30 Days of Lost Girl: Part 3 — Episode 64

We reveal some of our Lost Girl “favorites,” including our favorite ships, quotes, and character deaths. This episode is a compilation of several short episodes we produced as part of our 30 Days of Lost Girl series in which we answered a bunch of questions about Lost Girl. To see all of the questions in the meme as well as get links to our episodes in which we answer those questions, visit our 30 Days of Lost Girl guide.

SPOILER WARNING: Answers may contain spoilers for up through the end of Season 4.

30 Days of Lost Girl Part 3

Day 17: Your favorite ship?

  • Annie: Doccubus (Bo/Lauren) — In a surprise twist, Doccubus is my favorite ship.
  • Kris: Hotpantsless (Lauren/Crystal) — Ah, my beloved semi-joking (but totally serious) ship.
  • Stephanie: Hotpantsless (Lauren/Crystal) — Because no one seems to care that it’s just me and Kris giggling to ourselves and Lieeeeeeeebs-crying.

Bo and Rainer in Waves

Day 18: Your least favorite ship?

  • Kris: Levony (Lauren/Evony) — It’s just not a feasible relationship. The way things are/have been, it can’t work. The Morrigan isn’t inclined to care about anybody but herself, and Lauren turned her human against her will.
  • Stephanie: Dyson/Val — “Guys sleeps with best friend’s sister to create drama” is a very worn trope. And besides that, I’ve never liked it because it positions men as protector of their sisters’ vaginas, which is just weird. The sex scene is actually pretty hot, but there’s too many weird relationship dynamics surrounding this hook-up.
  • Annie: RainBo (Bo/Rainer) — As I’ve mentioned, the character of Rainer doesn’t work for me. I think I’ve heard of one fanfic on it, but that’s it.

Bo in Vexed

Day 19: Your favorite quote?

  • Annie: “No, Bo. I’m yours.” — Gives me happy feels and makes my heart melt every time!
  • Kris: “I will live the life I choose.” — The show’s thesis, reiterated at the beginning of every episode. Also, good life advice.
  • Stephanie: “I will live the life I choose.” — I love that every episode the credits end with Bo making that assertion. I get a real surge of, “Yeah! Me too!” when I hear her say it.

Rainer in Dark Horse

Day 20: Your least favorite character?

  • Kris: Rainer (tentatively) — We had questions about him before he was introduced, then he wasn’t what we expected, he and Bo joined forces, he died, and now we have at least as many questions as we did before he showed up. And everybody’s frustrated.
  • Annie: Rainer — Such overly convoluted writing for both the plot and that character. He made Bo seem selfish, unlikable and forget her friends. I honestly feel bad that Kyle Schmid had to play a character that was almost universally despised.
  • Stephanie: Rainer — I was so disappointed in the dud that was Rainer. He really feels like a waste of screentime at this point.

Zoie Palmer as Frances Jane in Cold Blooded

Day 21: Your favorite non-Lost Girl character any of the main cast played?

  • Stephanie: Cassidy Holland on Being Erica — I really love Anna Silk as Cassidy. She is a lot of fun and very sexy but in a very different way from Bo. She’s so average seeming. Well, as average as you can be when you’re as gorgeous as she is. And it doesn’t hurt that Cassidy makes out with someone while topless.
  • Annie: Carly Greig on The Guard — I love how the script reveals right from the start how flawed and ‘effed up Carly is under her professional veneer. Her issues around commitment and getting close to others make her seem so genuine instead of a cardboard cutout character. And I love seeing Zoie and Ryan Robbins work together on screen — they have very believable chemistry.
  • Kris: Frances Jane from Cold Blooded — She just so relentlessly sticks to her principles. I respect that.

Kenzi in battle mode in Confaegion

Day 22: Your favorite battle scene?

  • Stephanie: Bo vs. The Moragh in “Vexed” — That fight is so brutal and creepy and wonderfully shot.
  • Kris: Kenzi vs. the pig-men in “Confaegion” — temporarily super-powered Kenzi reflexively kicking ass!
  • Annie: Bo vs. Lachlan in “Barometz. Trick. Pressure.” — I’m always a fan of awesome, long sword fight scenes — kudos to Casey Hudecki! That was actually the first episode I watched since my roomies at SDCC had to watch that week’s ep — so confusing for me!

Kenzi, Hale & Bo in End of a Line

Day 23: The saddest character death?

  • Kris: Hale — What they said. I think his being the only main character to permanently die makes him a shoo-in for this, right?
  • Stephanie: Hale — The circumstances of Hale’s death were so tragic and, I think, a waste of a great character, which made it doubly sad.
  • Annie: Hale — While shows always seem to want to up the ante/kill off a character after it’s been established for a few years, it was so sad to see one of the original six cast members leave. Kenzi crying for someone to help her and for Bo just kills me. Every time.

Massimo dying in Dark Horse

Day 24: Favorite character death?

  • Stephanie: Kenzi — I’m not saying I want Kenzi to be dead (Season 5: The Quest for Kenzi), but I thought her death made a lot of sense character-wise and was a good bookend to her story arc in Season 4. Plus, I really love that image of Tamsin folding her wings over Kenzi’s body.
  • Annie: Kenzi — As Stephanie said, not because I want to see her go! (And we know this is fantasy and Xena-like, so Kenzi will return!) But because I just sobbed for most of that ep — I know when I have a reaction like that, it’s not just because I’m an emotional mushball. It means an excellent story that has created characters and worlds that feel genuinely honest and real to me. I think Kenzi’s whole storyline of the series had built up to the point where she made her sacrifice. So many feels!
  • Kris: (Because they covered Kenzi) Massimo — Deserved it.

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