Day 15: A Scene that Made You Happy? — 30 Days of Lost Girl

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SPOILER WARNING: Answers may contain spoilers for up through the end of Season 4.

30 Days of Lost Girl 2014 Day 15

Day 15: A scene/moment that made you happy?

  • Kris: Bo very dramatically asks Kenzi if she likes milkshakes in “It’s a Fae, Fae, Fae, Fae World” — That was the moment where I was pretty sure I was going to love this show. It’s also the beginning of a beautiful friendship. Plus, it doesn’t hurt that that smash-cuts to a shot of Bo very cutely slurping the last of her milkshake through a straw.
  • Annie: When Bo said “It’s time” in “Caged Fae” and Lauren kissed her — I clapped and literally squealed. Since I was very new to Lost Girl/Doccubus, it was gratifying to see that moment on screen.
  • Stephanie: Kenzi speed dating in “The Mourning After” — Whether she is quoting Ludacris or planning to send chicken home to mama, Kenzi puts a huge smile on my face in this sequence.

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19 Replies to “Day 15: A Scene that Made You Happy? — 30 Days of Lost Girl

  1. There is one scene in Lost Girl that made me smile to no end and that was in S2/E18 “Fae-nted Love” when Bo in her wedding dress as she prepared to walk down the aisle to marry Ryan. Bo never looked more beautiful. It was simply a joy to watch that scene, and just makes me grin the biggest grin ever! She was a dream walking down the aisle.Bo looked incredible!

  2. A moment/scene that makes me laugh/smile each time is Evony saying “We have dental.” in “It’s a Fae, Fae, Fae, Fae World” because it was just so hilarious to me; I loved Evony giving this big speech like on why Bo had to conform and why she should pick the Dark and then she it off with one of the most simple benefits package perks ever. I love Evony’s banter and it just made me laugh. It makes me wonder if the Dark has dental then does the Light have the vision benefits?

    I also liked Kris doing Kenzi inside Dyson in “Original Skin”, “It’s time for a little good cop-Kenzi cop!” along with the dance and the “Hey other me.” line were just hilarious; he did a really good job.

    As others have said there’s just so many; I also love Doccubus moments, seeing Aife return, I thought the bar dance Anna did in “Confaegion” was adorable, and I like some of the humorous lines various characters do.

  3. There are so many good ones. Kenzi bursting into the Norns place with a chainsaw. In 3×03 ‘Kenzi for the assist!’ and ‘But when I say it, it is adorable’ cracks me up every time. So many great comedic scenes flawlessly pulled off by someone who had never done comedy before.

    I can’t say that this made me happy but at the end of 4×13 when Bo is at Kenzi’s memorial and she says, ‘Whatever it takes I’ll get you back.’ made me…hopeful…that eventually we’d get our heart back.

  4. 3×01 “It’s time” scene. C’mon its impossible to not be happy with that scene! It was a very important scene for Doccubus. From the Bo’s speech to Lauren’s “really?” face (and the kiss of course 😉 ) i loved the entire scene. My Doccubus heart swelled with happiness 🙂

  5. For sheer laughs, I love the body changing scene in “Original Skin.” I especially loved Dyson being inhabited by Kenzi and Bo being inhabited by the country boy with the hick accent. Also funny was the big country boy having a heart to heart as Bo.

  6. In 3×03 ConFaegion when Dyson says to Tamsin, “Hey Tammers, T-Sin, Officer Slamsin. You playing with yourself?”. I love his smile / smirk after that line. Hilarious and it’s always fun to see Dyson happy.

  7. Kenzi speed dating is one of my favourite things.

    But a scene that really makes me laugh is Bo ‘explaining’ to Kenzi how Lachlan tricked Lauren in 2×13. Anna Silk is great in that scene.

  8. So many happy places, hard to know where to start.. Uhm i go with, spice up your life Bo Kenzi dancing, just makes ya feel good and wanna get up and jig around.. Another i’ll say Gypsy Kenzi.. To the north to the south, pointing in opposite directions is just a crack up.. So many…. Tamsin and Kenzi dancing, Awesome 🙂 You could just about go through every ep and pick something happy 🙂 Note i did say most eps not all lol……….LostGirl

    1. “Please do shut up and light the sage stick!” and outside afterwards making deals with Hale not to arrest her or blow her cover.

      In regards to Bo, Anna Sill is just all kinds of adorable.

  9. well I could easily say all Doccubus moments, but yes there are a lot, so I know I have to chose one, so “it’s time” in 3×01 “caged fae” that scene was so sweet, you could feel the love between them and Lauren with that lovely face “really” ohh gosh just to think about it my heart sings, what a beautiful scene. So I’ll just mention some of the moments I’ve love and made me so happy, as I said all the Doccubus moments in the four seasons and all Lauren in the 4th season especially from 4×05 till the end she was fantastic, amazing, powerful and Zoie made an excellent job, masterfully played it. But then again I know I have to chose so my vote goes to “it’s time” in 3×01 “caged fae” this scene filled my Doccubus heart with so much joy.

  10. I agree with Kris!! That moment where Bo asks Kenzi dramatically if she likes milkshakes is a great moment. I love that whole scene because even though I didn’t know Bo would become my favorite character I knew I liked her. It’s such a great scene because she thinks she is a horrible person/monster but you can tell(as well as Kenzi) that she is not a bad person and is obviously a very special person because she rescued Kenzi.

  11. What gave me a happy? Episode 13 of Season 4 – Now this is going to sound strange because I am not really a big Kenzi fan. I like Kenzi but she’s not my favorite. But a scene that gave me a happy was in season 4 ep 13 – Dark Horse – Kenzi punching Evony… aka: The Morrigan. It was like she had gotten her back for all those times Evony has taken verbal jabs at The Human. And in a sense, it was a revenge for The Morrigan trying to take Nate away from Kenzi.

  12. Caged Fae. Bo and Lauren working a case together I cant say it enough Anna and Zoie in scenes together is magic and Its time the producers off this show stopped keeping them apart. season 4 anyone

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