Day 26: Something that Happened that You Wish Hadn’t? — 30 Days of Lost Girl

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SPOILER WARNING: Answers may contain spoilers for up through the end of Season 4.

30 Days of Lost Girl 2014 Day 26

What’s something that happened that you wish hadn’t?

  • Annie: The Karen Beattie plotline — Besides always mispronouncing the name, this part of Lauren’s past came from left field and was something I thought was completely unnecessary. And now it is a millstone around Lauren’s neck — it changes the perception the audience has of the character and is yet another thing she has to discuss with Bo.
  • Stephanie: The Norn (and Dyson) declaring that “wolves mate for life” — First of all, that’s not really accurate. Second of all, I think it really boxed Dyson in as a character, and it has relegated him to pining after Bo for two seasons now.
  • Kris: Revenants — Why does it always have to be zombies?!?! Stupid zombies.

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23 Replies to “Day 26: Something that Happened that You Wish Hadn’t? — 30 Days of Lost Girl

  1. I am waiting for the”Karen Beattie” story arc to realize itself first, and I think that is still coming so I have to reserve judgment on that one.

    With regard to the Norn, COMPLETELY agree with Stephanie. In fact, I just ignore that whole declaration.

    With regard to the Revenants, LOVE The Walking Dead so have to love the Revenants (smiling! )

  2. Showcase cancelling Lost Girl. That is the most tragic of all things.

    Show related …

    The writers never having Bo and Lauren talk.
    Dyson still thinking he could have Bo eventhough knowing Bo is not in love with him
    Tamsin interfering with Lauren and Bo’s relationship in S3 by telling Lauren of TAMSIN kissing Bo
    “The Red Wig”
    Kenzi’s fake vomiting when seeing Lauren had stayed the night with Bo in S2
    Karen Bettie’s wig and dropped storyline
    Season 4’s confussion

      1. I don’t think that Ksenia/the writers meant for it to come off as homophobic, but it kinda does. I wish it weren’t in there too.

    1. I agree. I am one of the fans that would have rather had Nadia stay alive and be together with Lauren, like Dyson was with Ciara, who I just enjoyed. It would have been nice to see Lauren and her together for a period given what she had all sacrificed to save her.

      1. Pixel Fiftyone and Denise,

        I would have been ok with Nadia living as well, but I think she was always going to leave if she had; I think Nadia knew Lauren loves Bo so eventually that would have drove them apart and I don’t think Lauren would want to keep Nadia in the fae world because she wouldn’t want to subject her to their rules. Nadia already lost 7 years of her life to the coma, Lauren wouldn’t want her to lose more living in that oppressed situation.

        So Nadia was always going to leave I think for various possible outcome reasons but it would have been interesting to see how she walked away if ya will. Overall I’m okay with how the show did it given the time they had working with the extra episodes. I get wanting more Nadia though, she was an interesting character I think; there’s definitely still questions I have that regard her.

    2. It was VERY NEAT that both of Bo’s “competition” for the people she loved ended up dying. I think it could have been interesting to see Lauren wrestle with staying with Nadia vs. loving Bo instead of Nadia just dying. I think they would have broken up eventually, but I totally would have loved to see it happen because of something other than Nadia dying.

      However, Nadia’s death does give us that nice scene between Bo and Lauren where Lauren comes over and asks if she can sleep with Bo. I do really like that scene when they’re on the bed together.

  3. I know I share this with a lot of the fans, yesterdays announcement that the show would end after 5 seasons. Seeing Anna all teary eyed like that was so sad. I can’t even begin to imagine how the cast and crew are feeling today.

    1. Hopefully they feel good because of all the outpouring of love. I think they’ve known about the show ending for some time already.

  4. Sticking to that ‘reflection’ in 407. If only it can be deleted from history.
    The puking dance too.
    Valkyubus and Rainer.

  5. I agree with Annie and Stephanie.

    The Karen Beattie thing made sense to me as a cover to get in with Taft, but as an actual character plot point I just don’t find it that logical. At best Lauren had one year to get on the WANTED list, which is an arguable amount of time to do so, but with everything else she had going on I question her actually having the time to pull it off.

    I also found the explanation of the wanted poster in season three just beyond logic; no way was that the only copy, that’s just illogical on every level, and the grammatical errors made it seem more like an undercover note being passed than a real document, Interpol a well know government agency isn’t capitalized but words like laboratories and research are and they aren’t being used in a company’s name. As Annie said it felt left field. I have no doubts Lauren knows how to make a bomb but I don’t think she’d be just passing it around; ya know?

    As for Dyson, I don’t buy he couldn’t love Ciara; he was clearly in love with her and happy and that’s just in the now, if you will, because I think he totally had a crush on her in the olden times and was more his real first love even if he didn’t pursue her because of his love for Stefan. So that felt pushed to me him saying that line. And then in 4.01 we see him clearly wanting to keep Kenzi; he was willing to lose his memories of Bo to keep Kenzi. And then we have this flirtation with Tamsin so clearly Dyson could love others and love them more than Bo arguably so I’m glad they’re backing away from it.

    It really did pigeon hold Dyson a lot of times and affected him negatively I felt.

    Denise aka @NVGhost005, I agree with you to a point; I do get the hook up from Hale’s side, he always had a crush it seemed on Kenzi so that was believable but I personally never bought it from Kenzi’s side; I do think she loved and cared about him but only as a friend, not in a romantic sense. You aren’t alone in your feelings there.

    “Showcase canceling “Lost Girl”.” well picked choice @Tristen.

    1. I’ve always interpreted the “only copy” line to mean that Taft was saying HE didn’t have another copy he was going to pull out of his pocket and blackmail her with should she decline his offer. I didn’t think it was him saying that was the only copy of the wanted poster in all the land because as you point out that would be ludicrous.

      Lauren was still worried that the human authorities had caught her in Season 4, so I don’t think she thought she was suddenly off the hook because Taft gave her that copy.

  6. Nate’s relationship with Kenzi was totally wrong. If Kenzi was going to be paired with Hale it should have been in Season 2. In Season 4 it felt totally wrong and forced with both Kenzi and Hale acting totally out of character – I certainly cannot believe that either would have been too shy to express their feelings for each other especially since Hale had already told Kenzi that she was more than a friend in Season 3 when he slipped her the twig of Zamora

  7. Well I’ve been so thrown for the past couple of days. Day 26 almost slipped by. So to say , Something that happened that i wished hadn’t, Is Lost Girl coming to an end. But to keep it actually show related i would differently say the killing of Hale and Kenzi.

  8. I agree with Drinks At The Dal.

    I’m fine with them showing Kenzi not liking the fact Lauren was there because of her early jealousy of Lauren, but I wish they’d done the actions a bit different if you will. The vomit like does upset in that scene. You’re not alone there.

  9. The ending of LG, ok ok show related I’m between the Karen beattie plotline too and the Doccubus break mostly, then rainer, valkubus, and agree with Stephanie about Dyson

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