Day 4: Favorite Fae? — 30 Days of Lost Girl

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SPOILER WARNING: Answers may contain spoilers for up through the end of Season 4.

30 Days of Lost Girl 2014 Day 4

Which Fae is your favorite?

  • Kris: The Baku — He heals people with HUGS. What could possibly be better than that?!
  • Annie: A Brownie — I need one!!
  • Stephanie: Siren — I think Hale’s powers are so cool. And so versatile!

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52 Replies to “Day 4: Favorite Fae? — 30 Days of Lost Girl

  1. The Succubae – Gosh just the image of a Succubus in Mythology is so visually stunning. Gorgeous creatures with beautiful wings and a devilishly sexy tail. They are powerful, they are passionate and so beautiful. They have a personality that is dangerous and extremely enticing. Ofcourse our beloved Bo has a huge heart to go with it making it an irresistible combination. It doesnt hurt that Anna Silk & Inga Cadranel make it impossible to think beyond the Succubae for me 😉

    1. I do like the Lost Girl version of succubi a lot. I find the version in mythology a bit less charming. 🙂 But Bo and Aife? They’re pretty awesome.

    1. You can interpret the question any way that you would like. I think each of us chose our favorite from a slightly different perspective. It could also be a type of Fae or Fae character that you really liked.

  2. My Favorite Fae has to be the Furies from S1/E4 “Faetal Attraction.” Olivia and her two sisters, Giselle and Ada rocked! Nothing is wicked scarier than someone who can bore into a person’s brain with a heat beam coming out of their eyes, and drive them to insanity.

    In fact, if the show ever decided to turn Lauren into a Fae I would stand on the tallest building and scream for her to be a Fury–with an added bonus: I would want her to be a Telekinetic Fury. She would be the most powerful Fae the show has premiered to date, and such a power would complement Lauren’s nature. Fundamentally, she is not a violent person, but if she was pushed this is the type of Fae power I would want her armed with.

    Kenzi could become a Fury too is returns altered somehow, but being a more pure telekinetic would suit Kenzi more.

    Yep, Fury for me.

    1. I was pleased with how Tamsin’s valkyrie wings turned out. I thought that was a nice addition in Season 4.

  3. I hate to be predictable… lol BUT.

    I’d have to go with valkyries. I mean think about it…casting doubt over an entire army and changing the course of history by the way they influenced wars. And then to take the souls of the warrior dead to Valhalla…awesome. And WINGS! Double awesome.

    Then there are the questions. How long do they live? How long is a single lifetime?

    Succubi are also extremely impressive, with their ability to manipulate and persuade. Aife could charm without touching (will Bo pick that up too?) and they can give and take life force as needed to heal themselves and others. Of course there’s also the sexual aspect, which is hot.

    But you know who I really are fascinated by? Blood sages. How many are there? They can rewrite destiny and undo history through their will and their blood. That scared a fae as powerful as Vex and he doesn’t get scared of much.

    Here’s my question though. What if one sage wrote something and another wrote the opposite? Would they cancel out or would the more powerful blood sage win?

    1. Each is different therefore age for a single lifetime is unknown. I 100% agree with TheUberFan,
      For me it’s Valkyrie>Succubus>blood sage

      I think that there is a hierarchy within blood sages that they must abide by almost like a royal court? The power that their blood holds is sacred and can change/undo/delete history
      Also Aife can take a life and give life back. Aife can also use her blood to control people. Bo doesn’t know where to find that within herself, she grew up not knowing anything about herself or the power within herself, I’m sure she will discover her birth rites and the strength that is within her. I know that Aife should be trying to help and show Bo the way but her mind is so clouded with revenge that it Aife would use Bo, much like her father used Aife, and the same vicious cycle repeats.
      The definition of a succubus is a female demon that extracts the sexual energy from men
      The definition of an incubus is the succubus counterpart the male demon that extracts sexual energy from women
      The definition of a Valkyrie is a winged woman riding down from the heavens after battle or a war collect the worthy souls of the fallen. Valkyries cannot be controlled by blood. Or blood sages for that matter, hahaha

      1. “Valkyries cannot be controlled by blood. Or blood sages for that matter, hahaha”. I’m not sure how you come to that conclusion. But we know that Valkyreis can be bribed by Blood Sages. Tamsin took more lives in exchange for Rainer’s soul.

          1. I dont understand your point. If the Blood King can write laws that EVERY Fea has to follow .. then a Valkyrie is subject to them too. I saw no where that Trick OWNED anyone. He was a tyrant King but he did not own anyone or control them like Aife controlled her thralls. What is your point that Valkyries aren’t owned or controlled by Blood Sages. How do you know they can not be controlled by a Blood Sage ???

            Valkyries can be maniputlated just like anyone else whether it is by a Blood King, The Morrigan or anyone they swear an allegiance to.

            1. Blood is life ,to be a blood sage you can use your blood to rewrite history since Aife is the blood kings daughter she inherited some of his abilities. So if Aife can control her thralls with a drop of her blood (she owns them) imagine the ability her father has over an army of people.

              1. Ok .. I agree with your point there. But this does not address why Valkyries would be amune to being a subject to a Blood Sage such as Aife. What is your proof that Valkyries are amune or are you just guessing at that ? Without it being said in mythology text or said on the show, then there is no justification of you saying a Valkyrie can not be owned or controlled by a Blood Sage such as Aife.

                1. Blood sages use their victims blood along with their owncertain metals or rocks to manipulate people. Blood stones for example can be kept and used for many things. Valkyries are soulless. In the episode those who wander after fighting Bo she asked her how could she keep fighting
                  when she is already dead, look up it up at Wikipedia also see incubus and succubus

    2. I’m also super curious about blood sages. Dyson does say “Trick is A blood sage,” implying that perhaps there is more than one, but what would happen if a blood sage went up against a blood sage? Do their powers affect each other? I mean, I would think so. Trick implies that he made himself forget Rainer. It’s a heck of a lot of power.

  4. As far as Fea powers I would want … I want to be a SHIFTER like Teague was in S2E13. He could look like anyone. I’d shift into a celebrity and get the best seat at a restaurant. Then I’d shift into a famous athlete and take home all the babes !!!

    If ur asking favorite Fea that has appeared on the show, then I’d have to say The Lich

      1. Extreme long life. Has infinite knowledge. Can raise the dead. Can experience what others feel. Pretty cool in my books.

  5. Well if I’m choosing for myself I’d say Fairy for the super vain reason that they are apparently very photogenic. I could use that power, I’m always that person in a group who runis a photo because my eyes are closed or I have some other awkward look on my face 🙂

    1. I wish we got a better sense of what Ciara’s fairy abilities were beyond looking really good in photos (which she did!). I wonder if the teleporting ability she demonstrated in “Lachlan’s Gambit” was a fairy ability.

      1. Her fairy power is speed, not teleporting. She moves blindingly fast. She taught it to Dysin, so you also see him use it occasionally – like when he pulled the gun on Lucas in Dead Lucky.

        1. Thanks! Now that you mention it, I can think of a time when Dyson moved very quickly in “It’s a Fae, Fae, Fae, Fae World” too, but I can’t think of when he uses it past season one. I always attributed that to his own Fae abilities. Did she say that she taught it to him or are you just making a logical leap?

          1. I think they implied it in “BrotherFae of the Wolves.” Something to the effect that she taught Dyson’s pack the art of war. Didn’t Dyson use it to catch the rascally Cabbit at the end of Season 3?

            Great podcast BTW. You guys raise a lot of good questions.

  6. Ok ! I’ve had a think about the ? it’s a hard one, i’m gonna stay true with my Succubus, because really who would like to survive on Sexual Energy…. Me!!! Hahaha. But i really would love a Brownie 🙂 Because i really dislike house work lol

    1. Someone pointed out that none of the cast members ever seem to answer “succubus” when asked what type of Fae they would be. (They tend to say mesmer.) And while being a succubus can wreak havoc in your personal life, I’d be up for the challenge.

    1. That’s one of my favorite Fae abilities too! I thought that was a really neat effect when she snapped her head around and shot quills out of her hair.

      1. The thing about Sabine was wouldnt the guard know that she could shoot quills from her hair & protect herself accordingly. Obviously there wouldnt be an episode but the absurdness of that always made me laugh

        1. I hink you missed the point. The guard was in on letting her go. She told her good luck and then took off the handcuffs. The quills were to stun her and the other guard, but more importantly give them a alibi.

          Remember, Trick saying to The Blackthorne at the end of the episode that it was “funny’ that the girl knew who Bo was and knew where she lived eventhough she had been locked up for 80 yrs. The Blackthorn had set the whole thing up so he himself could judge Bo’s abilities.

  7. For the show, I gotta say… A Blood Sage… I think it would be cool to be able to rewrite life with my blood… I would end the current wars going on now. As for Fan Fiction… it’s an Apollon. I just read a story where Lauren becomes a Apollon… it is supposedly an archery fae who can heal well and in the story Lauren was able to be enough for Bo because she could heal her without having sex so think how well she would be able to heal Bo with sex! DOCCUBUS 4 Ever! The fan fic is called “Back to Your Heart” by TheInevitable1 here is the link in case anyone wants to read it… Warning there is CopDoc more than Doccubus but in the end it is about Doccubus.

  8. Honestly all Fae characters are interesting from a power standpoint. I have to go with the Furies & Sabine & Hamish though. The Furies were extremely intimidating & really turning invisible would be a pretty cool power, same with the quills

    1. The invisibility thing could be very useful, but I’d want to be all the way invisible. Hamish was still somewhat visible (which is probably more realistic, actually).

  9. If you would’ve asked me in Season 3 I probably would’ve said Mesmer but after seeing Tamsin and her wings…I have to go with Valkyrie.

    1. The wings are pretty great. That shot of the wings draped over Kenzi is one of the more beautiful shots of the series.

  10. Depends on if the question is your favorite species, favorite character, fae to have around or power you’d like to have.

    If its the last, I’d totally go with the Hsien. You’d only get away with it if our world was as laissez-faire as theirs, but imagine the possibilities! You could do almost anything. But you’d probably need the caveat that the body stays preserved for a day while you inhabit it.

    Hope I didn’t weird anybody out. 😉

    1. Thinking it over, I see real potential for a recurring Hsien bad guy. The Lost Girl characters play archetypal roles, largely because of their Fey powers. Dyson is a fighter, Trick is a leader, Bo is a persuader. The Hsien is an agent. He can walk right past Bo without her even knowing its him. Imagine if some unknown party hired Lucas to spy on Bo. You never know where he’s lurking. Every glance from a stranger is ambiguous / threatening. Bo is sitting in a diner taking a case, and you’re wondering if the guy at the next table is watching her. It runs like a dark thread from show to show. Maybe no one even mentions Lucas in an episode, but you see the same guy in the background at several locations. Maybe he touches his forehead once or twice. You realize he’s following her, and that he must be Lucas. Its creepy, and it rewards the viewer for paying attention. Its too late in the series, but this kind of story could’ve taken the show into dark, X-Files territory.

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