Lost Girl Movie Wishes — Episode 68

Bo and Kenzi watching a movie in Adventures in Fae-bysitting

What if they did make a Lost Girl movie after Season 5? What would it be about? We speculate on what a Lost Girl movie could look like, including what type of story it might tell and what we’d be interested in seeing a movie explore.

Possible Types of Stories

  • Focused on a few characters vs. the whole group
  • Client-Driven (“Fae of the week”): Someone outside of the main group comes to Bo with a Fae-related problem, and that problem fuels the plot.
  • Show Mythology-Focused: Tackles an aspect that’s key to the show’s mythology, such as the Great Fae War
  • Character-Focused: Something/someone from a character’s past/life (Dyson, Trick, and Tamsin are the most likely candidates but any of their pasts would work) returns & it leads to interpersonal conflict
    • Bo: Someone/something is threatening to take over Bo (continuing theme of Dark Bo/is she a monster?)
    • Lauren: Interpol catches up with her which also puts the Fae at risk of being exposed to humans on a wide scale

Plot Ideas

  • The end of the Light and Dark divide (if that isn’t addressed in Season 5)
  • Relationship between Fae and humans (the humans/the world at large finding out about the Fae and what conflicts that creates for our characters)
  • Evony, unable to become Fae again, decides “if you can’t join ‘em, beat ‘em,” and leads the humans in a revolt against the Fae.
  • Aaron: “As far as movies go, I’d like to see a prequel film about Trick, Isabeau, and Aife; even though we know how it’s going to end in the sense we know what happened to the characters, I’d still like to see their lives pre-their introduction on the series because I think there could be some interesting stories there. We’d get to see the Great Fae War and what Trick and Aife were like when Isabeau was alive, we’d get to learn more on her which is interesting alone; I’d just really like to see Rick, Allison, and Inga doing that project.”
  • The Uber Fan: “So for a movie, how about we go with the format where that new normal is interrupted by crises. Drama, humor, and angst ensue & “team Bo” is forced out of their routine to tackle it?”
  • Kodi: “The main plot would be around Lauren’s ability to turn Fae human, bad people find out, grab Lauren, Bo needs to save her & stop the bad people.”
  • Maverick: “The Humans uncovering the Fae & some greedy people wanting to use their powers to rule mankind. Bo & group play saviours.”
  • Pixel51: “The story of Aife and Bo’s father, whomever he might be, and how and why Bo ended up with her [adoptive] parents.”

Kenzi Bo and Lauren watching TV in It's Better to Burn Out Than Fae Away

Possible Writer & Director

  • Annie would like for Michelle Lovretta and Emily Andras to co-write it, which Kris can get behind. Stephanie would love Michelle, first and foremost, but she also likes Emily’s writing as well as Jeremy Boxen and Michael Grassi.
  • We’d all love John Fawcett to direct. Kris also thinks Steve DiMarco would be a good choice because he is a regular director of the show. Stephanie also likes Gail Harvey’s work.
  • A movie would also be a good time to bring back some beloved guest stars, such as Bruce, Cassie the Oracle, Val, and, of course, Kris’s pick, Crystal. (LIEEEEBS!)

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5 Replies to “Lost Girl Movie Wishes — Episode 68

  1. Pixel51, I’m suggesting a partnership between our ideas; is that cool? I’d attach yours to the end of my idea post credits as an Easter egg scene for fans. It’d be a shot of Lou Ann, because I thought “Vexed” established that’s who gave Bo to the Dennis family, or part of her giving a baby Bo to the family and it’d be like the start to the series to connect both.

    In terms of who is Bo’s biological father, I still say it’s the Dark fae king, Aife’s story in “Blood Lines” has me picking him only; I mean why would she lie about that to Bo, even if she doesn’t come out and say it clearly – it’s in the detailed lines, she has no reason to do so. Thus I’ve always believed it’s him. Plus it gives Bo that Light/Dark parental history, it explains her high power level, and he’s the only one again who really fits timeline wise.

    Can we hire John and Gail as a team for cinematography? During “Orphan Black”‘s hiatus of course, I need John and Inga working on that still too.

    As far as writers go, I’d want Michelle and Emily involved, but I’d also want to hear from Rick, Alisen, and Inga on their ideas for the characters because Rick and Inga have played them for awhile and I think their ideas should be considered; if they conflict then that’s just more dramatic ideas to consider and place in the story. I’d probably have a third writer as well (most likely Steve Cochrane: he did good stuff) for added ideas; I wouldn’t want too huge of a writers pool.

    Casey Hudecki would totally be in charge of stunts, and be a stunt player. And, while he wouldn’t be a focus of the movie of course, I might have Kris as Dyson in the background at a bar with Cayden and Stefan and Ciara or Emmanulle in a Dark fae army line up depending on the year it takes place as an Easter egg for fans since the characters are old. Just am idea for fun extras without making it about them; it’s like a shout out while still doing a fresh story in a way.

    I’d also load the DVD with extras when it came time to sale those; Giant Ape would male them ideally.

    If the movie involves the modern times, I’d want to see the ensemble. It’d only be right.

    Kris, never apologize for “X-Files” references; or any other references, and the same to Annie and Stephanie.

    I have reservations about saying Lauren can fae and defae people; yes we’ve seen suggestions of that plot idea, but we have yet to see the long term effects of it. It’s like “X-Men 3”, just because they hit Magneto with the power blocking serum didn’t mean it stuck so just because Evony is human now doesn’t mean she’ll always be human; her powers could return just like the credits clip with Magneto suggested in “X-Men 3”. And again, human DNA + fae DNA is a rule that was set back in season one with the introduction of Will’s son so I’ve always had reservations about that science plot rewrite. This is a nitpick I know, but I just have to speak up on it.

    While Dark Bo would be an interesting plot Annie, I feel that’s something that should have been addressed on the series, and still might be in season five possibly so, so if it was the focus of a movie I think I’d be mad personally because it’s a case of “too little, too late” as said; maybe that’s just me I just feel that’s a series plot because of the build up and not really something you can pull off satisfactory in two hours.

    I’d rather see Lauren’s brother come into a modern timed movie than having Interpol chasing Lauren down because again not a big believer in the Karen Beattie crazy fest also I wouldn’t believe Interpol showing up now because they haven’t yet so why semi-force that into a movie? Maybe her brother could be the leader of a human army who’s out to collect the fae’s powers like Taft so that’s an option for fans who want human versus fae stuff; we’ve seen human companies using fae so maybe one hired Lauren’s brother. It’d be conflict for Lauren on who does she help because she knows the good and bad of each side; plus it has the theme of the family you build versus one with DNA.

    “A case of the week to jump start the movie”, I’m hearing Lou Ann every time that’s said; is that just me?

    Kris, that would be a surprising twist to a point with Evony; not surprising she’d be leading people but a bit surprising she barbed out her own group. Though if anyone would know how to beat fae, aside from Lauren and the other fae doctors, it’s Evony. Not so crazy Kris.

    Annie, Kyle kind of has to be in there, but it’d be later in the film and he’d be a part of the rebel group not a focused on character really like they did with him in season four; even though we know nothing on him really other than you can debate if Trick screwed him or not. Would that work for you ma’am? He’s in it but he’s an Easter egg if ya will.

    Stephanie, you are not the only one surprised by Annie’s strength for 30 minutes.

    I’m not sure all the main characters would work to help humanity; I know Kenzi has opened Dyson some to the “humans are okay” idea but I don’t think he would turn against the fae. He might help some humans to a degree but turning against the fae completely, I don’t know; and I don’t think Trick would either but the flip side is it’d be conflict for the group which as suggested films need. I’d like to see Bo kind of find the best middle ground she can for the groups, but then walk away from it all because she fixed it to a point and she gets her happy ending with Lauren and Kenzi; maybe she’s fae still or maybe human (after all it is something she’s always wanted so if Lauren can defae someone then I don’t see why Bo wouldn’t take the option, it wouldn’t be out of character). Just as long as her humanity is still there because as it’s always been said by many – “Bo may be fae biologically, but she’s human in every other way”.

    I like the idea of some linked human/fae histories.

    Keep talking about the comic book Stephanie, a lot of series are doing seasons now in comic book form. If they did join that section I’d hope they would release the prequel comic that was at SDCC one year.

    I think it’d either be a television movie or a straight to DVD film; as Stephanie said to a degree you’d have to do an “origin” film if you put it on the big screen because you’d want as much money out of it and so you’d have to have things in there for new fans and they can watch the series for that.

    Cassie would be cool to work in to places. Bruce for modern times or even prequels again depending on how old his character is. Val would be nice for fans especially to carry on for Hale.

    I’m going to have to say no to Ali in this movie because I’m hoping she’s busy doing more “Bomb Girls” ones or filming for the Netflix series of it. Someone continue that franchise.

  2. If they do make a movie I’d hope it’s more ‘Serenity’ than ‘I Want to Believe’. Seriously, watching the second X Files movie was one of the most disappointing experiences of my life (First world problems, I know)

  3. I apologize for the length. I’ll acquire the power of brevity in my next lifetime!

    I would envision a movie that begins where the series left off and preserves many of the qualities we loved in Lost Girl. Here’s one attempt:

    Let’s say S5 ends with:

    – Bo having mastered interdimentional travel
    – rescue of Kenzi
    – death of Odin and Pyrippus in Faemegeddon
    – Fae society intact but no more division between Dark & Light
    – Bo is Queen

    Movie title: “LAST GIRL”

    Story opens on scenes of peacetime, bliss and serenity.

    Fae and humans live in harmony and mutual respect. The model could be faeries/elves in Iceland (Huldufólk) grom Scandanavian folklore. Humans know Fae exist, respect their privacy, circumvent their dwellings when building roads, etc. but interspecies relationships are common and tolerated.

    Human science has enabled Fae to stop feeding on humans. They no longer pose a threat.

    There is a bicameral legislative body on Earth — human and Fae — that keeps the peace, establishes law, etc. The two species elect both a PM and leader of the Opposition.

    Instead of MOTW, Fae and humans work together to protect earth’s portals from demons from other interdimensional realms

    Bo is Queen but has delegated much of her responsibilities to others in this time of peace. She is more of a figurehead like Queen Elizabeth.

    As story opens, Dyson is the PM, Kenzi is head of Opposition.

    Bo and Lauren are married, living the life Bo has always imagined: quiet, white picket fence, Ethan is about 4, Lauren is pregnant with a girl (Charlotte). Charlotte is product of advanced IVF that now enables two women to join DNA complements in conceiving female children.

    Trick died in the Faemageddon but now rules in Valhalla with Tamsin as his right-hand Valkyrie.

    Into this paradise, tensions are introduced from two sources:

    1) Demons who undermine Bo’s sense of identity/self, independence, & morality and attempt to enfold her in their worlds (think: Picard and the Borg)

    2) Demons who directly threaten human/Fae fertility, and specifically Lauren and her pregnancy. She is quite possibly carrying the “Last Girl.”

    Bo’s faemily must free her from the influence of the Borg-like demon, and with Lauren’s help (science), they fight off the fertility threat.

    Candidate demons:
    1. Threat(s) to Bo
    A. Belphegor
    Origin: Assyria
    He was first called Baal-Peor, and he was associated with orgies, and other types of lewdness. The Israelites worshiped him, in the form of a phallic (penis-shaped) idol. Later on, in Kabbalic mythology, he was a demon who made people paranoid of each other, and who would seduce them with money and overall wealth

    B. Aka Manah
    Origin: Zoroastrian mythology
    Also known as: Akem Manah, Akoman, AkvanHis name means “manah made evil”; in this case, the word “manah” represents “the mind”. Many refer to him as the demon of “evil intention”, “evil mind”, “evil purpose”, or “evil thinking”. His job: To prevent people from fulfilling their moral duties (.i.e.: being a good parent, saving a life, etc.).

    C. Agares
    This male demon makes “those who run stand still”, a terrible thing to be a victim of during, say, a tornado. He is also said to be one of the demons that controls earthquakes. He is also believed to be the ruler of the eastern zone of Hell, and he is said to have 31 legions of demons at his command. He is often portrayed as a pale elderly man riding a crocodile, with a hawk either attached to or on his fist.

    2. Threats to fertility/Lauren

    A. Abyzou
    Origin: Jewish mythology
    This female demon was believed to be responsible for miscarriages, still-births, and infant mortality. Abyzou is believed to have been infertile, so these heinous acts were/are most likely out of jealousy. She is often depicted having snake- and/or fish-like attributes.

    B. Lamashtu
    Origin: Sumerian and Mesopotamian mythology
    Also known as: Dimme
    demoness. She is said to menace women throughout and after the end of their pregnancies. She is routinely said to kidnap infants while they’re breastfeeding; she would suck their blood, and chew on their bones. Add to that the fact that her other hobbies included: Infesting rivers and lakes, killing crops and other plants, sucking the blood of men, creating sleep-disturbances, spreading diseases and illnesses, and bringing nightmares. And, unlike most demons from Mesopotamian mythology, she didn’t answer to anyone; not any god, or man, or any part of any divine hierarchy.

    Just to make conflict more layered, could introduce demon Pazuzu. So evil was Lamashtu, that pregnant women and their loved ones would routinely summon the demon, Pazuzu, to protect them. Allegedly, Pazuzu and Lamashtu were fierce rivals, who would attack each other at any chance. While Pazuzu was known for bringing famines and droughts, soon-to-be-mot

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