Day 30: Favorite Season Finale? — 30 Days of Lost Girl

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SPOILER WARNING: Answers may contain spoilers for up through the end of Season 4.

30 Days of Lost Girl 2014 Day 30

What is your favorite season finale?

  • Annie: “Flesh and Blood” — I love the whole sequence of everyone fighting in the asylum, the Garuda’s defeat, and the mystery of seeing Super Bo in the very last shot.
  • Stephanie: “Flesh and Blood” — I think each character gets a nice storyline in that finale, and I like that the entire group had to come together to face the Big Bad.
  • Kris: “Flesh and Blood” — Everybody has a role to play in averting the apocalypse. I like that.

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11 Replies to “Day 30: Favorite Season Finale? — 30 Days of Lost Girl

  1. S2 Finale because each member of the gang had a part to play sadly it was practically the last time Bo was the heroine in the show, By the end of S3 Bo was a bystander while the promotion of Tamsin was in full flight. By season 4 It was promotion of Dyson and Bo just doing what the male characters told her to do so season 2 finale by far the best

  2. “Flesh and Blood” as terms of battle and the gang as a group! The Garuda was a good Big Bad and we got to see Dark Bo saved by her friends! Good fight scenes! But “Dark Horse” was the final stab in our rollercoaster of S4 emotions! Spite i didnt bought the zombies, Bo showed leadership and no fear. Its puts all kinds of plots & storylines to S5, plus in both we got the EPIC kiss!!!

  3. Season 2, 2×22 “Flesh and Blood” a great battle that implied team work to defeat the garuda, and of course that beautiful, intense, powerful, meaningful Doccubus kiss.

  4. Season 1’s “Bloodlines”.

    It had a little bit of everything; it had some great action moments, there was a bit of humor abound, it was the first real time we saw the group work together to help beat the big bad, though I don’t classify Aife as bad and I debate she was ever going to hurt Bo, there was some great character reveals and growth as well. Plus it had Aife and you can’t really go too wrong there; Inga is awesome. It also nicely wrapped up the season arc.

    Honorable mention to season two because it had most of these things as well; Aife just really makes me love “Bloodlines”.

  5. Possible discussion question for next year; “Is Isabeau really Light fae or Dark fae?”.

    I know this is a pretty simple “this” or “that” question with a little bit of why, but I just really want to hear you all debate this; I’m not going to lie.

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