Shot: 5×01 “Like Hell, Part 1” First Impressions — Episode 77

Bo climbing the mountain in Like Hell Part 1

We share our first impressions and a few favorite moments from the Season 5 premiere of Lost Girl, “Like Hell, Part 1.” You can also listen to our in depth discussion.

Kris’s Notable Moments

  • Kenzi’s back!!!
  • Bo apologizing to Kenzi for being selfish and distracted last season
  • Lauren, Dyson, and Trick teaming up to help Bo

Stephanie’s Notable Moments

  • Bo crushing the man junk of her would-be rapist
  • Kenzi being Kenzi and wonderful generally, but specifically when she hits Tamsin across the face and apologizes, saying that she was aiming for her boob
  • Bo being fearless about facing her father

Annie’s Notable Moments

  • Doccubus eye sex! Doccubus scene! Doccubus rectal thermometer? (I can’t understand what she’s saying here.)
  • Sack of tits!
  • Bo wanting Kenzi to be happy (Benzi love!)

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4 Replies to “Shot: 5×01 “Like Hell, Part 1” First Impressions — Episode 77

  1. Can i just squeal out loud, my Bo, the Bo i love and admire is BACK. And then squeal some more because Kenzi (o-m-g) is BACK AS WELL. Loved the episode it was so well paced with attempts to explain the cray-cray of Season 4 as well as give lovely call backs to Season 1 (the fireplace). Lauren was looking million bucks and holy hell what a kickass Medical facility. Way to go. Also loved Dyson taking on the supportive role. Tamsin was a total package this episode both with the funny (tits anyone) and the crazy (Shining Axe chase). Great return to form by LostGirl. Kudos to the whole team. So happy to have you guys back recapping as well.

  2. What I want to know is why Ksenia Solo is listed as a guest star. Is she not staying for the season? Cause it’s not Lost Girl without both Bo and Kenzi. I loved everything else. Good episode, weird and not what I expected, which is fun. But that guest star thing worries me.

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