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Outtakes: Don’t Put That In

September 27, 2014 by Drinks at The Dal

Annie with Unicorn Crotch

In these outtakes from our “Vexed” episode, Annie admits to something we already knew about her and fears Stephanie might turn it into a musical number. Also, we have a few announcements about things related to the podcast.

Pre-Season 5 Series Rewatch

The Uber Fan suggested a group series rewatch to get ready for the Canadian premiere of Season 5 on December 7.

  • When? October 7 – December 6. If you watch one episode per day, you’ll watch “Dark Horse” on December 6.
  • Where? We’ll be posting photos, quotes, questions, etc. on Twitter, Facebook, and Tumblr to follow along with the rewatch.

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  1. Aaron says:

    I’m still waiting to see what your original Dragon Con questions were for the trivia set; the ones everyone claimed were hard.

    Are you posting season 5 episode reviews after the Canadian airings of each episode or after the US ones? If the Canadian viewings, where are you watching them at might I ask? Hopefully the two seasons will be close together.

    As far as future topics go, I’d love to hear an Aife centric podcast. I think she’s a really interesting character who deserves a mini podcast at the very least; though I also support a full length podcast as well of course.

    • Drinks at The Dal Drinks at The Dal says:

      I’ve been posting my “hard” trivia questions on Twitter occasionally. If you don’t Twitter, send us an email, and I’ll send you a list.

      The season 5 discussions will be posted soon after the Canadian air dates.

      You’ve mentioned Aife before as a potential topic. She’s definitely on the list, though we won’t get to her before Season 5 starts.

  2. Sally says:

    Very humorous! #TeamPervertedFeminists

  3. I’m drowning my sorrows in…

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