Day 25: Favorite Bad Guy Turned Good or Good Guy Turned Bad? — 30 Days of Lost Girl

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This episode is part of our 30 Days of Lost Girl series in which we answer a bunch of questions about Lost Girl. To see all of the questions in the meme as well as get links to our episodes in which we answer those questions, visit our 30 Days of Lost Girl guide.

SPOILER WARNING: Answers may contain spoilers for up through the end of Season 4.

30 Days of Lost Girl 2014 Day 25

Who is your favorite bad-guy-turned-good OR good-guy-turned-bad?

  • Stephanie: Trick — Even though I’m not sure Trick was ever truly good, I do think we’ve seen more of a sinister, darker side to Trick as the seasons have progressed. I’m so curious to see more of the Machiavellian Trick.
  • Annie: Vex — So fascinating to see him go from a psychopath making vampires kill themselves in garbage disposals, to hanging on the clubhouse couch discussing mascara tips! I love that little moment when Kenzi requested the ‘old’ Vex back to get revenge on Massimo — I would love to see that pop up now and again to see if it conflicts with the conscience Vex has around those he now considers friends.
  • Kris: Tamsin — She wasn’t technically a “bad guy” when introduced, but she was an antagonist, so I’m counting it. I like that we got to see the progression of her character’s relationship with our protagonists and that they got to restructure those relationships with Tamsin’s rebirth.

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24 Replies to “Day 25: Favorite Bad Guy Turned Good or Good Guy Turned Bad? — 30 Days of Lost Girl

  1. Tamsin for the win. She started out hunting Bo with killing on her mind and she’s ended up being Bo’s protector and backup. She even loves Bo, a feeling that’s new for her despite her many years of living. Tamsin has done a complete 180 and the new Tamsin is highly likeable!

    1. I really like the new Tamsin. While I didn’t dislike the Tamsin of Season 3, she did and said some things that made it difficult for me to want to try to sympathize with her. But the new Tamsin is almost the exact opposite for me.

  2. Bad guy turned good – Vex .. even if he still remains a bit unpredictable, no denying that he does care for the Scooby gang and especially Kenzi. I hope he helps to get Kenzi back. #MascaraBuddies for life.

    Good guy turned bad – Trick .. i mean who else would get his own daughter banished and punished like Trick. Who knows what his true intentions are behind leading Bo, to control her or to guide her. I dont trust him especially after what he has done with Aife.

    1. @Maverick_tom07, I’m okay with Vex helping to rescue Kenzi, especially because she’s his favorite member of the group I think; he does have a thing for Dyson it seems but Bo I think he could take or leave.

      As for Trick, I think he definitely wants to control not just Bo but everyone and everything; he’s definitely been seduced by his powers like he warned Bo of in that season two speech.

  3. Bruce. As much as I enjoy Vex and like his interactions with the group, it would be hard to accept him as a member of the ‘Scooby gang’ when we see him do things like he does to the girl at the party in 4×01.

    1. Jessalyn, while I agree Bruce is fun, I wouldn’t say he’s ever turned. Yes he’s Dark fae but that doesn’t make him a bad guy. Bruce has always been one of the good Dark fae in my personal mind; yes he’s attacked Bo but it was never out of pleasure if you will it was always business given by the Morrigan. Therefore I wouldn’t count Bruce on this list in my opinion; who are some of your other choices if you have ones?

      1. I do agree. I don’t think Bruce is a ‘bad’ guy. But he is attacking Bo and Kenzi when we first see him, something he probably/hopefully wouldn’t do now even at the request of The Morrigan.

        1. I agree. Bruce (or whatever his name is) certainly starts out as an antagonist to Kenzi and Bo, but he is no longer. He totally counts as a bad guy turned good on this show.

  4. Tamsin is my choice. In the beginning it was like her only purpose was to bring Bo down but now she’s one of her strongest allies. I love her attitude too.
    Vex would have to take a very close second. He still can be a real bad guy but it’s obvious that he’s developed feelings for Kenzi and is on Bo’s team now.

  5. I don’t think there really are any good guys gone bad or bad guys gone good on the series. “Lost Girl” is very into the grey which makes characters believable and layered; you have good guys who do bad things or bad guys who can occasionally be nice but for the most part they are who they are – good or bad for the most part. Yes you have guest characters who act good or bad but then you find out they’re the opposite and just used Bo for their own needs so I wouldn’t classify that as good or bad gone another way.

    When I think of this question I think of it like “Xena: Warrior Princess”; Xena was a bad guy gone good for example, yes she still had questionable actions at times but she was definitely good still for the most part especially compared to where she started, and Callisto was a good guy gone bad for example in my opinion. I know there’s characters who’s actions are debatable and who have seemingly jumped sides on the show but I don’t think any have really gone in the way the question means, in my opinion.

    I’m reading it as in they went bad/good for the whole series after beginning it good/bad. I know this was adopted from a “Buffy” questionnaire and you have people like Faith and Willow as options but they don’t really fit either, neither were bad guys to me even though they did bad things at a time because they were redeemed and if they were redeemed it means they started off on one side so they just reverted to the good guys they always were; Ayna was more a bad guy gone good to me though you can argue she was good from the start because she wasn’t a bad person when she changed arguably. Spike is potential bad guy gone good as well though he wasn’t really a bad guy at the start, when he was human, I don’t think they ever had a good guy who went bad on that show did they?

    Anyways back to “Lost Girl” in this case, yes you have Aife but to me she’s not really a bad guy, she’s done bad things yes but in that world there’s the argument of are her attacks really that bad? And she’s really only out to protect herself and Bo of course and get revenge on her father who arguably did her wrong so without knowing who she was pre-Isabeau’s death I’d say she’s like Faith from “Buffy” a good guy who’s had bad things happen to her and she’s responds with the only actions she knows if ya will; she’s a good guy at her core though. Trick you can argue was he ever really good because while he can do good things he does some really shady stuff as well so it’s not like he’s switching sides, he’s a good/bad guy who occasionally does opposite actions when it benefits him. Vex went through a change a little in season three but it’s still debatable if he’s a bad guy gone good or a bad guy who just does good when it benefits him.

    Given his history with characters, especially how he’s tried to kill them on occasion, I didn’t get why more people didn’t question him staying at the shack. I know Bo felt bad for him because he helped them out in season two, but why weren’t Trick and Dyson warning she and Kenzi more about him or expressing their dislike at the occurrence? It’s like just because he lost his mesmer power during part of the season he became some innocent when he’s far from it. The guy killed people and he could still do that without powers so I don’t like how they turned him into the comic relief essentially even though he’s a funny character with some of his lines. If that makes sense to readers.

    So I can’t count Vex as an option. I also didn’t like the Tamsin change at all; I understand she wanted better friends but why not start with the Dark? Dark doesn’t mean evil so why not try to be friends with Bruce instead of instantly jumping to the group? That shift just ruined the Tamsin character to me; I liked her potential at the start but that episode six change I wasn’t a fan of. I also didn’t like it was another Dark character being made to go good to be a part of the group; we have yet to see a Light character do a shift like they did with Vex and Tamsin.

    We have yet to see a lot of evil Light fae characters at all, just as we haven’t seen a good Dark fae in a while. That is one thing I liked about Ryan Lambert though, he was true to his Dark choice; he never felt a desire to be a part of the group just because he was dating Bo, if members wanted to be friends then he tried to be friends with them but he didn’t feel the need to change just to be friends with them or involved in helping them with investigations. The show didn’t change him just to make him fit in better and that’s one of the things I loved with Ryan.

    I feel like Tamsin is really the only default choice here and you either like her or you don’t because again everyone is really shades of grey honestly. It’s one of the things that makes “Lost Girl” kind of unique, there are no real clear good guys or bad guys at least not as many as you’d see on other series where they say “these are the good guys” you know? It’s very subjective of who’s a good guy and who’s a bad guy. Which is part of the fun.

    “Continuum” is the only other show I can think of that has this kind of shading. Yes you have “these are good guys, these are bad guys” but it’s like “are they really?”; who’s really the good guys and who’s the bad guys on there.

    I know this is a super long way of saying I don’t have one but I find the question really interesting to debate. If a character starts good then goes bad yet goes good again at/near the end are they a good guy gone bad, same for the bad guys, or does the shift have to be a more permenate one in your mind fans?

    I’m looking forward to reading all the takes.

  6. Tamsin for going from “bad” to “good”. She fell in love with Bo, and when it became clear that Bo did not return her affections, she pulled an interesting maneuver at the end of Season 3. That car crash may have been suicide (and the attempted murder of Dyson). Think about it. Tamsin knows she will be reborn. If Dyson dies, one of her main rivals for Bo is out of the picture. She probably did not plan to be found in an immature state. If Dyson had not survived, she would have grown up without Kenzi’s influence and sought out Bo after regaining her memories. Her friendship with Kenzi altered Tamsin’s approach to things.

    1. Pixel Fiftyone, “That car crash may have been suicide (and attempted murder of Dyson.” – agreed. However for different reasons I think; I think Tamsin wanted to try and take out Bo’s dad not so much for Bo but for her own safety; she clearly is scared of him and rightfully so. I don’t know if Tamsin knew she’d be reborn one more time or not, remember she talked about being on her last life in season three, so it was kind of a 50/50 play there. Maybe she’s reborn and maybe she’s not but at least she takes out the man who could kill her and cut off her mom’s hand; yes I believe Acica is her mom even if it wasn’t said out loud because of a comment Rachel made in an interview when Kris brought her up.

      I will agree Kenzi’s relationship with Tamsin altered her; is that a good or bad thing is up for personal debate of course.

      I think like the hosts said it’s arguable she would have changed anyways without the rebirth in season four and personally I might have found that arc more believable than the season four rebirth because it felt so forced to me especially after the arguably lame reason they gave for having her switch in season three. It just felt rushed and forced at times with that character. I personally liked season 3 episodes 2-most of 6 Tamsin the best; I don’t see why that version couldn’t have stuck around longer.

      I get her vibe and possible romantic relationship with Dyson because the flirting was there from the start of her appearances and I can get how Kenzi might grow on her but the whole friendship with Bo I don’t fully get, warrior to warrior like I can see but going from hunting her and seeming to want real justice for some of Bo’s actions to “Bo is the best” I just don’t find believable. But maybe that’s just me. It’s like someone said in another comment for one of the other days, it’s okay for the group not all be friends you know; you can have some not like each other, they can be civil to one another still but they aren’t favorites to the other, it’s realistic and presents organic drama at times as well as growth opportunities for characters.

  7. Very few people in Lost Girl started off as good. Bo had a ten year killing rampage (admittedly not her fault); Kenzi and Dyson were both thieves; Tamsin was a mercenary and bounty hunter; Trick was a corrupt tyrant. Hale seems to have been good throughout. Aife wanted revenge for the betrayal and murder of her mother. Trick gave her to the dark king where she suffered a mental breakdown. I would not classify her as bad at all since she was suffering from PTSD thanks to the actions of others. There is no doubt that she adores Bo and is sitting in Trick’s dungeon. The mentally ill are not well treated in the world of the Fae and there appears to be little effort to cure them and they receive no sympathy at all. I don’t think Tamsin was ever in love with Bo she admires and hero worships her yes but she also adores Dyson and Kenzi. She knew that Dyson would shape shift in the crash and she wanted to kill the wanderer. The Morrigan and Trick are both still bad. Vex has not fully turned over a new leaf. He loves Kenzi and respects Bo and so does try to please them but would not hesitate to regain his spots if it suited him and they were not around so he has not turned good. Lauren started out as a terrorist, she has helped Bo at times because she is in lust with her and finds her useful, but after what she did to Evoney she cannot be described as good. Bruce is a killer and bodyguard but as a result of his love for Bo he appears to have become good so I would go for the big guy

    1. JDKnight, I think Lauren is more than just in lust with Bo she’s in love with her in my personal opinion. And she helped her because Lauren is a good person, not to just get into her pants. They were friends before they were lovers. As for the “terrorist” thing, I debate that as the storyline doesn’t fit timeline wise with things they’ve mentioned before; Lauren is human about 30 years old arguably, even being as smart as she it still takes time to do the things she has like medical school on top of regular school and collage and for the last 10 years almost she’s been with the fae so I dispute that reveal.

      As for her actions with Evony, she also stayed with Evony when she could have left her to die and she only defaed her, she didn’t kill her which is arguably a safer move in that situation so I’d say she’s good rather than bad and you can even argue her motives for defaeing Evony so it’s like self-defense to a point. It’s certainly not the worst thing one character has done to another.

      I think Bruce loves Kenzi more than anyone and again I wouldn’t classify him as a bad guy because he’s never acted against anyone personally only as business due to his job under the Morrigan.

      I agree with most of your post though.

      1. I just wish Lauren would have given one of the obvious reasons she has for defaeing Evony instead of saying it was all for Bo. I can think of one big reason why Lauren would do what she did and it has nothing to do with Bo

  8. Using the untraditional format to answer this question, I’m picking Aife.

    She comes in as Saskia who would have been interesting alone in my opinion, but then it comes out who she really is and she becomes even more awesome; while we don’t know how she really starts, pre-Isabeau’s death, I think she’s a fairly good guy especially if you’re a fellow member of the Light.

    She’s done some bad things without question, namely the bombing of the Light fae elders, but there’s still a lot of good to her I think. She reminds me of Faith from “Buffy”/”Angel”, she does bad things but they’re not always for bad reasons if you will an Aife example might be killing the alabaster; Bo saw that as wrong an execution without trial but as Aife explained he could have been freed and then more people would die so you have the classic debate of “kill one to save many”; she also lashes out because of the bad things that have happened to her so her social skills are a little questionable. Which Aife freely admitted in season 1 episode 13.

    She’s just a really interesting grey character to me.

    Honorable mention to Trick because he’s a great bad guy disguised as a good guy.

  9. I’m going to say Tamsin. Tamsin’s journey into Lost Girl from Se3 where she walked into that Boxing Ring was just WOW!!!, wham Bam thank you mam :), seeing the tough side, to her vulnerable. Coming from such a dark place. and becoming to understand what the word family means. I say there’s good in everyone 🙂

  10. Vex, he was the Morrigan’s favourite killer dog and then he is with the gang, and c’mon talking about mascara tips with Kenzi, definitely Vex.

  11. Vex… because he flip-flops so easily… He could be the Charlie Brown of the Lost Girl Gang. So, wishy-washy! LOL! 🙂

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