Day 3: Favorite Male Character? — 30 Days of Lost Girl

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SPOILER WARNING: Answers may contain spoilers for up through the end of Season 4.

30 Days of Lost Girl 2014: Day 3

Which male character is your favorite?

  • Stephanie: Hale — Even though he started out as a bit of gross dude-bro, his family background, his growing affection for Kenzi, and his idealism really won me over.
  • Kris: Dyson — I think Dyson almost always means well, even though he does some really dumb things. (Which, let’s be honest, is true of most of the characters.) I especially love the friendships that he’s formed with the characters over the course of the show.
  • Annie: Dyson — While his tendency to rush into situations headfirst and to always protect the women in his life can be irritating, he has a really good heart behind his intentions most of the time. He is loyal and noble. I really love how his relationships with the humans have blossomed in the last season.

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41 Replies to “Day 3: Favorite Male Character? — 30 Days of Lost Girl

    1. Both gentlemen have very interesting backgrounds! I really liked the couple of scenes we got between the two of them in Season 4.

    1. I get Rainer now. It took me several run – throughs, but I get him. I will say if they had introduced him at the onset of Season 4 and the show told the story they told in “Waves” over a couple episodes at the beginning I would have bought him, hook, line, and sinker. And this is why i do not bash him because I get him.

  1. Hale. I think he is my quintessential good guy who had everything going for him but decided to step away from the easy life of a Royal FAE and much like Bo always had an open heart and mind for the humans. It is unfortunate that the Human-Fae storyline has not been explored sufficiently on the show and even more saddening that Hale is gone. I love, love, loved him and Kenzi together and rue as to why the show could not have started the Hale-Kenzi track in Season 3 and developed it more cohesively. I know some still believe he never took stands but remember how he slipped in that tiny twig to protect Kenzi, called the Una Men bullshit for Dyson and was always Team Bo.

    1. Yes! We needed more Kenzi and Hale! They needed more time! She was gonna say yes! (I’ll just be over here sobbing.)

  2. For this specific question my favorite male character I have to say Lachlan, masterfully acted by Vincent Walsh. Throughout Season 2 (and in order of his character development over S2) he was:

    A Martyr

    Taken together, these conflictions made me empathize with him more as he tried to lead the Fae against its enemies as The Ash.

    His initial relationship with the Scooby Gang was hard to watch at first, but as he grew to understand the gang they, in turn, grew to understand him. I thought he was a good challenge for the gang; he did not buy into them, or cared to buy into them. Instead, he forced them to focus on greater issues, and in the specific case, the Garuda, whether they wanted to or not. It was also the first definitive time Bo realized that she had a larger role to play in the world. At the end, the Scooby Gang all recognized impact of Lachlan’s efforts, and were genuinely sad of his demise.

    I personally credit both him and Evony for bringing closure to the history behind Lauren’s indentured servitude, and providing Bo with both the evidence and tools she needed to free both Lauren and Nadia. By E6 both Bo and Lauren were just floundering emotionally; Lauren over her frustration as to whom may have cursed Nadia, and Bo with her epic breakup with Dyson (E2) as her feelings for Lauren developed. From E6 to E12 both Bo and Lauren were just emotional messes, and were of no functional use to anyone.

    The two people who realized that, in order to have them both come out of their emotional morasses, was to solve the Nadia dilemma. Evony realized this for Bo in E6 and Lachlan for Lauren in E11. While he played both Lauren and Bo in a Machiavellian fashion in E12 for his own ends (Lauren’s voluntary recommital to the Ash, and Bo becoming The Ash’s personal bounty hunter) Lachlan realized he had a better ally in Bo, and could motivate Bo towards his own ends if he was more considerate of the emotional impact on her when it came to her friends.

    For my own “conspiracy theory” sake, I have a personal theory about the origin of the necklace Bo found in Lauren’s desk drawer (S4/E4). I think the premise of that necklace stems all the way back to Season 2 and to Lachlan and/or Evony. But that is just me and I could be TOTALLY, completely off.

    In any event, masterful character played by a masterful actor.

    1. Interesting choice! I have conflicted feelings about Lachlan, but I think Vincent Walsh did a good job playing him. He’s very loathsome in the beginning, but I have some sympathy and respect for him by the time we get to “Lachlan’s Gambit.”

  3. I have to say Vex. He started off as this evil, sadistic, smart ass who was supposed to be killed off in his episode and has become a pretty complicated character, who I hope we finally get a better understanding of. His relationship with Kenzi was such a treat and Paul Amos is a wonderful actor. It will be interesting to see how they deal with his decisions in season four in the upcoming season.

    1. We learned some really interesting stuff about Vex in Season 4. I hope we get even more development of his character in Season 5.

  4. I really enjoyed Cayden from “Brotherfae Of The Wolves”. I like that he was a dark Light fae character and we hardly see those really, I liked his “bad boy” persona and how he managed to do it in a more comical way rather than being a jerk about it; granted some things he did you can classify as just jerk behavior but for the most part he was more funny than anything in his comments to most characters, and I loved that he allowed Bo to be the hero when he was working with her; he helped her without really stepping on her toes like others characters do at times so that was nice to see.

    Yes kidnapping Ciara was bad, but he never claimed it was right; he never said he was the good guy, in fact he stayed the opposite, he just believed in his side of things. I just he was a really fun character and I love to watch him in that episode.

    As far as the main cast of characters go, I vote for season 1 through most of season 3 Hale. I liked how he was like Bo in the respect he seemed to value humans as people too, he didn’t see them as just tools or food he saw them as people too; he wanted better for the fae than just the current divide and he rebelled against his family for these beliefs as well. He was a really nice guy to all the characters and he had potential to be a good Ash though I wasn’t a fan of him letting Trick dictate him a lot of the times, I wish he’d stood up to him more and used him as an advisor only not his boss.

    1. I can see why people find Cayden an enjoyable character, but I consider him to be much more of a malicious figure than you do. The way he treated Ciara (and Velma) as property is very troubling to me. He tries to justify his kidnapping Ciara with “she would have come to love me” — creepy. He is also possessive of Bo after they have sex. When he comes downstairs, he territorially puts his arm around Bo as he reaches for one of Lauren’s cupcakes. To me, Cayden very much treats women as objects (either sex objects or a commodity in Velma’s case). He is an effective and even enjoyable antagonist type of character, but he is still a character that does contemptible things.

      BUT I would welcome Cayden back in a heartbeat if he dated Dyson. I mean, the homoerotic, wet wrestling? Come on! 🙂

  5. Hmm, this is an interesting one. I like everyone (mostly), but no-one really stands out as a favourite.
    Dyson is great when he shows his lighter side. We especially see this when he’s with Ciara, she definitely brings out the best in him IMO. I really liked him in “Food for Thought” looking after Kenzi, that’s the Dyson I like. But he can also be a bit of an ass sometimes. I would say Hale, who started as a fairly one-note sidekick but became an intriguing character in his own right, but he was often underused and when he was around they didn’t always know what to do with him.
    So after all that I’m going with Ryan. I know I’m probably in the minority but I actually really liked the vibe he brought to the show. I liked that he challenged Bo and her perception of Dark-Fae and it was nice to see her in a ‘fun’ relationship. Though he did prove himself to be a jerk on occasion I thought the scene where he gave Bo a ‘good high school memory’ was actually a very sweet moment. I wouldn’t have wanted him to be a permanent character but I enjoyed him while he was around. (And I find him terribly handsome)

    1. I liked Ryan too. I know he’s a jackass, but I found him entertaining and I liked Anthony Lemke quite a bit. (He is very handsome.)

  6. Day 3: favorite male character.

    I’m gonna go with Vex. Cos he is bad and good at the same time. Kinda like big brother. Love him.

  7. Hard to pick one between Hale and Vex but I gonna say Hale.
    He was the only Fae with Bo who respects Humans since the beginning. He disrespected Lauren once when he was Ash but he was under pressure and it was more insensitive than mean. He was funny, generous and kind. He was really a good guy.
    I liked the way he stood against his family for Kenzi and the fact he was a good friend with all the others.
    For me, it’s the Fae who shares Bo’s values the most.

    1. I agree! I also love that Hale always had a soft spot for the humans, and that he really wanted to reject the traditional relationships that Fae have had with humans.

  8. It’s been a tie between Hale and Vex for awhile for me but given how Vex treated Kenzi regarding Massimo, I’m still a little mad at him.

    So in first place… Hale. He’s loyal to a fault, loving, giving, funny. He had Dyson’s back even when he didn’t really deserve it (S2). Even when he was frustrated with Kenzi, he always loved her. He acknowledged he was wrong about Bo in Season 1 (I’m always impressed when someone openly admits to judging someone wrongly). I was irked at how he treated Kenzi at Trick’s behest but he totally made up for it by saving her life at the end of S3. I also loved how he wanted to be more than his family wanted. He hated their bigotry and embraced an open minded way of thinking.about humans, something he got from his mother (I’m sad we never got to meet her).

    In second place… Vex. I remember hating him for hurting Bo in S1 and he seemed like a bit of a nutter with how he really enjoyed making people hurt and kill themselves. But then throughout Season 2 and into 3, we started to see the real Vex come out. And by S3, we saw him choose Kenzi over the promises Evony made him. That gave him a lot more depth. As for Season 4…*sigh*. I did like some moments. I liked the insight he gave regarding the real Wanderer as well as his role as Bo’s little brother who she never wanted and kinda hates. lol

    1. It was difficult to see Hale turn into a jerk in Season 3 when he was Ash. I wish they had explored his time as a leader differently, but I can see how an idealistic guy like Hale with little leadership experience would be easily swayed by a trusted friend whom he knows has A LOT of leadership experience.

  9. Hale. Its a hard choice because i also love Vex. But i have to choose Hale. His character got bigger every season so he deserves my choice. And with his death on 4×11 i couldn’t not choose him. And because no one calls Kenzi “little mama” like he does 🙂

  10. Well I am between Hale and Vex, but I know I have to choose so Hale, he didn’t treat humans like the other fae did and even when he was acting Ash and didn’t make the best choices, he was always thinking of doing the right thing and help, was one of the good guys, we could see it the way he was with Kenzi.

  11. OK this is a really hard one for me I do love Dyson and if I have to choose one then he’s my favorite. Many things about him remind me of my husband 😀 Trick , Hale & Vex are also my favorites too. Hale because he evolved from a player jerk to a really sweet guy, Trick because like all dads and granddads he really has the best intentions for Bo but sometimes misses the mark, but his heart is in the right place. Vex because he was pure evil and somehow has evolved into an evil person who is trying so hard to be better 🙂

  12. I’d have to say Dyson with Vex as a very close second. Dyson may be indecisive at times but he has a good heart and is loyal to the people he cares for. Though I really have to wonder what Trick is going to say about him swearing allegiance to Bo.

  13. My favorite male character would have to be Vex. I love how he took Kenzi under his wing and kind of became a friend to her. It was nice to finally find out how he ended up becoming aligned with the Dark. I also like the fact that he took up for Lauren in episode 303 when Kenzi was talking about how she was going to be pissed that Bo was going to have a “private” talk with Dyson.

  14. I will choose Vex, it’s so much fun to watch him and sometimes, he is bad, and sometimes, he is beside Bo and the team.

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