Lost Girl Crossovers — Episode 75

Lost Girl characters on Orphan Black? Xena on Lost Girl? We talk about characters from other television shows that we’d love to see on Lost Girl and shows we think Lost Girl characters could be fun additions to.

Kenzi and Felix Dawkins from Orphan Black
Photo credit: Cindy B.
  • Felix from Orphan Black — He could be a friend of Kenzi’s from her street kid days
  • Delphine Cormier from Orphan Black — We’ve seen AU gifsets on Tumblr in which Lauren and Delphine were roommates in college, and we like them a lot. Lauren, Cosima, Delphine, and Scott should be buddies and tell each other science jokes.
  • Tamsin on Orphan Black as Angie’s temporary partner — “You look familiar. Do you have a daughter?”
  • Tamsin on Rookie Blue — She and Gail will either be fast friends or hate each other.
  • Dyson and Hale on Flashpoint — Annie would like to see them in the “cool pants.”
  • Lauren on Grey’s Anatomy — She’s brought in as an expert on strange medical cases. Maybe Callie gets flirty. (And Annie covers her eyes.)
  • Capt. Jack Harkness from Torchwood — Jack is usually described as “omnisexual,” so Jack and Bo are really two sides of the same coin. They’ll “shag anything as long as it’s gorgeous.”
  • Hale on Bomb Girls — New to the police force, he teams up with Gladys Witham on a case, and they bond over rebelling against their privileged upbringings.
  • Bo on Orange Is the New Black — Someone from Alex’s past turns up at Litchfield…
  • Kenzi on Alias — Stylist to Sydney Bristow
  • Clone Xena from Xena: Warrior Princess — She and Bo can discuss their love of bladed weapons.
  • Starbuck from the 2004 Battlestar Galactica series — Though an iconic character for lesbian and bisexual female viewers, Starbuck only had relationships with men on the show. But maybe Bo could convince her to take a walk on the Sapphic side.
  • Betty McRae from Bomb Girls — Betty is somehow transported to the future and she gets to see that it really DOES get better.
    Lauren and Delphine from Orphan Black
    Photo credit: Cindy B.

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