Day 14: A Scene that Made You Angry? — 30 Days of Lost Girl

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SPOILER WARNING: Answers may contain spoilers for up through the end of Season 4.

30 Days of Lost Girl 2014 Day 14

What is a moment that made you angry?

  • Stephanie: When Massimo killed Hale in “End of a Line” — I still am upset with the show’s choice to kill off Hale, and I was made even angrier by the fact that he was killed by a brat like Massimo.
  • Annie: Bo using her “destiny” as an excuse for her actions when Rainer came into the picture — I get that the writers might have been trying to make Bo an anti-hero, or to bring a new player on scene, but it just didn’t work in any way, shape, or form.
  • Kris: Harvey films Bo and Acacia fighting in “End of a Line” — Why doesn’t he get his ass handed to him? Also, revenants. Why did it have to be zombies? (I hate zombies.)

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46 Replies to “Day 14: A Scene that Made You Angry? — 30 Days of Lost Girl

    1. I agree that mirror scene in S4E7 made me look twice also. Yeah, when Bo looked into the mirror she saw Dyson,the body in which she actually inhabited, but then in the mirror she should have seen the actual Flora.

      Either that was a mistake by the show, or a nod to fans who wanted a visual of what two exes hooking up with one another looked like. In this case, Dyson and Lauren.

      1. It was not a mistake. It was a way to consumate the triangle without actually putting Lo, Bo & Dyson together! Yes, Bo saw Dyson, but it was Flora reflected, in Bos subconscious she looked like Lauren. My fav ship its Doccubus, but guys come on… It was hot!!! Kris & Zoie have great chemistry! It wasnt awkward!

        1. I will have to disagree with you. This is not Sex After Kids and TUWOPS. I dont care about Kris and Zoies chemistry on Lost Girl. I care about my ship. And it was an insult to it. Those who talk of equality why dont we see such graphic sex scenes of AS-ZP.

      2. It wasn’t a mistake. The conceit of the episode was that Bo saw Dyson (because she knew what Dyson looked like) when she looked into mirrors. Her subconscious put familiar faces (like Kenzi’s, Lauren’s, and Vex’s) on people in Dyson’s memories whom she didn’t know. Basically, the rules that the writers set up were that we would never see the “real” Flora or Angel or Prince in Dyson’s memories, whether Bo was looking into a mirror or not. When we see Flora at her make-up table earlier in the episode, she looks like Lauren in the mirror, and Bo sees Dyson when she looks at herself in the same mirror.

        I believe Emily Andras said in her post-episode interview with The Loop that it was a “nod to the threesome.”

        Personally, I’m fine with it because it was an AU storyline, but I totally get why some people are very angry at this scene. I completely understand.

    2. This is my choice too. Not a plot or story driven scene. It was used to give a wink to 3some lovers. Emily Andras even addmitted that in an interview. Such a smart woman can still be so stupid.

      1. Please don’t refer to cast or crew as “stupid.” We can have a conversation about things we don’t like without calling people hurtful words.

    3. This scene made me angry, too. They set up the rules, but then they didn’t follow their own rules. For willing suspension of disbelief to actually work, you have to follow whatever set of rules you’ve established for your story line.

      The thing that made me angry about this scene was when we saw Dyson and Lauren together without looking in the mirror. If Bo had been looking in the mirror at that moment, I would have accepted it, but she wasn’t. For a bit we saw Lauren and Bo, then Bo turned to the mirror and we saw Dyson, but when she turned away from the mirror we still saw Dyson.

      It was confusing. They could have conveyed the threesome idea while still using the mirror, but the whole concept was blown for me when the story didn’t follow its own internal set of rules. That last shot should have been Bo and Lauren.

      1. I agree. I think it was a mistake to have Dyson not looking at the mirror in all the shots. While I don’t think Dyson is looking directly into the mirror in the earlier shot of him in Flora’s vanity mirror (his eyeline suggests he’s looking at Flora), it’s very subtle, so I don’t think the majority of the audience would interpret it as the show establishing that the audience sees Dyson in every shot of a mirror, not just when he’s looking directly in it.

        I think it would have been much better if Dyson had been looking in the mirror the entire time in the mirror scene. Kris would want me to add a caveat that there might have been practical reasons why they chose the shots they did (problem with the film, lighting, etc.) but barring any complications I think it would have been best if Dyson were looking at the mirror the entire time we saw him in the mirror.

        I also would have strongly preferred that the last shot of the mirror scene be of Anna Silk and Zoie Palmer. It would have brought the sequence back to the fact that the body swap was being used as a vehicle to explore Bo & Lauren’s relationship.

  1. Two things. First, when Massimo was beating up Kenzi I wanted to kill him myself. Second was Kenzi’s death. I’m sure they’ll get her back but still…

  2. A scene /moment that made me angry is from S2/E15 “Table for Fae.”

    It is the scene where Kenzi tells Bo back at the Clubhouse to break up with Ryan Lambert because he hooked Nate up, business-wise with The Morrigan, and in order to protect Nate from a world Kenzi never told him about she agreed to owe The Morrigan “a favor” as a result.

    Now how the heck would Ryan have had any situational awareness as who knows what about whom with regard to the Fae in Kenzi’s life? Ryan had the honest assumption that if Kenzi brought her HUMAN boyfriend to a luncheon with two Fae, and she herself is a CLAIMED human by Bo why would he not think something similar of Nate? It really burns me to watch Kenzi blame someone else, and in this particular case Ryan for something for which she failed to take ownership. Kenzi was way out of line to demand Bo drop Ryan over that luncheon, and if I were Bo my response to her would have been “your promise, your problem.” But Bo listened to her and effectively dropped him (after she had to hide her dalliances with him a few more times.). Mind you, by this stage of Season 2 Dyson wiped his feet all over Bo CONTINUALLY, and there still was no end to Kenzi’s advocation and admiration of him. The disparity here…I just can’t even…

    Out of ALL the Lost Girl episodes to date “Table for Fae” is the one I simply stopped re-watching it because any time I see that scene between Bo and Kenzi it just drives me stupid.(Can you see the smoke coming out of my ears?)

    1. I’m not trying to say you shouldn’t be angry, but I can see where Kenzi is coming from. Bo was clearly not pleased with Ryan’s actions, and Bo herself would never do something like that. Kenzi knows that Bo wouldn’t do that and that Bo is very much against how some Fae (like The Morrigan) treat humans. She feels betrayed that her best friend who loves her would date a guy who would casually turn someone like her into Fae food. I don’t know that it was appropriate for her to demand that Bo break up with Ryan, but I can understand why she reacted the way she did.

    2. Ah, Ryan, you magnificent, infuriating, rakish devil.

      Kenzi had a right to be mad, especially from her perspective. But demanding Bo drop Ryan, rather than confront Ryan with WHY his actions were wrong and could he never treat humans like that again, especially when there’s a long historical background of clans and Ryan being indoctrinated into not at all thinking trading soul for wealth and fame is problematic. [There’s a lot of classism at play with Ryan, too; he really is clueless about things people like Kenzi and Nate have not been exposed to in their life.] Kenzi (and Bo) should have had a conversation, but the ultimatum was super reactionary, unhelpful, and (though probably intentionally so, to help hasten Ryan’s exit), too quick on the draw.

    1. Ugh. Yes. I was very mad at Hale then. Stupid Hale. And his stupid suit. (I still love you though, Hale.)

  3. I agreed with Annie. It was also my most WTF scene. As a doccubus fans i was very much confused and hurt with Bo’s action. I would rather seeing Bo stuck in the rectangular love dilemma than her with Rainer. Dont get me wrong, i like Kyle but i’m not Rainer fans. He was a total stranger in the story but all of sudden they decided to pair Bo and Rainer up and make him Bo’s destiny. Ugh.

  4. To add to Kris I also hated Dyson jumping in to kill the ‘revenant’ when you have two freaking Valkyries and a powerful Succubus who can perfectly fend for themselves. As a cop it makes sense he’d be there investigating with his partner but that grand entrance like his brute force was needed to save 3 very powerful women bothered me to no end.

    1. That moment didn’t make me angry, but it did make me shake my head. It was a very Dyson thing to do, and it’s not like Bo didn’t stop a whole bunch of revenants later. But I remember thinking, “Was that really necessary? I know Anna Silk is doing fewer stunts this season, but Linda Hamilton is RIGHT THERE.”

  5. The episode where Kenzi broke up with Nate who showed himself to be a selfish self-absorbed conceited control freak. I really cannot stand that asshole

  6. Se4 Eps 11-12 The killing of Hale and not giving Kenzi the satisfaction of killing or at least maiming Assimo whoops Massimo. With even Bo killing Massimo it should of had why more punch behind the whole killing of Massimo. Here should have suffered a hell of lot more. He totally broke Kenzi’s heart , “UNFORGIVABLE” ……………….. Lost Girl

    1. Yeah, Massimo’s death was lacking for me too. I mean, I guess it’s not very nice of me to want to revel in a person’s death, but it lacked oomph for me.

  7. I agree with maverick and that awful, unnecessary, distasteful and irresponsible “mirror scene” has my vote, the whole Rainer thing was unnerving and yes I dislike it so much, but that mirror scene was so wrong in many ways and ruined the episode, without that 4×07 would be perfect, I didn’t like Bo in most of the 4th season either but nothing made angrier that the “mirror scene” ok I’m rambling now, peace

  8. There are quite a lot for this from me
    -whoever decided it would be a great idea to make Kenzi the physical embodiment of the Dybo fangirl. Why was this necessary to do at all? Honestly Kenzi never looked worse than when she hopped on the “Dyson can do no wrong” bandwagon. Frankly Kenzi was ruined for me after that, the scenes where she gave good advice that wasnt influenced by her pro-Dyson bias helped but didnt redeem her for me.
    -Any scene where Dyson gets out of any consequences because he does something stupid. Especially when this is countered by Lauren being blamed for everything, 3×06 anyone. If she was the only one who didnt believe Bo then maybe but come on. Lauren wasnt the only one but because shes Bos girlfriend she has to blindly go along with Bo or face the consequences.
    – Trick talking about how much better he & Dyson are than Kenzi Lauren & Tamsin and reassuring Dyson that Lauren will soon be dead so Dyson can have Bo back
    – Bo leaving Lauren behind at Tafts, at least showing her trying to find her would have helped
    – The threesome in S2
    – The fact that Bo can only take down bad guys seldomly without Dyson either taking over half way through or waiting for him to do it for her
    – The mirror scene, defend EA all you want but she admitted they put that there to piss people off. On top of that either way you look at it that scene doesnt work. It should be Bo & Lauren if there was no mirror or Dyson & someone else with the mirror Im tired of people defending EA for this scene, its there as fanservvice for those who want to see dyson with every female character & a shot at people that know Lauren is gay even if the show refuses to admit it
    – The aftermath of Bo sucking Kenzi & Laurens chi to save Dyson. Lauren doesnt even get any explanation from Bo just to go off like a good girlfriend & make sure Dyson is all right.
    – The completely ridiculous way Valkubus has been set up as a replacement for Lauren & Doccubus, I havent seen anything that puts Valkubus on level with the other two relationships yet Valkubus is toted as the greatest thing by the show
    – Bo ditching her family for Rainer, no explanation needed
    – Bo being mad at Tamsin for five minutes in S4, she knew Tamsin played a role in getting her on that train but because of course she belongs on the same “can do know wrong” bandwagon as Trick & Dyson Tamsin gets away with it
    = The last one isnt a scene but the show in general. Lauren & Bo are never allowed to talk while Tamsin & Dyson get all the time in the world, balanced treatment of all relationships shouldnt have to be asked for it should be expected. Where a scene containing Lauren that either explains her motivations or her place in the story is cut out for the US audience pointless scenes of Dyson whining about his love or how conflicted Tamsin is stay in. Once again treating characters & the audience fairly shouldnt be too much to ask for. The complete exclusion of ZP from anything LG related in favor of RS doesnt make me happy either

    1. As always, you’re entitled to your opinions, and our emotions are what they are. That said, I disagree with a lot of what you’ve said, and I don’t think many of your comments are really in the spirit of the question.

      While Kenzi and Dyson are clearly much closer than Kenzi and Lauren, I wouldn’t say that Kenzi thinks “Dyson can do no wrong.” She calls him out on bad behavior several times. Some people just get along better than others. I like that the show is exploring that. I also appreciate that they’ve shown Kenzi and Lauren gradually coming to understand each other better. Kenzi even reached out to Lauren at the beginning of season four.

      Bo also forgave Lauren for what happened in 3.06 after they figured out what was going on. I do think Bo has always held Lauren to a higher moral/ethical standard than the others, which might not be fair but people are flawed. But in that instance, I think Bo thought that besides Kenzi the person most likely to believe her was her girlfriend, and she felt really betrayed that Lauren didn’t believe her. I’m not justifying Bo’s behavior, but I understand where she’s coming from.

      I’d say that “Trick talking about how much better he & Dyson are than Kenzi Lauren & Tamsin and reassuring Dyson that Lauren will soon be dead so Dyson can have Bo back” is a radical interpretation of the text. But I think Trick’s actions are supposed to be raising some red flags for viewers. The darker side of Trick is showing itself, and personally I’m interested to see where they take the character.

      I think they DID show Bo looking for Lauren at Taft’s. She and Tamsin searched the premises, and we catch up with them in the surgical area, where we last saw Lauren, as Bo says that there’s no sign of her and that she doesn’t know where to keep looking for her.

      Bo and Dyson are regularly shown assisting each other. I really like that the characters collaborate on the show, and it isn’t always one person doing the saving and the same people needing saving. That said, I wouldn’t have a problem with Bo taking down more bad guys. But delivering the final blow to the bad guy isn’t necessarily the most important thing, you know? In 1.03, Dyson takes out the Kappa, but Bo does the (to me) more important part of protecting the innocent girl it was about to kill.

      I don’t remember EA saying that the mirror scene was there to piss people off. I remember her saying that they thought it was a funny nod to the threesome. I agree. You don’t. That’s fine. I’m sure they were aware that some people were going to be upset. Fandom is passionate — Lost Girl’s creative team probably knows this more than most. The scene does work by the guidelines for Bo’s experience, as outlined by Cassie (and reiterated above by Stephanie). We, the audience, are essentially seeing what Bo is seeing. We can’t see a different character with Dyson in the mirror because Bo’s mind has put Lauren’s image in her place.

      I don’t think Lauren needed an explanation from Bo about saving Dyson in “The Ceremony.” Bo cares about Dyson. Lauren knows that Bo would want to save him. But what I think was missing was conversation between Bo, Lauren, and Kenzi about Bo feeding off of them to save Dyson.

      I’m not sure what your assertion that “Valkubus has been set up as a replacement for Lauren & Doccubus” is based on. I also don’t know when or what the show did to make you think they touted it as “the greatest thing.” Even though they were broken up in Season 4, Bo was pretty hung up on Lauren for the entire season.

      As for Bo forgiving Tamsin, I don’t think being compassionate is the same thing as thinking that someone can do no wrong.

  9. Hands down 2.18 Fae-nted Love. I could easily say I was upset on how Bo remembers everyone but Lauren and Hale, but it was more than that that made me angry. If you were to compare Bo to anyone that was under Brother Douglas’ power they acted nothing like Bo. Even if they were to make her go back to a more youthful/innocent time they could’ve at least attempted to keep the age consistent not jump from 5 – 17/18 (after she had sex with Kyle), because the paradox comes in during these times and not necessarily during the memory comebacks. Even the premiss of the complete episode, at 5 you knew not to go with a stranger and I still know that now.
    It was just *shake my head* bad, oh so bad.

  10. It didn’t make it angry, but made me hysterically laugh how Tamsin has wings and can teleport. Did no one say “Hey I think this isn’t such a bright idea.” LMFAO Like no common sense, why have both?

  11. Oh and the moment Dyson couldn’t get his love back from The Norn but Kenzi just took a chainsaw and was able to get it. Oh this is going to keep coming all day, I should probably make a list.

  12. Angry is probably a bit strong, but a scene that I was not particularly fond of was the “Toothpaste/Footlocker” scene in 2×06 between Kenzi and Lauren. At this point in the series Kenzi really doesn’t like Lauren, which is fine, and I get that her reaction is probably just meant to be a funny parallel to her happy dance in a simialr scene with Dyson in 1×03. But I find the reaction to be completely over the top, even by Kenzi’s standards, and actually quite mean and disrespectful.

  13. RH: When I read your post I stood up and said “Hallelujah! Preach it!”

    For me, your post thematically highlighted for me a general lack of respect the Scooby Gang has for one another.

    I just re-watched S3/E6 “The Kenzi Scale” the other day, and what you said about that is DEAD ON. From my standpoint that episode was the beginning of the end of Bo and Lauren’s relationship. I think Lauren gave it the old college try in S3/E8 “Fae Against the Machine” but I knew it was doomed when Bo was completely out of line with Lauren in trying to find Kenzi, but Dyson who literally imprisoned her, didn’t believe her at all, and allowed “Kenzi” to crawl up in bed with him, and then honed in on Kenzi’s rescue as if he had been there all along, yeah all is forgiven where he was concerned.

    Jessalyn spoke below about the footlocker scene in Season 2 where Kenzi is really rather nasty in her reaction to Lauren in their bathroom. That scene bothers me as well. It speaks to big-time disrespect. All these latest baby steps in Season 4 to show that she actually considers Lauren a friend means nothing to me when her entire attitude towards Lauren for nearly three seasons was one of visceral dislike. Whenever Kenzi gushed over Dyson, Bo was right with her. Whenever Kenzi disrespected Lauren Bo never checked it. No respect.

    I will mention this in a later question but one of the reasons why I didn’t/don’t buy a Hale/Kenzi hook-up is because one, they were not compatible, and two, there was no respect of their relationship by anyone, including themselves! In “In Memoriam” when it was CRYSTAL CLEAR Hale had the complete hots for Kenzi Dyson out of one corner of his mouth encourages Hale to go for it with Kenzi, but also kept trying to get into her pants at every turn, and Kenzi was all about it. They may have lost their memories of Bo but not for one another. No respect.

    I agree that, in the selfish arena, Bo and Dyson are made for one another, and because of which should run off into the sunset together. But Bo has demonstrated that is all that it is between her and Dyson – a primal thing. The entire Lost Girl storyline is replete with that, especially Season 4, that is until Rainer came, and then to heck with Dyson.

    That is why I believe that Lauren should drop Bo for good, and not go back to it. Hit it every great now and then, fine. A relationship? Ah, no. And practically all of Season 3 proved that. Because I have an independent appreciation for the Lauren character separate from her relationship status with Bo, she deserves respect, and her character is not shown any of it by Dyson, Trick, Kenzi, Tamsin or Bo. At this stage, unless Bo puts a ring on it Lauren should move on. I big-time believe Lauren could continue to be an effective contributing member of the Scooby Gang sans a relationship with Bo. That is why when Crystal’s character appeared on the show I was stoked for a new relationship for Lauren and still hopeful she is hiding in Lauren’s new condo ;).

    I love Bo, Bo is my girl, but my dedication to the character Bo is not about wearing horseblinders; I recognize the ‘real in “reality” where she is concerned. When Bo is happy I root for her happiness, when she is being baffling I root for her sanity, when she is being selfish I root for her to be taught a lesson. Bo can be incredibly callous and self-absorbed, and that is why I simply do not care who she ends up with, be it Dyson, Lauren, or whoever happens to be next door.

    In any event, your post really highlights the general lack of respect they have for one another when push comes to shove, and your post was well stated.

    1. I agree with all you said but I still want Bo & Lauren to try again because I feel when they are together Bo is at her best. It is true Bo has allowed Lauren to be disrespected throughout the series & has taken advatage of her a lot. For me Bo is the reason Doccubus failed, she took everything Lauren gave her without giving Lauren anything in return. Should Lauren have tried to communicate with Bo? Of course but its kind of hard to do that when Bo is too busy running around with Dyson or Tamsin to be bothered to spend any time with Lauren.Anti-Lauren people deny it but Bo did break the rules she & Lauren had by kissing Tamsin and then not telling Lauren about it. Im glad Lauren kept her self respect. I continue to hope losing Kenzi even if its for an episode or two forces Bo to start valuing all of her loved ones & treating them equally

  14. – Mirror scene in episode 4×07. Honestly, that scene was completely unnecessary and made me rage.
    – Killing Hale in 4×11. Never gave the actor a chance to develop the character. Liked Hale.
    – Assimo, sorry, Massimo, in 4×13. I never saw him as a real threat to Lauren. He was all crap talk, talk, talk…and ranting like a baby, honestly.
    – Bo’s character in all season 4. Yeah, she made me really angry. Selfish, self centered; the whole “Rainier is my destiny” crap. I mean, really?! A character so independent, “I will only choose my own destiny” kind of, etc.
    – Fanservice instead of focusing in story development

  15. I just thought of a new one: When Tamsin moved into Laurens place in S3 and Bo didnt care because at that time only Dyson mattered not that Tamsin moved into your girlfriends place

  16. Last one. I dont remember any time that a misogynist character has ever got “his” Mysogony is rewarded on LG with how all female characters trip over themselves to do the male characters bidding

  17. I was really angry with Tamsin for calling Bo an “unaligned cooz” in “Subterrfaenean” and mad at Dyson for not sticking up for Bo in that moment.

  18. We’re having issues with our comments system, so I’m closing these comments as I try to troubleshoot the problem. Sorry for the inconvenience.

  19. Well, it really wasn’t a scene that made me angry… it was more of a situation… the whole thing with Lachlan manipulating Bo into freeing Nadia from the curse and then taking the credit for it. I really wish Bo had told Lauren in Season 3 – after Nadia’s death, that it was not Lachlan who freed Nadia but Bo herself who did the dirty deed. I don’t think the break would have happened. I would hope that Lauren would see Bo’s love for her and work it all out. Maybe… Maybe Not…

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