Day 10: Favorite Recurring Character? — 30 Days of Lost Girl

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SPOILER WARNING: Answers may contain spoilers for up through the end of Season 4.

30 Days of Lost Girl 2014 Day 10

Who is your favorite recurring character?

  • Annie: The Morrigan — Never has a villain been so delicious, as Stephanie says! Emmanuelle Vaugier must have so much fun with that character! I’m so glad the role was expanded through the years.
  • Stephanie: The Morrigan — I love how deliciously over-the-top Emmanuelle Vaugier plays that character, and I love how menacing and unpredictable she is.
  • Kris: The Beast — Bo’s car totally counts, right?

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33 Replies to “Day 10: Favorite Recurring Character? — 30 Days of Lost Girl

  1. My favorite recurring character was Ryan Lambert, a Loki, from Season 2.

    I most certainly enjoyed his arc on the show and I LOVED him and Bo together, and was not AT ALL happy when he and Bo broke up. I loved his confidence, his intelligence, his swagger, his accomplishments, his embrace of life and fun, and the fact he was a man of the world. It was truly enjoyable to watch all of that energy and vibrancy that he brought forward. Never boring or full of drudgery all the time.

    Of all the relationships Bo has had to date Ryan is still the only one that ‘understood” Bo right off the bat. He was not interested in her baggage and was not interested in saddling her with his. He simply wanted to have a great time and have fun with life. It is the ONLY time that I viewed Bo as truly “girly” happy. No baggage, no misery, no emotional turmoil all the time, no expectations, just having fun. While I appreciate the characters of Dyson and Lauren for reasons independent of their connection or relationship status with Bo, there is always this emotional drudgery that makes me exhausted just watching it all. When Ryan entered Bo’s life I heaved a sigh of relief and was like “THANK YOU!” A relationship without the emotional baggage the size of the Goodyear blimp!

    Of all the relationships and hook-ups Bo has had on the show Ryan Lambert comes pretty darn close to Bo as a kindred spirit. Neither of them wants to be owned by anything or anyone, both love and enjoy life, and both want the freedom to do so. They were a joy to watch together.

    1. I admit I’m not a big fan of Ryan’s but I do love he stayed true to the Dark and who he was.

      He didn’t fight the Dark fae sisters who held Bo because he’s Dark too. He didn’t join the Happy Sunshine Gang or really care what they thought of him. He didn’t try to switch fae sides. He didn’t join Bo and her team because of some debatable reason. And he tried to turn Nate over to Evony.

      That is one thing I will always like about Ryan him staying true to the Dark. I appreciate that from him. Also enjoyed Anthony’s performance, he really played up the carefree side of Ryan.

    1. P.S. After reading Denise’s comments I’d have to say Ryan was a great one too. He was always fun to watch and I hope he comes back again sometime.
      1. Vex
      2. Evony
      3. Ryan Lambert

  2. So tough coz i really love Evony and Vex

    – Evony with all her power and intelligence so awesome. Also love the way she really never hides her hate for Bo. I do think she is a powerful ally as well. So yep Evony and Emmanuelle Vaugier is hotness personified

    -Vex coz the guys got the most interesting FAE power and is pretty dangerous. We have seen his nasty side in Season 1 and at the start of Season 4 and we have seen his friendly side in Season 2. Love PRA’s accent too.

    1. Vex’s power is truly terrifying, which is what makes him such a great villain. I’ve really enjoyed getting to understand Vex better in the past couple of seasons.

  3. Just cant decide between The Morrigan and Vex! Normally when the two are in a episode, its just great! But i’ve come to consider them part of the main characters. Just dont see the show without them! Now for other guests my choice is Ryan, the Loki! I just adored Anthony! He was the male version of Kenzi! Funny, sexy and just wanted Bo and him to have a good time, no strings attached!

    1. It seems like from Paul’s Twitter updates that there might be quite a bit of Vex in Season 5. Could be interesting!

    1. Charming and fun but also kind of fun to hate at times when she’s being her over-the-top evil self. The Morrigan is LOTS of fun.

  4. I have to go with two people because I love them so much; Evony and Aife.

    •As one of the hosts said, sorry girls I forgot which of you said it I was too focused on agreeing with you, any time she shows up you know there will be at least be one good scene in the episode.
    •She’s smart.
    •She’s funny.
    •I love she always knows more than she should about some situations.
    •I love her standing up to everyone and telling them how she sees things.
    •I love she tells Bo no at times because a lot of characters don’t do that.
    •I love she’s always stayed true to the Dark side and her love of it. You won’t catch Evony playing for the Happy Sunshine Gang unless it’s an undercover mission to mess them over.

    She’s just a really great fun character and Emmanulle does her well.

    Annie, do you remember where you saw we would get more backstory on her? That’s great news I think.

    •She’s got a great tragic backstory I’d love to know more on personally.
    •She’s got some great one-liners.
    •She’s incredibly smart.
    •She’s passionate especially about protecting her daughter and her love for her mother.
    •I like she’s another character who doesn’t buy into Trick’s statements because she’s experienced his ego/betrayal first hand.
    •She’s tough; to endure what that woman has mentally and physically is just inspiring that she’s as sane as she is.
    •I love the complexity to her. I think she makes a great anti-hero; perhaps she was a full on hero to some during the Great Fae War.

    I love how Inga Cadranel plays the balance to her; it would be so easy to over do it at times with this character but Inga balances the unstableness with the calm so well I think. Just a great job.

    1. I remember someone tweeting that Emmanuelle Vaugier said we would get more backstory on The Morrigan in Season 5 at one of her con appearances, but she might have mentioned it in an interview as well. I’ll see if I can try to find it.

  5. Aife. Shes mysterious & her story is one that I want to find out more about. Theres just so much we dont know about her. She is the best villain LG has ever had. However I dont think calling Aife a villain is a fair assessment, she has been the victim of a tyrannical father & her relationship with Bos father can not be a happy one either. I want to her Bos origin story from her not the half truths Trick & Dyson choose to tell since I feel coming from Aife the story may resonate better with the audience since Aife lived it and came out the other side. Too bad that we will probably never see her again

    1. I think that’s what makes Aife a great “villain” — we totally sympathize with her and have trouble dismissing her as “just a villain.”

  6. My fav recurring character is Cassie. I loved the contrast between the 1st season Cassie and the 4th season Cassie. Don’t know if that really counts as a re-curring since she was only in 2 eps but if it does, then she’s my fav. But if her two eps don’t count as recurring then my fav would have to be Bruce… he was so cute at the end of season 3 when he and Kenzi were walking to the car… And I love that a guy that big that you wouldn’t think was intelligent because of his looks and muscles actually has a PhD in medieval favors. I just love that he spouts poetry too. LOL!

  7. We are so busy trying to find out who is Bos father that the terrible things done to her mother Aife are not explored futher. Aife is a person made by the fae themselves villain or victim

  8. There was a bit of a debate as to whether The Beast (yellow) is a Chevelle or Camaro. In S4x11, cousin Dmitri asks about the yellow Camaro. 🙂

    1. Yes, it is in fact a 1969 Camaro. Someone let us know a few days ago. I got confused because of the SS on the front. Apparently, that stands for Super Sport, so it was on a lot of sports cars in that era. Thanks for reminding us of Dmitri’s line. I missed that!

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