It’s the End of Lost Girl as We Know It (And We’re Trying to Feel Fine) — Episode 67

Sadly, Season 5 of Lost Girl will be its last. We talk about our reactions to the news, possible reasons why the show might be ending, and what we still have to look forward to.

With a teary message from Anna Silk, Showcase announced that Season 5 would be Lost Girl‘s last season on August 25. The reaction from the fandom has been pretty strong, with a lot of fans being very upset by the news because the show has had a strong impact on people for a variety of reasons.

  • Lost Girl has offered some unique representation of queer characters, which has made it a very special show for many members of the queer community.
  • The fandom really seems to have a great connection with Lost Girl‘s cast and crew.
  • We have also made a great connection with each other.
  • And it’s always sad to see the stories of characters you love come to an end.

Why is Lost Girl ending?

  • While we haven’t been given a definite answer, it’s probably money.
  • Supposedly (we’ve heard but not found concrete proof), in Canada production studios receive government subsidies for the first five seasons of a show, which is a pretty strong incentive not to have a show run longer than five seasons. Kris read an article that claimed no Canadian TV show has run longer than five seasons, even the really successful ones.
  • Broadcast TV isn’t pulling in the money or the audiences it used to, so it’s tricky to keep a show on the air long-term these days.

Renewal Campaign

  • Follow @RenewLostGirl on Twitter for information about their renewal campaign. They are also always trying to get #RenewLostGirl to trend.
  • Their main goals are to get a sixth season, a movie, and to get Lost Girl airing in different countries.

What We Have to Look Forward To

  • Season 5! We’re lucky in a lot of ways to know that Season 5 will be the last before it starts airing.
  • Season 5 will be 16 episodes, instead of 13, but it will be split into two halves.
    • The first half will premiere on December 7 on Showcase with the second half supposed to air sometime in “Fall 2015.”
    • No official premiere date for Syfy yet. Their website still gives a vague January 2015 for when it will premiere.
  • We also have the great relationships we have formed with other fans to look forward to because fandom lives on well past the show’s ending.

Bo and Kenzi hug in The Kenzi Scale

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9 Replies to “It’s the End of Lost Girl as We Know It (And We’re Trying to Feel Fine) — Episode 67

  1. I was just noodling on about season 5 today too. Great minds, etc. If you’re right about money being the issue in getting more than 5 seasons, perhaps lobbying for a movie would be the best plan. A movie can be supported on kickstarter and I’m sure Lost Girl fans would contribute enough to make it happen.

  2. CBC’s family show Heartland is premiering it’s 8th season Sunday. It’s a wonderful and engaging show but so is Lost Girl! Canadian TV has some quality entertainment. It’s a shame to see it go. #ForeverFae

  3. I’m one of the ones who thinks the show is ending a bit soon; I thought it was sad news because there was so much potential with series to go longer. I feel for the cast/crew and the fellow fans.

    I agree with Annie it was super classy how they did the video and it was sweet of Anna to do it. I thank them for that. And I thank you all for your podcast work.

    As far as movies go, I’d like to see a prequel film about Trick, Isabeau, and Aife; even though we know how it’s going to end in the sense we know what happened to the characters, I’d still like to see their lives pre-their introduction on the series because I think there could be some interesting stories there. We’d get to see the Great Fae War and what Trick and Aife were like when Isabeau was alive, we’d get to learn more on her which is interesting alone; I’d just really like to see Rick, Allison, and Inga doing that project.

    “X-Files” comment, Monica Reyes yay.

    Fae are not immortal; sorry Kris, I just hate those two words being used together because it isn’t true. They are long lived yes, if they’re lucky, but they can die just like any human character.

    I agree I hope the cast continues to do conventions all over because while Canada is their home we love them abroad too.

  4. We do have Lost Girl in Australia. We’re even up to season 2 episode 2 on free to air (but I think they’ve had more on Foxtel)

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