Day 12: Favorite Case that Bo Took? — 30 Days of Lost Girl

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SPOILER WARNING: Answers may contain spoilers for up through the end of Season 4.

30 Days of Lost Girl 2014 Day 12

Which is your favorite case Bo took?

  • Stephanie: Removing Nadia’s curse in “Masks” — Even though it pained Bo to wake Nadia and send Lauren into her arms, she had to free Lauren from her servitude to the Fae. She just had to.
  • Kris: Going undercover at the gym in “Raging Fae” — Bo very often takes cases because she identifies with them in some way (there’s a lot of reuniting mothers and daughters), but this episode flips the pattern.
  • Annie: Investigating Dr. Everett’s disappearance in “Caged Fae” — Bo committing crimes in the human/fae worlds to purposely land in Hecuba prison to investigate Dr. Everett’s disappearance. Working without her powers and being in a physically dangerous situation, all because Lauren asked her to.

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27 Replies to “Day 12: Favorite Case that Bo Took? — 30 Days of Lost Girl

  1. Favorite Case Bo took:

    There were two:

    In S2/E10 “Raging Fae,” and how that case helped Bo to face her situation with regard to the death of her boyfriend Kyle. Bo was ready to bolt yet again when she was found by his sister Mel, but the case involving young Tyler reflected a lot of what she had felt in her life growing up and compelled her instead to face the music. But either way she was prepared to give up a seemingly stable life she had found with the Scooby Gang, and no one in the gang could persuade her otherwise. Something about that focal point for Bo speaks to me because whatever choice she made, whether to bolt again or go to jail, she was prepared to give up the life she had established in the County with the gang. It was a precipice moment, and took real strength to willingly make such a personal, emotional sacrifice. This is why I love the character Bo so much.

    In S4/E9 “Destiny’s Child,” when Bo finally decided to face her fears and resolve the mystery behind her abduction rather than duck dodge it or ignore it. And I like how the secondary stories, supported the primary story. When Bo told the Scooby Gang she had to figure it out on her own I liked how that cued Trick to visit Dao-Ming, and face what he had suspected within himself for quite some time, and that he may have been the cause of it all. I also liked it cued Kenzi and Tamsin to discover through rifling through Trick’s lair Tamsin’s part in the whole “Wanderer” storyline as well as why she was banned from Vahalla as well. This was the case that brought this entire “Wanderer” story arc to a head, and does not receive enough credit for revealing so much backstory in one, nice, cogent episode. After “Turn to Stone” I re-watch this one all the time.

    1. I really loved the Bo and Kenzi moments in Raging Fae too. Especially towards the end when Bo tells her that when it’s over that she still has to run and Kenzi says ‘I guess that makes two of us’, meaning that wherever Bo goes, Kenzi goes too. It’s hard to read the look on Bo’s face when she says that but to me it almost seems like she’s relieved to know that she won’t be going alone again.

  2. Caged Fae. It was fabulous to watch Bo work undercover and try and figure out the pieces of the puzzle by herself. Loved that none of the male characters tried to take away Bo’s limelight in the episode. Also the fact that it was Lauren assisting Bo was an added bonus

  3. So… Many… Must… Choose.. Death didnt become him, cause i liked the Lick and the eating flesh dude. 1st time Dark Bo appeared and Anna was JUST STUNNING! Caged Fae cause te reasons Annie mentioned. Faes Wide Shut cause come on! Bo in a SEX CLUB! OH Kappa my Kappa, Kenzi awesomeness and the tea pot head guy was great! Something wicked with this Fae comes! So freakin weird and cool! I’ll STOP right here.. Cant seam to make up my mind! LOL

    1. This one is a tough one because there are so many. I was surprised that so many folks on Twitter named the ones Annie, Kris, and I picked, more or less.

  4. I like all cases that involved Bo and Lauren or Bo and Kenzi. But i think i’m gonna pick ‘Caged Fae’ because Bo would do anything for Lauren even going to the infamous Hecuba prison. Besides, this particular episode was the beginning of BoLo journey. So yeah it is my favorite case.

    1. I liked how Bo really stuck up for Sophie. And Anna Silk’s hilarious facial expressions when she was watching the baby wanblee be born. 🙂

  5. So many, hard to choose…
    If I have to pick one, Raging Fae. I loved learning about Bo’s past. The talks with Kenzi and Lauren are so moving. When she didn’t fight and was beaten on the ring Heartbreaking :'( With this ep we saw the depth of Bo’s character. Anna played all those emotions perfectly, I have tears in my eyes every time.
    PS : Bo wearing those shorts with the black tank top is absolutely gorgeous. And also the haircut

  6. Ok this was a hard one but I finally broke it down to 3, or 4. No 3. Maybe 4.

    In no paticular order….

    ‘Oh Kappa, My Kappa’ because it was the first case as Bo’s PI Services. Which she didn’t even know about. ‘No YOU look!’ Kenzi takes charge lol. It was also the first of the 3 ‘Footlocker’ gags and that little dance of Kenzi’s was classic. I felt sorry for Bo at the end but with Trick laying down the law with Dyson, you knew it was coming.

    ‘Better to Burn Out than Fae Away’ Bo takes a case for the Morrigan?!?! The second ‘Footlocker’ gag, the ‘Move it, move the ugly booze’, ‘You want some pancakes with that syrup?’, all really funny moments. Loved that only seconds after Kenzi threatens to kill Lauren if she hurts Bo again that she turns around and tries to protect her from the Ash too. Also liked the scene where Kenzi saves Bo from Vex in the alley. Especially after watching the bloopers from that season and knowing that she actually stabbed him a bit the first time lol.

    ‘Caged Fae’. It was the first show of the third season and when Bo was going off in the beginning you didn’t really know what the hell was going on. It was only when she met with Lauren in the prison that you started to figure it out. Also, in kind of a foreshadowing of season four, when Bo wasn’t around it was Kenzi that stepped up into a leadership role and got things going outside of the prison. You gotta love that scene when she had to pass that thing to Bo and wasn’t shy about kissing Bo to do it!

    ‘Fae-ge Against the Machine’ I’m sure this will be an unpopular vote but I really liked this one and just rewatched it last night. I liked Trick and Stella working together to try to help Bo until Trick finally tells her to shut up. I really, really liked Bo and Tamsin working together. The two of them make such a great and powerful team. I loved the change of expression on Tamsins face when she said she was sticking around ‘likey or not’ and Bo said ‘likey’ when they were in Laurens apartment. Between Fae-ge and The Kenzi Scale you really begin to see a change coming over Tamsin and her views on the ‘Happy Sunshine Gang’. No Kenzi in this one, which sucked because she’s my faevorite character but still a really good one.

    1. I like “Fae-ge Against the Machine.” That type of caper plot is always a favorite of mine. But does it count as a case that Bo “took” since she was kinda forced into it? 🙂

      “Oh Kappa, My Kappa” is a very fun episode. I always love when Kenzi has to go undercover. (It happens to be my favorite part of “Caged Fae” too — Kenzi in her truck stop thong.)

  7. “Caged Fae” wonderful episode, Bo showing that she’ll do anything for Lauren, like taking a huge risk by doing it without her powers, but working together with the love of her life, very interesting #Doccubus interaction, Bo knew some other things about Lauren, and of course “it’s time”

  8. “BrotherFae of the Wolves” when Bo takes on a case to stop the arms deal of a Mongolian Death Worm… I love that the Death Worm is actually a little old lady with a portable TV set and taking way the TV is what triggers the Fae part. And that the holder of the TV is totally left alone and in fact controls the Death Worm.

    1. I love Velma the Mongolian Death Worm. I especially love the sweet way she says goodbye to Bo at the very end.

  9. Bo is so great when she goes undercover ala Caged Fae and Raging Fae, which is why I also love Adventures in Fae-by sitting and School’s Out. In each situation we get to see a different side of Bo throat takes her out of her comfort zone a bit.

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