Day 6: Favorite Season 2 Episode? — 30 Days of Lost Girl

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SPOILER WARNING: Answers may contain spoilers for up through the end of Season 4.

30 Days of Lost Girl 2014 Day 6

Which Season 2 episode is your favorite?

  • Stephanie: “I Fought the Fae (and the Fae Won)” — I love getting to see the ritual of the political side of the Fae. I’m very interested in their political structure. Plus, I like that Bo’s all determined and verging on ragey because Dyson dumped her.
  • Annie: “Death Didn’t Become Him” — I love the Lich! Such an overdramatic Fae villain of the week! The B plot which has all the Hale/Kenzi friendship overtones — and Hale’s abs! And Doccubus on the case again. The first time we saw Bo go blue nova and the fact that it was Lauren’s life on the line that made her go there. And Doccubus kisses!
  • Kris: “Death Didn’t Become Him” — An effectively creepy villain doing something(s) truly horrifying. And Bo gets really impressive and scary when she goes super/possessed for the first time. Plus, you can’t lose with Kenzi “babysitting.”

Tell us your favorite Season 2 episode in the comments below!

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30 Replies to “Day 6: Favorite Season 2 Episode? — 30 Days of Lost Girl

  1. My favorite of Season 2 for me is “It’s Better to Burn Out Than Fae Away “, which is one of my favorite “Evony” episodes.

    Why I liked this episode is the story in it of itself. And I liked how The Morrigan was the first to see what an emotional wreck Bo was regarding her care and concern for Lauren, augmented by the fact Lauren was living at the Clubhouse to hide from The Ash. Bo was so unfocused and impatient that she could not even find a simple person spray-painting large-scale canvasses in the alleys because her thoughts were more with Lauren, and protecting Lauren against The Ash. When all this came to a head in the middle of the episode when Bo stomped in and said “I’m out.” The Morrigan knew that if Lauren’s situation with The Ash was not resolved Bo would be of use to no one, and offered Bo and Lauren their FIRST clue (the Shaman’s nail) to set them on their path to emotional freedom and love.

    I also liked this episode because Bo was so emotionally cute in it. Anyone who has ever been in the initial stages of love can relate. All Bo wanted to do was “play house” with Lauren Been there, done that, bought that t-shirt. The love of my life could have set the place on fire and I would still be in love. We have ALL be there! Even when Bo finds out from The Morrigan that Lauren has a girlfriend, with no background understanding, Bo returns to the Clubhouse shouting for Lauren as if Lauren has been shacked up there for years, only to find her gone by this time out of fear The Ash would retaliate against Bo and Kenzi if she did not. I LOVE Bo when she is happy and in love. Maybe this is why I consider this my favorite episode.

    1. I also like “It’s Better to Burn Out Than Fae Away.” I always thought The Morrigan gave the nail to Bo in an effort to cause upheaval with the Light Fae and Bo’s alliance with them.

      1. Ooh! That’s a good thought. I like that. Plus, isn’t that just The Morrigan’s nature? To shake things up and cause problems for other people? Plus, as much as The Morrigan doesn’t like Bo, she still wants to curry favor with Bo as well.

        1. I think Evony gave Bo the nail because she figured if Bo could free Nadia then it would free Lauren as well maybe and she figured Bo wouldn’t claim her so she’d get a free shot at her. Evony in my mind has always wanted Lauren because of her skills; she also knows it gets at Bo so that’d be an eternal way to mess with her. There’s so many motives with Evony but the move certainly wasn’t out of charity.

    2. Love “Better To Burn Out Than Fae Away”. It and “Raging Fae” are my tie for season two favorite though there are a lot of good ones I feel in the season.

  2. “Death Didn’t Become Him” Blue-eyed Bo ..absolutely stunning and so powerful. Loved that Doccubus were working together and Bo going all SuperSuccuBO was a sight to behold. Loved that she did it for Lauren, Also loved the Kenzi & Hale scenes.

    1. I remember being a little thrown the first time I saw this episode — what was happening to Bo?!? You know? But I love that it’s the endangerment of a loved one that manifests the SuperSuccuBo. I know I’ve had moments where, in retrospect, I’ve scared myself with my reaction to threats to people I’m protective of.

    1. I hadn’t really thought of the Anya/Baba Yaga connection before, but I can totally see it! “Mirror, Mirror” is a great episode. I love how it explore the connection between Bo and Kenzi.

  3. My favorite is it’s better to burn out than to fae away when Bo was doing everything to free Lauren from the Ash not knowing it was Nadia keeping her there and also Flesh and blood when the team get together to rescue Trick and defeat the gauruda.

  4. 2×08 – Death Didn’t Become Him. I love that episode because of…. well because of Doccubus lol loved the fact that Bo is trying to help Lauren get a cure for Nadia even with all that means to their “relationship”. And the kiss in the end is still one of (if not the one) my favorite Doccubus kisses. 🙂

  5. Mine is Original Skin.
    It was such a fun to watch each character was played by the others. Kenzi as Dyson and Ciara as Hale was my favorite. Remember when Ciara/Hale saw her physical body being chi-sucked till she passed out. That was hilarious lol! And dont forget our favorite doctor showing her crazy side, that’s also fun to watch.

    1. I do really enjoy Zoie Palmer going all big and scenery-chewy when playing Reynard. She has gotten to be a bit more broad with her portrayal of Lauren in recent seasons, but at that point in the series Lauren was such a subtle, reserved character that it was fun to get to see Zoie be a bit more silly. “This is Doctor, uh, Lauren. The Doctor.” 🙂

      1. They all did a really good job I think. I love Zoie and Kris doing their switch characters; Kris’s dance, chair break, and “Hey other me!” line are hilarious every time to me and Zoie’s Reynor mocking Dyson then doing just full on Reynor were a lot of fun. Great job by the cast all around.

  6. Into The Dark because of several reasons: 1-Doccubus in sexy black;2-Doccubus Breathless;3-Bo discovered Trick is her grandfather;4-Bo getting sexy & Nasty with the Dark;5-Evony & Vex DanceOff;6-Kenzi CHAINSAWed the Norn!!!;7-Gang together for a common purpose!

    Death didnt become him my second fav and original Skin the third!

    1. Kenzi using a chainsaw against The Norn is a pretty iconic scene for the series. And I’m always really impressed with Emmanuelle Vaugier’s physical comedy abilities when Vex is making her dance.

    1. Those tend to be my favorite episodes as well. I like them silly, and I like the characters when they’re acting not quite like themselves due to supernatural reasons.

  7. Mine is 2×06, ‘It’s better to burn out than fae away’. It has everything and everyone in it. I love Original Skin too but if I had to have just one on a loop, it’d be 2×06.

    1. There’s a lot to like in this episode. I actually really enjoyed getting an insight into The Morrigan’s business life in this episode and learning what type of Fae she was.

  8. Death Didn’t Become Him, first time we see super Bo all powerful and she did it to save Lauren, great Doccubus moments in this one, I vote for this but I have to mention the Doccubus kiss in the 2×22 one of my favs as well

  9. I’m partial to “Scream a Little Dream”. It had some darker elements, which I like. The case of the week was pretty creepy. Lachlan and his behaviour towards Bo and particularly him flaunting his power over Lauren. We got to see a bit more of what it actually means for Lauren to be a slave to the fae.
    Really great interactions between Bo and Lauren, especially the scene in Lauren’s apartment.It was intersting to see Lauren seemingly calm(control) Bo by touching her arm,an ability we’re used to seeing Bo employ on people. I think this is the first time we see Lauren’s apartment, which was nice, weird art and all.
    All of this plus we got Mumford and the Baku.

    1. “Scream a Little Dream” is high on my list of episodes I enjoy as well. Great Faes of the week (Mare, Baku, Brownie), and some great psychological exploration of Bo. It’s also great to see them ramp up Lachlan’s threat pretty quickly with how he treats Lauren in this episode.

  10. “Original Skiin.” I loved the Kenzi in Dyson scenes… “BoBo I got the Wolf Junk Babe!” Love that line… “Check me out… Kickin’ it in the Wolfman!” And then the scene just before we get Reynard/Lauren back “What if he gets my wee body Dead.” “That’s not funny Bo! How would we work out the bathroom!” Hilarious!

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