Day 27: Something that Didn’t Happen but Should Have? — 30 Days of Lost Girl

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SPOILER WARNING: Answers may contain spoilers for up through the end of Season 4.

30 Days of Lost Girl 2014 Day 27

What’s something that didn’t happen, but should have?

  • Kris: A resolution for Crystal’s storyline! I just kept hoping they’d address it, but they never did.
  • Stephanie: Bo should have pressured Hale to free Lauren when he was acting Ash — Even if ultimately Hale wasn’t able to do anything about it, I think it was a real oversight of the writers not to have Bo insist that Hale free Lauren.
  • Annie: More important conversations happening on screen, like Bo and Kenzi discussing Dyson getting his love back.

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40 Replies to “Day 27: Something that Didn’t Happen but Should Have? — 30 Days of Lost Girl

  1. Bo and Lauren should have had that talk in S4. Just once. I wanted to shake them both: C’mon you two! Best love story evah!

  2. I am with Kris! I would have loved to have heard Lauren say at some point after reuniting with the Scooby Gang “I have to get home to Crystal.” and I would add to that hearing Bo say “Who the hell is Crystal?” I would have laughed my butt off because you know Bo would have been up and out of her chair on that one! 🙂 Bo can go around, and blame on her being a Succubus, but not Lauren! Oh no. No, no, no.

    I love Bo. Bo is my girl, but I understood why Lauren broke up with her, and I think it was good experience for Bo, and if Crystal came online I think it would be good for Bo to work emotionally through that, and help he focus on whom she wants, and if she wants to commit to anyone at all. I agree with what was said on this podcast sometime ago that Bo’s choice may be no choice at all, and I could live with that for Bo as a series resolution. But for Lauren, I want her to find happiness at the end, and if that is with Crystal on a farm then so be it.

    I agree with Stephanie freeing Lauren officially from the servitude was a critical detail that the show could have addressed when Hale was Acting Ash.

    However, remember Lauren did recommit herself to the Fae of her own free will after Nadia was re-awakened, and she needed to live with that choice regardless of the machinations unbeknownst to her surrounding Nadia’s re-awakening. So Hale may have not even crossed Hale’s mind to reconsider the issue.

    Now, that being said, if Hale as the Acting Ash was truly looking to create fundamental change he could have started with providing Lauren with her freedom right from the word go. There should have been no need to tell him that. And then Lauren could have decided to either remain with the Fae of her own volition or leave. That was one of things that ALWAYS made me bang my head on the table about Hale as the Acting Ash, he always had to be spurred to action. The ONE thing he did right was create the joint partnership between the Light and the Dark and that was about it.

    I periodically reflect on this relationship Lauren has with the Fae; relationships are a two-way street: Lauren may not need to rely on them, but the Fae, both Light and Dark most certainly and heavily rely upon her. They have a horrible way of showing it, but they do.

    If Lauren is feeling itchy and wants to leap because she wants to go off and conduct medical studies to improve her knowledge and skill set that could be leveraged in restructuring her role and purpose with the Fae. That is if she isn’t killed by both Light and Dark forces pissed about the de-faeing serum she created. The main reason why she left to work for Dr. Taft is because he offered her such opportunities. Lauren is a brilliant scientist, and I for one, would love to see if in the final season whether Lauren comes to grip with the realization that she does have a relationship with the Fae regardless of her personal relationship with Bo, and re-purposes her relationship with the Fae in order to leverage her medical knowledge against ills facing human society to find solutions to some of the major medical ills of society. That would serve everyone’s interests all around. That is how I would LOVE to see Lauren’s storyline end with a renewed purpose.

    1. However, remember Lauren did recommit herself to the Fae of her own free will after Nadia was re-awakened, and she needed to live with that choice regardless of the machinations unbeknownst to her surrounding Nadia’s re-awakening. So Hale may have not even crossed Hale’s mind to reconsider the issue.

      I don’t know that Lauren “needed to live with that choice” any longer than she did by the end of Season 2 — that sounds a little harsh to me. But my point was more that the show just didn’t address it at all. Lauren was ready to leave at the end of Season 2, but she doesn’t bring up anything about being dissatisfied with her position with the Fae until 3.11? It just doesn’t fit for me. And I think you make a good point that it would have been very appropriate for Hale to try to address Lauren’s situation. There are three people that really had good motivation to bring it up, but instead no one did. It seems like a missed opportunity.

      1. You’re going to hate this, I think, but Lauren knowingly recommitted to the Ash for life. She didn’t recommit to him personally, but to his office.

        Lachlan made a point of reminding her of that when he first got into power that she was subject to his whim b/c of her oath to serve before.

        So while we understand the reasoning for her choice, she knew the consequences and that it was for the rest of her life, not just until she got tired of it or wanted to leave.

        That said, I think it would have been nice if Bo had gone to Hale and had him change her status. While “humans don’t work for the fae, they’re owned by them” is a theme introduced by Trick in S1 and has apparently been around for a long time, we see in S4 that Evony is trying just that with Lauren, isn’t she?

        It seems odd that the dark have a better sense of their place in the grander scheme of things than the light; but then, it’s also a theme of the show that light and dark do not mean good versus evil and that there are good players and bad players on each side.

        1. I certainly think Lauren knew. In “Masks” when Lachlan puts the necklace on her, she says it will stay on forever.

          But given that Bo knew Lauren had been tricked into doing so, that Lauren was ready to run from the Fae & Dyson told her to run at the end of Season 2, I think it’s a big omission that it does not get brought up until 3.11. Denise, I think, makes a good point that Hale could have even reasonably brought it up. Instead we get a reintroduction of the conflict and Lauren deciding to leave all in one episode.

  3. Stephanie I agree with you.

    I don’t think Hale would have been able to free Lauren even if he wanted to because she’s too much of an asset to the Light and I can see the elders pressuring him not to let her go because if she’s freed Evony will snatch her up, which is what she did. But it would have been nice to see that conflict for him and Bo trying to free her; she wasn’t going to get a better shot than having Hale as Ash.

    Annie I agree with your pick too; more on screen conversations for various topics. Kris, I will give you liking to know what happened to Crystal but no going home to Crystal.

    Sally I agree.

  4. For me it’s having ‘Bo’ told about her origins sooner, by Dyson or Aife. On a day to day basis she struggles to know what and who she is. I have empathy for her and It seems like everyone that does know her origins mask them from her

    1. Pixel Fiftyone, that would be so much fun. “Confaegion” would have been a nice building block episode since it was mostly Kenzi and Lauren. It’d give them time to really show moments of them building their friendship.

      1. An episode with Lauren and Kenzi off on their own getting into trouble and having to rely on each other would have been great unfortunately the show thought it more important to make Kenzi Dyson’S head cheerleader while at the same time denigrating Lauren.

    2. I was just speaking with some other faens on this very question about that lack of connection between Kenzi and Lauren, which is an unfortunate miss of the show, but moving on. The only two times I genuinely believed Kenzi started to turn the corner with regard to her attitude towards Lauren was in S4/E6 “Of All the Gin Joints” when she walked in into Lauren’s apartment and saw Evony there. Yeah, you could see Kenzi thinking “What is she doing here?! Grrrrrrh.” It was the one time Kenzi became territorial over Lauren. The second time was when she walked out on Bo in S4/E12 in “Origin” but then, to my utter viewer amazement went running looking for Lauren as if to hide under her. I was glad that Kenzi finally viewed Lauren as a positive presence, period, but too bad it was this late in the game to be impactful.

  5. When Dyson didnt have to face any kind of repercussion from Bo when he lied about Aife. I get its part of his character & relationship with Bo that she always forgives him for everything he does but when you have Bo refusing to even talk to Lauren after 108 for 4 episodes there should have been at least something other than the 20 minutes she was mad at him. The extreme in Bos reaction to the two of them especially then is something Ive always had a problem with even if the situations are different

    1. To RH: I hear you and share your frustration on the disparity. For me, while Dyson is most certainly culpable in keeping that knowledge from Bo, equal anger should have been directed at Trick as well, but Bo’s focus was diverted to focusing on her battling her mother, Aoife at the time.

      I know alot of the fandom reads a great deal into that disparity and to some degree so do I, but I also understand Bo’s reaction. Bo found she was attracted to Lauren. There was no rhyme or reason to it. She just was. But to admit Lauren into her life and into her bed with basically the same blind trust that love does to people, only to find out in the afterglow of their lovemaking that the woman she fell in love with for had other motives for sleeping with her, yeah, I would be summa cum laude pissed off too. But what should have mitigated some of Bo’s reaction is that Lauren admitted to it right away. But instead, in the heat of it all Bo went and hid under Dyson for comfort, and away from the feelings she had for Lauren until he betrayed her as well.

      I agree with you there was a disparity in the reaction between what Dyson did and what Lauren did, but that is because although she loved Dyson, she was in love with Lauren and because of her deeper feelings for Lauren the betrayal was greater for her. I hear you though…..

      1. I agree with you on your points. The problem is that many fans dont analysis the actions and reactions of the characters. For so many it is …



        Both spybanged Bo but Lauren is the only one who is punished for it.

        Definition of “SPYBANG – Banging someone while spying on them”

      2. Thats the thing though, I completely understand why Bo froze Lauren out after 108 for the reasons you used Denise. The disparity is the problem, its like because Dyson loved Bo that made everything okay. It didnt have to be much just something. Since then that disparity has always existed except its been extended to include other characters like Tamsin, the lack of really anything from Bo when Tamsin sold her to the Wanderer is something Ive had a problem with as well.

    2. RH, you definitely have a point there. Dyson withheld the truth from Bo from the start about Aife and he lied directly to her face in 1.08 about not knowing anything yet she’s giving him a past as you said after the first 20 minutes in the finale; that’s why I can’t give him credit for even finally telling Bo the truth because he basically did it in the finale when it would have been revealed anyways. Yet you have Lauren telling Bo everything she knew essentially in 1.08 the second Bo wanted to know and yet she gets froze out for four episodes. And I’d argue the keeping things about her mom was the worst of the two because it went on for so long even though Dyson had multiple chances to tell the truth; don’t get me wrong it makes him a great ally to Trick but it’s not a positive for him and Bo.

      I take it as Lauren’s hurt more to Bo because of how much Bo loves her. She cares about Dyson and loves him as a friend but she’s in romantic love with Lauren. In my opinion at least.

      You can also throw Trick into this debate; he’s lied to Bo more than anyone, it took him two years to even admit he’s her grandfather to her. Yet Bo has never questioned him really on why that took so long or why he did what he did to Aife; she knows the basic “peace treaty” reason but nothing beyond that and I personally think there’s more to it. It’s certainly part of it but maybe his anger at her defying him got the better of him to a degree too.

  6. I was hoping that when I was in my 90’s, that I would be hanging out in the nursing home, nicknamed “Old Fae’s Home,” with everyone watching Lost Girl in its 57th season, eating pudding and hummus (but not tortilla chips because they get caught in my dentures), marvelling at how good the cast looks even though they’re all in their 80’s and 90’s too, live-tweeting to Emily Andras from our built-in smart devices that respond telepathically to our mind commands (though autocorrect still hilariously mangles crucial words from time to time and won’t correct to “vagina”), and joining in with Annie telling all you other old biddies to pipe down during the Doccubus scenes.

    That’s my headcanon.

  7. I know this won’t go over well with some people but I’m going to say it anyways…I think that Dyson and Kenzi should’ve become a couple.

    Before you tar and feather me and ride me out of town on a rail, just hear me out…

    First off…I never bought into the whole Hale, Kenzi thing. Very good friends, sidekick buddies, pals at the Dal, whatever you want to call them, yes. Getting married and living happily ever after? No. I could even have bought it if they’d written it as them being in lust with each other but that’s about it. As it was the whole thing just seemed forced.

    Next we come to Dyson’s seemingly never ending love for Bo. If he’d given all his love to Bo, then how could he say that he loved Kenzi at the beginning of S4? I can’t put that down to memory loss. Kenzi in a way even verified that when she said, ‘and my heart hurts Dyson, and I don’t know why’. If Dyson had given all his love to Bo, then why wasn’t his heart hurting too?
    I think the explanation is simple; when Kenzi got his love back from the Norn, she got it ALL back. To the point that, even though he may have still loved Bo, he was no longer committed to her for life. He was free to love whoever he wanted…and I think he actually had fallen in love with Kenzi.

    Kenzi has had a bit of a crush on Dyson almost since the beginning. The only reason she never moved forward with it was because of his relationship with Bo. I keep thinking of when Kenzi and Vex were talking in Confaegion and Vex said, ‘Dyson’s drop kicked Bo’s heart ten times over and you still howl when he comes around.’ The way that Kenzi reacted to that, it was obvious, to me at least, that she was either trying to hide the truth and failing when it came to Vex, or trying not to face the truth herself.

    I actually think that conversation between Kenzi and Dyson in the warehouse in 4×01 where he professed his love and she wanted to keep it friends would’ve been much more believable had it been Hale instead of Dyson there. And the only thing that would’ve stopped them at the clubhouse would’ve been Aife knocking at the door. I also thought that it was selfish of Bo to be mad at Kenzi when she confessed to kissing Dyson. That was something that should’ve been addressed in the gym at the end of the show (Turn to Stone,4×04).

    We’ll see what season 5 brings. Whether they’re together or not by the end of the series remains to be seen but if they’re both happy, then I’m happy too.

    1. I had not thought of that in such detail as you have, but I agree that Dyson and Kenzi makes more sence then Kenzi and Hale. Plus I think KS and KHR showed mad chemistry in their ‘growl-off’ in S3 E6 The Kenzi Scale

      1. “In Memorium” is another great episode to show off their chemistry Tristen.

        “I think that Dyson and Kenzi should’ve become a couple” – Will I agree with you; as Denise said you aren’t alone in this.

      2. Dyson is a totally different person around Kenzi and people have commented that they have better chemistry than Bo/Dyson

        1. Maybe Dyson is affraid to fall in love with a Human. He was counting on Lauren’ short life span to be dead soon (in Fea terms) but might not be able to accept Kenzi dieing soon. Just a thought.

    2. Heres the thing about 4×01. With Dyson and his “wolves mate for life” wouldnt he have noticed something was wrong. I mean just because he doesnt remember Bo shouldnt mean the “wolves mate for life” no longer applies unless it is all in his head like the voodoo woman says (cant remember her name) because if you go with what the show said prior Dyson gave his love to Bo so he was unable to love anyone in that way except for Bo. Sticking with that he was perfectly happy with Kenzi & didnt want to break the compass because he was happy with Kenzi and I have a hard time believing that unless he really did love Kenzi which to me breaks the whole one love thing apart.

      By the end of the season I feel like Dyson was maybe starting to realize this and I hope Dyson & Tamsin become a thing in S5

  8. I would have liked to see Bo and Lauren talk or at least acknowledge what actually happened at the end of season 3 with Taft.

    Does Bo know what actually happened? The last she sees Lauren in S3, she’s giving Bo the cold shoulder and threatening to take out Dyson.I think some of Lauren’s hurt and anger in that scene is geniune but the fans who ‘get’ Lauren know she was essentially saying those things to trick Taft. Obviously Dyson knows what Lauren did for him and Kenzi and Trick know but is it made clear whether Bo is aware (it’s possible I missed something). At the end of 4×13 Bo says to Lauren “…a human Doctor who can turn the fae mortal…” she doesn’t mention that Lauren can also do the opposite.

    I don’t really think I need to see that conversation now, especially given it’s the last season and this happened over a season ago. But it would have been nice to see it addressed in Season 4.

  9. First I’m with Stephanie Bo should have pressured Hale to free Lauren, second the so much needed talk between Lauren and Bo since S3 but could work nicely on S4 and third what happened to Crystal? So I’m also with Kris on this one.

  10. Its made pretty clear that Lauren knew what she was getting into when she re-commited but honestly why would Lauren want to stay a slave even if she re-committed willingly? Having Bo try to change Laurens situation would have been nice to see but ultimately Lauren had to be the one to break her slavery

    1. Like I said in the episode, I think Bo or Lauren (and Denise made a good point for Hale) could have brought up the situation. I just mention Bo more specifically because she is the heroine of the show, she knew Lachlan had used Lauren as a pawn, and she was shown to dislike how Lauren was owned by The Ash. She had a lot of good motivation to get in on the discussion, even if Lauren was the one to bring it up with Hale.

  11. Something that should have happened that didn’t?! A DOCCUBUS Bubble bath/Talk Scene! 🙂
    I’m still wondering who would sit in front of whom?! 😉

  12. Oh man so much stuff.

    Showing us Lauren’s new home.
    Lachlan refusing Lauren’s commitment.
    Bo finding out that Tamsin told Lauren about their kiss. When she should’ve done it herself.
    Aife and Lauren having a bonding conversation over Bo.
    Aife being the one that sent Hades back.
    Kenzi telling Bo on screen that she got Dyson’s love back for him.
    Rainer not interrupting Bo and Lauren’s conversation.
    Bo walking in on Evony and Lauren in bed.
    Showing Bo’s facial reaction when she found out how Lauren turned Evony human.
    Showing more of the aftermath when Lauren was hit by that truck.

    Lauren giving Bo every reason for their first break up and not holding her insecurities in.

    Lauren being told that Bo was missing and about her memory issues. Lauren would’ve come home for that.

    No La Fae Époque. They already had a save Dyson episode in season one.

    Nadia should’ve had lasted longer.

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