Day 7: Favorite Season 3 Episode? — 30 Days of Lost Girl

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SPOILER WARNING: Answers may contain spoilers for up through the end of Season 4.

30 Days of Lost Girl 2014 Day 7

Which Season 3 episode is your favorite?

  • Kris: “There’s Bo Place Like Home” — I had a hard time choosing, but I have to go with this one for its emotional resonance. In a season that was about Bo having to come to terms with who and what she is, this is the episode that really explored her upbringing. Plus, Bo got some closure that she’d desperately needed for the past 12 years.
  • Annie: “Fae-de to Black” — That opening scene. Besides the Doccubus-y, sexy hotness, I can’t believe that scene made it onto television! It didn’t push the envelope with on screen (almost) nudity, it destroyed it! Such gorgeous lighting and editing! Plus I love seeing Bo as a marriage counselor, especially in the scene with the gay couple — it never fails to make me laugh. And Bo and Lauren trying to be honest and maintain their physically impossible Fae/human relationship — that last scene was the first time I cried watching Lost Girl. And it proves that chemistry and stellar acting exist in genres shows.
  • Stephanie: “Confaegion” — This episode is oodles of comedic fun. Teen Bo “rawr”-ing at Lauren is probably one of my favorite scenes of the entire series.

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24 Replies to “Day 7: Favorite Season 3 Episode? — 30 Days of Lost Girl

  1. ‘Caged Fae’. I mean everything about it (barring a few minutes at the end w.r.t the Guard) was PERFECT. Bo and Lauren working together and under disguise. Kenzi all pumped up (literally) and the whole Doccubus conversation…Hale trying to be the Ash. Everything is awesome. To top it all, it has my favorite line of all time..’Its time’ sure is! Also want to add that i loved Confaegion, Delinquents, Faed to Black as well.

    1. Kenzi coming to the jail in disguise (thong and all) is probably my favorite part of the episode. “The shorter the life span, the deeper the quicksand.” Ha! And extra points for throwing in a Spinal Tap reference, Emily Andras.

  2. My favorite episode of Season 3 for me is a tie between “Fae Against the Machine” and “Those Who Wander.”

    With regard to “Fae Against the Machine,” I really enjoyed how the series established some hard Fae canon.

    I liked how the series packaged Bo’s transition from a “baby fae” as Kenzi once put it to a full-fledged adult Fae, starting with “There is Bo Place like Home,” the episode where Bo had to effectively rid herself of all her personal traumas and grudges from her past then with “Fae Against the Machine” as the formal notification/pre-dawning activity/“live exercise” for her actual Dawning Ceremony, and then the actual ceremony itself. But I consider “Fae Against the Machine” Bo’s real passage as a Fae because she did not know it was happening, and she was acting from her true self, and at the same time she could not run from her fate courtesy of Balzac. I also liked how Tamsin transitioned from being an adversary of Bo’s to being an ally, and this is the first and ONLY episode where I buy the kiss between Bo and Tamsin as genuine.

    I fell for Tamsin in “The Kenzi Scale” because I like how Tamsin is removed just enough from the Scooby Gang to not allow Bo to baffle her with BS when Bo goes into duck-dodge mode, and my appreciation of her character was further solidified in “Fae Against the Machine.” She had no reason to help Bo at all there but she did, and while I am not in favor of Bo/Tamsin relationship as girlfriends “Fae Against the Machine” and “Those Who Wander” proved to me how great they are together as friends. I like people who challenge Bo to become a better person, and Tamsin is a positive challenge for Bo.

    “Those Who Wander” is a close second for the same reasons about the Bo/Tamsin friendship and how well they work together, and I enjoyed Amanda and Casey. Those two women were hilarious. And I loved Aoife in this episode. We got to see how her struggles up close and personal as she tried to stay sane in the wake of watching Taft harvest other Fae for their powers. It was like she was reliving her imprisonment by the Dark Fae. Every time I watch her that scene where she struggles between sanity and insanity to explain to Dyson what all is happening I am enthralled. That episode is a true testament to Inga Cadranel and her acting abilities. Amazing!

    What I also really enjoyed was the frenetic pace of this episode. The Scooby Gang was everywhere in this episode: Lauren fleeing from Taft and the Light Fae, Hale smuggling Trick out of the Country as his last act as a failed Ash, Kenzi held prisoner by the The Morrigan, Dyson thrown off a cliff in a truck by Tamsin who was killed trying to run over the Wanderer, and Bo taken by the Wanderer. Crazy! But man, was it awesome to watch!

    1. “Fae-ge Against the Machine” is probably my second favorite episode of Season 3 (even though Kenzi isn’t in it!?!). I enjoyed the quest format of the episode, and it was nice that this episode softened up Tamsin a bit. Even though The Wanderer storyline hasn’t always been something I have enjoyed, I do really like the image of the final scene with all of the tarot cards raining down on Tamsin.

  3. I had a hard time choosing too since season 3 is my favorite season.
    If i had to choose i think i’m gonna go with ‘There’s Bo Place Like Home’. Just like Kris said the main reason was because of the emotional resonance. We got to meet some people from Bo’s past and her mom. Bo finally learn to accept her past and forgive herself and her mom so that she could moving on with her life.
    And also the scene between Bo and her mom was so touching or powerful. Kudos to both actors!

  4. I have to say my favorite episode of season 3 has to be “There’s Bo Place Like Home.” I love seeing the small town Bo grew up in. I really adore the scene at the end when Bo is telling her foster mom about how important Kenzie is to her and how she’s her family…..I loved it!!

    1. It was really great to see where Bo grew up. I love that Bo and Kenzi have to put on these dresses that are so unlike their usual wardrobe to “fit in” to Bo’s hometown.

    1. I like “The Ceremony” too. It wasn’t what I was expecting (and I still don’t understand why the writers chose Bo’s Dawning to delve deep into Dyson’s psyche), but I still enjoy it. Even though it is a little weird. 🙂

  5. My faevorite definitely has to be 3×03 Confaegion. I just rewatched it this morning and I can’t tell you how many times I went back to different scenes just cause they were so fun to watch. Bo being a teenager had so many great scenes. I like that Lauren and Kenzi finally hashed things out and were bonding. Kenzi being a badass warrior was really great and something I hope we see more of in the future. Bo and Tamsin finally getting along may have been the very beginning of Tamsin seeing everyone in a new light.
    I have to say that some of the parts I thought were best were the scenes between Kenzi and Vex. Whether he wants to admit it or not, you can see that Vex has totally fallen under the charms of Kenzi in this one. Paul Rodger Amos plays it perfectly in the scene when Kenzi is telling him that losing his powers was the best thing that could’ve happened to him. Just watch the expressions on his face. He’s looking at her like, ‘this is the one person in my life who likes me for who I really am’, and he’s struggling with it because he really wants his status back among the Fae. And at the end when he’s saying ‘the pig shifted to the left’ and she says, ‘that’s not true, is it?’. Vex just…gives in. There’s like this unspoken sentence where he says ‘I could never hurt you Kenzi’.
    So yeah, that’s it. Full of humor, action, bonding…what else could you ask for? Just one great episode.

    1. I agree! It’s funny, there’s great action scenes, but there’s still important character stuff too. It’s a great episode!

    1. Hey, your favorite is your favorite. I have plenty of episodes that I love even though they might not be “the best.” 🙂

  6. I’ll have to go with SubterrFaenean. It must have been the conversation about sports drinks that appeals to me. On a more serious note, I thought There’s Bo Place Like Home was really an important episode and very revealing about Bo’s past and upbringing.

  7. While I love “Fae-de To Black”, I would pick “Confaegion” as my favorite episode of season 3 because of the powerful Kenzi-Lauren stuff.

    It was great to see the two humans saving the fae, again, and building their own personal relationship. Kenzi got to see Lauren’s value as a team member with her amazing science and Lauren got to once again show her love for Bo when she still told Kenzi she loves Bo – “She’s my best friend!” “And I love her!”. It was also great seeing Vex call Kenzi out on her Dyson bias and having Kenzi have to face that past fact.

    I like we got some Lauren backstory in this episode and we got to see her physical side a bit. Everyone got a moment of comedy in this episode, “There’s no pizza coming.”, “Rawr!”, “I did that once, not pleasant.”; you had Kenzi with the shaft comments but it was nice seeing her see that having powers isn’t all that great. We had Evony in this episode who’s always fun to see. Bo and Lauren together which I find great.

    It was just a fun episode with some nice deep moments.

    1. I agree. I’d been longing to see some Lauren/Kenzi bonding, so I was so happy when this episode gave us such great Lauren/Kenzi stuff. I wish we had gotten more of them together in Season 4.

  8. 3×04. With that entrance how could I now choose this one? I love the kitchen-talk scene, you could see how Bo was feeling guilty to be “forced” to cheat on Lauren because of their human-fae relashioship and how Lauren was feeling so defeated with that. Great scene and great performance from Anna and Zoie. But I also love 3×01, 3×03 and 3×10 (it broke my doccubus heart but it was an amazing scene). 🙂

    1. Everything about that scene was so well done. Even the lighting with Lauren lit in orange and Bo in green, emphasizing their differences. Well done, show.

  9. “Fae-de to black” one word epic, I’m with annie on this that opening scene is so hot and sexy but I’m glad it actually made it to television #Doccubus #Doccubus hotness and sexyness, trying an honest relationship, so my vote goes to 3×04. And can’t stop mention “Caged fae” It’s time, I loved this episode it was so #Doccubus and the start of the relatioship per se, but #Doccubus sexyness and hotness, all the trying for the relationship won.

  10. My fav season 3 ep… Caged Fae… mainly because of the whole story line… and I love that Bo says “Eww” to “Magical Sperm”. LOL! And Anna’s facial expression is cute too. But I love that Lauren knows a lot about the fae world and just by knowing the type of Fae that Sophie is, she knows to get rid of her “Skunkape” secretions because she doesn’t want the Baby to Explode… that’s so sweet. And the kiss at the end gives me goose bumps every time I watch it.

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