Day 8: Favorite Season 4 Episode? — 30 Days of Lost Girl

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SPOILER WARNING: Answers may contain spoilers for up through the end of Season 4.

30 Days of Lost Girl 2014 Day 8

Which is your favorite episode of Season 4?

  • Annie: “Dark Horse” — Although the remnants of the Rainer story are annoying, this episode is everything I love about Lost Girl. The big bad, Bo on the quest to save her friends and those she loves, the classic Doccubus finale kiss — and the sequences where Kenzi sacrifices herself and Bo at her grave. Perfect editing, direction, music and of course acting. Made me outright effing bawl!
  • Kris: “Dark Horse” — While I’m not as emotional about it as Annie, I do think this episode resolved a lot of things that needed resolving. Most importantly, Bo felt more like Bo in this episode than she had the rest of the season. Dyson declared fealty to Bo and didn’t make it about mating. Lauren finally talked to Bo about what she’d been doing. Kenzi realized just how important she is.
  • Stephanie: “Groundhog Fae” — Another episode that’s just tons of fun. Drunk Lauren, Dyson, and Vex are a fantastic trio, and amongst all the humor we get some emotional vulnerability from several characters, including Bo and Tamsin.

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28 Replies to “Day 8: Favorite Season 4 Episode? — 30 Days of Lost Girl

  1. My favorite episode of Season 4 has to be “Turn to Stone” for two reasons: I love the frank discussion between Bo and Kenzi inside Lauren’s apartment about their friendship and the impact of Bo’s disappearance on Kenzi. That scene ranks as my NUMBER ONE favorite scene in all of “Lost Girl” to date.

    The second reason is how Bo attempts to re-establish her position with all of her friends and within her territory. If anyone has ever experienced being away from someone or something for an extended period of time it is a natural inclination to exhibit this kind of behavior So, for me, I really resonated with her frustration and need for normalcy.

    This episode always reminds me and has me shaking my head about how many people just flop out at Lauren’s place for whatever reason. Whether she is there or not, her place is like the great hang out. Even The Morrigan and Massimo put their feet up there after she escaped Vex’s clutches. At least Dyson knocks, or waits until she is there. The only person we have not seen there yet is Trick. Everybody else just raids the place. Tamsin practically moved in once, and Bo cannot stop searching drawers whenever she is there. (Laughing right now just thinking about it.) I guess the gang’s motto is “Have nothing better to do, place to be or just flat fracking lost go flop at Lauren’s” I guess.  They need to call her place the “Clubhouse.” So with all this said this may be my third reason why I like “Turn to Stone”: it always reminds me how much everyone else gravitates to Lauren, consciously or subconsciously, and that speaks well of her character.

    1. That is a really great scene between Bo & Kenzi in “Turned to Stone.” It’s definitely in my Top 10.

  2. 4×07-LaFaeEpoque, because it was a different perspective on characters, amazingly done i have to say, kudos to the writers, Doccubus and TeamThreesome sexy time, Lauren as Fae, Bo as Wolf and we get to see Dyson and Tricks backstory, as well Trick kicking ass with the Bo Staff, and bonding time between Dyson and Kenzi! Just love that! And can we give it up for the stellar performance of Zoie Palmer singing and acting in FRENCH! Just because of that ep, it was worth the whole season!

    1. I really enjoy Zoie’s performance in that episode. It was great to see her get to play a character so different from Lauren, and Flora was a fun character to boot!

  3. Definitely the toughest to choose as it was such a mediocre season. But i do have some favourites ‘Waves’ ‘In Memoriam’ ‘End of Line’ ‘Dark Horse’. If i compare overall which episode entertained me the most it did be ‘Waves’ but the episode that truly saved me from giving up on Bo was ‘Dark Horse’ .. Bo back..and that too in style. Loved that Bo saved the girl while Kenzi saved the world (even if at a huge price to herself) but then she was sure that Bo would bring her back and i am sure too. Benzi is the deal.. and it was good to see the old, kickass Bo back after a season of no-Bo. The Doccubus moments were fabulous to watch. And the ending bit of Bo at the cemetery had me in tears. So yep ‘Dark Horse’ for me.

    1. It was really great to see Bo return to form, essentially, in this episode, though I wasn’t as frustrated with Bo as some viewers were. But I remember seeing a promo picture from this episode and thinking, “That’s Bo! She’s back!”

  4. I’m going to go with “Let The Dark Times Roll”.

    Evony gets almost every thing she wants in this episode, namely Dr. Lauren Lewis; she has been after Lauren for years I believe because of her talents. She also gets control over Bo in a sense. There were some nice bits for Evony in this episode.

    We learned a little on the Dark fae and how they operate. We got another Bo and Lauren team up adventure and those are always fun to see, they make a great team in every way. Bruce was cute in this episode as always. And we learned a bit on Vex.

    It was a fun episode.

    1. There’s a lot of reasons to like this episode, but I think I like the background we get on Vex most of all. He finally started to feel like a fully realized character to me with that information we got about his family being killed off because of their power.

  5. I’m gonna go with ‘La Fae Epoque’
    Seductive Lauren, doccubus, sexy time, and boobs. Lol. Plus “You’re gone. There’s nothing to come back for” speech really got me cos Bo speak out loud her fear about losing Lauren.

  6. My favorite episode is the first “In Memoriam”- 401. Shows us a different perspective and an innovative tension. Also our heart squeezed all the time…

    Ohhh… And of course, The TANGO! Ksenia and his overflowing talent.

    1. I loved “In Memoriam” for how it really showcased Ksenia’s talent. She’s so good at everything, it seems like.

  7. This was a tough one. I really loved Turn to Stone for the Bo and Kenzi scenes, especially the ones in Laurens apartment. I loved Groundhog Fae for all the humor and the Valkubus bonding. But I’d have to say that my overall faevorite was In Memoriam. Ksenia Solo finally got to play the lead and she hit a home run. For anyone who’s been shipping her and Dyson, their scenes together were just….Wow. It was also great watching the extra on the S4 Dvd when the other actors were talking about how when Anna wasn’t there that Ksenia just stepped up and did a fantastic job.
    1. In Memoriam
    2. Turn to Stone
    3. Groundhog Fae

    1. I really enjoyed all of those episodes too. It was so great getting to see Ksenia take the lead in “In Memoriam.” I almost didn’t miss Anna Silk because she did such a great job.

  8. I’m gonna go with Groundhog Fae it was nice to have a more lighthearted episode. I felt like I was overwhelmed with all the not knowing and memory loss and it was great to have an episode with such hilarious scenes. I’ll never forget Choga lol Drunk Surgery, Drunk Trick, Hale’s horrendous attempts with Kenzi, that OPENING scene (Go Anna Silk!), Lauren’s melting ice cream, Vex “You can’t own possesions!” and of course Tamsin finally coming back more or less an adult and looking fine as hell in that flashback and also, THAT JACKET.

  9. I’m having a hard time making a choice, I loved “Let The Dark Times Roll” totally #Doccubus episode and of course that wonderful scene Lauren walking bare foot on the grass in that sexy and unforgetable black dress looking like an angel, then there is “La Fae Epoque” a marvellous episode, Zoie was beyond extraordinary there in the whole episode and singing in french was a real treat, more #Doccubus times and I agree with ‘elisiachang’, now I’ll just mention that I loved the Docubus kiss at the end of the season in dark horse. But I still can choose between the first two I mentioned, this is impossible I have a tie between 4×05 and 4×07

    1. For my money, I think those two episodes are two of the best written ones of the season. There’s a lot of great stuff in both of them.

    1. “Dark Horse” is a pretty good finale. It really plays some sci fi/fantasy tropes to its advantage. It’s sad, but it’s poignant and triumphant at the same time.

  10. My favorite episode of Season 4 was “Groundhog Fae” for several reasons. First, two words: Car Wash. Second, the SAK trio holed up in Bo’s bedroom for some Vex supervised Wolfpants bonding. Important because it resolves any residual animosity between the two or rather as Vex points out that it hasn’t been there for a while. It also outlines how while both have legitimate feelings for Bo, they relate to her differently. Third, many shows have dealt with the day repeating itself concept, but the idea that some Fae somewhere experience this every year because Krampus is manipulating them was a nice twist. Also, the idea that Krampus is really trying to give his “victims” a chance to reflect on their regrets was a nice way to deal with the MOTW without having to kill it. Fourth, a return visit of drunk Lauren which was the best part of that episode in Season 3. Fifth, the goofy grin on KHR’s face when he calls being the surgical nurse for Vex’s surgery. Dyson is at his best when there’s more of KHR’s personality present. Sixth, drunk Trick in the bathtub. We rarely see Trick vulnerable. Finally- fun Vex. “You can’t own possessions!” I love fun, funny Vex. Considering the next couple times we see Vex he is much less fun, it’s nice here. I’m very fond of “La Fae Époque” for loads of reasons, but it has some drawbacks that made “Groundhog Fae” my favorite.

    1. I think the Vex-Dyson-Lauren scenes are my favorite part of the episode. While I wish we had gotten a little more lead in to Dyson and Lauren bonding here, it was really nice to their relationship evolve and a real friendship blossom.

  11. Hmm… I think it would be… “La Fae Époque”… because I love Zoie’s singing in it. It is currently one of my ringtones on my iPhone. 🙂 And while I could do without the mirror shot, I loved the scene in Flora/Lauren’s dressing room… all of the scenes there.
    And while I love the opening scene to Groundhog Fae, it still can’t beat hearing Flora/Lauren singing… IN FRENCH! which is what I wake up to every Tuesday and Thursday since it is my cell phone’s alarm tone. 🙂

    The other one I loved was “Let The Dark Times Roll” again for the Doccubus scenes but also because for once, (to me anyway) Evony looked gorgeous in a sophisticated way. I loved her hair style in this one.

    1. It’s very impressive that Zoie managed to learn and record a song in French for the show. She has said that she doesn’t speak it very well, so it probably didn’t come to her that easily. And I bet she didn’t have a lot of time to prepare, since the episode happened in the middle of the season!

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