1×01 “It’s a Fae, Fae, Fae, Fae World” — Episode 60

Bo and Kenzi after fight in It's a Fae, Fae, Fae, Fae World
We’re going back to the beginning this week for an in-depth discussion about the premiere episode of Lost Girl, “It’s a Fae, Fae, Fae, Fae World.” Lost Girl‘s first episode provides a solid introduction to both the characters and the world of the series, and it seems to remain a fan favorite.

NOTE: We are not intending to discuss all of the Season 1-3 episodes, rather we’re going to feature some of our favorite episodes to discuss in detail.

Spoiler Warning: This episode is not spoiler-free. We approach the discussion of this episode with the context of having seen through Season 4 of the series.

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Why Kris Likes This Episode

  • Great introduction to the characters, especially Bo and the relationship between Bo and Kenzi
  • This episode is not the pilot (“Vexed” is), but it does a better job setting up the world of the series.
  • It doesn’t give everything away immediately. Instead, the episode really draws you in with the slow reveal of what’s going on with Bo.

Introduction of Bo & Kenzi

  • Interesting introduction of a main character! Even though the business man was going to do a very bad thing, it’s unusual to introduce a main character by having them kill someone.
  • Stephanie thinks it is revealing of the series’s pro-woman, feminist values that what makes the bad guy a bad guy is that he sexually assaults women.
  • Even though Bo is frustrated that she has to run again because she helped Kenzi, we get the sense that Bo couldn’t have just left Kenzi to a bad fate.
  • What do we think Bo’s previous kills were like? Did she target other people, like Kenzi’s would-be rapist?
  • Bo’s feed looks different here than it does subsequently. (The victim dies with a smile, has marks on his face, and his eyes are frosty.) This type of inconsistency is common with first episodes; however, we don’t see Bo kill anyone with her succubus kiss (except Kyle in flashback in “Dead Lucky”) after this episode so Stephanie can live with it.

Kenzi and Bo in It's a Fae, Fae, Fae, Fae World

Introduction of Dyson, Hale & Trick

  • Upon first viewing, you have a sense that something strange is going on with these cops, but you’re not sure what. (How come the beardy guy keeps smelling everything?)
  • They introduce the idea that supernatural creatures exist among humans. They are employed as cops, but other cops don’t know that they are Fae.
  • Trick is full of vague comments. (What’s beginning, Trick? What? We still don’t know!)
  • Trick remains pretty mysterious in this episode, but we get the sense that Dyson has loyalty to both The Ash and Trick. His interaction with The Ash and The Morrigan also suggests that he has some power, but it’s very unclear.
  • Trick seems a lot more dark and sinister here than he does in subsequent episodes.

Bo & Kenzi Bond

  • Kris likes that Bo gets miffed by Kenzi insinuating that she meant her harm, but then is immediately concerned for Kenzi’s well-being when she has a panic attack.
  • Stephanie likes that Bo doesn’t judge Kenzi for stealing wallets. Bo herself obviously has had to live not entirely on the up-and-up because she has been on the run.
  • Kenzi is similarly compassionate rather than judgemental when Bo reveals her succubus abilities that have made her accidentally kill people.
  • Bo and Kenzi seem to recognize their similarities. Bo helps Kenzi out, and Kenzi helps her out in turn. She doesn’t just leave Bo to her fate, even though she had no idea the type of danger she might be walking in to. (Brave Kenzi!)

The Morrigan and The Ash in It's a Fae, Fae, Fae, Fae World

Introduction of the Light & Dark Fae

  • This episode gives the audience a good glimpse into the political side to the Fae World.
  • Once Bo is hauled back to The Ash’s compound, we learn that Dyson is some kind of shifter, but we’re unsure what kind.
  • We see how much of a badass Bo is when she headbutts The Ash.
  • The Morrigan breezes in like a villain out of a Disney movie. The charisma! It was great to see a female leader introduced very quickly.
  • The confrontation between The Ash and The Morrigan is very revealing of the dynamics between both those two leaders and the different clans.

Introduction of Lauren

  • Annie’s favorite part of the episode. It might be the only part of the episode that she watches on rewatches.
  • Lauren clearly knows a lot about the Fae World and is embedded in that world, even though she is human. Even from Lauren’s few scenes in this episode, Stephanie found her immediately intriguing because of her position as a human in the Fae World.
  • Annie, of course, loves the chemistry between Lauren and Bo in their first interaction. Stephanie remembers having a lot of questions about it — whether the attraction was temporary because of Bo’s succubus powers and whether Lauren and Bo would turn out to be LGBT characters.

Bo and Lauren in It's a Fae, Fae, Fae, Fae World

Dyson’s Feelings toward Bo

  • Why does Dyson decide to help Bo out before the test? He is very hostile to her prior to helping her. (Bo even comments on it.)
    • When Dyson collects Bo from Lauren’s lab, he makes a comment that her being given the test without training isn’t up to him and Lauren. He sounds like he also doesn’t think it’s very fair.
    • He also seems impressed by Bo when he realizes that she was protecting Kenzi. (Makes sense because we learn later on that Dyson is very protective too.)
    • His conversation with Trick might have also influenced his actions.
  • Yeah, that kiss looked like the Fourth of July in Bo’s mouth. We get a nice demonstration of the very different kinds of chemistry between the two couples in the Triangle in this episode.
  • Even though Stephanie remains unclear about Dyson’s motivations for helping Bo, it is revealing of Dyson’s character that he helps Bo even though he’s not supposed to and at potentially great risk to himself.

The Test

  • The first UnderFae is played by the lovely Rob Archer, who later plays Bruce. Is this Bruce’s uncle?
  • This sequence really showcases the fantasy elements of Lost Girl, with the special effects and make-up, as well as how it is a descendant of shows like Xena: Warrior Princess and Buffy the Vampire Slayer.
  • Bo excels at the first battle, which involves quickness, agility, and muscle, but it almost defeated by the second UnderFae, who uses her guilt against her.
  • Bo doesn’t just remain unaligned — SHE CHOOSES HUMANS. Annie thinks that the inclusion of the human characters really adds to the dynamic of the show.

Bo and Dyson in It's a Fae, Fae, Fae, Fae World

Stray Thoughts

  • Hale’s power is SO COOL, y’all! It’s SO COOL.
  • Bo’s car in this episode is a late 1960s Chevy Camaro (thank you, Will, for confirming the model) but it’s blue rather than yellow as we see in later episodes. Again, this type of continuity error is not uncommon for first episodes. There’s a lot of reasons why they might have had to use another car subsequently.
  • Lauren mentions checking Bo for brands, but we haven’t heard/seen much about brands since then. Lost Girl recently released some temporary tattoos featuring Dark & Light Fae clan symbols. We wondered where those had come from, but Stephanie noticed in rewatching this episode that they are featured on the banners hanging from the walkway in the glass factory.
  • Bo is made out to be very unusual because she was ignorant of her succubus abilities and not aligned to either clan. However, in “Raging Fae” the frog/lizard boy was in a similar situation, and when Bo turned mentioned the situation to Lachlan, he said that it happens all the time and that the boy should be given to children services. Was it because Bo was an adult that it was so unusual?
  • From the cracks The Morrigan makes at Trick’s expense in this episode, Stephanie thought at first that Trick was supposed to be a gnome or something. We’re all very glad that the show did not go the route of making Trick a stereotypical creature played by actors who are Little People, such as a leprechaun, dwarf, or elf.
  • Also, Lost Girl loves an up-turned collar.

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13 Replies to “1×01 “It’s a Fae, Fae, Fae, Fae World” — Episode 60

  1. Hey guys! I love the first season so so much! Glad to hear Anne back! <3 But yes the first episode just sets up so many great character traits for Bo, Kenzi and Lauren!!!! (Yes, I'm biased towards MY LADIES) Really giggly I apologize.

  2. They did have really good introductions for characters in this episode. The series has done a good job with character introductions as a whole so far I think.

    I like Annie’s tangent on pilot episodes having names.

    I personally think Bo near the end, before we meet her in the premiere, did specifically target bad guys in world because if she knew she was going to kill again eventually why not try to do good by taking out at least bad people. Because as we’ve all said Bo has a good heart and wants to do good so maybe that was her way of doing good. That does bring up a question in and of itself though, if Bo rescued Kenzi was there ever another time before we meet Bo that she rescued someone and what does that person think of Bo? Did they see her use her powers like Kenzi did or not? Or did Bo always get to her target before they got to their mark; or she told the mark to go so she could be alone with the target that way? And why isn’t Bo more of a suspect in other crimes; if she’s killing people for ten years then how is her name not in more police files depending on witness interviews if anyone saw Bo with the target?

    We know she’s in Kyle’s file as a person of interest and she was certainly a person of interest to Mel but are there other cases out there with her name or description in them? There’s a lot of interesting questions still to ask about Bo’s past.

    I thought in “Raging Fae” (which I’m assuming you’ll do a recap special on because it’s such a big important Bo character study episode) that Mel said Kyle did have a smile on his face and that they explained it was some kind of possible nerve agent that did that because the police had no other way to really explain it?

    Trick is a mysterious character for a long time, certainly all of season one; it’s not really until 1×13 we start to get solid information on him and when it does come out it’s some big stuff so they did a good job building him up and playing the “who are you?” game – is he a good guy or bad guy (everyone has their own opinion).

    I love the realism if you will in the scene between Bo and Kenzi at the clubhouse, “Okay, you know what that is just stupid. Why would I save you and bring you back here if I was going to kill you?!” – you can’t blame Kenzi for freaking out but you can’t blame Bo for being hurt especially when she was leaving before Kenzi asked the question, it was clear Bo wasn’t out to hurt her so I loved that line from Bo. As was said it’s nice Bo didn’t judge Kenzi on the wallets because she knows she’s done questionable things as well to get by. The realism reactions of characters is one of the things I loved in this episode (and love in the series).

    Kenzi paying Bo back by rescuing her is a nice moment and definitely shows the gratitude Kenzi has for Bo and sets up the future commitment to each other as basically siblings.

    It’s a SS on the front of the blue Beast which is super sport model to the car. Which by the way, that was a beautiful car and car color. I kind of miss it because I liked the whole blue for succubus thing (I also liked the blue streak in Bo’s hair, I wouldn’t mind that coming back for an episode or two), though Robert Downey Jr. made a good argument to John Favreau in “Iron Man 2″ commentary he said that not everything has to match the hero’s color scheme – it’s cool when it does sometimes but you don’t want to over do it so that’s why Tony Stark’s race car in the race scene during the second movie was blue and white instead of red and gold

    Side note for fellow comic book fans: Huntress never drives a purple car as Helena Bertinelli, as the Huntress she does have a bike she uses which is purple but when she’s Helena it’s either a red or yellow car she drives; it’s always an Italian made car because the character is Itailian but it’s never purple.

    So I do like the yellow car in that regard in that it’s not blue to match the scheme, but I do love that blue color and still think that was an awesome car in the premiere and had they used it that would have been okay too. But the yellow works as well again. I also like it’s an older car too and that Bo hasn’t gone all sugar momma to drive a car like say The Morrigan has; it helps add to her getting by lifestyle feel the using of older or used/”liberated” products. Do any of you have a preference for the car – yellow or blue or do you love them both?

    Evony is awesome; her scene with Bo in the warehouse talking about why Bo had to chose and why she should pick Dark was one of the things that pulled me into the show. Evony has definitely been in my top three favorite characters since the start. The scene between she and Ash and then her telling off Trick near the end are also good scenes as pointed out in the podcast.

    I’m not sure if Trick’s arm tattoo is a Light fae type of tattoo or if it’s meant to be his royal symbol for the McCorrigan family or if it’s for the clan Fin Arvin which Trick said he’s a part of during one episode or if it’s a tattoo which represents a combination of those things but it would be interesting for sure to hear what that is.

    I like how “Lost Girl” doesn’t really do stereotypical fae characters, now granted we’ve seen some but for the most part they’re usually different; Trick is a blood sage, Hale is a siren which is usually associated with female characters, Will from season one was a whisp who was heavier set where whisps are normally considered light, all the ogres we’ve seen have been nice and not played to any mean attitudes and I like that even though Rob is a big guy they don’t go out the way to make him bigger just because of his fae type (he’s not walking around like a bio-man from “Defiance” on “Lost Girl”), and the season one Ash deals with plants which is usually given to female characters (or maybe I’m just thinking that way currently because you all keep calling him Batman Ash so I’m think about Poison Ivy). I like what Emily said one time about how if there was ever a leprechaun on the show they would be 6ft tall and not wear green.

    1. It’s been a minute since I’ve watched “Raging Fae,” but I think you’re right. I think his sister did mention that he died with a smile on his face. Though I was thinking more about the marks that the sleazy business guy had on his face. Kyle does not have those in the flashback we see in “Dead Lucky.” I don’t think he has a smile on his face either, but oh well. 🙂

      Yeah, my best bet about Trick’s tattoo is that it is maybe his family crest.

  3. A few thoughts …

    In S1E8 Vexed, Bo’s eyes glow BLACK and not BLUE during a sexual encounter. You see this change from her brown eyes to black when she is “riding Dyson” in the first sex scene. Obviously they decided to make Bo’s eyes glow blue after the “pilot” was picked up but did not go back and change it for this episode.

    In Vexed, Bo can sense Fea as she did with Lou Ann in the prison. In all other episodes, she can not unless they reveal themselves to her.

    Ksenia Solo’s natural curly blond hair is seen in Vexed, but all other episodes she wears various wigs.

    I think Rick’s tattoos are his own and not part of Lost Girl.

    1. Yep! Those are all true about “Vexed.” There’s several “pilot” inconsistencies in that episode as well, and we’ll talk about them if/when we talk about “Vexed.”

      Trick’s tattoo is not Rick’s. He mentions in an interview that it’s part of the small amount of make-up that he wears even though he’s playing a supernatural character. My guess is that it might be Trick’s family crest, but it also reminds me of the Marines tattoos I’ve seen, so perhaps it’s military related.

  4. Great podcast…really enjoyed it 🙂
    Just so you know…Bo’s car is actually a 1969 Camaro SS.
    SS stands for Super Sport and is on a lot of sports cars…including the Chevelle.

  5. Was just re-listening to your podcast as part of the countdown to season 5. Really enjoyed it again 🙂
    One part I wanted to bring up was the meeting between The Morrigan and Bo just before Bo went to her tests. You really see two sides of The Morrigan in that scene. When she first comes in she’s The Morrigan. Tough, snarky, powerful. But then you see another side to her when she says ‘I hear you’ve been alone for a long time’. That’s Evony. I just think it’s interesting to see the two sides of that character so early on in the show.

    1. Yeah, I love that moment! I’m glad we see The Morrigan try to connect with Bo on a more “human” level. She can be kind of a cartoon, over-the-top villain, as Kris mentions, for sure, but she has always had these nice more real moments.

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