Day 19: Your Favorite Quote? — 30 Days of Lost Girl

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SPOILER WARNING: Answers may contain spoilers for up through the end of Season 4.

30 Days of Lost Girl 2014 Day 19

What is your favorite quote?

  • Annie: “No, Bo. I’m yours.” — Gives me happy feels and makes my heart melt every time!
  • Kris: “I will live the life I choose.” — The show’s thesis, reiterated at the beginning of every episode. Also, good life advice.
  • Stephanie: “I will live the life I choose.” — I love that in every episode we heart Bo make that assertion. I get a real surge of, “Yeah! Me too!” when I hear her say it.

Tell us your favorite in the comments below!

Stephanie promises she won’t be an accidental asshole.

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28 Replies to “Day 19: Your Favorite Quote? — 30 Days of Lost Girl

    1. That was a good one Jessalyn. Very clever as well and it’s true, I personally hadn’t thought of that one until Kenzi said it.

  1. Kenzi (from Episode 34 – to The Norn) ” I’m human remember? We drive SUV’s, and we dump raw sewage into pretty lakes, and we will burn this planet to the ground if it means just one more cheeseburger.”

    Also considered a few Kenzi quotes from Episode 10, but couldn’t pick just one.

  2. “No Bo. I’m yours”. I remember i had to pause the episode at that moment because i was so happy i wanted to make sure i listened right lol It means so much for their relationship. It was a moment that made me really happy and i loved Doccubus even more with that quote (when i thought it wasn’t possible). I smile everytime i watch that scene 🙂

  3. So many great quotes, especially from Kenzi. ‘It’s not a drink, it’s a hug!’ was always a good one. Just about anything she says is quotable but I always kinda’ liked this that she said to Bo in Mirror, Mirror, ‘In Russian we have this saying, Dodna! To the bottom. Of the glass, yes, but also, you can fight, Bo. Fight for Dyson. Fight for Lauren. Fight for what makes you happy. To the bottom.’

      1. It was either that or when she was talking to Dyson in ‘Food for Thought’, ‘I’m not scared or anything. I’m just bored, and you amuse me.’

  4. I know we’re only supposed to put in one quote and I’ve already put in 3 but I just realized that quite possibly the most important quote of season 4 (to me anyways) hasn’t been quoted yet, and it deserves it. So forgive me for adding one more but…

    Bo: ‘I miss you, and more than that I need you, I need your courage. But I am done crying, I am done being scared. No one else will die on my watch. Whatever it takes, I will get you back. They want me to be afraid? It’s them, who should be afraid, of me.’

  5. Stephanie I know you say pick one, but I’m going to use yours back on you and pick more because it’s just so hard. Lot of great lines from various characters on this show.

    Aife: “The secret ingredient is love!”

    Evony: “And I want a dragon to heat my pool.”

    Trick: “What do succubi feed on?”
    Bo: “Nicotine and wishful thinking?”

    Lauren: “No Bo I’m yours.”

    Aife: “Don’t be sexist! Just because a girl’s got a little ambition doesn’t mean she’s off her rocker.”

    Kenzi’s speed dating montage in “The Mourning After”.

    Kenzi (in Dyson’s body): “It’s time for a little good cop-Kenzi cop!” *breaks chair*

    Kenzi (in Dyson’s body): “Hey other me!”

    Kenzi: “Please do shut up and light the sage stick!”

    And I love them for different reasons; as others said sometimes it’s for the actual context of the line, sometimes it’s just for the great deliveries, or sometimes a combination of. Again great work by the cast and crew.

    1. In honor of “TricksterTuesday” today, my favorite:

      “Of course, you are my Grandubus, my Succudaughter.”

      He turns to Tamsin, “You’re pretty.”

      Tamsin’s reaction: a nervous chuckle, and motioning Bo to hurry it up.

  6. Well this is a fun one, sooooo many AWESOME quotes. Now just what do we go with first. I’m going to start it off with Bo: … It is definitely not a date, I just frick’n’ hate tests. I’m better with multiple orgasms than multiple choices. ….Then a few famous words from Kenzi / Ludicrous …. Regrets is for suckas for suckas, regret is for suckas BITCH !!! …Uhmmm its built on lay lines ….. God one could keep going on forever…. Mirror Mirror on the wall time to bust this bitches balls…. #LostGirl 🙂 @4Chedds

  7. Lauren: “No Bo, I’m yours” one of the most beautiful Doccubus moments, and a very meaningful one as well

  8. In Groundhog Fae, one of my favorite scenes of all where Lauren and Dyson are drinking and rivaling and bonding and Lauren says to Dyson: “If I said green you’d say purple just to get my goat.” Dyson: “I don’t want your goat. I can get any goat I want. I’m a good goat catcher.”

  9. Ok… I finally thought of what my favorite quote of all Lost Girl time is… It’s from The Morrigan… season 4 ep 5 “Let the Dark Times Roll”. It’s technically about Doccubus… Evony comes up on the two women kissing for yet the thousandth time and still no sex and says “Boring! Scissor already!” and I was sitting at my computer saying “Yeah! Get on with it! I totally dislike that all the Dyboers got lots of sex between Dyson and Bo but we Doccubus fans GOT NOTHING! this season… in all 4 seasons, the Dyboers got DyBo sex… Hey, LG Producers! Where was our DOCCUBUS sex… and No, ep 7 does NOT COUNT! LOL! I loved that the Morrigan seemed to be a Doccubus sex fan too! You got Evony!

    1. Well, there wasn’t any Bo and Dyson sex in Season 2. They had a sexy scene in “Scream a Little Dream,” but it was a dream. So if the Bo as Dyson and Lauren as Flora scene doesn’t count as Bo/Lauren sex (which I don’t think it does either), then I don’t think that should count.

      Emmanuelle Vaugier does deliver that line really well though. And by the look on Lauren’s face, I think The Morrigan actually just missed the “scissoring” (though not actually scissoring because who does that? Like 3 queer women? That’s it. 🙂 ).

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