Day 18: Your Least Favorite Ship? — 30 Days of Lost Girl

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SPOILER WARNING: Answers may contain spoilers for up through the end of Season 4.

30 Days of Lost Girl 2014 Day 18

What is your least favorite ship?

  • Kris: Levony (Lauren/Evony) — It’s just not a feasible relationship. The way things are/have been, it can’t work. The Morrigan isn’t inclined to care about anybody but herself, and Lauren turned her human against her will.
  • Stephanie: Dyson/Val — “Guys sleeps with best friend’s sister to create drama” is a very worn trope. And besides that, I’ve never liked it because it positions men as protector of their sisters’ vaginas, which is just weird. The sex scene is actually pretty hot, but there’s too many weird relationship dynamics surrounding this hook-up.
  • Annie: RainBo (Bo/Rainer) — As I’ve mentioned, the character of Rainer doesn’t work for me. I think I’ve heard of one fanfic on it, but that’s it.

Tell us your least favorite ship in the comments below.

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48 Replies to “Day 18: Your Least Favorite Ship? — 30 Days of Lost Girl

  1. My least favorite ‘ship would be a ROMANTIC relationship between Bo and Tamsin.

    But I ADORE them as friends.

    Reason being, I am of the perspective Bo and Tamsin complement one another 555 times better as contemporaries than as lovers. Tamsin is an amazing character, and is veritable godsend for Bo at this stage of her life as she journeys down her path towards what ever destiny has in store for her, and I would not want Bo armed with any other person other than Tamsin when realizing her journey. People, I cannot even begin to describe how much I love watching these two interact together as compatriots. I am to the point now whenever Bo gets into trouble I am like shouting at the television “Where is Tamsin?!,” or if she needs help with something I am like “Please take Tamsin with you,” because I know Tamsin will use both her brains and her brawn to resolve the problem, protect Bo, and bring her home safe. I also really appreciate how Tamsin is removed just enough from the Scooby Gang not buy into their sunshine whenever they try to sell it. She checks them all at the door, especially whenever my girl Bo goes into “Bo mode” to make sure Bo maintains her perspective.

    I also love how Tamsin is ALWAYS thinking strategically, and is always looking at the bigger picture, which helps Bo focus more incisively as a warrior and overall makes her a better warrior. I also liked how Tamsin kept her perspective when it came to Rainer. While everyone was tripping (and validly so) when he appeared on the stage, thinking he was “The Wanderer” Tamsin wisely hung back, reserving judgment until the situation revealed itself more clearly. The only time she challenged Bo with regard to Rainer was in efforts to discover who had sent Revenants to the Clubhouse to kill Bo, otherwise she remained observant, and kept her perspective until the situation was clear.

    To restate what I said previously in my blog, granted, there was genuine surprise in “Fae-ge Against the Machine” when Tamsin incidentally kissed Bo during their adventure in Brazen Wood, but the show should leave it there. Anytime I see one of those pregnant pauses to force an impression of intimate chemistry between Bo and Tamsin on the fandom I just roll my eyes.
    Because Bo and Tamsin are so fantastically well-matched as friends I do not misinterpret that chemistry for romantic interest or compatibility, so much as two people who share a similar maturity level and work so very well together. That is called friendship, and not every great friendship has to go there.

    I know my response here bleeds into Day 29’s answer “Favorite friendship” which, for me, is also Bo and Tamsin, but I wanted to expound on why I considered them my least favorite (romantic) ship but without a shadow of a doubt my absolute FAVORITE friendship on the show. Kudos to Rachel Skarsten for her outstanding portrayal of the Tamsin character.

    1. Well said…yep, Tamsin is badass of a character, appreciate her last season yet Im not super impressed just because she’s snarky . Yes to friendship w Bo and Kenzi, nothing else.

    2. Agree with you in matters of Bo & Tamsin having a good friendship and share a bond of some kind, of understandment, ideals, and they complete each other in so many ways. I see them as TeamBadAss!!! But unfortunatly i dont see chemistry between Bo/Tam…

    3. Agree 100% Tamsin makes a great friend/mentor/ally for Bo because Tamsin doesnt operate under the guise of “always knowing whats best” plus she is strong and has seen a lot of things in her lifetime. Friends yes, Lovers no Besides Ive always had the idea that Tamsin loves what Bo represents not necessarily Bo herself

  2. My least favorite ship is Dyson/Kenzi that relationship is incestuous to me! I see them as big brother /little sister NOT LOVERS. All of their interactions through out the series except for S4 (my least favorite season) has them as brother/sister. Kenzi would never betray her best friend like that! That whole relationship was forced and unnatural 🙁

    1. I personally agree and disagree with you Suzy. I agree Kenzi wouldn’t pursue Dyson without Bo’s approval because of the whole “no dating exs without approval” thing, but I disagree on Kenzi only seeing him as a big brother for herself.

      That’s certainly one way to look at it, but another is that that’s why Kenzi hasn’t spoken up because of how she thinks Bo feels. Kenzi to me has always shown signs of at the very least crushing on the D-Man, at full on she’s in love with him but is respecting Bo’s “first approach” as it were; I loved their stuff in “In Memorium” because it shows how happy they can be together…yes Kenzi needed Bo her friend as well to be fully happy, but Dyson wanted things to stay the same because he loved what they had together, it was enough for him. I think they’d make a good couple together.

      But that’s my opinion.

        1. I think Kenzi finds Dyson attractive, but I’ve never really gotten the impression that she had a crush on him either.

          I love their familial relationship, however you want to define it. It was very weird for me to see them kiss in “In Memoriam.” The actors had a lot of chemistry, and I would even go so far to say that I found it hot, but a part of my brain kept saying, “There’s something kind of wrong about this…” 🙂

    1. I could understand it from Hale’s side, he had a crush on Kenzi but I never bought the crush/love from her side; not in a romantic sense, she did love him a lot as a friend.

    2. I liked Kenzi and Hale as a romantic couple, but I loved their friendship too. Their “sidekick solidarity” was great.

  3. Bo/Tamsin how many times are they going to arrange ways for them to kiss under the influence of machines or timeloops before they admit there is no sexual chemistry between them.

    1. Chemistry is a matter of opinion and perspective. If you don’t personally see the sexual chemistry, that’s fine, but other people do. Please keep in mind while commenting that we’re answering these questions for fun. We can express dissenting opinions without tearing down others’.

  4. I hate and dread any Dyson/Kenzi hook up idea. After the half-assed way Hazi got treated combined with the way they played Dyson/Kenzi in the premier for season four…do not want.

    1. I think Dyson Kenzi is more like father /daughter than brother /sister. Dyson is about 1000 years older and is like a sort of mentor to her as well as being far more protective of her than a brother would be

      1. I don’t think you can really use the age factor with the fae characters to say yes or no to a pairing.

        I mean if you say Dyson is too old for Kenzi just because he’s in his thousands then by that logic he’s too old for Bo because Bo is only 30 years old, and Tamsin for would be too old for Dyson because she’s who knows how old given the whole multiple lives thing; even people who like Hale and Kenzi or Shawn and Kenzi or Ryan and Bo the actually ages are so off if you used that to say they shouldn’t date or because they’re this old they’re more fatherly/motherly then no one would really be together. Even using the actors’ ages I don’t think it’s that illogical because Ksenia is over 18 so it’s all legal and all consenting and fair.

        I understand if you see him as more a father or mentor type, but I don’t think his age should be the only factor in that. My apologies if that’s not how you meant it, but currently that’s how it’s reading to me. Especially because mentors can come in all ages.

        I think Dyson and Kenzi could be happy together “In Memorium” showed that.

  5. Mine is definitely Bo and Rainer, I just never bought that one. When Bo came into the Dal and announced that he was her destiny I was like, ‘Ok who the hell are you and what did you do with the real Bo??’.

  6. Denzi because I just see them as family. I have to go with RainBo too it just didn’t work for me at all. I will keep it simple cause there are probably people who ship these and I mean no disrespect.

    1. I think it’s inappropriate and unnecessary to put down any character to build up another character/ship/etc. We should all be able to have different opinions without tearing down other people’s.

  7. The worst was definitely Kenzi and Nate. He was a complete asshole – a stalker and control freak who continually tried to undermine Kenzi, spied upon her and emotionally blackmailed her. He was a jackass and a loser who would have completely destroyed her.instead of Nate the writers should have put Kenzi and Hale together then since there was much more chemistry between them and the relationship was more natural than in season 4 when Hale, despite having told Kenzi how he felt in Season 3, was made to appear a fool in love – as was Kenzi

  8. I didn’t like the Lauren/Dyson scene at all. Lauren hasn’t shown any sign of interest in men and the idea of her with Dyson is just wrong to me. The other women besides Bo that Lauren’s been with I can accept as part of the story. It made sense to me. Dyson didn’t make sense to me. I mentioned in my comment in the post about the scene that made me angry that the scene with Lauren and Dyson didn’t follow it’s own internal rules for how the mirror image business was supposed to work. That’s another reason why the Lauren/Dyson hookup was my least fav.

    I also didn’t like the Bo/Rainer combination. He was all smoke and mirrors – snake oil designed to draw Bo away from her real life, her real friends and family and her real purpose with the Fae.

    1. It wasn’t Lauren and Dyson it was Dyson and Flora, but since Bo had no idea what the real Flora looked like there was Lauren’s image in the mirror shot. It’s like why Kenzi was the angel and Vex was the prince, Bo doesn’t know what the people look like. I get why people were upset with that shot but I don’t think it was meant as a suggestion to the real characters.

      As you yourself stated, Lauren is not into men in a sexual way.

      1. It is tricky though because they aren’t Dyson and Lauren, but at the same time the reason the mirror shot is significant is that Bo sees Lauren and Dyson when she looks at the reflection. So they aren’t Dyson and Lauren, but they are Dyson and Lauren on some level. But I agree that I don’t think the writers meant to suggest that Lauren is attracted to men. Flora was — Lauren isn’t.

  9. Well this one is hard, I don’t like Bo/Rainer, Bo/Dyson and Bo/Tamsin, but which one is my least favourite, still hard to tell.. those three haha, I know I have to choose so Bo/Dyson and Bo/Tamsin never as lovers only as friends they fit well as friends, but Bo/Rainer in any way so I guess that one is my least favourite, it just doesn’t work at all.

  10. My answer is anything triangle related.

    I shipped Bo with Dyson way back when…and I shipped Bo with Lauren until I saw how incompatible they are. So all triangle stuff feels like a forced retread to me. It’s sad things didn’t work out, but it’s worse when people who love each other can’t let go even when they’re not compatible.

    And yes, I crazy ship Bo with Tamsin. But I’d say the same thing even if there were no valkyrie on the scene.

      1. Yeah and having cast members talk about how great it is and how it will continue makes me cry. lol

        So did the whole red string of destiny thing. It felt like gosh, are we going to go into season 20 with the same discussion? Same triangle? It gives me a frowny face. 😉

  11. Not spending to much time on this Day 18, i responded to a question to drinks at the dal yesterday. So i just gonna copy it here 🙂 So here you go —–>

    For as much as Rainer was nice on the eyes 🙂 i agree, with that plot/story with Bo and Rainer, really, i mean Really !! lol, shouldn’t have happened and made no sense what so ever. I gave up trying to piece that one together. Cheers people, There really should be no unfav ship because someone some where will like what someone doesn’t. 🙂

  12. Agree with the thoughts expressed on the podcast re: Bo & Rainer. Given what we (think) we know about Rainer, it’s easy to see Bo having empathy for a tragic figure who also wants to bring down the light/dark system, and her wanting to help Rainer b/c Bo has such a big heart. Friends, partners, half-siblings: yes! But the romantic aspect felt creepy and like Bo had been brainwashed (even Bo asks “what am I doing?” In the only scene where we see them kiss).

    The longer Bo was off the train, the more her relationship with Rainer felt downgraded from Mr. destiny to partner.

    Chemistry is entirely subjective but I wasn’t really feeling it b/w these two either; wonder if that’s why they only kiss in the one scene and there are no love scenes?

    1. Everything about Bo/Rainer was extremely weird especially the supposed “flashback” and how really the pieces dont fit when you look at the season as a whole. Big thanks to Uberfaenatic for pointing that out to me because honestly by the end of 4×13 I was so pissed about the season I forgot a lot of the supposed “clues” that something sinister was at work

  13. I was really afraid of this question, as I thought it had some potential to become really mean– about writing, acting, and especially fans. But, everyone has been nice! Hooray for a readable comment board! As for least favorite ship– Rainbo. It feels like a long-term roofie that turns Stockholm syndrome to me– I’m on Team It’s-A-Whammy. But, hey, if someone out there thinks it’s super Hawt, that is their prerogative! Ship away, my pretties.

    1. I dont think she was under a spell but somebody manipulated/altered her memories to make the flashback in 410 seem real & to put the whole Rainer thing in motion because now looking back everything from 409 onward served the sole purpose of getting the portal open

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