Day 13: Favorite Big Bad? — 30 Days of Lost Girl

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SPOILER WARNING: Answers may contain spoilers for up through the end of Season 4.

30 Days of Lost Girl 2014 Day 13

Which is your favorite Big Bad?

  • Annie: The Garuda — He was the big bad that made the gang come together at the end of season 2.
  • Kris: The Dawning — Hear me out! As odd (and strangely anticlimactic) as the Dawning was, there was a real sense of dread and apprehension about it. It’s all about facing what’s in your own head and the fear of what you could become. SYMBOLISM!
  • Stephanie: Aife — I especially love that she has popped up again and become not quite a Big Bad, but it was always possible to sympathize with her, which I appreciate.

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14 Replies to “Day 13: Favorite Big Bad? — 30 Days of Lost Girl

  1. Massimo! He is the only one that went throughout the seasons. Even annoying, he still brought significant danger to the gang, plus the story plot around him seemed plausible! Further plus, i killed Hale, kidnapped Lauren, hurt Kenzi… I hate him! Incredibly played BY Tim Rozon this season!

  2. I don’t really have one I feel like they set them up well but then they just fell flat. Don’t get me wrong I like seeing the gang work together but somehow it still feels unsatifying to me what I like is that gang getting together to achieve the same goal but as the big bad themselves they are taken down pretty easily. Maybe it’s budget, I don’t pretend to know but I found most big bads resolutions anticlimatic. I had my hopes up for The Wanderer/ Pirrypus but we are still waiting on that. The others I guess Aife if I must pick.

    1. I would agree with you that Lost Girl doesn’t do “high stakes” as well as other shows. But I do think they generally mine the Big Bad situation for some good character stuff, which is really what the show does best anyway. I do really love Aife.

      1. I agree on what LG does best but I think it would certainly not harm to do “high stakes” at least for one season or one Big Bad after 4/5 seasons. I have hope for The Wanderer still because I’m getting kinda tired of how dragged out its been and feel like it’s do or die with him at this point. Like for example they aren’t the best at stunts but at least I can look back to Lachlan and Bo swordfighting and say they did it right at least once.

  3. Bo’s dad. Though he hasnt made appearance yet but i know he is going to be the biggest bad. Even before he showed up he already affected Bo and the gang so much.
    I agree with KMFDM. I found big bad resolution anticlimatic and pretty easy to be taken down. But i still have my hopes up for the resolution of Bo’s dad in season 5.

  4. I have to go with Bo’s father. This one isn’t over yet. The whole thing with the Wanderer, the Una Mens, Massimo, Hales death…were all connected to that thing in one form or another. And it all led up to, what was for me, the biggest heartbreak ever on the show, the sacrifice of Kenzi to save everyone else. I still have a hard time watching those final 3 episodes and that probably won’t end until they GET KENZI BACK!

  5. Define “Big Bad” – not really sure what that means. I think the Garuda came the closest to being a “Big Bad” on Lost Girl. But I didn’t really like him so much. I’m trying to think if there was any real “Big Bad”s in any of the other seasons. Rainer is another who comes very close… for me it would be Rainer, even though Bo said he wasn’t bad, truth was, he did try to tear the gang apart, otherwise, why not just try to be friends with them… especially with Kenzi… But he was so cut off from the gang… that he didn’t even acknowledge them, except once when he told Bo that her friends were getting close to remembering her… so, to me RAINER was THE “BIG BAD”.

  6. Though I did like Kris’s idea that the Dawning was a big bad… But for me I always think the big bad has to be a person… but I love her idea of it being our own inner thoughts/doubts/insecurities,

  7. If we’re talking about traditional bad guys, then my favorite is Evony. I love how she challenges Bo both physically and mentally; I like she tells Bo no when other characters don’t always do that. And she has great banter skills which makes her verbal battles all that more fun to watch.

    If we’re talking about not so traditional bad guys, then I love Trick. He’s literally everything Bo fights against so that’s bound to cause conflict between them. He attempts to control things not so much for Bo’s and others’ safety as he suggests but for his own protection. He constantly lies to her again for his own reasons. He refuses to accept his part in things, for example he tries to make Aife out as the lone bad guy during season one even though he’s just as much at fault for things as she is, if not arguably more so; he’s very shifty in his motivations.

    Yes to more Aife.

  8. The Garuda and Massimo. The Garuda because like Annie said he made the gang get together and fight him. It was one of the best things of Season 2 that i love, having the gang fighting together. And Massimo because how it happened, he killed Hale and threatened her family so it was a revenge that Bo had to do.

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