Day 16: A Scene that Made You Cry? — 30 Days of Lost Girl

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SPOILER WARNING: Answers may contain spoilers for up through the end of Season 4.

30 Days of Lost Girl 2014 Day 16

Day 16: A scene/moment that made you cry?

  • Kris: Bo walks to Kenzi’s gravestone with that heartbreaking song playing in “Dark Horse” — It’s designed to make the audience cry, and it worked on me. Well played, Andras.
  • Stephanie: Bo comforting Kenzi in “Truth and Consequences” — Kenzi made a tough decision to let Nate go to protect him. Bo really needed comfort too because she just killed Nadia, but she comforts her best friend instead.
  • Annie: The break scene in “Delinquents” — Do I really need to elaborate? Doesn’t everyone cry at that?!

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27 Replies to “Day 16: A Scene that Made You Cry? — 30 Days of Lost Girl

  1. I must be a worse person than Stephanie, I’m yet to cry in a Lost Girl episode. A sad-ish scene that I love is at the end of 3×10 with Lauren and Dyson at the Dal. Even though it’s sad, I still think it’s a really lovely scene for them. And the song they use really adds to the feels. Thanks again for the great podcast.

  2. Hale death was very difficult, but seeing Kenzi beat Bo after, crying helplessly in her arms… Was heartbreaking… Then Kenzi death… BAM! Just sealed S4 with Cry Me a River…

    1. I heard somewhere that Anna told Ksenia to ‘just go for it’, or something like that, before that scene and that as a result, Anna showed up with bruises all over her arms the next day. I said kudos to Ksenia in my reply above but they both deserve it. Was a very powerful scene.

  3. There have been some pretty poignant moments on “Lost
    Girl” but none that have brought me to tears, although Lisa, the Duppy’s death
    in S3/E11 “Adventures In Fae-bysitting” came pretty close. That young
    lady was just precious. I thought Bo’s life story was pretty sad, but nothing
    compared to a woman that for hundreds of years was used as a killing machine
    and had no idea as to who she was. That realization in it of itself was just

  4. Really sad in 3×10 when Lauren and Bo broke up. That scene was really well played.
    Tears came down in 4×11 when Kenzi broke down in Bo’s arms about Hale. That scene was intense.

  5. There are a few that are, to me, the saddest moments on the show. Starting with the death of Hale and the scene that followed right after with Kenzi losing it and going off on Bo. That has to be one of the most heart wrenching scenes I’ve ever seen on tv and kudos to Ksenia Solo for pulling it off.
    The second was Kenzi and Bo’s ‘Unclaim me’ scene. You just felt like everything was falling to pieces.
    The third doesn’t hit you until you see it over again, that’s Kenzi and Bo’s last hug. When you see it the first time you don’t realize it’ll be the last. But when you watch it over you can’t help but think of all the other times they’ve hugged in both good times and bad. You also know that Kenzi has made up her mind about what she has to do which leads to the next one..
    Kenzi’s sacrifice. I still can’t even think straight about that one.
    The final one is Bo at Kenzi’s memorial. I say memorial and not grave because we know her body isn’t in there. When Bo takes her glasses off and is talking to her, you can feel her pain, you know that her heart is gone.
    There is a light at the end of the tunnel there too though. When Bo says ‘Whatever it takes, I’ll get you back’, gives you some hope that the writers haven’t totally lost their minds and Kenzi will return.

    1. I like your last sentence there “gives you some hope that the writers haven’t totally lost their minds…”

  6. Season 3, ‘There’s Bo Place Like Home’. Thus far (I’m in the middle of season 4), this episode got me the most worked up, personally. In it, Bo goes back to her small town, country home to make amends with her mom. When Bo gives that speech, weeping, while proclaiming how she’s done feeling bad for all that she used to do when she was younger…that she can’t feel bad for them anymore…I may have seen this a little while ago, but I still remember how hard I balled during that episode.

  7. The scene that made me cry was when Dyson thought he’d killed Kenzi in S3-6 I also liked the interaction between Lauren & Dyson. I cried with joy when Bo, Dyson and Kenzi hugged at the end 🙂

  8. Well this is a sad one. Do i go for the first time Lost Girl broke my heart or do i just skip right to the end … Gee there both as bad as each other for uncontrollable ugly crying. So saying first, where Lauren shattered Bo’s heart. …:” Its just a break ” not Ok at all. I couldn’t watch this Ep for a very long while. It still hold lots of emotion Lost Girl !. Then doing what you did to Hale and Kenzi, The scene with Kenzi totally inconsolable over Hale’s death. i felt like it happened to me. the emotion in those last couple of Ep Se4 was very over whelming. It took a lot out of ones soul. I cant imagine how Ksenia actually got through. Would have been taxing on Both Ksenia and KC alike….. Devastating!!!! Just goes to show how Brilliant this lady Ksenia Solo is. All the Awards go to Ksenia Solo ……Lost Girl i do not want to feel like this again. There are still quite a few other crying moments but these ones just stick….. @4Chedds

  9. @LewisStark74
    I haven’t cry but was really sad and if I were the crying type the Doccubus break in 3×10 “delinquents” would be the one

  10. I was sad but I did not cry It has to be between the kitchen scene and the break up scene
    Anna Silk and Zoie Palmer play off each other so beautifully

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