Day 5: Favorite Season 1 Episode? — 30 Days of Lost Girl

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SPOILER WARNING: Answers may contain spoilers for up through the end of Season 4.

30 Days of Lost Girl 2014 Day 5

Which Season 1 episode is your favorite?

  • Annie: “Food for Thought” — Love seeing the first time Bo and Lauren team up together and Lauren getting out of her comfort zone. Also love seeing the beginning of Dyson and Kenzi’s friendship and Bo’s love/concern for Kenzi that will drive her to do anything to find the cure.
  • Stephanie: “Food for Thought” — I feel like we get to know the characters in a new way in this episode through Bo and Lauren teaming up together and Dyson and Trick caring for a sick Kenzi.
  • Kris: “Vexed” — Even though it’s slightly different in tone to the rest of the series (and I *like* the tone of the rest of the series), it’s beautifully shot. Yay, John Fawcett! There are plenty of important plot developments and reveals, too.

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27 Replies to “Day 5: Favorite Season 1 Episode? — 30 Days of Lost Girl

    1. I feel like we really get to know Lauren in this episode. She had previously been much more on the periphery prior to “Food for Thought.” It’s nice to get a better sense of her personality and who she is in this episode.

  1. 1×08 – “Vexed”. Its everything that is Bo, its sexy, its sleek, its got its highs and its got its lows. The introduction of Vex, the whole Lou-Ann saga. Its a huge favourite of mine and one of my most favourite episodes of the entire series. Anna Silk is ravishing hot and simply amazing in the episode. Also we have Bo & Kenzi together and that gets major brownie points from me. Even if i am a Doccubus fan and its not a very happy episode for a shipper like me, the episode, its storytelling, execution ..everything is par excellence.

  2. Definitely episode 1 “It’s a Fae, Fae, Fae, Fae World.” If this episode hadn’t been so well-written, so compelling, and so full of memorable characters none of us would have tuned in for episode 2.

    1. Lost Girl really does have an excellent first episode. It’s fun and entertaining but still does the needed exposition of setting up the world and who the characters are. Often when I start watching a fairly popular show, I will wonder how it managed to get picked up because its first episode/pilot was so weak. The series usually gets much better, but so many great series have not so great first episodes.

      1. Compare the first episode with ep1 of Black Box, which was horrible or ep 1 of The Fosters, which was outstanding. Lost Girl ep 1 is right up there in the outstanding category.

  3. “Food For Thought” and “Vexed” are definitely two of my favorite season 1 episodes along with “The Mourning After”, and “It’s A Fae, Fae, Fae World”, but I’d pick “Blood Lines” as the one I watch the most usually.

    I really like “Blood Lines” because we get to see more into the world of the fae period and we get some great reveals as far as Trick and Aife go and how she’s not the bad guy he made her out to be to Bo and how he’s not as innocent as Bo might have thought him to be. They also go more in-depth on Bo’s biological history via the comments Aife makes; I really believe the Dark fae king is Bo’s father due to what Aife says, he’s the only one who makes sense to me. It also sets up what a great mother Aife is and the lengths she’ll go to protect Bo.

    There were some real heartbreaking but beautiful moments between Aife and Bo in this episode, one being the holding after Aife catches a drugged Bo – that’s the first she’s held her in almost 30 years; yes the drugging was bad but she admitted her social skills could use some work. Aife telling Bo to let her go in order to save herself is just tear making each time. The stories she tells Bo about Trick and why she should watch him because she knows first hand her father’s dark side and his need to be in control and then the story of who Bo is in part but not wanting Bo to think she’s bad because of it. Inga Cadranel does such an amazing job as Aife, she’s great to watch.

    Another reason I like this episode so much is because we get to see the group helping Bo as a team; Kenzi helped her find the necklace in the archives and test to see if it worked not to mention she talked Trick into helping and she managed to be at the house to help hold Bo up when she was trying to pull Aife up as well, Lauren gave her the key and map to the archives even though it could have gotten her into very serious trouble, Trick wrote to calm Aife – though I don’t like he forced a change on her (she deserves her rage and they have personal issues to work out Bo aside) and I debate that Aife would ever hurt Bo, and Dyson helped – again not in a way I liked (I’d rather he’d been at the house fighting off thralls while Kenzi helped Bo or trying to get Trick to write in his blood like Kenzi did). The only person who didn’t get in on the help was Hale but he gets a pass in this because he was busy helping the elders and secure the compound to protect the Ash. So it was nice seeing the group work as a team to help.

    There was also a really good fight sequence between Bo and Aife; it had witty banter and both weapon and hand-to-hand combat and made good use of the house location.

    I thought the music that played during the scene of Trick writing in his blood and Aife telling Bo she had to let go fit perfectly because they truly are the architects of that world. Trick more so of course but you can’t have Bo without Aife so the song really worked in that scene. Again another heartbreaking but beautiful moment in the episode.

    Bonus…the great Doccubus kiss in the lab.

    This episode was really good and again opened up the fae world as a whole via Trick’s and Aife’s story about the Great Fae War and it had some individual character history reveals as well. It was fun to see and definitely one of my favorites to season 1.

  4. There are so many great episodes in season 1. But I base my ‘favorite’ episode on which one I love to watch over and over again. For me that episode is “ArachnoFaebia”. Spooky house with a dark basement, and homicidal manics trying to kill each other. The perfect horror show on Holloween. The background music was perfect too !!

    1. “ArachnoFaebia” is a great episode. I too rewatch this one a lot. I tend to like episodes where the characters are acting not quite like themselves (for supernatural reasons).

  5. My favorite episode of S1 is Food for Thought. This is the episode that got me started on Doccubus. Love the banter between Bo & Lauren during their “date”, a little awkward but cute at the same time. Dyson wasnt the focus of this episode & took a break from being a tool to be there for Kenzi, I really enjoyed that. I miss the old episodes when Bo was able to do something without Dyson taking over half way through or standing around doing nothing until he got there. Lauren made Bo make a plan of attack, they got what they came for and left. Simple & the way it should go most of the time.

  6. My absolute favorite episode of Season 1 was “Blood Lines” as well. I could watch that episode on a loop, and I second everything Aaron described about it. Well done, Aaron! Could not have said it better myself.

  7. Favorite season 1 episode: Vexed.

    For me this episode is quite touching especially when Bo told Lauren about wanting to have a normal life.
    Also i think Anna is very brilliant in this particular episode. Strong yet vulnerable at the same time. Kudos!

    1. I’m partial to this episode as well. Mainly because of the threesome, but for other reasons too. 🙂

  8. For me, it’s Vexed. It’s the episode that caught my attention. Beautifully filmed, let you know about pretty much every significant member of the cast, great story, gorgeous folks, and it introduced me to Paul Amos 🙂

  9. Food for thought. I like all of them but this one stands out for me because of the bonding between Dyson and Kenzi that begins in Dead Lucky really starts to cement itself here. Dyson catches a glimpse into her past (who hangs out in graveyards?) and he begins to see a strength in her that he hasn’t seen before. Plus, she’s still cracking jokes all the way through it.
    Also…it’s the first time that Bo tells her she’s going ‘Solo’. Look at her face when she says it. I swear that Anna is throwing that in just to try to get Ksenia to laugh 😛

  10. The first season has always been one of my favorites, with lots of great episodes that helped shape the show when it was first starting. I was immediately hooked with the first episode, but for me my personal favorite from this season is “Vexed,” with “Food for Thought” just barely behind it.

    I loved the bonding scenes in “Food for Thought” and felt like all of the characters had a strong showing (Hale was MIA), but “Vexed” is the stand-out for me. I sometimes use it as an introductory episode for my friends who are first getting into the series and gauge their reaction to it.

    The cinematography of the first scene, where we see Bo in the elevator and painfully walking down the hallway to Dyson’s apartment… Beautifully shot scene. I’ve always liked the “look” of the show. When Bo and Lauren have their moment and the ensuing consequences after still hits me hard sometimes, and Bo’s confrontation with Vex towards the end is excellent. I still want to learn more about Lou Ann and what she witnessed at Bo’s birth – that storyline quickly disappeared, but I hope it makes a return somehow in Season 5.

    1. Bo’s walk down the hallway in “Vexed” is certainly a memorable, visual moment on the show. The cinematography is really spectacular in that episode.

  11. Food for thought, I also think the dynamic between Lauren and Bo is great and a good starting to get to know them and deeper in the Doccubus love, and well as a side note it’s a fae fae world will always hold a special place for obvious reasons and most of all when Bo and Lauren met.

  12. I’d have to say… “Its a Fae Fae Fae Fae World” – I love the opening sequence, all the Kenzi scenes and Doccubus meeting! Just great ep all around… it’s one of the few that I will really relax and listen to as I fall asleep at night. It’s so comfortable. 🙂

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