Day 23: Saddest Character Death? — 30 Days of Lost Girl

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SPOILER WARNING: Answers may contain spoilers for up through the end of Season 4.

30 Days of Lost Girl 2014 Day 23

Which character death was the saddest?

  • Stephanie: Hale — The circumstances of Hale’s death were so tragic and, I think, a waste of a great character, which made it doubly sad.
  • Annie: Hale — While shows always seem to want to up the ante/kill off a character after it’s been established for a few years, it was so sad to see one of the original six cast members leave. Kenzi crying for someone to help her and for Bo just kills me. Every time.
  • Kris: Hale — What they said. I think his being the only main character to permanently die makes him a shoo-in for this, right?

Tell us what you think has been the saddest character death in the comments below!

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24 Replies to “Day 23: Saddest Character Death? — 30 Days of Lost Girl

  1. Would be very sad if Kenzi were permanently dead, but since there is a strong suspicion that she will return. Hale’s death was sad, but felt sad for Kenzi when Hale died, more so than for Hale. Another death that was a source of sadness was that of Bianca in ‘It’s Better to Burn Out Than Fae Away’.

      1. Yeah, I agree w/Pixel Fiftyone re: Bianca. Her death was tragic and sad. She was so clever at being so deceptive right under the noses of The Morrigan and Vex, only to have backed herself into a corner. I liked that story because she n nearly toppled the The Morrigan right under her very nose. Sad to have seen her demise.

  2. Hale.. just the way he died :'(
    Finally after so long Hale managed to confess his feelings to Kenzi and they were about to embark on the journey of a life of togetherness and happiness together. To see it ripped off so cruelly, just tore my heart apart. Kenzi’s breakdown scene thereafter was absolutely devastating to watch.
    Kenzi’s sacrifice comes next but i am very sure, Kenzi will be back.

  3. Part of me wanted to say Kenzi, but Kenzi’s death had purpose. She totally went all Spock “Needs on the many outweigh the needs of the few…or the one.” Hale’s death served no purpose plot-wise. Sure it ups the ante for the viewers but for a hero (and all are main characters are supposed to fit that label in some way) it was a senseless death. Made more senseless in that when Bo had her 1st shown down with Massimo if she had taken back the Twig of Zamora (Kenzi told her she gave it to Massimo earlier in the episode) before she left he would not have been able to withstand Hale’s siren. I doubt Massimo, crazy as he was, would have jumped in that furnace/cauldron thing it he didn’t have the Twig.

    The main purpose of Hale’s death,other than making the viewer worry about every character from here on out, is to give Kenzi that extra push to sacrifice herself. Her hope that she may see Hale again gives her the strength to make that fabulous spike-heeled walk to seal the breach and save the world.

  4. oh my goodness, there is no contest here! The death of Hale devastated me! Ksenia Solo’s acting ripped the heart right out of my chest and then stomped it dead 🙁 I still cry when I watch it and I know what was coming. True the death of Kenzi is a close second, but Ksenia’s acting just made Hales death unbearable! 🙁

  5. Nadia and Ciara.

    Nadia because she didn’t understand what was happening to her; she was asleep for 8 years and then suddenly something is inside of her making her do things she doesn’t understand and that’s on top of everything new she’s being subjected to. It was Bo’s first intentional human (though you can debate if Nadia was fully human I think) kill so that was sad for Bo. It was sad for Lauren because she couldn’t save Nadia.

    Ciara was sad because you didn’t see it coming and she was such a great character I felt. Short lived on the series but great.

    Honorable mention to Lisa from “Adventures In Faebysitting” because she knew what was happening to her and didn’t want that so she asked Bo to help her stop it.

    I can’t say Kenzi because I don’t feel she’s really dead and it was really telegraphed I felt; you knew it was coming so you had time to grieve. It was a sad scene at the end don’t get me wrong but unless she’s really dead then I don’t think it counts.

    Hale would have been included had he died in season two or three even, but season four Hale wasn’t the Hale I loved so his death in that season didn’t affect me as much because I’d already grieved him before the event happened.

  6. Definitely Lisa, she knew what was happening & really hated being Fae which for the series is something we never hear. Her death was sad because it was the only way to stop her being used by others

    Kenzi & Hale seem to be the popular vote but for me both deaths were extremely underwhelming & to be honest I saw their deaths coming long before they happened which took away from the impact when it finally happened. Hales death was sad because of Ksenia’s acting during that scene but other than that nothing. Kenzi on the other hand because she is one of the untouchable characters her death didnt effect me at all. Since Kenzi found the part of the prophey pertaining to her I knew that she was going to die but also knew there was nothing final about it & that Kenzi would be back

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