30 Days of Lost Girl

30 Days of Lost Girl
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NOTE: Our 30 days episodes were edited into four compilation episodes. The individual 30 days episodes are still available at the links listed below.

During August 2014, Drinks at The Dal participated in a 30 Days of Lost Girl meme. We answered the following questions:

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4 Replies to “30 Days of Lost Girl

  1. It’s really hard to say favorite because different season and different episodes give u different impression but I’m going to go with Kenzi because she always comes through is loyal to a tee and her comic timing is genius. Humor is so needed in a show that can be do seriously and have a lot of drama going on it makes everything less tense. Plus we could only hope to have a friend ad good as Kenxi. Dyson would be my favorite guy only because he always put everyone above him self. Trick has withheld important information and Hale was really mean to Lauren when he was Ash that being said I still love them despite those reasons but if I had to do a pro con thing that’s why I choose Dman plus him and Lauren are friends now which I Love!!!!

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