Day 2: Favorite Female Character? — 30 Days of Lost Girl

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SPOILER WARNING: Answers may contain spoilers for up through the end of Season 4.

30 Days of Lost Girl 2014: Day 2

Which female character is your favorite?

  • Annie: Lauren — she’s got incredible strength through everything the Fae and her life have thrown at her. But it’s a quiet, unassuming strength. She’s a survivor, a genius, a lover and so much more! The character’s transformed from a meek, obedient doctor to a woman who’s learned how to reclaim her power as a human in a Fae world.
  • Kris: Bo — I like that she’s trying to figure stuff out.  I like that she’s compassionate and genuinely wants to help people.  I like that she walks around with a knife in a holster on her thigh like it’s no big deal.
  • Stephanie: Bo — It’s a tough choice, but I think I have to go with Bo. Yes, she’s not perfect and she makes mistakes, but when I’m with Bo, I’m with her.

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52 Replies to “Day 2: Favorite Female Character? — 30 Days of Lost Girl

  1. Wow, we are on Day 2 already. Love this concept a lot.

    My favourite character is ofcourse Bo. Despite the powerful Succubus within her which is raring to go, Bo has a beautiful soft side to herself. She has immense love, warmth and a big heart. I loved the way she protected Kenzi at the start of the series. I loved the way she reached out to Lauren. She is always someone who makes bonds, ties and believes in family. For me till Season 4, Bo’s journey has been an immensely fascinating one. I am a huge fan of Dark Bo as well and had huge expectations from Season 4. It broke my heart to see my beloved character turned to an extremely selfish and fickle person. But i have faith. My Hero BO ..shall return..& very soon.

    If there were two options for this question, my second choice would be Kenzi. Such a kickass, amazing and awesome character. She brightens Bo’s world and mine as well.

    1. As a Bo fan, it was rough watching her thoughtless and selfish tendencies dialed up to 11. (She’s a caring person, but could be thoughtless and selfish at times in the first three seasons). But I could understand Bo going through a difficult time after being gone and not having any memory of what happened. I’m excited to see her be more like her old self, and I hope that’s what we get in Season 5.

  2. Lauren. It’s refreshing to have a smart character that doesn’t need to rely on physical strength to be considered a valued member of the group. Her brain is her strength and I love that we get to see her save the day ahead of the more physically dominant characters.I also appreciate that she never has to hide her intelligence, they never dumb her down, instead actually making a point of having Bo find her ‘geekiness’ an attractive quailty.

    But I agree, this show has so many great female characters to choose from.

    1. Yes! That’s a big reason why I like Lauren — she’s a badass because she is so crazy smart, not because she could beat up everyone in the room.

  3. I love them all, but I’m going with Bo. She’s courageous and independent. I suspect her insistence on being unaligned and her bold leadership are going to bring peace between the warring fae eventually. Much as I love the other women on the show, the show is, in fact, Bo.

    1. The Morrigan is certainly in an interesting position right now. I’m excited to see what happened to her character in Season 5!

  4. I love that this show has so many amazing female characters. Bo, Kenzi, Tamsin, Evony… But in the end, my vote goes to Lauren Lewis! Smart IS sexy, and she proves it! :p Plus everything Annie said above: Lauren went throught a lot, pretty much being enslaved by the Light. And without any actual superpowers, she fight for her freedom in her own way. You gotta respect that! 🙂

    1. Lauren has had a very interesting journey in regards to her position in the Fae World. I’ve really enjoyed seeing her progression from subservient to fighting back against a system that oppresses her.

  5. In this 30-day meme I feel I have the opportunity to answer this question twice so for this specific question I have to say Aoife/Saskia, played beautifully by Inga Cadranel. I could watch “The Mourning After” and “Blood Lines” on a loop.

    In the “The Mourning After” we are introduced to this very strong, confident, self-assured woman, with no apologies, takes no prisoners, and understands the practical realities of life with regard to living her life. In this respect, she is the personification of whom Bo wants to be.

    In “(Dis)Members Only” we are introduced to Aoife’s predatory side when she goes on the attack to basically claim not only influence over Bo, but Bo herself through the destabilization of relationships Bo holds dear (i.e., Dyson in this episode).

    In “Blood Lines” we see the cracks in Aoife’s armor, and as we learn more about her it is revealed her history is not as clear cut, and Bo recognizes that and fights for her survival.

    As we see further along Aoife’s storyline we are exposed to the struggle that is raging mentally within Aoife between reality, love, sanity and lunacy, and I suspect she will be the lynch pin as to whether Bo either succumbs or succeeds in meeting her destiny.

    I find Aoife magnetic, tragic, loving, resilient and quite mad. She is the most compelling, chaotic woman on the show, and I am intrigued. Yes, she is my favorite female character.

    1. Aife is a really fascinating character. I think they’ve set up a really rich background for her, and I’m itching to see her interact more with Bo and especially Trick.

  6. I’m going with the ensemble cast of women (cop out) because what I love about this show is the depiction of love between women in its beautiful complexity. If I had to choose one?
    Bo – a bundle of beautiful contradictions: a loving, big-hearted, murderer capable of deeply felt devotion who sucks chi indiscriminately and sticks up for the little guy; a vulnerable badass; a brave, selfless hero who wanders lost through the wilderness for a full season; uneducated, street-smart; serious and full of humor; Fae abdyet so utterly human.

    1. I think I like this wording you chose to describe Bo the best: “serious and full of humor.” I love how earnest Bo is and yet she still has a really great sense of humor.

  7. My favorite female character was Bo for S1, S2 she started to tick me off and by S3 I’d had enough of her. S4 I didn’t like her at all. Kenzi on the other hand had my heart in S1 and had me cheering for her big time by S4. Tamsin was a good add on and so far I like her too. The character of Dr. Lauren has been destroyed by the writers. They have written her in so many directions I’m surprised ZP doesn’t have whiplash! The Morrigan is deliciously evil and EV plays her so well 🙂 So after all this consideration I pick Kenzi as my favorite female character =-)

    1. Kenzi is a fantastic character. She is really the entry point for us as the audience, and it’s really difficult not to be won over by her humor and her warmth. Ksenia Solo really creates such a wonderful, complex character.

  8. Day 2: favorite female character.

    I’m gonna go with Bo. She is the most badass yet so compassionate towards people she love. Though i’m not her biggest fan on season 4 but i’m still positive the old Bo will be back on season 5 *finger crossed*

  9. Bo’s my fav.
    She’s brave, has a big heart, fights for those she cares about and the weaks. She stands for what she believes in. She changed her friends’ life too, in a good way.
    Is she flawless ? No and it’s one thing I like about her. I don’t buy a perfect character.
    In S4, she was not the same, I won’t argue against that. But even when she was so lost, she saved a haunted family and made it possible for spirits to rest in peace, freed the singer from slavery and saved or helped to save some of her friends. Not only bad things.
    I can’t wait to see a clear-headed and badass Bo again but nobody can be a hero every time. I’ll stick with her

    1. Bo also showed compassion to Vex — VEX!! — in Season 4, while she was lost and not acting like herself. I’ve stuck with Bo as well, and I’m looking forward to her acting more “clear-headed,” as Anna Silk described her, in Season 5.

  10. Easy! Lost Girl is so lucky to have such a great and wide variety of female characters! BUT Lauren has for sure had my heart all the way through. Intelligence is so sexy! She’s not hard on the eyes either. 🙂

    1. Intelligence is a big draw for me as well. And everyone on the cast is pretty easy on the eyes, but I do find Lauren pretty dreamy. She’s kind of a lesbian version of a Cary Grant character, if that makes any sense. 🙂

  11. Gosh… tough choice between Benzi but i would have to go with Bo, because she is the Lost Girl. And spite some bad decisions through the seasons, she is strong and has a big heart, compassion about other people problems, sense of righteousness, and no one wears clevage, leather and thigh daggers like her!!!

    1. I think it takes a certain kind of person to be able to pull off casually walking around with a dagger on their thigh. It’s amazing, and I love it. I also love that compassion is one of Bo’s defining characteristics. It’s pretty unusual for an action hero.

  12. Lauren. She’s brave, badass, sexy and caring. She is human but her “nerdiness” can be as a powerful weapon as any fae power. She uses her intelligence to combat her human “weakness” and that makes her as much powerful as any Fae. She also protects what and who she loves. So what’s not to like? 🙂

    1. I love that Lauren’s nerdiness/geekiness has become more prominent in later seasons! I think she was trying to play it cool, but now she’s more comfortable being herself and I dig it! Star Trek collectibles and all!

  13. Great descriptions Jessalyn and Annie.

    Lauren is definitely one of my favorites. My other two big favorites are Aife and Evony. I have a hard time picking a favorite out of these three.

    Denise aka @NVGhost005 I like your piece on Aife. Aife to me is arguably the first unaligned succubus, I know she’s aligned technically but she turned her back on both sides long before Bo came along. She’s beautifully complex in many ways, there’s the battle between free calmness and emotional instability, there’s the layer of she feeds off pleasure but is driven by grief for the most part, she’s a princess but a warrior as well, and many more examples.

    Evony I love because she’s always been true – to her Dark fae choice, to her dislike for Bo, to the fact she’s a bad guy and enjoys it. She’s always been a constant challenge for Bo mentally and physically and it’s been great to watch. She’s a great leader for her side I think. She’s smart and funny and powerful in various ways like all the women in the show.

    Honorable mention to Bo. As Stephanie said we are lucky to have so many choices in the characters and each with their own unique reasons. Also a shout out to how lucky we are to have each actress playing the characters, they definitely help make the characters just as much as the writing and character history.

    1. I like what you said about The Morrigan. While I think it’s good that she has had some “human” moments over the seasons, I’m glad that she has remained an antagonist to Bo, and I hope she stays that way. I think she’s a great challenge for Bo, and I like how she keeps the gang on their toes.

  14. I love Bo, Kenzi and Tamsin.

    I’m a little less in love with Bo because of how she acted in S4 though (Seasons 1-3 Bo was AWESOME though). So…it’s kind of a tie between Kenzi and Tamsin but Kenzi has an edge.

    Tamsin is a fantastic anti hero who literally sacrificed herself for Bo. After living who knows how long and making a lot of really bad choices, in the end of her previous life, she set fear aside and embraced love and friendship for the first time in who knows how long. She chose Bo over her duty and fear.

    But then there’s Kenzi, who’s been there from the start. Brave Kenzi who’s suffered a lot of loss but still manages to be courageous and selfless. How many times has she been out there fighting the fight when wiser heads would have advised her to stay back and stay safe? She rescued Dyson after the beating he got from the Garuda’s men, she chainsawed the friggin’ NORN.

    She took in Tamsin when she was just a wee ball of knife wielding terror and has always given of herself freely for her friends and loved ones. Given what we know of her life story, it’s amazing she’s as selfless and loving as she is. She should be more closed off…but Bo and the gang bring out the real Kenzi, who’s open and caring.

    1. I love that different people get to save the day on Lost Girl. Yes, Bo saves the day a lot, Dyson saves people a good amount, but Kenzi saved everyone in “Dark Horse.” She saved Dyson twice in Season 2 — from the Garuda’s thugs and from the Norn’s curse(?). (Dyson gets saved by humans a lot!) I loved how Lil T really brought out the nurturing side of Kenzi in Season 4. Their relationship was definitely a highlight of last season for me, if not the biggest highlight.

  15. So… tough one question. But… Lauren. She’s my favorite, the character’s transformed from a slave meek doctor, for a woman who has learned and found their place in the Fae world, and dared to go further. She’s strong in such a different way, intelligent, focused, determined, sensitive, is a genius, badass and sexy.
    But what got me was how this strength. came up, slow, quiet and unassuming. And with all that intelligence is still humble, lacking of any arrogance.

    Plus, It’s refreshing to have a smart character that doesn’t need to rely on physical strength to be considered a valued member of the group.

    Her brain is her strength and I love that we get to see her save the day ahead of the more physically dominant characters. I also appreciate that she never has to hide her intelligence, they never dumb her down, instead actually making a point of having Bo find her ‘geekiness’ an attractive quailty. (Bo loves this side of Lauren, who also turn on Bo a lot!) Lol

    And the geniality of it has become a powerful weapon! This woman can much about what she has in that beautiful brain, think that the sky is the limit!
    What she can achieve with their own intelligence sometimes I worried because it said Bo as well at the end of season 4: “They’re gonna be coming for you”

    But the shpw has so many strong and amazing female characters and they all have their value and importance to the show.

  16. Lauren of course, she is humble, selfless always taking care of everyone, saving everyone or being part of it, she is strong, absolutely smart (genius), and I love that she stopped taking everyone’s bs and started to show her strength and value in the fae world showing she is not a weak human, she is so brave and powerful, badass Lauren is the best, there is a lot to say about her she is a deep strong character, simply amazing!

  17. Out of the females… hmmm… Out of the complete series… Definitely Ciara. Yup, Ciara. I feel all the characters positives were put into that one character; Lauren’s intelligence, Bo’s physical strength, Kenzi’s humor, Dyson’s persistence, Hale’s accepting demeanor, she was mysterious like Trick and had Tamsin’s boldness. And these strengths didn’t have a weakness to counter them either. She knew who she was, knew what she wanted and would do anything for anyone almost as if she was the heroine of the show and not Bo. Overall it’s probably why her character was so admiring, she was the most real character we came across in terms of as humans we tend to put our best face forward, whether it was with friends or career wise, and when her emotions were involved she wouldn’t avoid it or attempt to prolong it’s eminent conversation. Even story wise it was very similar to most of the characters we currently have. Bo lost Kyle, Ciara lost Stefan. Lauren was a slave to the light, Ciara slave to a King, Kenzi learned to steal from her father, Ciara learned from her mother, etc. I think people seriously undermined how important her character was and how detrimental it could’ve possibly been if she didn’t die, even her death was important. Without Ciara’s sacrifice for Kenzi, Kenzi wouldn’t have been able to sacrifice herself this Season. So yeah, I choose Ciara.

    1. Ciara! I really enjoyed Ciara for the most part, and I wish we could have gotten more time with her to learn more about her. Especially, I wish she had been in badass warrior mode for more of her time on the series, rather than just at the end.

    2. Nice choice Stefanie. And very well said. I also agree with Drinks At The Dal, it would have been nice to see a bit more of Ciara’s warrior side; it could be something as simple as her twirling a sword during her house negations or something else. She was definitely a great character among many.

  18. My favorite female character is Lauren. She is an extremely complex character and I love that. Yeah her backstory is ridiculous & doesnt make a lot of sense but I like that she is being fleshed out & we are getting insight into what makes her tick. She makes hard decisions & choices that benefit the people she loves even if it blows up in her face sometimes, yet she keeps doing these things because for her its the right thing to do. Are her motives clear? No. Are her morals where they should be? No. However in a world that is far from moral survival can mean at times that you compromise your morals. My favorite trait of Laurens would be her strength. She fought for 5 years to find a cure for Nadia without giving up even if there was no cure for a curse. When Bo put her on the back burner instead of breaking she put her foot down & took control of her life even if that meant potentially never seeing Bo again. She was cruel to Bo in 313 to sell the con to Taft & to get Bo out of there, not an easy thing to do.

    Bo is still my second favorite character even after the last two seasons & if she is re-established as the strong, independent, kick-ass hero she was in S1 & 2 she will find her way back into my #1 place again

    1. I think Lauren is more or less an ethical person, but she has shown that she will compromise her ethics when it comes to protecting people she cares about. It was definitely ethically grey when she slept with Bo in “Vexed” trying to protect her and when she turned The Morrigan human against her will. But, like you said, I think it makes her a more interesting character that despite her strong sense of ethics that she will bend them when something/someone she cares about is threatened.

      1. I always get the feeling that there was more to Lauren turning the Morrigan human than just to protect Bo. Of course we probably wont ever find that out since the show wont clarify Laurens motivations but when it happened I felt like there was a bigger reason for Lauren doing what she did. When she started her plan against the Morrigan there was no threat from Evony against Bo or it seemed that way so why would she bother doing anything at all if Bos safety was her only concern.

        If revenge played a part I am completely fine with that, the Morrigans actions throughout the series have had zero consequences for her so I hope they keep her human so she has to deal with it. Come to think of it LG rarely has consequences so it was nice to see some in S4

  19. Mine is Kenzi. She’s a pint sized little hurricane that has been able to earn the trust and respect of the Fae around her. She is loved and treated as an equal among them which is something that rarely, if ever, happens with humans. She has the courage to not only protect Bo but also Lauren (against the Ash and the 3 not-so-little piggies), Dyson (against the Norn and the Garuda) and anyone else she cares for. She has a heart bigger than all of them combined and a softness to her that changes people.
    Not mention a wicked sense of humor.

  20. In 1.01, I actually rolled my eyes at the Kenzi introduction, because she was almost too perfect a fit. She’s got the streetsmarts card and the de facto orphan card and the technologically savvy card and etc etc, not to mention the whole Young Adorable Funny Sidekick thing is so . . . done (male or female, and especially in scifi/fantasy-esque shows, women have held the position a lot recently). But they quickly proved her one of the most versatile characters, from plot points to the important variety of dynamics she brings to relationships between all the other main characters; what she brings out in Bo, Dyson, Trick, and Lauren, and how all those relationships organically evolve. Solo is incredibly adept at handling switches from comedy to drama, her timing is wonderful, as well as the physicality she brings to Kenzi. In short, with all the potential to have been reductive and too easy and cliched, Kenzi is a nearly flawless character, perfectly executed.

  21. Favourite female character is Lauren. A woman who saved a group of people and what thanks did she get her girlfriend is put under a curse. Treated like a slave and we dont know if she suffered mental and physical abuse from the fae .Had to shut down her emotions to survive which were then awakened by Bo. Very smart woman saves so called family constantly but gets no thanks. The Fae are predators on the human race and you have three major victims of these people Taft Nadia and Lauren. So this show does not . delve too much into what the fae are so the faults of the human victims are emphasized thats why Laurens back story is so ridiculous . Taft a victim is made a psycho Nadia is infected with the Garuda and Lauren becomes a pipe bomb making terrorist. Got to have no sympathy from the audience for the victims after all the predators are so noble.Through it all Laurens aim is to protect Bo because she loves her .

  22. Kenzi, ahh for me she’s the heart of the show, how every characters connect to Kenzi and the chemistry between all the characters to kenzi is just great!

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