Day 24: Favorite Character Death? — 30 Days of Lost Girl

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This episode is part of our 30 Days of Lost Girl series in which we answer a bunch of questions about Lost Girl. To see all of the questions in the meme as well as get links to our episodes in which we answer those questions, visit our 30 Days of Lost Girl guide.

SPOILER WARNING: Answers may contain spoilers for up through the end of Season 4.

30 Days of Lost Girl 2014 Day 24

Which character death has been your favorite?

  • Stephanie: Kenzi — I’m not saying I want Kenzi to be dead (Season 5: The Quest for Kenzi), but I thought her death made a lot of sense character-wise and was a good bookend to her story arc in Season 4. Plus, I really love that image of Tamsin folding her wings over Kenzi’s body.
  • Annie: Kenzi — Not because I want to see her go! (And we know this is fantasy and Xena-like, so Kenzi will return!) But because I just sobbed for most of that ep — I know when I have a reaction like that, it’s not just because I’m an emotional mushball. It means an excellent story that has created characters and worlds that feel genuinely honest and real to me. I think Kenzi’s whole storyline of the series had built up to the point where she made her sacrifice. So many feels!
  • Kris: Massimo — Deserved it.

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23 Replies to “Day 24: Favorite Character Death? — 30 Days of Lost Girl

  1. Kenzi also! As you guys i absolutly dont want her Dead! Cant see Lost Girl without her… But it was the death that had the most emotional impact on the characters, on the storyline, and of course on me… It was brilliant performed By Ksenia, and i just felt the angst and hopelessness of Bo, in that final walk… I Guess we all died a little in that ep! Anna Silk face expression was AMAZING! Other then that Dr. Isaac Taft death was had a touch of Dark humor! Dyson picking his teeth afterwards was priceless! And Massimo, arghhhh! He just had it coming! It was the most satisfying death to watch!

  2. Kenzi. Ksenia acted with such grace and dignity. The writers had 2 choices Kenzi either had to die or become Fae. Previously Kezni could survive as a result of her youth and cheekiness but she is no longer a teenager and what the Fae hierarchy will accept from a 19 year old they will not accept from a 23 year old. She could not survive without respect and without any special powers – apart from being able to make people love her in a non-sexual sense. Lauren has scientific skills that the Fae want to use and thus she is accepted even if as a second class person. Kenzi if she continued as a human in the fae world would not have that respect and as she got older she would find to more and more difficult to fit in anywhere. She does not fit into the human world as is shown by the fact that she was living in an abandoned metro. She cannot continue living on the streets. The only world that have accepted her are the fae and other outcast humans. Kenzi has now been dead for some considerable time and if she does return, which is by no means certain, she will not be human despite not being vaporized when she as killed. Her body was taken by Tamsin as little balls of light (did their DNA merge during this process?) when Tamsin took her to Valhalla but Kenzi never arrived. Baba Yaga stalks the Underworld ensuring that the souls of the dead do not return to Earth. Possibly she grabbed Kenzi who she has no cause to love. Bo’s father appears to be in Hel. Kenzi is the only person able to control the dark side of Bo. Did Bo’s father kidnap Kenzi? Kenzi was not listed in the list whereas Bo and the others were – does this mean that Kenzi and not Bo is the Queen? Has Kenzi been taken to Valkyrie school? Will she come back as a ghost, angel, vampire, zombie or other former of former human fae. There are hints that Kenzi may be a water nymph – the cyclops had a shock when they kissed and said ‘sweet taste of nymph how rare you are to me’ The sunflower is the symbol of Clytie who was a water-nymph and in love with Apollo. Kenzi returned from Baba Yaga’s realm via the bath tub. We shall see what the writers do.

    The death that made me happiest was Massimo, a truly nasty piece of work. I hope that Kenzi, with enhanced powers, meets up with him and whups his ass. I am looking forward to Kenzi’s adventures in the Underworld but hope that they do not separate her and Bo for too long.

    1. To Jdknight: Wow! Impressive theory on Kenzi! I like it. You have been watching the details. You caught a couple I did not correlate. LOVE the Baba Yaga tie-in. Great way to bring that one full circle. I would not surprised at all if Babs got in between Tamsin delivering Kenzi to Valhalla. In reading everyone’s theories heading in Season 5 I have TWO concerns: Kenzi is found but cannot return, or Kenzi is returned at the price of another main character death, and I really fear the latter will happen. In any event, love your thoughts!

      1. I still refuse to believe that anyone at Lost Girl would be foolish enough to write Kenzi off the show. She’ll be back.

    1. I really enjoyed Christine Horne as The Keeper. Too bad she couldn’t stick around longer. She also just seems like a really nice woman.

    1. It was satisfying to see Massimo bite it. Though I wish Bo had stabbed him through the middle for Hale instead.

      1. I was glad that Bo delivered the killing blow for Kenzi. Kenzi had given her the weapon to do it with. Bo was furious with Massimo. Not just for kidnapping Lauren or killing Hale or for beating Kenzi up and breaking her heart. I think it was also because that incident had driven a wedge between Bo and Kenzi and that had never happened before. I really would’ve been disappointed if she hadn’t.

        1. But he killed Hale. He KILLED him. I mean, I get where you’re coming from, and Kenzi is Bo’s heart, but if Kenzi had killed Massimo I think it would have been for Hale.

  3. well I would say a needed death Rainer and Massimo (rainer’s just because he was completely useless and Massimo just deserved it so much)

  4. Rainer… because he never even tried to like her friends… nor did he explain to them that he is not the monster they think he is… which means to me that he really is that monster. So, the death of a monster is good.

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