Day 11: Favorite Guest Character? — 30 Days of Lost Girl

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SPOILER WARNING: Answers may contain spoilers for up through the end of Season 4.

30 Days of Lost Girl 2014 Day 11

Who is your favorite guest character?

  • Stephanie: Mayer — I love Mayer as a Dark Fae character who is high up in the hierarchy but doesn’t seem like a bad guy. In fact, he seems rather compassionate. I would love to see him again.
  • Kris: Crystal — I just like her, okay?! I like that they included another human who had gotten involved in the Fae world.
  • Annie: Woods (or is it Bo?) in “Original Skin” — I find his over the top Southern drawl so amusing — a Dark Fae hick! Plus I didn’t even realize that was actor Michael Cram until a few viewings — I love him on Flashpoint.

Who counts as a guest character?

Just because we’ve had several people ask “who counts as a guest character?” here are the characters we considered when answering this question: every character besides Bo, Kenzi, Dyson, Lauren, Trick, Tamsin, Hale, Vex, The Morrigan, Aife, and Bruce.

It’s up to you to interpret the question how you wish! But if you’re wondering, “Who counts?” feel free to use our parameters to narrow it down (a bit) if you’d like.

Tell us your favorite in the comments below!

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27 Replies to “Day 11: Favorite Guest Character? — 30 Days of Lost Girl

  1. So many wonderful choices! I think I’ll go with Ryan (Anthony Lemke). I liked the way Bo acted with him, I liked that she was tempted by someone other than Lauren and Dyson, and I liked that he was as free spirited as she is about sex. The fact that it bothered her that he was dark says a lot about her, even though she was so attracted to him. The wedding episode was funny! Also, he was delightfully nerdy with his various inventions while still managing to be handsome and not-nerdy.

    1. I do like the way that Ryan really challenged Bo, and I thought it was a fun character even though he was a jerk much of the time.

  2. Just read yesterday’s question and see that Ryan is considered a recurring character. So I’ll pick someone who was only on once: I’ll go with Seth Cooperman as the Bartender. The reasons I loved seeing him on the show was 1. He’s Anna Silk’s husband. 2. She completely acted as if she’d never seen him before in her life during the show. 3. She whacked him in the jaw. 4. When they were filming that episode is when she found out she was pregnant.

    It’s more about what he means to Anna Silk than about the role he played, but it just makes me happy to see him in that episode.

    1. Who counts as a recurring character was the question of the day yesterday. (If we do this again and include that question, I’ll be more specific about options for the recurring characters.) I, personally, would consider Ryan to be a guest character since he was only involved in one season/storyline, but it doesn’t really matter how people interpreted “recurring character.”

      I really liked seeing Seth Cooperman in an episode as well. I thought it was especially amusing that he played a character that Bo punched TWICE.

  3. Aife if we can count her as guest star and followed by Ryan. I think no one can portray the wild side of Succubus as amazingly as Inga Cadranel. I loved her in Season 1 & 3. She was brilliant in Season 4 opener as well. Its sad that such talented people are not given more screen space or storyline by the show. Also gotta mention that i loved Ryan.

  4. There are so many great guest characters. I even have to google it to help me remember all of them.
    Acacia (Linda Hamilton!), Engelram (George Takei!), Clio (Mia Kirshner!), Crystal (Liebssss!), Massimo (does he counts as guest char?), Jerry the bartender (played by the luckiest man on earth, Seth) and many more.
    But i think my favorite is Pietra because she was one true doccubus fans! Lol.

  5. Too many to choose from. Of those who appeared in between 2 and 4 episodes, it has to be Cassie (Vanessa Matsui), followed closely by Acacia (Linda Hamilton).

    Of those who appeared in only one episode, Tammy Gillis as Marissa in Table for Fae, though she had almost no spoken lines, is my choice. Second in that category would be Shauna Macdonald as Dean Peretti in O Kappa My Kappa

    1. Oh, Cassie. I liked her in “Dead Lucky,” but her appearance in “La Fae Époque” made me LOVE her. I’m hoping HOPING that we’ll see her again in Season 5.

  6. According to yesterdays question, i assume guest star is intended to appear once and never again, so between Linda Hamilton, George Takei, Mia Kirshner, Ali Liebert, Lauren Holly, Aron Tager and Casey Hudecki, i would have to Go with Acacia, cause Linda portrays so many different aspects of empowered women! She is an iconic symbol of strong women and perfect for Lost Girl. I didnt consider Christine Horne, neither Kyle Schmid cause i think of them as recurring actors in this season.

    1. Acacia is up there on my list as well. Linda Hamilton’s appearance in “End of the Line” was definitely a highlight of Season 4 for me. Plus, IT’S LINDA HAMILTON.

  7. Crystal was awesome! Love to see her back again, and in the throes with Lauren. Bo is my girl and I love her, but having Lauren see other people would be good training for her. If Bo can do it, so can Lauren. It should not be a one-way street. And if Bo demanded that it be a one-way street then at this stage of the game between those two she needs to put a ring on it! To heck with this necklace business.(Huge Wink!)

  8. I love all of your choices here. I plan on mentioning Dean Peretti as well in a upcoming question. Tammy Gillis was beyond hot. Loved Bo lusting after her when they first met at that restaurant. Bo being a hound dog at that moment, and the closing scene was fantastic between them. Cassie was phenomenal in “La Fae Epoque.” I love her sass. Linda Hamilton, to me, is right up there with Sigourney Weaver, Angelie Joile, and Halle Berry in paving the wave for “kick butt” fighting women.

  9. I’d have to go with Mayer from season one. He was great! I’d love to see him come back again slapping another nephew around 😛

    1. Mayer was SUCH a great character. I love so many of the guest characters on the show, but he is the one I want to see again the most.

  10. Meyers Is a good pick I have to say, he was enjoyable. As for Crystal, I’d rather have Ali doing season 3 of “Bomb Girls”.

    I have multiple people who I thought were good and would enjoy seeing back again; Cayden, I just thought he was really fun and I loved the actor’s portrayal of him.

    Lou Ann is another choice, though I think we’d only see her in flashbacks if she ever came back for another episode.

    Clio from season four, she was a lot of fun I felt. I loved her witty lines, how she stuck to her mission, how she was able to work the group some; she reminded me of Vex in season two – opportunistic and willing to help but also you had to wonder if you could really trust her. I just enjoyed her. Though I do enjoy Mia on “Defiance” and am so happy she’s back so I am open to enjoying Clio on a limited return basis; guest only, full time on “Defiance”.

    And Ciara, she probably counts more as recurring but I want to give her love as well.

    1. Also Isabeau. She is such an important figure in the fae world both to it as a whole and to individual characters. She’s definitely a character I wouldn’t mind seeing in more flashbacks or just hearing characters talk about. It’d also be cool to see her in a prequel movie about the Great Fae War and a little before they start.

    2. They don’t HAVE to bring Clio back, but I hope that they do. If nothing else to prove that she wasn’t run over a car or something when Bo and Dyson just left her in the road. 🙂

  11. Pietra. “It’s a total sting operation”

    I thought the actress that played her was hilarious and the way she delivers that line in particular just kills me

  12. I actually liked the Warden in “Caged Fae” played by Sarain Boylan. She was a great bad guy… literally. 🙂

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