Lost Girl Season 5 Roundtable — Episode 76

Season 5 Bo and Tamsin promos
Joined by other Lost Girl podcasters, we talk about our expectations and hopes for Season 5. We speculate on the fates of our beloved characters, offer up some theories of varying levels of ridiculousness, and talk about the small amount of promotional material that has been released.

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Questions Discussed

  • Is Kenzi coming back? If she is, how long will it take her to reappear? If Kenzi is gone either temporarily or permanently, who might fill that Kenzi role?
  • What did Tamsin mean in “Dark Horse” when she said that Kenzi was gone? If Kenzi isn’t in Valhalla, where is she?
  • While we know we’ll be dealing with Bo’s daddy issues, how do we think that’s going to be executed?
  • How will Tamsin’s relationships with everyone grow and change?
  • What will become of The Morrigan now that she is human? Will she try to stay in charge?
  • Bo tears up her contract with the Dark, but that most likely did not break her allegiance to them. How will Bo wanting to be unaligned but still being technically aligned play out?
  • Will we get to see more of Trick’s past? What is the state of Trick’s relationship with Bo and the gang?
  • Did the writers know that Season 5 would be the last? Were they able to plan out the story arcs with that in mind?
  • Why does Tamsin say that Bo can’t find the hel shoe?

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10 Replies to “Lost Girl Season 5 Roundtable — Episode 76

  1. No one can fill the Kenzi role apart from Kenzi – nobody else would be able to fill her role since the relationship between Bo and Kenzi is unique. Why was she given a Scottish first name – presumably after the late Canadian Prime Minister – if she is Russian?

    1. We’re not saying that another character would BE Kenzi and have the same type of relationship with Bo, but Kenzi does serve a purpose in the storytelling. I think another character will step in and be Bo’s confidant about her love life and other problems as well as her “sidekick” when tackling a problem of the week. But will that relationship be the same as Bo and Kenzi’s? Of course not.

      There’s a lot of potential reasons why Kenzi was named Kenzi. But it’s not uncommon for immigrants to name their children a name that’s comes from the culture of the country they’ve immigrated to.

  2. The idea of Kenzi not coming back seemed unthinkable — downright suicidal for the show — at the end of S4. But now with the show ending and the hype building about other relationships in the Faemily, and the ways in which Evony has stepped in as the deliverer of sassy one-liners — I can now imagine Kenzi’s death being truly final. I can imagine it but I hate the idea.

  3. I’m between Jessica and Dave, I think we will see Kenzi again but I don’t know if it’ll be in vision format or flashbacks or as a ghost at the end should Dave’s thought come place; but I think we will see her on season five. I could see them dragging it out as Jess said because it’s a major plot point for the season if not the plot point for some fans I know. I’m okay with them dragging it out really because it’d make for some good drama; when she comes back though I want her to be her human self, NO fae Kenzi please, because we don’t have enough humans as it is on the show and because Kenzi’s humanity is always what helped save the day for most characters. Keep Kenzi human.

    I don’t know about a Light and Dark team up when it comes to Bo’s father, I got it with the Gaurda because he threatened both groups but with Bo’s father I don’t see why the Dark would want to take him out necessarily. I can see Vex and Tamsin helping because it might save Kenzi but the whole Dark I don’t think so. And I know Bo is the hero, but I think Aife should kill him, if anyone deserves to it’s her.

    I have to say I agree with Annie in that Tamsin was Kenzi soul jacked before she got to or even at the gate and thus the comment about Kenzi being gone; that most likely Bo’s father has her.

    Light doesn’t mean good, you can be a bad guy and be a member of the Light fae, so I wouldn’t call Tamsin Light or good really. Is she nicer since her rebirth because she was raised by Kenzi? Sure. But that doesn’t make her Light. Personally I miss S3E2-most of E6 Tamsin; I liked her loyal to the Dark, I didn’t care for her and Vex being turned into “good guys”. They worked well as anti-heroes.

    No one will take Kenzi’s spot with Bo. Lauren always supports Bo and will tell her the truth so she has that for her. Evony would be fun seeing helping the group, she certainly always had good intelligence, but I do think she’d be having her own agenda still; it is Evony.

    Bo could also choose to be human; the humans don’t always have to be fae because it’s not unrealistic Bo would chose to be a human either, in my opinion.

    Nice podcast.

  4. Regarding the Teaser Promo – I’m pretty sure that’s a dusty Pringles Potato Chips can. I’m guessing Papa is a huge junk food junkie and is SO not going to be happy she took those chips. Pringles of the Covenant.

  5. I only have one hope, that we get another major POC character on the show OR, if we get Kenzi back we get Hale as well. I get that it would cheapen the death, but the death was always cheap for me and I would rather they both come back because overall I know I’m going to enjoy this last season on some level, but it would redeem a lot of points for me if it would fix how white it is before the end.

    1. That’s on my Season 5 wishlist, for sure, but I’m not super optimistic about it happening, which makes me so sad.

  6. Lauren’s glowing hand? I have a theory…what if she taught herself to be Druid?! I mean if Massimo Bates could do it??? Hmmm?

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