Day 1: Favorite Season? — 30 Days of Lost Girl

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SPOILER WARNING: Answers may contain spoilers for up through the end of Season 4.

30 Days of Lost Girl 2014: Day 1

Which season of Lost Girl is your favorite?

  • Stephanie: Season 2 — For lack of a better phrase, the show is at its Buffy-est. It’s all emotional and high stakes and tough choices, but there’s still a lot of humor.
  • Kris: Season 2 — There’s quite a variety of episodes, style-wise. Plus, there’s an extra 9 episodes.
  • Annie: Season 3 — Honestly, I don’t have a favorite season. Just all the Doccubus moments — good, bad, sexy, gut wrenching, etc. But if I have to pick, season 3 would be my favorite. While the Wanderer story and the Taft plot weren’t my favorites, I loved Bo and Lauren’s attempt at a real relationship, despite all the Fae/human divide as well as all the communication issues they have. Also, it’s the first season I watched in real time, right after binging seasons 1 and 2 a few days earlier. It’s the beginning of my Lost Girl passion, so it holds a special place in my heart.

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48 Replies to “Day 1: Favorite Season? — 30 Days of Lost Girl

    1. Season 1 is a great season! We get to meet all the characters and see many of their relationships form and grow. Good stuff!

    2. I love season one, too. It does a great job of introducing the characters and making us fall in love with them. This question was so hard for me to answer! I love all of the seasons for different reasons.

  1. Mine was s2, because of the length, stories were better told, crazy cases (miss the good old mystery eps), and the great evil, seams more plausible, and the EPIC final kiss!

  2. For me just like Annie, all the Doccubus moments – happy or sad are my favourite in the entire series and hence it is difficult to choose a favourite season. But Season 1 always stood out for me for its pacing, the Fae of the Week cases, the bonding of Bo-Kenzi, Bo discovering her true self and ofcourse the start of Doccubus -with its highs and lows. So yeah i find Season 1 overall as the most entertaining and engaging season. Big shout out to Michelle Lovretta for that amazing season.

    1. Mine was Season 2 for the depth of the season. I enjoyed watching the great guest characters such as Salvatore Antonio as The Lich, Anthony Lemke as Ryan Lambert, Michael Cram playing Bo and Anna Silk being Woods, and also learning more about The Morrigan. In my opinion, the best performances and storylines from Emmanuelle Vaugier were from S2. I liked how everyone in the Scooby Gang were dating other people aside from each other: Ryan with Bo, Dyson with Ciara, Lauren with Nadia, and Kenzi with Nate, and during that window everyone in the gang seemed genuinely happy. Cannot argue with that. happy, which is perhaps why I like Season 2 the best.

      1. It’s interesting that you think of Season 2 as happy. I tend to think of it as pretty angsty, what with Bo not being able to be with Dyson or Lauren and both Dyson and Lauren feeling a lot of guilt in their relationships. And then we get our first big character deaths with Lachlan, Ciara, and Nadia all being killed by the Garuda. But maybe comparatively people are happy? 🙂

        I know a lot of fans don’t really care for Ryan, but I really enjoyed him. I thought it was good for Bo to date someone like him.

      2. I did not see any of the ‘Triangle’ as happy. All were making due with the one they were currently with. Dyson could not love anyone but Bo. Lauren had fallen out of love with Nadia by this time and was in love with Bo. Bo liked the distraction of Ryan but it wasn’t anything more then that. The only one who seemed happy was Kenzi.

    2. It was a tough choice between seasons 1 and 2 for me. I think especially the middle section of the first season (4-8) is really well done, and it’s great meeting all the characters and watching their relationship dynamics emerge.

    1. I do really enjoy the exploration of Bo and Lauren’s relationship in Season 3. They have some great scenes together.

  3. me too just like Annie the #Doccubus moments are my fav and I know in S3 were the most intense but there is also the break, so I chose season 2 because it showed in a deeper way the characters or is where it started and was the strong base for the #Doccubus as a real relationship

  4. I’ve liked all the seasons with the exclusion of S4.

    Favorites… I’d say 1 and 3.

    For Season 1, I appreciated them setting the stage for the premise of the series and the plethora of Kenzi and Bo friendship moments, as well as Kenzi/Dyson and Kenzi/Trick and Kenzi/Hale friendship moments. Basically I just love anything that highlights Kenzi awesomeness. 😉

    For Season 3, I like how they showed Bo getting over her fear of getting involved with a human (I used to ship her with Lauren) but then went on to show why they were not compatible with each other regardless of how they feel about each other. I also like S3 because we get to meet Tamsin and I love her chemistry with Bo (Valkubus in the house!) and the rest of the gang too.

    1. It took me a while to warm to Kenzi actually (I know — I’m a weirdo), so a lot of my favorite Kenzi moments are in Season 2. You mentioned the chainsaw on Twitter, and I also love the scene between her and Bo at the end of “Truth and Consequences” when she basically says the thesis of the series, that she is choosing to be at Bo’s side and she broke it off with Nate because she didn’t want to put him in harm’s way.

      I liked the way that we’ve seen Bo’s relationships evolve over the first three seasons. First season with Dyson was like her high school romance phase, Ryan was kind of like a college boyfriend, and then Lauren was her first adult relationship. There was the Rainer hiccup in Season 4, but I’m interested to see where they go with Bo’s romantic relationships in Season 5.

      1. “I’m interested to see where they go with Bo’s romantic relationships in Season 5”

        The ‘Freedom to Love’ necklace says it all. No one but Lauren bought Bo some bling !

      2. That set of scenes with Bo and Kenzi in Truth and Consequences are some of my very favorite moments between the two.

        Here we have both of them at their best…their most unselfish, loving selves. Bo desperately needs Kenzi; but she needs her to be safe as well. She put her own needs on the back burner because the thought of anything happening to Kenzi over rode any other concern.

        Kenzi wanted to be with Nate…but… she NEEDED to be there for Bo. I think instinctively, Bo needed her to be there too and this made it easy for her to do something difficult, and that was break it off with Nate.

        They are truly the central relationship on the show and I struggle to consider the possibility that she’s gone for good. In fact, I reject it out of hand. Just rewatch the first few seasons and see how repeatedly Bo makes it clear that she will never give up if/when Kenzi is in danger or needs her help. She never backs down, not when Kenzi ate the foot soup, or was taken by Baba Yaga or kidnapped by Inari.

        Tamsin asked her if she ever gave up…and Bo’s answer was emphatic. Never. Not when it has to do with Kenzi.

        So I take that promise very seriously and hope that means our Bo will be back in S5…a focused succubus ready to do what’s necessary to get her sister back.

        I tend to agree with you regarding Bo’s romantic relationships and wonder where they’ll take things. Obviously, I’d like to see the show explore the thing between her and Tamsin (I’m quite bored of the triangle :P) but I imagine that at least at the first of the season, she and the doc will be giving it another go. Who knows though. lol

        1. If Valkubus ever becomes canon Lost Girl will be over. Everyone is sick of the triangle no matter which part of the fandom you are from. Theyve spent four seasons playing this game of giving Bo “new” lovers every season. I think people are tired of that as well, its time for Bo to choose.

          S4 made Bo look extremely bad & I think made some people question if Bos love really means anything. She talked about how much she loved Lauren & Dyson before kicking them out in favor of Rainer. Made her unconcerned about any peril her “family” was in since she was too busy having sex with Rainer on the train. For them to add Tamsin as a serious contender for Bos heart now when she never was before would be the worst thing to happen when people are already questioning whether Bo deserves any of them. Dragging the triangle out as long as they have has tied their hands when it comes to Bos love life

          1. I don’t know that it’s fair to say the show would be over if Bo and Tamsin hook up next season. I understand if that might be the end of your rope because you’re frustrated with Bo having so many love interests, but I’ll keep watching at least. 🙂

            It was very frustrating to see Bo push aside everyone, including Lauren and Dyson, for Rainer. I still hope that we’ll get some more information about her behavior in Season 5 because it sure seemed at the time that she was under some kind of spell. But we might not. I accept that.

            1. So what you are saying is that if Bo pushes Lauren & Dyson aside again for Tamsin everyone will keep watching? I find that highly unlikely. Having Tamsin & Bo hook up wouldnt end the show, having them become canon would. What does that say about Bos love when the show has spend four seasons going on & on about how Bo loves Lauren & Dyson equally to all of a sudden add Tamsin. The longer Bo doesnt choose the clearer it becomes that ultimately she doesnt love any of them, she just likes having options so she doesnt have to work on her relationships like an adult.

              Just to clarify Im not frustrated with Bos many love interests. Im frustrated that LG feels the need to always add all these “epic” romances for her. Bo & Rainer were “destined” to be together. Dyson only gets to love one person ever. Lauren only has so many years left to live. Finally Tamsin is on her last life so this is her shot at happiness before she dies for good. Its a problem & yet the show refuses to end the triangle or square if you prefer because its “interesting” that way. All three characters have circumstances that warrant them getting their happy ending but instead the show would rather them follow Bo around like dogs while Bo gets to have her cake and eat it too. Thats what Im frustrated about. Exploring what it means to be in a real relationship with a succubus would be a lot more interesting to me than watching Bo having wandering eyes again

              1. No, that’s not what I said at all. The main point I was trying to make is that I don’t think it’s fair to assume how the audience will react to a storyline without having any idea of how it might be presented. There have been plenty of times when I’ve heard the basic description of a storyline and thought it sounded terrible, but when I watched it I thought the execution was really good.

                I didn’t realize that you were using the phrase “become canon” so specifically. I guess I’m old school, but in my experience that phrase has been used to mean that a couple becomes legitimized on the show in some way, whether it be through just a kiss, sex, or a longer-term relationship.

                But even if Bo and Tamsin did have a serious relationship, I don’t think it’s fair to assume that it would spell the end of the show. Personally I’m game for watching how any pairing plays out as long as it makes sense. I didn’t care for Bo and Rainer because I didn’t understand why Bo suddenly flipped from being so wrapped up in her Dyson vs. Lauren debate with the Leviathan to rejecting them for Rainer. If Bo pulled something similar with Tamsin, then yes I would be very upset with how that storyline was executed. But I think if Tamsin and Bo did date, it wouldn’t necessarily have to play out the way that you have described.

                I have a very different perspective on Bo’s romantic relationships than you do. I would love for the show to explore polyamory with Bo having multiple significant partners. As far as I’m concerned, she could choose all three of them, and I’d be interested in watching what happens. (Personally, I think that it’s completely possible for someone to love more than one person, and for more than two people to form stable, loving partnerships.)

                But beyond my polyamory pipe dreams, I personally don’t see the possible relationships the writers have set up for Bo as overly “epic” for the fantasy genre. The mortal/immortal pairing is a classic. I’ve never liked the whole “wolves mate for life” thing (I talk about it when we answer an upcoming question), but they do seem to be trying to back down on it. Laveau told Dyson in “End of a Line” that essentially it’s a prison he has created for himself. I don’t think the writers’ only intention for having Tamsin reborn into her last life was to justify Bo having a relationship with her. I’ve actually never thought of it in that regard. It just generally ups the stakes with her character and reshapes her worldview in an interesting way.

                1. The problem with Poly is that S1 basically spelled out that Dyson is monogamous so I wouldnt like Dyson giving up his self identity for Bo by going Poly. Personally Im rooting for Dyson/Tamsin in S5 since honestly it would be nice to see Dyson love someone else other than Bo & for Tamsin it was hinted that she wants the happy life with Dyson so I think she should get that. Plus I like their dynamic a lot

        2. I really struggle to conceptualize what the show would be like without Kenzi. I’m not saying it’s IMPOSSIBLE for the show to go on without her, but I have trouble imagining that the show would be the same.

          I do really think Kenzi will be back in Season 5. But I’m starting to worry that she might not stick around long-term. Ksenia seems to be in L.A. A LOT these days. But we’ll see.

  5. Day one: Favorite season?

    I would have to vote for season 2. I liked the darkness to the season, the longer season was nice as well – though I think one did great with 13 as well and so did three, we got great background pieces on every character, there was even more of Evony, and we had some great new character introductions period such as Ciara and Lachlan among many.

    They had characters challenging Bo both mentally and physically, there were consequences shown more it seemed for actions, and we got to explore the Dark fae as well as the Light during the season. I think it was a really good season overall. Though I do give points to seasons 1 and 3 as well.

    1. I like your comment about more characters challenging Bo mentally and physically. I think especially the challenging Bo mentally part is something I really enjoy about this season.

  6. My favourite would be season 2. Having the extra episodes really helped the show flesh out the characters and I feel this season let us see everyone at their best, especially Bo.

    1. I agree. Even though some of the A-plot storylines mid-season aren’t the most compelling, I did think the extra episodes allowed for some really good character development.

  7. Hard to choose one but I vote for S2. Liked the Bo and Kenzi cases, the Garuda story with an epic battle and the Doccubus moment (sadly not really together but loved all the flirting and the kiss). Many great character with the guests too

  8. S3 but I’m a Tamsin stan, some of us did come in late to Lost Girl, S3 got me hooked (obsessed). I did binge watch S1 and S2 and enjoyed them but I unashamedly love Tamsin so I have to pick S3. S1 one follows and I love the original pilot and how it was a bit darker than the rest of the series. Season 2 for me was tricky I felt like the pacing was way off and I didn’t really enjoy that it was so long. However, it does have some extraordinarily fun episodes and I loved that the gang teamed up at the end even if the Garuda was rather underwhelming for me personally. It also contains my favorite fight scene but I see that’s a question later down the road so I’ll save it for then. Thanks for helping with the hiatus and withdrawals ladies!!

    1. Thanks for chiming in! It’s not uncommon for the first season you watch to be your favorite or at least one of your favorites because I think it’s wrapped up in your falling in love with the characters and the series.

      The pacing for Season 2 is always a hang up for me too, but to be fair to the writers they didn’t know that they were going to get the extra 9 episodes until they were already partway through writing the season. They had to stretch what they had planned to be a 13-episode arc into 22, so there’s definitely some filler episodes mid-season that are less than stellar.

  9. Hi! Sorry for my late reply.
    So day one: favorite season.

    Honestly i dont have any but if i really have to pick i would say season 3. Because Bo and Lauren finally together for real though they broke up in the end but i’m happy they finally gave it a shot. We also have a new char (Tamsin) who brings a new challenge to Bo. And also we have mascara buddies. Woohoo! So yeah i like season 3 before the whole wanderer thing came up and got me all confused.

  10. Out of the seasons I would say S2 is my overall favorite. I liked a lot of the cases & how they introduced us to the Fae world in a way that was more in depth than S1. Also we get a look at what Bos powers are more than we did before. Bo & Laurens relationship and how it evolved & changed was also a favorite for me. The pacing didnt bother me because I knew about the extension so I knew that filler episodes would be there. One thing that Ive noticed now that started for me in S2 is that I have a hard time buying into Bos love interests that arent Dyson & Lauren. Im not sure what it is but the show tries to sell this new person as being so great for Bo and I just dont buy it. Build up is key for Bos love interests I think if you want the audience to believe in it but thats something I will save until later in the month

    1. Are you talking about Ryan? If so, I don’t think he was ever supposed to be a long-term love interest the way that Dyson and Lauren have been. Ryan works fine for me because I think he was intended to be a temporary distraction for Bo, challenge her thinking about the Dark, and cause a ripple in Bo and Kenzi’s relationship. I think Ryan is fun, but I wouldn’t have wanted him to stick around for more than he did. So, personally, I’m not bothered by how Bo and Ryan’s relationship is presented in Season 2.

      1. I was talking about Ryan and I do understand what having him with Bo was supposed to show us but I couldnt stand him. He may have been smart but he was a complete jackass a lot of the time. On top of that the “threesome” bugged me to no end since this was the first time of having a man “watch”

        1. Oh, he was totally a jackass. But he was supposed to be a jackass so it didn’t bother me, which may sound weird. I don’t mind jackass/jerky/mean characters as long as the writing acknowledges that they are that thing, and I found Anthony Lemke’s performance enjoyable. I don’t know if you’re a Buffy fan, but it’s like Cordelia on Buffy. She is a horrible person to Buffy and her friends, but she is an entertaining horrible person so I find her enjoyable to watch. 🙂 But I totally get that his personality wasn’t for everyone and why some people wouldn’t like him. I have complicated feelings about the threesome scene with Ryan, so I understand why that scene would bug you.

  11. I love the way season 1 introduced us to Bo’s world with such economy of storytelling and was so well done as to hook me forever on this cast of characters. I think the characters and relationships developed well through season 2. Even season 4, which was annoying in so many ways, gave Ksenia Solo a chance to show some amazing acting chops.

    1. Every season has things that I love in it, but Seasons 2 and then 1 are really at the top of my list. I really like the character introductions and development we see in those seasons.

  12. I loved Season 1 and would have loved S2 if it hadn’t been so stretched out. I feel that instead of writing for the extra episodes they tried to stretch what they had. Bad move! I didn’t like S3 and S4 was one big mess. True the actors did the best with what they had, but the writing of those two seasons was sub-par. =-)

  13. Season 3. Season 1 was great because you were getting to know the characters. Season 2 was great just for it’s length, if for nothing else…and there was a lot else! But Season 3 saw the introduction of Tamsin and it really felt like, ‘the gang is all here’.

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