Day 21: Your Favorite non-Lost Girl Character Played by a Cast Member? — 30 Days of Lost Girl

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SPOILER WARNING: Answers may contain spoilers for up through the end of Season 4.

30 Days of Lost Girl 2014 Day 21

Who is your favorite non-Lost Girl character any of the main cast played?

  • Kris: Frances Jane from Cold Blooded — She just so relentlessly sticks to her principles. I respect that.
  • Stephanie: Cassidy Holland on Being Erica — I really love Anna Silk as Cassidy. She is a lot of fun and very sexy but in a very different way from Bo. She’s so average seeming. Well, as average as you can be when you’re as gorgeous as she is. And it doesn’t hurt that Cassidy makes out with someone while topless.
  • Annie: Carly Grieg on The Guard — I love how the script reveals right from the start how flawed and effed up Carly is under her professional veneer. Her issues around commitment and getting close to others make her seem so genuine instead of a cardboard cutout character. And I love seeing Zoie and Ryan Robbins work together on screen — they have very believable chemistry.

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15 Replies to “Day 21: Your Favorite non-Lost Girl Character Played by a Cast Member? — 30 Days of Lost Girl

  1. I had totally spaced mentioning that my favorite non-Lost Girl character is Kris Holden-Reid portrayal as William Compton in “The Tudors.”

    I LOVED that show, and next to “Rome”, “The Wire” and the “Sorpranos” that show set the standard and paved the way for some of the masterful series television we enjoy today.

    Not only does Kris hail from “The Tudors” but so does Henry Cavill, the new Superman, and Natalie Dormer who is currently on “Game of Thrones” and what ever other 15 roles she happens to be playing simultaneously right now (smile). (She is really everywhere). In any event, Kris comes from that exceptional class of actors, and whenever I think of his previous work the “The Tudors” is the first to come to mind.

    So adding Kris Holden-Reid’s performance as William Compton in “The Tudors” my favorite non-Lost Girl character portrayed by the main cast.

    1. I haven’t watched The Tudors, but my partner is a big fan. I do love Natalie Dormer, though, and Maria Doyle Kennedy, who played Catherine of Aragon, is on Orphan Black.

  2. I thought Kris Holden-Ried was great in The Tudors too but my favorite has to be Anna Silk as the crazy flight attendant in that tv commercial. Just way too funny! 🙂

    1. Anna as Deb is never not funny. I also liked her as Cassidy what I saw of her in that; “The last time I spent that much on crystal she gave me a lap dance first.”. I also liked Zoie as Miora in “XIII”.

  3. Well I’ve loved Zoie as Lou in SAK, as Patsy in Instant Star, as officer Frances in cold blooded mainly.

  4. Well, real life you got in the way of this Day, Oh well…. So I’m putting in For Anna Silk as Cassidy From Being Erica… Played another confident strong sexy woman, AWESOME and it was i great show as well….. Also all the Lost Girl Stars that where in Sex After Kids. Brilliant funny well done movie 🙂

  5. Having trouble choosing b/w Anna Silk as Cassidy in Being Erica and Zoie Palmer as Lou in Sex After Kids. They are both so adorable in those roles, and ZP gets to show more of her comedic chops playing an un-Lauren like ditz.

  6. Francis Jane played by Zoie Palmer in the movie “Cold Blooded”… She played a great moral cop who just wanted to do her job. And still maintained her integrity with all kinds of “Super-sized Shit” raining down on her. Loved Zoie in that one!

    1. Gotta add… I really liked Zoie in XIII: The Series as Moira in season 1 ep 4 “The Irish Version”. She has a pretty good part in the ep and I liked how it ended. Also liked her as the Russian spy in Nikita Season 1 ep 19 “Girl’s Best Friend”. It was weird to see her as a villain but she played the part well.

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