Day 9: Favorite Main Character? — 30 Days of Lost Girl

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SPOILER WARNING: Answers may contain spoilers for up through the end of Season 4.

30 Days of Lost Girl 2014 Day 9

Which main character is your favorite?

  • Annie: Lauren — I’m very interested in finding out more about Lauren’s multiple backstories and how she’ll stand up against the Fae in Season 5.
  • Stephanie: Bo — I love her, even when she messes up. And I love Anna Silk as Bo. I’m very invested in Bo’s journey.
  • Kris: Bo — Rejector of binaries, lover of nerds and outcasts. While she’s not perfect, I think Bo is unusually kind and compassionate, which is something that we don’t often get to see in our action heroes.

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40 Replies to “Day 9: Favorite Main Character? — 30 Days of Lost Girl

  1. Bo! And i too cant see other actress play her except Anna Silk! Bo is physically strong, but emotional vulnerable. Stubborn, loyal, but she can be selfish and altruistic at the same time! She can give us sexy as hell, and in the next moment she can cuteness overload us as Kenzi best friend. But i cant imagine a show without this dynamic duo! TeamBenzi!!!

    1. Yes! I like that Bo can be all those things. She’s sexy but a dork, and she’s realistically flawed but has a good heart.

  2. Definitely Bo! She is badass, stubborn, compassionate, loving, caring, loyal, beautiful and sexy. It’s impossible to not love such amazing woman.

  3. I do have to note this one last thing real quick Lauren was the reason I started watching and fell in love with #LostGirl I think it depends on the season which character is my favorite because it really does change from time to time. Bo was really my favorite until season 4 when she wasn’t really Bo anymore so I would say Kenzi took that season for sure. Lauren was amazing is in season 3 powerful story arc so she would take it for me in season 3. 1 and 2 go to Bo all the way but if you have to look at all the season and character Bo would pull it out she is such a extremely caring, kick ass character who put her Faemily (friends) before anything else and she would do anything for them. Anna has this charisma and charm that is true to a succubus it keeps you hooked and routing for her. All the cast has their own talents that make the show great I really love the entire cast but for me this is a female lead show which never happens on tv and Lost Girl should be so proud that they were able to push through and make this beyond amazing show.

  4. Now this is where I get to expend a “life line” from Questions Two and Three and say my favorite main character is Isabeau “Bo” (Beth) Dennis.

    Bo is my girl, to have and to hold, for better, for worse, for richer, for poorer, in sickness or in health, crazy or not crazy, under a spell or not under a spell, to love and to cherish ’til death do us part. And hereto I pledge to her my troth.

    A close second is Dr. Lauren Lewis. As I said in my blog, as the seasons progress I am falling more and more in love with Lauren, and my opinion of her is completely independent of her relationship with Bo, starting with S1/E6 “Food for Thought.” That episode highlighted for me that even though she is aware of her limits when out on a case or an adventure, she still charges ahead. She is so incredibly brave, courageous, and so incredibly intelligent, and as the seasons progress to take on the Fae without any sort of powers or protection is astonishing to me. She is incredible. I am one of those viewers who can see Lauren with other people and have her still be a loyal and loving friend to Bo because I really enjoy her character on the show, whether she is romantically tied to Bo or not. If anything ever happened to Lauren I would be just wrenched. Absolutely wrenched!

    My third favorite is Trick. I love complex, conflicted characters on TV shows. They always keeps the viewers guessing, and I love all of his Machiavellian machinations. So, for me:

    1. Bo
    2. Lauren
    3. Trick

    1. I might have put my hand on my heart and said the pledge to Bo outloud as I read it. I will not confirm or deny.

  5. Kenzi – the only character we have seen grow up on the series progressing from a lost street kid to a sophisticated and beautiful woman. In her own way she is the most powerful person on the show. She may not have any flashy powers but she has the ability to make people love her – all the major characters do – even Evony has a soft spot for her. She is tough and wise and has been through Hell but the only time she lost her sense of humor was when Hale died. She and Bo complement each other – neither is fully alive without the other. The writers had very little choice; Kenzi either had to die or become Fae. She could tolerate the snobbery and contempt of the Fae aristocracy whilst a teenager but not as a mature woman. I hope she comes back as a kick ass superhero who does not need anyone to save her. Nobody seems to have considered that Baba Yaga who makes sure that the souls of the dead are not reborn may have grabbed her

    1. Interesting idea, Jon! But let’s hope not? Because if that’s the case, it sounds like Kenzi might not be able to come back. And we want Kenzi back! 🙂

  6. Tamsin and Kenzi and Bo.

    Bo…selfless, loving and fierce…although some of that is sort of messed up by her actions last season. I think that is still who she is at her core and I think we’ll see our Bo back and better than ever.

    Kenzi…she’s just so special. She has no reason to be who she is. Her past certainly did not lend itself to it and yet, she’s compassionate and brave. She’s just as much, if not more a hero than Bo because she doesn’t have any kind of super powers the fae have. But I feel her Kenzi-ness is her super power….all those things Bo said to Tamsin in The Kenzi Scale. She is a singular character on television and she is Bo’s tie to her humanity, her heart. And without her, Bo’s like the Doctor without a companion…she gets caught up in all that fae business and forgets what’s important sometimes.

    In short, Kenzi is one of the greatest characters on television and I will happily debate anyone who disagrees until they are a puddle on the floor. 😉

    Tamsin…I just don’t have the words. She’s snarky, a badass. She was set up to hate Bo and I think perceive her as how other succubi are seen, like Saskia (Aife) in season 1. And yet, she’s confronted with the reality of a selfless, noble succubus. Her personal code wouldn’t let her give Bo over to Evony for what happened to the dark fae coma guy because she saw that Bo is a true hero who didn’t deserve what awaited her so she stood up to the Morrigan and protected her. Throughout Season 3, we saw her defenses drop more and more the closer she got. I think she wanted to be a part of the gang, but didn’t feel she deserved it and especially after she learned Bo was her mark, she started to self destruct. She made a lot of bad decisions … but that only adds to her appeal for me because she’s well intentioned, but flawed. And then she sacrificed herself for Bo’s sake. Season 4 is a bit more confusing but at the same time, she wasn’t really there until the 8th episode, so I spent most of the season missing her.

    I forgive her for comfort-banging Dyson but I sure hope that doesn’t last for too long in Season 5 because I like them as friends. And I really do like that she cares for people she’s not supposed to, but she can’t help herself.

  7. I wanna say Bo but S4 Bo I wasn’t a fan of. I’m gonna go with the Kenziest Kenzi ever!! I could explain but people have pretty much explained why she is the amazing character she is much better than I ever could and to me personally, yes, she is and will continue to be the heart of the show.

  8. Lauren.

    While I don’t believe in the whole Karen Beattie thing, I find it illogical timeline wise given Lauren’s age, I love that she has this humble backstory; the quest to save Nadia just speaks to the good heart Lauren has, she entered into slavery to save someone she loved.

    I love how unique she is within the group itself, while everyone has their own special skill set they tend to focus more on physical combat in most scenes where as Lauren uses her brain. She’s also one of the only two really out nerds in the group and as a fellow nerd I love that (Bo is the second nerd in the group). She’s kind, compassionate, supportive, smart, funny and loyal; I know those traits can apply to a lot of the characters but they’re just part of why I love Lauren Lewis.

    I like that she’s always stood up to Bo when she feels she’s right and doesn’t let her sway her unless it’s with some facts. She’s always been truthful with Bo and I like that. She always takes responsibility for her actions which is a big thing.

    She’s a human in the fae world so it’s interesting seeing her navigate the political waters of each side and I like how she treats the fae like everyone else, she knows what they can do but she doesn’t treat them differently – she either likes them or doesn’t based on who they are not what side they’re on or their species or their abilities…she goes by personality first.

    She’s just an interesting and complex character to me and I love her.

    I also love Bo too for reasons mentioned by the hosts.

    And I agree the casting is well done on the series.

  9. I personally would hate it if Kenzi came back as fae.

    I don’t see what’s so wrong with her staying human and showcasing her strength as one. The fae need humans more than humans need them; without Kenzi being human Lachlan would have died earlier in season two – her being human allowed her pass the barrier, Kenzi’s thief skills she learned as a human saved the Dal for Trick, her knowledge of underground parties saved the Light fae land in season two. Kenzi didn’t need special powers to beat the Norn, she didn’t need special powers to stop the army of dead, she did everything as a human and I personally love that; I don’t get the need to change that. We already don’t have enough humans as it is on the show really so I wouldn’t want to lose either of them.

    Kenzi has fawned over the fae for four years practically, it’d be nice to see her finally accept her own powers as a human. She doesn’t need any special shadow training, she was a thief who saved the day several times without it, and she doesn’t need fancy powers to save the day as I mentioned. I want Kenzi to see her worth as she is, that she is good enough already and if a fae doesn’t like it then forget them. She shouldn’t be looking to fit into their world, some of them should be looking to be more like Kenzi and Lauren and other humans.

    If she can fit into the world as a human great, but if she can’t then oh well it makes her even more special in that world. I really hope Kenzi doesn’t come back as a fae, one because it goes against major science cannon on the show “Human DNA + fae DNA = human” said by Will of the whisp in season one and two I personally feel like it would be a giant step backwards for her.

    In regards to the Baba Yaga thing, nice theory JDKnight; it would be a nice call back to the season two episode “Mirror, Mirror”.

    1. Except for Massimo. I thought about that today. Massimo is half Fae, and while Bo says she can taste he is human in S4/E4, he actually shows back up later on and steals the origin seed. Which proves he was half fae. The show actually contradicts its canon there or is, saying that depending on the DNA crap shoot, one can inherit one side or the other. He got Evony’s side there when he shows back up

        1. Have to disagree. He is half human. Remember he is also Evony’s son and the show does not say he had the twig with him when he dove into that pit of lava and burned for seven days. Nope. That was an error that the show corrected by expanding its canon. Plus, I believe the Evony has powers not limited to melting people, implied by the fact that Massimo survived the lava pit for seven days.

          1. I thought he did tell Kenzi that he survived because of the twig? He even showed it to her I thought; I can’t remember the episode, but I think it was either where she and Bo face him or when he kills Hale. But yeah I thought they stated he used the twig.

            Evony sucks the talent out of people, the byproduct is a melting affect but she doesn’t control fire or anything so I think Massimo would definitely need the twig. I will admit his fae side could have helped him hold on to the origin seed as long as he did because it feed on of that side of his DNA because I still argue that’s kind of what happened with Nadia and the Gurada; the Gurada feed on fae and could posses them, Nadia was the only human he possessed and it’s arguably he was already inside of her when the Ash cursed her because he jumped in at the village in the Congo. If Massimo was fully human then I think the seed would have killed him instantly.

            I know there’s the Taft argument and that he was full human and he got powers, but to be fair we didn’t see him with those past a few minutes; it could argue that the powers would have killed him eventually because it’s such a strain on his body or it just feed off him period because fae do feed on humans so it’d eventually kill him that way. I just believe full human DNA especially + fae DNA = human because they’re body can’t handle the powers long term so they’d never be fae like they consider fae no matter the fact they have a power for a hour or a week – eventually it’d kill them or wear off (see Kenzi’s cream). Now if you try to put full fae DNA into a half fae human things might be a little different; I think the powers might be a little easier to handle on the body because it has a familiar DNA type to hold on to, but they are still half human as well so while they’d last longer than someone without natural fae DNA it could end up killing them all the same because of the stress.

            Kenzi is a full human so I think any fae powers would eventually kill her, just look at the kitsune juice from the Norn in season 2 it was just some on her arm and it nearly killed her, or wear off as the cream did because she has no way to feed the power except to have it feed off her which would again kill her. I just believe Will’s speech because it makes sense if a human had fae powers those powers would feed on the human side and eventually kill them; now again it could be a little different with half fae being given fae DNA because again a fae DNA is already in them but it could still kill them as well.

            Reguardless, no fae Kenzi because she’s human and no just powers Kenzi again either because they wear off and could kill her; plus as I said I just feel it’d be a giant step back for Kenzi character wise to become one of them. They’re not going to treat her like one of them just because she has powers because they know she was human first so you have the same “feeling different” arc as now she’d just have powers and again I think Kenzi is more powerful in that world as a human than as a fae, she has saved the fae as a whole and as individual characters several times without powers. Let her realize her worth as a human.

            No fae in any way Kenzi please.

              1. Kenzi could come back as human I believe. Whoever took her has her body and sole and especially if it’s Bo’s dad we know he can raise the dead so it’s easy to break her back story wise I think and have her stay human.

                You’re just bringing her back you’re not physically changing her really like you would if she had extra fae DNA or something. It’ll affect her mentally maybe as to be expected but she could still be human just as easily as she could be fae.

                I’m just a fan of Kenzi realizing her worth as a human. No need for her to be fae in any way in my mind. But maybe that’s just me.

                I respect your right to disagree JD and look forward to any further civilized debates.

  10. Lauren Lewis, undoubtedly

    She is so selfless, uses her big brain to help everytime, she has a big loving heart, she is fair and loyal, and I agree with Aaron and his reasons to love Lauren too. I have loved Lauren since the beggining and well Zoie, Lauren and Doccubus the main reasons why I started to watch the show, mainly the fisrt two, I’ve loved her in all the seasons but especially in the 4th she was so badass, finally taking a stand and not willing to take anymore bs from the fae, I fell more for her, she is a very strong, smart, deep, lovable character, and Zoie has made an excellent job playing her so masterfully, that adds something extra especial to an already rich character. So Lauren first and Doccubus of course following and just like Robert Barr said because when they together they are one.

  11. For me it has to be Kenzi. To me Kenzi is the real ‘hero’ of Lost Girl. She doesn’t have any of Laurens medical knowledge or any Fae powers but she has manged to become loved and respected and treated as an equal by many of the Fae.
    Kenzi is the one true warrior among the group. She doesn’t have to fight, she could just run away like most reasonable people would but she is always right there by Bo’s side. And it’s not just Bo either. She’s fought to protect Lauren, she’s gone up against the Norn for Dyson and she’s protected Tamsin while she was growing up again. She has a bravery and a loyalty that is unmatched by anyone else on the show and she has a way of changing people. People like Vex and Bruce and even to some extent Tamsin were all Dark Fae foes. But it was Kenzi that turned them into allies. And she doesn’t do it because she has to, she does it because she wants to, because that’s just the way she is. She wants to protect her friends and has a sincere desire to help in any way she can. Kenzi = Heart.
    I see Kenzi as being the real ‘Lost Girl’. Bo has found her place among the Fae while Kenzi is still searching for hers. When she sacrificed herself to save everyone else at the end of last season, it wasn’t only Bo who lost her heart, a lot of the rest of us did too. And until she comes back, Lost Girl is just…Lost.

    1. I totally agree ;o) The main reason she could not return as a human is because she would have been dead too long and it would be nice for her to be by Bo & co’s side in a 1000 years time

      1. The fae kept Nadia in a coma for 7 years so depending on who has her they could do suspended life preservation as well; it was just Kenzi’s body we saw at the end not her soul, we don’t know what really happened to her so the length of time could be worked with – see Buffy’s return, she was dead but came back looking exactly like she left.

        As for her or any of them being around in a 1000 years, none of them are guaranteed that. Fae can die just like humans; Siegfried died from blood loss, the frog boy’s parents drown, Hale got stabbed, the aswang died of food poisoning, Vex’s friend scorpion man was shot, Evony’s assistant was stabbed, Ciara was stabbed, Isabeau was killed in battle somehow and that’s not even factoring in the ways the various power can kill them see Evony melting people for example.

        Fae might have the potential to live to be 1000s of years old, but they aren’t guaranteed it. They aren’t immortal. Bo could actually die long before Kenzi.

        I can get wanting Kenzi around longer but that’s no guarantee they’ll be together longer; say Kenzi did somehow magically become fae (human DNA + fae DNA = human) then Bo gets killed in a fight…now she’s still got no Bo and Bo has to wait on her in Heaven. Plus who’s to say Bo will stay fae? There’s just as easily a door open now for Bo to become human if she wants, will her powers return or not is debatable currently, so Bo could be human with Kenzi is another way to look at that.

        I just don’t understand the need to change Kenzi.

        1. Kenzi is dead . Vampires and ghosts used to be human. A human killed Hale. Kenzi wants to be Fae Kenzi deserves respect and dead people do not come back to life after days, months or years and stay human. No magic involved. Anyhow there is no evidence to show that Kenzi was all human.

          1. Again Buffy came back as she was, emotionally she was different of course, and they used magic. On supernatural shows you have ways to do things like that. We don’t know really how the gate closing worked so who knows what really happened; just because there’s a tombstone with her name on it doesn’t mean Kenzi is buried there. Tamsin took her body and someone took it from Tamsin the way it was shown.

            Kenzi wants to be fae because she thinks that will make them like her which is sad she thinks she has to change to fit in when she should be asking why can’t they accept me as is when I’ve saved their butts countless times. Most of the group either does accept her or is working on it, but even though they do doesn’t mean the rest of the fae will; they know Kenzi was human first so powers or not they still rent guaranteed to respect or like her, if anything they might dislike her more for being a poser as it were you might say. Fae don’t even like other fae who were born that, what makes Kenzi think they’ll accept a created fae into the ranks?

            I will grant you your point on Kenzi being possibly half fae but I personally feel she’s all human because nothing says she isn’t as well and if she was part fae wouldn’t Dyson be able to pick up a hint of it? Again it could really go either way.

            I’m just a fan of Kenzi being all human and staying human. The only way I’d want to see her have fae like powers again is if they show the side effects of it because Kenzi to me is human and it would put a lot of stress on her body and so she’d have that affect and she’d see that not everyone treats her differently like she hoped, in fact some might treat her worse, so she realizes this isn’t all she wanted and learns the value of her humanity. Again her humanity is part of what makes her so special in my mind.

            But that’s just me. Feel free to comment back, I love civilized debates.

    2. I wouldn’t say Kenzi is respected or treated as an equal by many fae, some yes but not many; Dyson still doesn’t treat her as an equal really, Trick certainly doesn’t see her that way sadly given his “she isn’t one of us.” outburst in recent seasons, and other fae might respect her but don’t see her as an equal yet. Bo, seasons 1-3 Hale, Bruce, season four Tamsin, and arguably Vex are the only ones who treat Kenzi with respect and as an equal amongst the fae. Dyson is working on it as I said but I just don’t feel he’s fully there yet on the equal front. So that’s some yes, but not a majority of the fae.

      “She doesn’t have to fight” – I feel this could be said about almost any character on the show. They don’t have to fight with one another or help one another but they do. I agree Kenzi has helped the people you listed but they’ve helped her as well when they didn’t really have to; Bo helps Kenzi because she’s her friend and feels it’s the right thing to do, Lauren has saved Kenzi’s life twice because she believes it’s the right thing to do, Dyson has helped Kenzi keep secrets (you can argue the rightness of that) but Kenzi wanted him to so in a way she saw it as helping her, and Tamsin did essentially rescue Kenzi in “The Kenzi Scale” (Bo freed her but Tamsin did a lot of the work getting to that point – like how Bo freed Ciara in season two but Ciara thanked Dyson first).

      But yes Kenzi is very brave I agree.

      “People like Vex and Bruce and even to some extent Tamsin were all Dark fae foes. But it was Kenzi that turned them into allies.” – I wouldn’t go completely that far; Bruce especially was never really a foe to them, he’s always been sweet Bruce having to fight them because Evony says so, it’s not like he has something against them personally. Vex still bounces back and forth, he can be an ally or a foe depending on the situation and I personally like that (not a fan of good Vex completely). Tamsin changed for some odd reason (I feel the “I need better friends so I’ll start with you even though I love my dark side” excuse in “The Kenzi Scale” to be a bit weak.) more because of what Bo showed her; season four she was affected by Kenzi yes but Bo actually started her in season 3.

      Bo has always had a place amongst the fae she just doesn’t accept it, which I love. I agree Kenzi has heart though. I really hope Kenzi finds her worth as a human because she does have it and it would be great to see her realize it; she is more powerful as a human than the fae are with all their powers at times. Her humanity is what helps make her special in that world.

      1. Kenzi died in a way that would have vaporized most humans. Kenzi has only very recently become an adult. Dyson looks upon her as a daughter. There is no doubt that her friends love her. Equally, there is no doubt that the majority of Fae hold humans in contempt. Kenzi can no longer rely upon her youth and cheekiness to survive. She does not fit into the human world – she never has. Dead humans do not return from the dead as human and so if Kenzi returns to Earth it will not be as a human. It will be interesting if Kenzi is the Queen and Bo the warrior. Kenzi certainly has enough emotional power over both dark and light fae

        1. We haven’t seen Kenzi in the human world a lot since the show deals with the fae mostly, they’ve sadly pulled away from the human cases it seems, so I don’t think it’s fair to say Kenzi doesn’t belong in the human world and never did because we haven’t seen her in it much. I doubt the Light and Dark would follow her.

          I respectfully disagree with you JD, but your suggestion that Bo might not be the Queen is an interesting one. I’m not going to vote for Kenzi of course but having it be someone other than Bo, even though she’s geared to it, would be a surprise to her for sure.

  12. I know my voice mail was too stupid to put on the air, which is why I don’t do voicemail answers. So I have to say, my favorite Main character is Lauren. If Doccubus was a character, it would be Doccubus but since it isn’t, Lauren is definitely my fav main because of her sciency stuff and she is totally a geek like the rest of us… I mean, she’s into Star Trek and especially mentioning ST:Voyager. I wonder who her fav character on ST:Voyager is? B’Elanna or Janeway? Or another engineer/doctory character. 🙂

    1. It wasn’t stupid at all! I just received it too late to include it in the episode. I tried to email you about it (but it bounced back for some reason) to let you know that it will appear in one of the compilation episodes that I am making of the 30 Days episodes. Those compilations are the episodes that will stay in our podcast episode archive long-term. (The short daily episodes will only be available in the feed until early September.)

      Thank you for sending in a voice message! If I receive them at least the day before the episode with the question you are answering is released, then I would love to include any future voice messages you would like to send.

      1. ok, Well, I did feel it was stupid. I stammered too much and sounded lame. I write my thoughts better than vocally expressing them… at least when it is recorded. I seem to have an ability to great accents and skits when I’m alone or with my family but when I try to record them, my mind goes blank. But I would love to know just how geeky Lauren is… has anyone ever asked Zoie that question at a convention before? 🙂

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