae often have. We also discuss Bo’s position as the unaligned succubus in the Light/Dark system a bit more and the concept of Light and Dark territories as well as clans.

Our guest was Elizabeth, who writes about comics and academia at Women Write About Comics. You can also follow her on Twitter @ecoody.

Minor Dark Fae Characters

  • Albaster from “The Mourning After” — because of the pro-woman, anti-slut shaming values of the show, the albaster comes across as one of the more evil characters that Bo faces. Similarly, Ba’al in “Faetal Justice” seems very evil because of his exploitation of women.
  • Serket sisters in “Table for Fae” — one is perfectly comfortable exploiting humans for profit whereas the other thinks that it’s wrong and ends up turning on her sister.
  • Sandman & Mare in “Scream a Little Dream” — use humans as they need
  • Brazenwood in “Fae-ge Against the Machine” — supposed to be very lawless Dark Fae territory, but it doesn’t really seem that bad. (There’s chickens!)

Mare in Scream a Little Dream

Dark and Light Fae Territories & Clans

  • Bo’s unaligned status is seen as valuable because she can move throughout the Light and Dark Fae territories.
  • The territories are more emphasized in the first and second seasons. How do people know when a Dark Fae in is Light Fae territory? Are they all on Faebook?
  • Lauren mentions the idea of branding for different clans in “It’s a Fae, Fae, Fae, Fae World” but we don’t really see evidence of clan branding subsequently.
  • The show uses the word “clan” kind of loosely. Sometimes it seems to mean Dark and Light, sometimes it seems to mean different families, and sometimes it seems even to mean different types of Fae.

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3 Replies to “Half Pint: Minor Dark Fae Characters — Episode 59

  1. I think part of the reason Bo got to go where she wanted in the first season was because people were trying to lure her to their side. It’s not until season two we see Lachlan really being the first to say “no” to Bo on things, it’s either join the Light fae or we don’t help you. That was my favorite thing about Lachlan; the only time he gave in to Bo as it were was when he needed her help against the Garuda but up to then he actually locked her out of things. Evony to be fair did the same thing as far as important Dark fae information went, Bo was going to have to join the Dark if she wanted some answers from Evony. But as things have progressed the sides are like “Well we’ll just her in other ways” so she’s like an unofficial member of both.

    As far as spotting fae in the wrong territory, maybe someone has a book somewhere that says who’s on what side and each side keeps an eye out for those people. Maybe it gets around through word of mouth which side they’re on; or maybe it’s noticeable by the markings they may carry.

    1. That’s probably true, but I think also there aren’t rules in place to prevent Bo from going where she wants. We saw Fae being hostile toward her in “Fae-ge Against the Machine” for being in Dark territory because she clearly associated primarily with the Light Fae, but maybe if Bo’s allies were more balanced between Dark and Light she would have remained welcome in both territories.

      1. That’s probably true. I loved that moment too when the guys called her out because as much as Bo likes to say she’s unaligned and even if she was technically on paper at that point she does have a dominantly Light fae group of friends. She tolerates Vex and is still feeling out Tamsin but they were lightened up to do that in the story sadly; Bruce is arguably Bo’s only Dark fae friend who didn’t have to change to be her friend but then again he’s not exactly a bad guy it seems. Bo doesn’t have any true bad guy friends. Bo’s darkest friend is her mom and she’s arguably Light fae.

        Her friends have more bad guy friends than Bo does; Dyson has Cayden (who’s arguably a member of the Light), Trick has been shown to work with Dark fae members and who knows what he did before we saw him, Kenzi has Vex and Tamsin, and Lauren has a mixed relationship with Evony. About the only friend who didn’t have “dark” friends that we know of is Hale.

        That’s something I wish you guy had touched on a bit more in regards to this topic, the lightening of the Dark characters especially Vex and Tamsin. I understand to a degree Vex going on a mini personal journey because of things with his arm and not having powers in season 3, and I know he’s a more fun having bad guy, but he’s still a bad guy. Powers or not this is still a guy who made a woman drown her own children and who has attempted physical harm on members of the group (Dyson in season 1 in the torture at his nightclub and in season 2 he made Bo try to poke out her own eyes) I don’t get why Trick at least didn’t say maybe they shouldn’t let Vex stay at the clubhouse. Now granted I like seeing Vex play a little with the group, such as saving Kenzi in 3×03 but I don’t think he had to be lightened up to do it; he was the bad guy when helped with the Garuda because he owed Bo and it still worked. He went back to his “dark” ways more in season four but still do you think they should of had characters address his past more, not harp on it every episode but at least have a line here or there about how they should watch him, to keep the character on his self discovery journey but also not have him seem like the comic relief for the season (I know he’s a funny character like Kenzi can be with her lines but without his powers it seemed like they pushed that side more in season 3 than showcasing Vex’s ability to work people with deals) or did you like the handling of Vex’s story in season three?

        Tamsin, what s so wrong with having her be the badass bounty hunter only in season? She could have done the fake friendship with Bo and then still attacked her at the end of the season because she likes being the bad guy as it were and she likes the missions she takes that’s why she takes them. I liked in the first episodes with her he dynamic between she and Dyson and how she tempted him at times with her strategies (being a little more rough at times) and how she made him see Bo in a different light, that she wasn’t as innocent as he thought and I liked most of the kitsune episode because it showed another Dark fae helping the Light but still involved for their own personal reasons – Tamsin wanted to catch the kitsune and it put her in a position to get closer to Bo so she could take her away in the end but I didn’t get the need to have her go towards the good for real; maybe that’s just me but when they did that in the same season as they did Vex lightening up and being pals with the group it just turns me off the character.

        I don’t begrudge Tamsin wanting better friends, I just don’t get why it had to be with Bo’s group; there are good Dark fae out there (at least good in the terms of the perceived bad guys group) why did she have to question everything just because Bo wanted to rescue Kenzi? Yes that makes Bo a good friend but that doesn’t mean she’s the only good friend out there; again Bruce seems like he’d be a good friend to her if she wanted. I also liked in the early episodes that Tamsin wasn’t swayed by Bo…for example she questioned her hard at the police station, she made her friends question her, and she wasn’t impressed by Bo’s reputation it had been a while since we’d seen that from someone other than Evony.

        Yes it would have changed some things in season four, but what wrong with keeping her the bad guy who liked being the bad guy? I know Dark doesn’t mean evil necessarily on the show just like Light doesn’t mean good, but Tamsin seemed to consider her one of the bad guys and was okay with it until the end of episode 6, so why her question that just because she knew she needed better friends? Needing better friends seemed like something she knew before that conversation with Bo so why didn’t she try to find some? They already had Vex questioning himself and being accepted oddly into the group without much question even though they know his past so why the need to do it with Tamsin at the same time as well?

        And why is only ever Dark fae shown questioning their side? Why don’t we see a Light fae questioning the Light? There’s evil Light fae out there so why aren’t some of them questioning why are they still on the Light side? Granted maybe it’s easier to hide in the Light since they might give more chances than the Dark but beyond that why are they still on the Light side? Why don’t we see Light fae characters having questioning themselves arcs like Vex and Tamsin?

        Anyways I love that scene at the bar and them calling Bo out.

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