Day 22: Your Favorite Battle Scene? — 30 Days of Lost Girl

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This episode is part of our 30 Days of Lost Girl series in which we answer a bunch of questions about Lost Girl. To see all of the questions in the meme as well as get links to our episodes in which we answer those questions, visit our 30 Days of Lost Girl guide.

SPOILER WARNING: Answers may contain spoilers for up through the end of Season 4.

30 Days of Lost Girl 2014 Day 22

Which is your favorite battle scene?

  • Stephanie: Bo vs. The Moragh in “Vexed” — That fight is so brutal and creepy and wonderfully shot.
  • Kris: Kenzi vs. the pig-men in “Confaegion” — Temporarily super-powered Kenzi reflexively kicking ass!
  • Annie: Bo vs. Lachlan in “Barometz. Trick. Pressure.” — I’m always a fan of awesome, long sword fight scenes — kudos to Casey Hudecki!

Tell us your favorite battle scene in the comments below!

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15 Replies to “Day 22: Your Favorite Battle Scene? — 30 Days of Lost Girl

    1. Ksenia was really awesome. Don’t get me wrong — I like Kenzi the way she is and don’t want her to become a bad ass fighter all the sudden. But I like that they took an opportunity to showcase Ksenia’s athleticism.

  1. I loved the Bo vs Lachlan sword fight, it was really well shot. The one that I could watch over and over again though is Kenzi vs the three not-so-little pigs. There’s one part in there where she does this head over heels flip that’s just incredible. Don’t know if that was Ksenia or a stunt person but whoever it was…kudos!

    1. Yeah, I’m trying to remember if Ksenia used a stunt double for that scene. I think she might have a little bit, but I wanna say 95% of that is her.

  2. Easy choice, hands down it has to be Bo versus Lachlan in season two; that fight had a bit of everything.

    There was variety in both location, I know it was shot in the same building but they used various rooms so it didn’t feel closed in, and fighting techniques. You had Bo go power versus Lachlan’s finesse; there was variety in the types of weapons used – both swords and fists.

    There was great banter between Bo and Lachlan.

    It was just a great sequence. Applause to everyone involved. Best fight scene so far on the series in my opinion.

  3. Lordy these days are just getting away from me …… Lets see fave battle scene.. I loved the one between Bo and Tamsin end of se3 …..Baby Fae…. Dead women … Old i heard was old… Brilliant… …Your not like anyone I’ve ever met, in any of my many life times……
    And there’s the Battle between Aife and Bo. Mum and Daughter going toe to toe….. NO RUNNING IN THE HOUSE.. Loved it …. .@4Chedds

  4. Wow that’s a hard question. I’m actually stumped. Ahhh… the most memorable for me…. ugh, I don’t want to say an answer thats already there… ahmmm. BAM! Got it. Aife and Bo in 1.13. It was also cool to see how that scene was done in the specials of the DVD. I would’ve put Lachlan and Bo up there too though.

    As for Kenzi and the pigs, although it looked really well it wasn’t really Kenzi, it was a tease basically. If you look at any of the other moments Kenzi has fought her attacks were mostly accidental or by surprise, it wasn’t full blown combat. I find it much better when it’s natural, 1.06 and taking the syringe from the oriental guy and quickly putting it to his neck or even in 2.22 with the crossbow which was sneaky. When you think of theif you think of stealth and then an assassin, so I prefer Kenzi in that wheelhouse, like Ezio from AC, more of on a building and then picking her kill as opposed to hand-to-hand combat.

    As for Bo and the moragh, I don’t think that was fight as far as fights go. With the moragh it was more of a struggle or an altercation, but as far as actually technique in combat, there was none. Don’t get me wrong it looked nice and emphasised what Dyson said all the more, but honestly I don’t consider it a fight. If someone tries to take your purse and you pepper spray them, do you consider that a fight?

    However I watch Street Fighter the web series, and those are actual fights and on a smaller budget (much less), not let’s grab a stunt double.

  5. The truth is that I liked very much the battle scene between Lauren/Flora/LadyDeathStrike vs Bo/Dyson in “La Fae Époque” but is tied with Kenzi vs. the pig-men in “Confaegion” Kenzi was so amazing there.

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