Day 20: Your Least Favorite Character? — 30 Days of Lost Girl

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SPOILER WARNING: Answers may contain spoilers for up through the end of Season 4.

30 Days of Lost Girl 2014 Day 20

Who is your least favorite character?

  • Kris: Rainer — We had questions about him before he was introduced, then he wasn’t what we expected, he and Bo joined forces, he died, and now we have at least as many questions as we did before he showed up. And everybody’s frustrated.
  • Annie: Rainer — Such overly convoluted writing for both the plot and that character. He made Bo seem selfish, unlikable and forget her friends. I honestly feel bad that Kyle Schmid had to play a character that was almost universally disliked.
  • Stephanie: Rainer — I was so disappointed in the dud that was Rainer’s storyline. He really feels like a waste of screentime at this point.

Tell us your least favorite character below.

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48 Replies to “Day 20: Your Least Favorite Character? — 30 Days of Lost Girl

  1. I avoided the previous ‘least favourite’ question, but I don’t even feel bad about answering this one. I’m going to be super original and go with Rainer. There was the potential for a really good story, it’d been built up since S3, but it ended up just being a confusing mess. I still don’t understand how I was meant to feel about him, was I meant to like him or hate him? Were we meant to find his death tragic. I certainly wasn’t cheering when he died but I didn’t exactly feel sad about it either. He ended up being neither villan nor hero. I’m not sure what I’d prefer happen next season, for them to try and redeem his storyline or just forget about it and move on.

    1. I hope we get a little more on Rainer (if nothing else, explain the inconsistencies between the tales of the horrible Wanderer & who we got), but I don’t want them to dwell on him for too long.

  2. Rainer’s character was poorly drawn, but the characters around him (the Crows and the Handmaiden) were quite interesting. The most irritating character for me is Endymion. His character has no purpose in the story, and he for some inexplicable reason carries a plaid umbrella (It was not raining, nor was there bright sunshine.)

  3. Here’s the thing … I love this show and I love or like all the main characters. Most of the recurring or one off characters still have something to like about them no matter if the are “good” or “evil”. But, I hated everything about Rainer but I blame the producers and writers for that. He was an ill conceived, poorly written, and poorly acted character that made little sense in his inclusion.

    But Rainer is not going to be my answer to who is my LEAST FAVORITE character. My least favorite is Tamsin. Let me explain. I love the character of Tamsin and have from the beginning. She is a strong, ball busting, snarky bundle of joy. [edited: comments do not conform to commenting guidelines]

    Maybe Bo and Tamsin will hook up. Anything is possible. But the character of Tamsin has been ruined for me.

  4. You know, I just cannot say that Rainer was my least favorite character. I understand why a great many in the fan base dislike him. Get it. However, the first VM caller said something that resonated with me, and that is the storyline with him is not yet fully realized, or his part in this whole “Wanderer” business so I have to reserve judgment with regard to Rainer.

    If S5 proves that we have seen all what we will ever see of Rainer then I agree with comments posted on the various message boards that his storyline was confusing. I think the best, most constructive common complaint I have read thus far is that the writers were trying to tell too much in a too short of a window.

    I have said before that if LG had staged E10 “Waves” as the premiere episode for Season 4, and then progressed Rainer’s storyline I would have bought him hook, line, and sinker. I understand why they could not, but that would have been a more impactful introduction of the Rainer character and a perfect transition from the S3 finale “Those who Wander.” I am not one of the fans that believe that every character on the show should sing “cum-ba-ya” with the Scooby Gang in order for them to still be an effective asset in helping them. I really enjoy it when the Gang are challenged. Helps them all to learn and grow as people.

    P.S. In keeping with the spirit of this meme, I am keeping my comments constructive and lively, however, when the LG series is over and done with, and rolls off into the sunset into the annals of TV history that is when I will l write a separate blogpost and let loose the kraken about my least favorite characters, and yes, you read it right that was a plural.

    1. I’m in the same boat, Denise, though I will name him as my least favorite character when asked right now. Because right now I am the most frustrated with him. Again, I hope we get more pieces of the puzzle that will redeem his character for me next season, but right now I’m just annoyed. And I also agree that had they structured the Rainer storyline differently then I also might have been more friendly to the character.

  5. I agree with posters Ana Goncalves and Sublimemaya that Dr, Issac Taft was just unbelievable.

    I named him as my “Favorite Big Bad” in Day 13 of this meme not because he is my favorite, but after Trick the implications of his storyline will most certainly drive a lot of the LG story as whole.

    Taft’s story arc brought forth some serious moral, ethical and philosophical questions about the nature of the Fae, their existence in a largely human world, and whether their abilities should be limited to just the Fae.

    Before Dr. Lewis unwittingly joined Dr. Taft’s staff he was conducting “Dr. Moreau”-like experiments on the Fae in efforts to harvest their Fae abilities. While it was timely that she was able to devise a way to harvest a Fae’s abilities without the use of barbaric methods, and turned that ability back onto Dr. Taft so he ended up as dinner for Dyson she still exposed herself as the human who could can turn humans into Fae. And now because she knows how to de-fae Fae she will be a doubly wanted woman in seasons to come, and not necessarily in a good way, anfd because of which a “Human versus Fae” conflict, and exposure of the Fae to the world is inevitable.

    I am hoping and praying for Dr. Lewis’s personal safety in S5 and hopes her serum proves unstable, because if it does not I don’t think there are enough Fae in all of the Six Counties that can protect her against the forces that will come after her then, both human and Fae, and ten times deadlier than Dr. Taft ever was. Lauren is so incredibly strong, and takes risks without any fears for her safety, but I fear for her, and Season 5 may have me wanting to leap through the television to protect my dang self! :).

    Unless the show puts on blinders the size of elephant ears this eventual conflict between Humans and Fae cannot be ignored. Story-wise, I find this exciting to see this all come to a head with Dr. Lewis at the epicenter and my personal hope the transition will begin in S5! Rubbing my hands! 

  6. I guess if Drinks at The Dal does not like your answer, they will delete it without explanation. Like they did mine. To bad. So I can’t answer this one honestly.

    1. Actually, we’re having problems with our commenting system, and your comment was filtered into the spam folder. I’ve been trying to keep up with these glitches, but I can’t be at the computer all the time. But it does violate our guidelines for commenting as stated above. I’ve edited out the content that violates the commenting guidelines, and moved it out of the spam folder.

      You are welcome to any opinion as long as it is stated in a respectful way that does not badmouth cast, crew, or other fans.

  7. I don’t understand what everyone is saying… I’m confused, how can Rainer be your least favorite character. Don’t get me wrong, I understand the gist of it, your problems are with his arc but I think it was played out really well from my view. And as a villain, yeah he is up on my list as worst villains but character?

    There are things that made his arc completely clear to me. At a comic con Rachel said Rainer was The Wanderer, saying Kyle Schmid/Rainer was the guy she made the deal with and the guy dead on the ground. Now even despite this information I knew this beforehand because first off 4.08 depicts perfectly why Tamsin would beg for more lives in 4.09 (to Trick trick). Also in 4.11 Tamsin was talking to Acacia mentioning that she made Rainer into The Wanderer by putting him on the train that wanders (redundant if you ask me).

    Now I do agree with a group of people, the Season would’ve played out 10 times better if they put the flashbacks in 4.10 right off the bat, episode 4.01, this way the audience would’ve gotten involved with Bo forgetting and yelling at their television, “Hey Bo do this” “Find the clue, it’s right there,” it would’ve been full of suspense all up until her memory came back and then it would’ve felt like we not only accomplished something but the protagonist as well. The reason I say 4.01 is because to me this was just a filler episode, and yes, I’m even talking about the tango that took 5 minutes of screen time. Also the compass and the true north was completely messed up because of Aife. Trick writing with his blood to make Aife technically forgive him and not only Bo in 1.13, the compass shouldn’t have erased his blood because everyone was suppose to forget Bo not Trick’s writings. And if that was erased wouldn’t everything Trick wrote been erased as well….

    Anyways, back to my argument. What does his arc (the Seasons arc) have anything to do with his character?
    To me some of the viewers got confused because due to Tamsin’ amnesia (rebirth) did not remember the events properly (even though it was laid out chronologically for the viewers to understand) and after Rainer got off the train it took time for his history to be rewritten in, this was shown by Lauren because the ink was still wet 3 episodes after Rainer was off the train, which was 7 days their time.
    Overall though, the book Lauren found depicted him perfectly. I say this because Rainer in 4.10 mentions that he was with the rebels trying to take down the person who made the Light and Dark (obviously Trick), and this is confirmed prior when Trick talks to the UnaMen in 4.05, mentioning deal he made with the rebels. Also Rainer opting to die after Aife’s name was brought up was a huge hint that Rainers intent was to manipulate Bo and make sure the gate to the Pyrippus was open (not for Bo’s Father to get through). He has foresight to take down the UnaMen but doesn’t have foresight when it comes to Rosette, he has foresight enough to allow Tamsin to take him back to Valhalla and for Kenzi to realize if she died she could go there but not enough for him to realize someone would take Kenzi. This is all after he made a deal centuries upon centuries ago that he would eventually get Bo on that train to do the events of this Season. But again this is all involving his arc, the seasons arc, and not his character.
    If you had a problem with Rainer making Bo act like this or like that, basically you can say the same thing with Ryan and Kenzi having to make that deal with The Morrigan, because it was the same thing but to the extreme and expanded on. Really you can say this with just about any character.

    His character was meant to be a villain and he succeeded very well at being it without anyone giving it a second thought, either that or people over thinking it, which I did at the beginning as well.

    As for Massimo, I don’t understand that either. His character was amazing too in my books, his arc was as well. If anyone remembers 1.02 Will and Michael then you get what I’m saying. The writers just expanded on it and showed the effects of Fae reproducing with humans and keeping them in their world, and showing that the effects are worse than letting them be ignorant to where they came from.

    Don’t get me wrong, Season 4 was the worst but it was the worst because they didn’t mention what was going on enough and didn’t execute the events properly, much was my problem with Season 3, however Season 3 at least had an articulated build up to the events that were going on, the Dawning and Taft, just the events themselves fell apart.

    However I don’t understand how these characters come close to Tamsin. She has wings but yet is able to teleport. She is a valkyries but has only had 1 and a half fight scenes in the total of Season 3 and 4 (less than Trick’s character). Sold Bo out for money before she was born and will kill for money, what’s worse is her excuse is I didn’t think you’d ever be born… so you took a crazy or evil persons money anyways? Nice. Is a liar for the past two Seasons. She has multiple personalities that you just can’t follow due to her indecisiveness. Her arcs fail, last year with The Wanderer and this year with him as well, even the internal arcs were awful because they were rushed and not demonstrated properly as they were with Vex where you saw proper growth from a child killer to fathering a human because his family died. There was explanation to the epiphany. Oh jeez even the last life thing just added to the horror, it was basically stating because I have more lives I don’t have to deal with consequences but now that I do I should start having a conscience. Her character is just so nostalgic, but not in the sense of wanting happiness again but of power. I could add soooo much more.
    Now, if you would’ve asked me this question 2 Seasons ago I would’ve said Dyson for a billion reasons (I’m am exaggerating) but nothing comes close to failed arcs and failed personality/ies that Tamsin has. It’s just bad casting and execution on every aspect in regards to Tamsin’s character. If you were going to get someone to be a valkyrie than you should also have someone with at least some combat training involved not someone who can’t throw a boomerang. And if your aim is to have another ship for Bo and to expand the triangle at least, AT LEAST make her have a screen test with Anna first and not Kris. Because that was initially the whole point of Tamsin, to end the triangle and for Dyson to have a relationship. I understand development is needed, but for me to prolong a development (3.02 Tamsin kissing Dyson to 4.11, which is a long time) or a conclusion and drag viewers along in high hopes in other aspects is pitiful. It’s averting what is initially wanted and using inculcate to do so, and to me this is the worst, it’s turning your fans into sheep that say “Baaaa”. It’s like my biggest beef with the show in Bo saying “I choose humans” in the premiere or Bo agreeing with Lou-Ann on loving humans in the pilot (basically it’s said throughout all of Season 1) but never really following through on it but later in the series saying “unaligned” to have a wider market. This but in regards to a character. It’s a lie and it’s deceitful, worst of all they didn’t even execute her character properly which makes it all the more horrible… and to be completely honest I don’t like Rachel as an actress. [edited: comments do not conform to commenting guidelines] Overall it’s a epic fail in my books.

    1. Let’s set aside the stuff about Tamsin/RSkar, which I’ll respectfully disagree with here. 🙂

      I’m curious about the stuff you’re saying about Rainer. I think Tamsin believed he was the Wanderer because Bo said he was and that she’s extrapolating based on that.

      But please remember, when she saw his picture in 411, she did not know who he was at all. She said he wasn’t the guy who hired her.

      I agree that Rainer is not what he seemed but as of the end of this season, Bo thinks he was a noble hero. I think there are a lot of clues that he is not but they were not emphasized too much this past season.

      Also, I’m not familiar with RSkar saying categorically at a con that Kyle Schmidt (Rainer) was her employer at a con. Could you provide that footage? It’s possible Rachel believes it’s true but I think that goes back to how badly certain aspects of season 4 were executed.

      The problem, as I see it, is that we have two major points to consider:

      1. The Wanderer is a crazy evil, very powerful, very manipulative being who can affect things on this plane of reality from wherever he is. Anyone who really knows who he is is terrified of him. Tamsin states categorically that this is Bo’s father.

      2. Trick said Rainer isn’t evil, just defiant. Bo believes Rainer is a hero of the little people against oppression who died a noble death twice, and that’s how the season ends. That he’s not her father, but her destiny.

      So how can both be true? Answer, they cannot be.

      Like I’ve said though, I think there are enough clues to show he wasn’t what he seemed.

      As for Trick and his blood, we don’t know who put the memory curse in place in 401 to remove Bo from all of their minds. We also don’t know what specifically Trick did during Aife’s fight with Bo. The result seemed to be that Aife was clear headed and loving but we don’t know how long that was to last so I don’t believe necessarily that the compass undid what he wrote.

      1. I never understood why they had the compass break in the story. Did it cause everyone to act different ? Honestly, I’m confused.

        Wasn’t it put out there that Rainer might be a Jekyll and Hyde persona. That is why sometimes the handmaiden seemed affraid of the Wonderer and other times really like him. Why Bo’s initial memories were of being frieghten on the train, but later remembering them only as happy ones.

        1. I don’t know why the compass broke. Maybe the result was Bo waking to her default state and not remembering Kenzi right away, for starters. But that also goes back to who removed Bo from their minds and why.

          I put that out awhile back, that he might be a Jekyll/Hyde but I don’t know. I think a major problem I have with that now is that people know who the Wanderer is before Bo took him off the train.

          What seems more likely is that Rainer is working for the Wanderer/Bo’s father. That he has his handprint and Bo has hers and they were the keys necessary to unlock hel.

          But Bo would not do that. EVER. Unless she were tricked into it. I think that Season 4 is that all playing out.

          If the Waves flashback is a lie, then we can only go by what we saw ourselves happen. And in those sequences, whatever Bo experienced wasn’t good. The handmaiden was scared of “him” an things aren’t as Bo believes.

          That’s why I think Waves is a lie. There are several hints that her time on the train was not happy, and very specific raw memories that contradict that narrative.

          Tell me, for instance, where in the Waves timeline does Bo reacting angrily to the crown come into play? Or seeing that handprint on herself and being scared and saying she can’t do it? I cannot envision it.

          But then if you think about Waves, it was Bo’s catnip. Think about this. He didn’t ask her there. He’s a tired noble hero who stood against oppression. She has the opportunity to free him from his curse.

          The blue butterfly.

          All of this was, I think, manufactured to make Bo pliant to what he (or his master) wanted.

    2. The problem with Rainer is, Lost Girl wasted the first half of the season with the memory loss storyline then in the second half, LG never gave us a clear understanding of who Rainer was and his purpose. The writers and producers knew who he was and why he was involved, they just forgot to tell us … the audience.

      1. I’m considering the possibility that this is intentional. That Bo needed to believe Rainer was the Wanderer and that he was heroic in order for her do do what she did leading up to and including the finale.

        I believe Bo has no idea what really happened to her the month she was gone. She wants to believe the memories from Waves are legitimate because the other stuff she knows is too dark and unpleasant so she chooses to ignore it.

        But I still submit that Rainer cannot be the evil dark monstrous Wanderer/Bo’s father AND a noble hero.

        I think the characters are extrapolating on the theory that Bo was sent to the Wanderer and thus, whatever she says is true now. But in Those Who Wander, Tamsin didn’t say she was sending Bo to the Wanderer. She said she would send her “Wherever he wants you.”

    3. As stated above, badmouthing cast, crew, or other fans is against our commenting guidelines. The spirit of this meme and the podcast is come together to have fun because we love the show, not just to complain about the show, its creators, or other fans.

  8. Like I said in my tweet, prior to Season 4, I liked pretty much everyone…but with S4, I feel that one of our characters was written poorly (I feel the direction they took with Lauren did her a disservice)…and another, Rainer, seemed unnecessary. at least so far.

    I still believe though that we’ll find out Bo was entirely wrong not only about Rainer but also that a lot of the assumptions she made were wrong.

    Perhaps they’ll clear up a lot of misunderstandings in season 5. That’s my hope at least And it could be that this is what they intended to do from the start.

    But until then, I can only go by what I’ve seen and IMHO some of this season’s character development choices and the overall execution was not up to par; and that led to a lot of frustration for some fans. Namely moi. 🙂

    1. I for one loved Lauren’s arc in season 4. No one can call her boring now ! And now that she can turn Human into Fea and Fea into Human … she is the most powerful character on Lost Girl. I loved Tamsin’s arc as well. Actually, I enjoyed everyones arc EXCEPT Bo’s.

      Rainer sucked !!

      But I agree with you that season 4 was super frustrating. The writers and producers seemed to try TOO HARD to be cleaver and unpredictable. So much so that they LOST their audience.

      1. I feel they’re trying too hard with Lauren. That usually works poorly, in my experience. I don’t necessarily want to go point by point because I truly am not trying to start anything. lol But by and large, I think they made a few major errors.

        See my point above about Season 4 being frustrating. I wonder if it was intentional insofar as Bo taking everything on face value and the other characters and we the audience by extension.

        1. You and I will probably aleways disagree with the subjects of Lauren and Tamsin, but I do respect your opinion. Even if sometimes it might seem that I don’t.

      2. [edited: comments do not conform to commenting guidelines] The “evil lesbian” is an extremely old trope that has no place on TV in this day & age. It really bothers me that LG who claim to be progressive and turn tropes on their head instead took a trope that you would think had no place in the show and made it the major item in Laurens backstory. Its sad really that they didnt put any effort into Laurens backstory to flesh her out as a character.

        Bo has an excuse for killing the people she did but Lauren killing people being an eco-terrorist is completely different which ultimately is what I think the writers were trying to do by giving Bo & Lauren a past they both regret by having them kill people accidentally. The problem is all viewers who hate Lauren will continue to hate Lauren. They write Lauren as a character people are supposed to hate as apposed to the other characters who we are supposed to love. Ethical ambiguity is fine but when you have the two extremes on the show where Dyson is written as the white knight who can do no wrong & Lauren is written as the evil lesbian who has a secret agenda for everything she does you can see where the problems come from

        That being said I like the place that Lauren is at as a character now going into S5 she is far from the meek slave she used to be even if I hate the way the writers took to get to that point

        1. As stated above, badmouthing cast, crew, or other fans is against our commenting guidelines. The spirit of this meme and the podcast is come together to have fun because we love the show, not just to complain about the show, its creators, or other fans.

  9. Nate – a self-centered smarmy bullying control freak loser. The way he stalked Kenzi, spied on her and his childish totally selfish outburst and storming out after Kenzi broke up with him made me want to throw up

  10. I guess my primary assertion to commenter Stefanie (above) is that I can only agree that the Rainer character was a good one and used properly if the intent of the show was for us to see him as being a contradiction.

    If their intent was for Bo (and by extension the other characters and we the audience) to see Rainer as heroic, while simultaneously showing us that the pieces of the puzzle don’t fit, then they succeeded because the season ended with Bo feeling that way and believing he was a good guy.

    But the part I’m stuck on is that it’s a definite that he is the Wanderer. I think there’s a lot of evidence to suggest otherwise. I agree Rainer isn’t Bo’s father, but I don’t think he’s the Wanderer.

    So if, again, their intent was for us to not be sure what was going on but to be aware that something was off, then they did that successfully.

    Perhaps if they dropped more clues, executed the arc a bit differently…we’d be more leery. More aware that something was awry.

    But like I said, I think it’s possible that they intended to end the season with Bo being clueless about Rainer, having believed a pack of lies and being manipulated into doing horrible things all for the right reasons.

    If I’m right, then Rainer as a character wasn’t necessarily a failure but the way the show utilized him wasn’t all that great and it led to frustration and confusion.

    1. You convinced me the other day & now I believe this theory. Starting in 410 its best to work off the assumption everything Bo/Rainer related wasnt true. Rainers history & how he ended up on the train were probably true because two other characters corroborate the story other than that things are sketchy..

      Isnt it suspect to anyone else that Rainer is magically Bos male equivalent, fighting the system standing up for the little people etc. Of course Bo would move heaven & earth for him since really he is her “perfect match”. Its all a manipulation after that, Bos need to know ensured she would get back on the train which then triggered the”new” memories even if those memories are false. Its too convenient that as soon as Rainer gets off the train he has a week(or two I cant remember) to live and the only way to stop it is for he & Bo to be bound. Which then of course opens the portal for Bos father and/or the Pyrippus to exit. Considering all that how couldnt Rainer see that I mean he had foresight so he should have known what was going to happen. That brings two possibilities either 1) he was complicit the entire time & knew the truth and was a part of the ruse to get Bo to open the portal or 2) he was a pawn for someone else like Bo was. I think Rainer was what the prophecy Lauren found said he was the “Warrior” not the Wanderer and having Tamsin say Rainer is the Wanderer doesnt make him the Wanderer. I think Tamsin thinks Rainer is the Wanderer but probably doesnt know for sure because her memory isnt back to 100%. Killiing the Una Mens same thing, they stand for everything Bo hates & they threatened her family so of course she was going to kill them.

      The Una Mens is I think where the master plan hit a snag because I think the master plan was to eliminate the Una Mens either to rid the world of the stiffest competetion to Bos father and/or the Pyrippus or to come into the ownership of the Origin Seed, take it & become omnipotent. Both options are possible but since we are sitting here with part 2 of a 3 part story and part 1 hasnt even been explained yet everything is still up in the air but to save Bo as a character this route is for me the most likely. Honestly what works better to get the audience to sympathize and like her again, show she was manipulated/tricked/victimized into doing what she did or leaving the audience with what they were left in S4 that Bo really doesnt care about anyone but herself, doesnt care about her family/friends, didnt really love Lauren or Dyson the list is too long to write really on how Bos actions changed the character in a hugely negative way making someone we are supposed to love into someone we hate. Bo is not an anti-hero so really we should never hate her, dislike her choices maybe but thats it

      1. “[Rainer] was complicit the entire time & knew the truth and was a part of the ruse to get Bo to open the portal…”
        This is how I view it, too, but would add “…and to get Kenzi to sacrifice herself to close it.” In S5, this will lure Bo off the earthly plane to save Kenzi. Who does this benefit (besides Kenzi)? The mastermind behind the action all along — Bo’s father, Odin, the Wanderer with an uppercase “W” (Rainer, he who was condemned by Trick to wander, is the wanderer with lowercase “w”). What is the master plan? The Wanderer needs Bo to escape his imprisonment — she’s his “key” just as Dyson was Bo’s key to escaping the Dawning Temple. Maybe that involves defeating the Pyrippus? Not sure, but I’m pretty sure Pyrripus is NOT Bo’s father, whatever we (and she) were led to believe. The Wanderer’s ultimate aim all along has been to have Bo as THE Queen, ruling by his side.

        And Rainer’s role? When the true Wanderer failed to induce Bo to join him by having Huggin (Odin’s raven, remember) kidnap her; by robbing her of her memory; inducing a coma; tempting her with a crown, etc. on her first ride on the Train, and she escapes, I think he then enlisted Rainer to seduce her into believing they were destined to be together and fight a noble war together — setting in motion the events that would ultimately lure Bo off the earthly plane to rescue Kenzi — and liberate the Wanderer. What does Rainer get out of it? A ticket off the train and back to Valhalla, where ge should have gone in the first place — and a chance to live again to fight the Fae (still his driving ambition — and perhaps part of the Wanderer/Odin’s masterplan, too).

        Someone tweeted a picture of a sign on the trailer for one of the S5 actors: “Bo’s Father’s Hand.” No name. Just Bo’s Father’s Hand. Why go to such lengths to keep an actor’s name secret? I think it’s because we already know the actor: Kyle Schmidt. This won’t be a popular development, but I do think we haven’t seen the last of Rainer.

        1. They don’t put the names of actors on trailers though, probably to try to protect their privacy a bit from people who may not watch the show but could recognize their names. Here’s some pictures of Rick and Rachel’s trailer doors labeled “Trick” and “Tamsin.”

          You might be right that Kyle Schmid will be back in Season 5 — I obviously have no idea — but I don’t know if a weird character name on a door is evidence of such just yet.

          1. Ah! OK…so I guess it’s a new character they don’t want to name or a known character they don’t want to tip off his/her return. I’m guessing KS doesn’t have “Kenzi” on her trailer either — assuming she’s coming back…she’s coming back, right?

            1. Yes! She’s coming back! And, yeah, I would guess they would put a code name on her trailer. There was a note on Spoiler TV a while back from someone who looked at the first few scripts. They were confused because they didn’t contain any of the usual character names, and they thought that code names may be being used in the scripts to protect spoilers from leaking regarding Kenzi returning.

              1. In that spirit I think “Bos fathers hand” is a code for Rainer. Sometimes kings and/or rulers in old times had someone who was essentially their voice in their lands, doing their bidding, passing laws etc. This person was sometimes called the hand. Thats why I think ultimately they are talking about Rainer since at the very least we need the rest of Rainers story & what really happened on the train

                1. I’m familiar with that connotation of “hand,” and like I said it could be Rainer, but it could also be a character we’ve yet to meet.

  11. Did i miss day 20 yet …. Almost Dam! hoping i would lol … Toss up between Rainer and Massimo. Rainer story line was just screwed up. And Massimo for being a massive A Hole, Part played well Tim Ronzon @trozon12345. Heading more towards Rainer. This section of Story just shouldn’t of happened @4Chedds

  12. Rainer definitely him, we still don’t know why he was there, completely useless and just like Stephanie said quite accurately a waste of screentime, I dind’t like Massimo either and sorry but I’ve never been fond of Dyson

  13. Ah, Massimo. Good at fashion, bad at life choices.

    But as I said in my voicemail, Rainer was my least favorite character because ZZZZZZZZZzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.

  14. By all that is holy Rainer, Rainer, Rainer. Don’t care what his purpose is since LG never filled it in for us but he was a waste of film.

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