Theories about The Wanderer — Episode 72

Was Rainer really The Wanderer? Or is there another party we haven’t seen yet? Many questions remain about The Wanderer storyline that weaves throughout Seasons 3 and 4. We try to puzzle out some of the inconsistencies and possibilities surrounding The Wanderer, Rainer, and Pyrippus with guest contributor The Uber Fan.

The Wanderer Tarot card in Those Who Wander


  • The Wanderer cut off Acacia’s hand because Tamsin didn’t do as he asked.
  • Tamsin feared The Wanderer, called him evil
  • Tamsin sees Rainer’s picture and says that isn’t the man who hired her
  • Lauren finds an entry about Rainer in a book that describes him as a beast.
  • The Handmaiden seems afraid of him in “Sleeping Beauty School,” says that she can’t say who “he” is
  • Flashbacks in “Of All the Gin Joints” suggest that Bo was being coerced? into something she didn’t want to do. Maybe marriage? We see her with a crown that she pushes away, and she sees the handprint on her in the mirror she says that she “can’t do this.”
  • Flashbacks in “Waves” are very different

What about the Odin references?

  • The Wanderer, ”he who wanders”
  • Hugin & Munin (Hugin describes him as “he who wanders” and “father of many”)
  • Tamsin and Acacia being Valkyries

Theories about The Wanderer

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5 Replies to “Theories about The Wanderer — Episode 72

  1. I definitely don’t think Kenzi set the alarm up wrong.

    I definitely didn’t trust Rainer; no he might not be Wanderer style evil, but it doesn’t make him a good guy just because Bo trusts him. As was debated, there’s a lot of conflicting situations on the train alone so I certainly couldn’t trust him as an innocent. Again he might not be as evil as Trick suggested, but that doesn’t make him a nice guy either.

    The crown gets really confusing when you remember Bo is short for Isabeau which was how it was spelt right? Isabeau is her grandmother but Aife spells Bo’s name as Ysabeau so was it Bo’s crown or her grandmother’s just being used as a symbol? If so, was it ever really real or was it just part of the vision Bo had and in reality she was holding something else.

    I get where Mary is coming from with the “disintegrate” comment; the way it comes across is if Bo jumps off the train she’s dead, not that she’ll slowly go mad and be killed but she’ll be killed the second she jumps so the whole sickness does add another layer of “this isn’t right” to the whole confusion of it all. At least in my opinion; it definitely added to the fact someone was lying at some point either Bo misheard the hand maiden or the hand maiden didn’t correctly tell Bo what would happen, and maybe she did do it as a scare tactic to try and keep her on board, but again I understand Mary. I agree “disintegrate” doesn’t equal “sickness”. Can you link them? Sure but one sounds more instant than the other; again it’s added confusion to the whole deal.

    The timeline with Tamsin and her boss is confusing as well when you factor in they showed her in like a tavern wearing clothes from a long time ago which shouldn’t be the case given Bo was only born like 30 years ago. How could her boss hire her for a job that hasn’t even begun yet? How could he know to look for Bo if Bo wasn’t born yet so he could know who he wanted? Then again maybe he used Rainer’s foresight to see her coming, maybe that’s how Aife got caught so many times before when she tired to escape before because they saw where she was; but if that’s the case you have to wonder why the need for Tamsin if you had access to Rainer who could tell you where Bo was and if you knew she was going to get away from you in the first place why wouldn’t you double the guards and secure Aife and baby Bo more? It just doesn’t make a lot of sense any way; given the conflicting timelines on a lot of things and some of the players involved with their abilities it’s amazing any of it makes sense.

    If Bo’s father took Bo and Tamsin at the end of season three, why return Tamsin to that same spot? Why not drop her off with family to be raised again? And if he had Bo why put her on the train; why not bring her straight to him? Why the need to save Rainer if he had access to them both? Again it’s more factors that don’t really add up well logically.

    The end of season three makes it seem like both Tamsin and Dyson were taken because despite what the season four opening shows we didn’t see Dyson jumping out of that truck. Tamsin was going to kill them both potentially but whoever was in the road took them before she could so that’s another inconsistency really even though they tried to explain it in the next season.

    I disagree that Tamsin knew she would be reborn if she acted in season three; there’s too much in season three that suggests it was her last life so she was going to die soon that I believe but she didn’t do it knowing she would be reborn. I think that was a lucky rewrite for her season four that that was her last life because season three suggested she was going to die soon. She even says to Dyson they all have to die sometime and she was hoping that crash would kill them because she didn’t want to face her boss being angry at her.

    I never believed in the Odin theory personally.

    Aife meeting the Pyrippus could be because he’s Bo’s father and the former Dark fae king, I think the Dark fae king has to be Bo’s father just based on the story Aife tells in “Blood Lines”, after all we don’t know what happened to the Dark fae king after the war. Trick got pushed out being the Light fae king, maybe something happened to the Dark fae king and he changed his title. Because I don’t see the Dark fae king just letting Aife go, she suggest as much again in “Blood Lines”, so that’s how I see them knowing each other. And Lou Ann would have to in service to him still because she helped hid baby Bo; I don’t think we’ll see her saying if it’s the same guy but just because he changed titles doesn’t mean they couldn’t be linked potentially. After all Trick down played his.

    Another weird bit of dialogue is Rainer seeming to be surprised that Aife was Bo’s mother, if he knows who Aife is and is willingly involved with the Pyrippus then shouldn’t he have known who Bo was when he saw her? Maybe he did and he was playing her but that was an odd time to show shock over something. Was it trying to suggest he was one of the renegades who attacked the Dark with Aife during the war or what? Again one of the many weird factors in this plot.

    Titles in the fae world can be passed around, we know this based on how many people have been the Ash so maybe Rainer was the Wanderer but now someone else is and as Kris said is building up a reputation for the title more so than they are for themselves by relation. If that makes sense. Or maybe Rainer got it from someone who created a reputation for the title before he did. Again super confusing.

    The way Anna reacted in the news video I’m not convinced they knew five would be the end when they were working on season four. But maybe that’s just me. I have to disagree on that one.

    Multiple headed beings, to a degree because they said one person but different bodies if you will, reminds me of Lachlan with his brothers. They had one body it seemed but different personalities. So was Rainer dying a way to send that part of him back?

    Well done episode.

  2. I’ll admit that I was another that thought Bo’s father was going to be Odin. And it still could be him, in a way. Since Odin is called the “all father” he might not be Bo’s biological father but he still claims her as his because he needs her for something. (Because we all know the Ragnorak (sp?) is something a lot of people are thinking is coming: Fae style.

    I’ve also considered that Vex. (No, I’m not kidding.) (Ok, I’m a little kidding.) But I think he is Bo’s father and he’s just been Kaiser Soze-ing the entire time. He asked Sigfried if he was “spilling family secrets” in S1, he was the one to go after Luann, the only fae that had information on Bo’s location. In the cards The Wanderer always has his back turned so you can’t see his face, so Vex can walk around and not be bothered. Most fae ignore him, in fact, as someone beneath them. He’s never tried to put the moves on Bo. Everyone puts the moves on Bo. But he even insinuated himself into her life enough to live in her house and became best friends with Kenzi. And I think Paul Amos has been trying to tell us he’s her daddy by promoting those Vex Bronies he loves so much.

    I mean… think about it! 😉

    But also the idea that Bo’s father could be a chimera with three parts of himself that got split when Trick cursed Rainer.

    I do think that Bo’s father and Trick are going to also have a connection. Because everything so far can be traced back to Trick. That maybe Trick wrote something that took away the Pyrripus’s power and he took Aife to create Bo all to get back at Trick. Or to undo the laws. The Garuda wanted him too. Then Rainer takes out the Una Mens, the fae that uphold those laws, as soon as he got off the Train. So I wouldn’t be surprised that in his past Trick did something to tick off someone extremely powerful and it’s finally coming back to bite him in the ass and Bo once again has to fix it.

    1. I don’t think that it’s Vex. If he was so powerful why does he let Evony treat him like she does? Not to mention the Una Mens tool him down kind of easily so if he was that close to them then why not use his powers on them or kill them with weapons when they were lured in? I could see Vex as a half sibling to Bo maybe, but not her father. But that’s me.

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