Outtakes: Don’t Put That In

Annie with Unicorn Crotch

In these outtakes from our “Vexed” episode, Annie admits to something we already knew about her and fears Stephanie might turn it into a musical number. Also, we have a few announcements about things related to the podcast.

Pre-Season 5 Series Rewatch

The Uber Fan suggested a group series rewatch to get ready for the Canadian premiere of Season 5 on December 7.

  • When? October 7 – December 6. If you watch one episode per day, you’ll watch “Dark Horse” on December 6.
  • Where? We’ll be posting photos, quotes, questions, etc. on Twitter, Facebook, and Tumblr to follow along with the rewatch.

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8 Replies to “Outtakes: Don’t Put That In

  1. I’m still waiting to see what your original Dragon Con questions were for the trivia set; the ones everyone claimed were hard.

    Are you posting season 5 episode reviews after the Canadian airings of each episode or after the US ones? If the Canadian viewings, where are you watching them at might I ask? Hopefully the two seasons will be close together.

    As far as future topics go, I’d love to hear an Aife centric podcast. I think she’s a really interesting character who deserves a mini podcast at the very least; though I also support a full length podcast as well of course.

    1. I’ve been posting my “hard” trivia questions on Twitter occasionally. If you don’t Twitter, send us an email, and I’ll send you a list.

      The season 5 discussions will be posted soon after the Canadian air dates.

      You’ve mentioned Aife before as a potential topic. She’s definitely on the list, though we won’t get to her before Season 5 starts.

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