Tyler Rose City Comic Con 2014 — Episode 70

Kris Holden-Ried, Stephanie and Kris at Tyler Rose City Comic Con

Kris Holden-Ried and Ksenia Solo were recently guests at Tyler Rose City Comic Con, and Stephanie and Kris made the drive over to visit with them and say hi to other Lost Girl fans. We talk about the panel we attended as well as our interactions with Kris and Ksenia.

Season 3 Kris Holden-Ried

  • It was great to meet other Lost Girl fans, Heather, Michael, Merja, and Suzy.
  • Stephanie asked Ksenia about when Kenzi asked Bo to unclaim her, and she said that it was a complicated moment for Kenzi. She was angry at Bo for not saving Hale, she felt pushed out of Bo’s life by Rainer, so she did mean it when she asked to be unclaimed. However, she was also hurt to hear Bo actually say the words.
  • Stephanie also asked Kris about Dyson’s vests, and he said that they are designed to mimic old armor. The vest he wore in the Season 3 promotional photos is even based on a picture of an ancient warrior that the costume designer found.

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3 Replies to “Tyler Rose City Comic Con 2014 — Episode 70

  1. It looks like Kris cut his hair in that picture above; he’s looking good.

    I can’t speak for speaking to someone like Emily, but cast wise I agree; they’re all super nice and friendly and I recommend seeing them if you get the chance. Great meetings.

    Very cute Kris interaction story.

    “I am not meant to selfie.” – I’m in this boat as well; don’t feel alone Kris.

    “Continuum” crew, also lovely people. Was it just Jennifer there or did you get to meet others from the show as well?

    It definitely sounds like you two had fun; hopefully we’ll still see them on the convention circuit after the series.

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