Dragon Con 2014

Rick Howland, Ksenia Solo, and Emmanuelle Vaugier at Dragon Con 2014
Photo credit: CindyB1017

Ksenia Solo, Rick Howland, and Emmanuelle Vaugier were guests at Dragon Con 2014, and Stephanie, Kris, and Annie were attendees! (Zoie Palmer was scheduled to be a guest, but she had to cancel due to illness.) In addition to the cast Q&A panels, there were two Lost Girl fan events as well. Here’s a guide to the Dragon Con-related stuff that we have created or collected.

The Dragon Con 2014 Experience

Cast Panels

The cast panels were a whole lot of fun. Rick, Ksenia, and Emmanuelle were great guests. They were very entertaining and managed to give interesting answers even when the questions weren’t that great.

  • Coming soon-ish! A compilation of the juiciest bits of the cast Q&A panels.

Fan Panel

Stephanie was a panelist at the Lost Girl fan panel at Dragon Con 2014. We discussed friendships formed in Season 4, our favorite episodes, Lauren’s game plan, and more. Listen or watch below.

Fan Meetup

The fan meetup went by so quickly! We wish we had had a chance to chat with more people. But it was great to see several Lost Girl cosplayers there, and Stephanie wrote the questions for the trivia contest. See how many you can answer!

  1. What name was Bo called growing up?
  2. Name two people from Dyson’s past that we’ve seen, excluding Trick and Hale.
  3. What clan does Hale’s family belong to?
  4. Who is Geraldine?
  5. What country was Lauren in when she first encountered the Fae?
  6. Tamsin collected what material from people in Bo’s life for the rune glass potion?
  7. What do the Light Fae name their leaders after?
  8. Name all the characters who have asked where Bo and Kenzi keep their toothpaste.
  9. Bo’s hometown has a festival centered around what fruit?
  10. What food is Kenzi allergic to?

Bonus Question:

What type of Fae worked in a strip club in a Season 2 episode?

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