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Day 17: Your Favorite Ship? — 30 Days of Lost Girl

August 17, 2014 by Drinks at The Dal

This episode is part of our 30 Days of Lost Girl series in which we answer a bunch of questions about Lost Girl. To see all of the questions in the meme as well as get links to our episodes in which we answer those questions, visit our 30 Days of Lost Girl guide.

SPOILER WARNING:Β Answers may contain spoilers for up through the end of Season 4.

30 Days of Lost Girl 2014 Day 17

What is your favorite ship?

  • Annie: Doccubus (Bo/Lauren) — In a surprise twist, Doccubus is my favorite ship.
  • Kris: Hotpantsless (Lauren/Crystal) — Ah, my beloved semi-joking (but totally serious) ship.
  • Stephanie: Hotpantsless (Lauren/Crystal) — I have the most fun shipping this ship because it’s me and Kris giggling to ourselves and Lieeeebs-crying.

Tell us your favorite in the comments below!

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  1. The best ships are powered by Zoie Palmer. Doccubus gets Palmer more screen time, but Levony, Dockyrie, and Hotpantsless work fine as well. Wouldn’t have minded Nadia/Lauren had Nadia survived.

  2. Irvine says:

    I so waited for that one! Doccubus, obviously! That ship is a huge part of the show, I wish the writers would realize that by now, thought…

  3. Denise@NVGhost005 says:

    My favorite β€˜ship is Bo Dennis and Ryan Lambert for the reasons I
    articulated in Day 10, Question 10 and Day 14, Question 14 of this meme, so I won’t rehash.

  4. maverick says:

    Forever and ever .. #Doccubus. Absolutely love them and AS-ZP bring in that extra special chemistry. Besides them the BroTP ship of mine is Benzi ..#BFF

  5. Will@IWillifIWanna says:

    It’s not necessarily a ‘ship’ but my vote goes for the friendship between Bo and Kenzi. It is without a doubt the strongest bond on the show and the whole reason I started watching and kept watching.
    If I had to vote for a romantic relationship then it’d have to be for the inevitable Valkubus.

  6. Idalie says:

    # doccubus forever. That story has blown my mind in ways no other series has done before

  7. Jonathan Knight says:

    Kenzi and Shaun – if he had not died he would have been a much better boyfriend for her than Nate

  8. ana__goncalves says:

    DOCCUBUS!!! Enough said…

  9. MariStark#WeLoveZoie says:

    #Doccubus all the way, the reasons that’s easy, but I’ll keep it short, the amazing chemistry not only between Bo and Luaren but between Anna and Zoie that makes #Doccubus even more extra special, they are a great team, together they are a power couple, what they can bring to the fae world is amazing. So #Doccubus always

  10. Lost Girl Fae_bles says:

    No shipping for me. I take the fleet. I love the relationships between all
    characters on Lost Girl. I will be forever unaligned so, whatever makes Bo happy
    I say.Thats what counts Right! So I’m putting my hand up and saying Team Bo
    people’s. Regardless of what ever relationship Bo decides to have. I got your
    back Succubus

    • Drinks at The Dal Drinks at The Dal says:

      That’s pretty much where I am too in regards to Bo. I want her to be happy and healthy. (I want them all to be in happy, healthy relationships, but I’ll take healthy at the very least. I know I’m watching a drama.) I’ll take any relationship as long as it makes sense. So, the complete opposite of her and Rainer. πŸ™‚

  11. fddsite11 . says:

    wont let me do other’s so some, season 3 fav,, female i 2 kenzi,, one liners wins,,joint other zoie anna,,,male? paul aka vex πŸ™‚ fav season 1 episode? food for thought πŸ˜€ season 4 fav? Bolo reunion ep …fav guest was linda hamiltion.. fav bad Ingrid aka aoife lol happy scene? doccubus 3×1 cry?? didn’t nearly,,it was hale that scene {I was gonna say yes} Ship?? Doccubus πŸ˜‰ xD but ship there friendships also πŸ™‚ {cheekychops8}

  12. fddsite11 . says:

    yeah season 2 fav leech one awesome πŸ˜€

  13. Denise@NVGhost005 says:

    I agree with you. LG has demonstrated the best portrayal of LBGT relationships in all of TV history. I really respect how Anna Silk and Zoie Palmer really strive to keep their interactions as a LBGT couple as authentic, and non-strained as possible. That speaks well of them as actresses. Much kudos to them.

  14. Angela Merry Pavlica says:

    DOCCUBUS4Ever! I love the canon from the show as well as fan fiction… though my favorite ones are where Lauren either is born fae or finds a way to make herself and Kenzi of course, fae. Mainly because I want to see Lauren be enough for Bo. So that Bo doesn’t have to look elsewhere for her healing or succubus sex. It would be great to see that in the show as well, even though I know I’m in the minority on that point. I still would love to see it happen on the show.

    • Aaron says:

      While I get wanting the humans to live longer, becoming fae wouldn’t change anything really; no one fae is enough for Bo, Dyson proved that in season one…it was killing him and that was with Bo still pulling from other sources. So while it might work some for Bo, it’s not exactly safe for the other fae involved; succubi need to feed on various sources.

      And why does everyone think the humans should have to change; why isn’t it mentioned about more that Bo could become human?

      If you believe DNA can be changed to turn humans fae, in the sense they’re exactly like the fae who are born that way, then why not use the apparent fae blocker serum from season four to let Bo be human? It’s something she’s always wanted so why can’t Bo be human as another option? Why must Kenzi and Lauren always be the ones to change when Bo has the option to change as well?

  15. But would Bo want to change? The inevitable conflict between the Humans and fae on the show will address your last paragraph exactly. That is, if the LG writers go there….

  16. Kenzi/Hale and of course, Doccubus!

  17. irenet says:

    No contest it has to be the one and only DOCCUBUS. When I m watching a tv show I do not care if they put the most beautiful and handsome people together I look for that something special that shines through. In Anna Silk and Zoie Palmer this show hit the jackpot a chemistry so special that they need no words to convey what they feel. The looks the touches it is beautiful to watch the way thay play off each other. Some off the best chemistry I have ever seen

  18. MB says:

    Forever Doccubus

  19. KMFDM says:

    Lone Valkubus Soldier here!

    • egeogh says:

      Lone #Levony shipper here, and I feel your pain, but no one suffers as much as CopDoc fans. So there’s that.

      • KMFDM says:

        The CopDoc part actually made me LOL thanks. It’s okay we can dream together! Anything is possible in LG *whispers* but probably not. πŸ˜›

        • Drinks at The Dal Drinks at The Dal says:

          Sorry, CopDoc shippers, but I’ll eat my hat if that happens for real. (No dream sequence, etc.) I’m not saying I’m opposed to it or anything. I just think it’s very very unlikely to actually happen. But I’ve been wrong before, so I may need to start looking up recipes for hats.

    • You’re not alone, I’m with you!

  20. Tristen says:

    My favorite ship is TEAM HUMAN. Kenzi and Lauren but not in a romantic way. They are the two characters that are ALWAYS saving the Fea’s ass. They are the only ship that actually gets anything done.

    Romantic ship is Doccubus.

    • Drinks at The Dal Drinks at The Dal says:

      There’s a question coming up at the end of the month about friendships.

      • Tristen says:

        But Lauren and Kenzi aren’t really friends … Yet. No one said this had to ba a “romatic” ship.

        • Drinks at The Dal Drinks at The Dal says:

          No, but that’s the general understanding of the word “ship” — that it’s two people you want to see in a romantic relationship. I was just mentioning that we will have a whole day on friendship later on so that you would know you could talk more about Lauren and Kenzi’s friendship then if you wanted.

  21. Aaron says:

    Nicely said Irenet.

  22. Doccubus. I bet that anyone saw that coming huh? Lol my heart belongs to Doccubus πŸ™‚

  23. My favorite ship is Doccubus of course

  24. Johnny says:

    Trick / Baba Yaga


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