5×01 “Like Hell, Part 1” — Episode 78

Bo in Valhalla in Like Hell Part 1
Bo’s determination to get Kenzi back leads to an impulsive decision that could put her in real danger. Tamsin wrestles with wanting to help save Kenzi but being afraid of going back to Valhalla, while Lauren, Dyson, and Trick try to come up with a back-up plan to save Kenzi.

We discuss “Like Hell, Part 1” in depth in this episode, but you can hear our first impressions in our previous episode.

Quest for Kenzi

  • The episode wastes no time! Bo obtains the hel shoe in the first scene, and we get to see Kenzi within the first 20 minutes of the show.
  • Some folks were disappointed that the quest for Kenzi didn’t take very long.
  • Stephanie felt like the show earned the shortcut in a way because the plot was clearly set up at the end of Season 4, and the hiatus between seasons adds to the quest time, in a way, without taking up much show time.
  • Also, Kenzi is still in peril at the end of this episode. She hasn’t completely been saved yet, but we still got to see great Bo and Kenzi stuff.
  • The very different backdrop of the teaser was great.

Bo’s Back

  • Bo stomping the man junk of the gross dudes in the teaser seemed like part of a return to “old Bo.”
  • Bo is very determined, all heart, and making impulsive decisions.
  • The moment where Bo reaches into the fireplace to find the hel shoe is an echo of a the moment in “It’s a Fae, Fae, Fae, Fae World” in which Bo reaches into the fireplace for her fake IDs and money.

Bo reaching in the fireplace in Like Hell Part 1

Getting Bo to Valhalla

  • Bo very nicely takes us on a tour of our main characters as she amps up to go to Valhalla.
  • We love Tamsin eating stuff. Can Tamsin eat more food on the show? She’s just so cute when she does it.
  • Stephanie thought that Trick would be more of an obstacle, but Kris and Annie point out that Bo immediately addresses all the things that Trick would have tried to use to stop her.
  • Kris also wonders if Trick might have re-thought his relationship with Bo after what happened last season, and that’s why he is more immediately supportive here.
  • Annie, of course, was excited for the Doccubus eye sex, but she (and Stephanie) didn’t care for the very blue lighting in that room of the clinic.
  • The Marquis Clinic seems to be a Dark Fae clinic of some kind, but are humans there too? Stephanie thought Lauren’s line about “he’s code you-know-what” suggested that humans might be patients there as well, but Kris and Annie didn’t think so.
  • Lauren is wearing the same jacket she wore in “La Fae Époque,” which Stephanie and Kris think is a reference to the red string and fate, but for some reason Annie just won’t get on board with the theory.

Lauren and Tamsin in Like Hell Part 1

Lauren & Tamsin

  • Stephanie thinks the show missed a good opportunity when Tamsin told Lauren that she “doesn’t kiss and tell.” Given that their last scene together involved Tamsin telling Lauren that she and Bo had kissed, Lauren could have had a really great reaction to that line.
  • We enjoyed seeing the adversarial relationship between Lauren and Tamsin in this episode. They’re the last two characters who haven’t really become friends yet, and it’s good to see that lack of trust explored.
  • Some people were very upset that Lauren says that Tamsin hasn’t made any sacrifices because Tamsin obviously has.
  • Stephanie thinks there are at least three possibilities in regards to Lauren’s line:
    1. Lauren is talking specifically about the current situation of trying to get Kenzi back.
    2. Lauren is saying something she knows isn’t true because she wants to goad Tamsin into action.
    3. Lauren doesn’t know when Tamsin made sacrifices because she has been disconnected from the group in recent seasons.
  • We think that Lauren meant that Tamsin hasn’t made sacrifices in regards to getting Kenzi back. We see Bo tell Tamsin as much earlier in the episode, and Lauren has a line later when she understands why Tamsin hasn’t been able to help due to her oath to the Valkyrie.

Tamsin in Like Hell Part 1

Tamsin in Valhalla

  • While Tamsin seemed eager to right her wrongs and bring Rainer’s soul to Valhalla in “Dark Horse,” she doesn’t want to return to Valhalla in this episode. Had she been away so long that she forgot?
  • Tamsin seems possessed by Valhalla, in a big homage/reference to The Shining.
  • Stephanie thought that possessed, stalk-y Tamsin was some of Rachel Skarsten’s best work in the episode.
  • While it probably would have been fun to have Charisma Carpenter play Freyja, we enjoyed Michelle Nolden.
  • Stephanie liked seeing the dynamic between Tamsin and Freyja. We’ve heard a lot of vague references to Tamsin’s past. It was good to see her interacting with someone from her past.
  • It was interesting to see Tamsin interact with someone that really intimidates her.

Bo and Kenzi in Like Hell Part 1

Bo and Kenzi!!!

  • It was smart of the writers to include a test for Bo and Kenzi to make sure they were who they said they were to assure the viewers that it’s really Kenzi.
  • We liked that the storyline became less about Bo saving Kenzi and more about Bo being willing to let Kenzi go so that Kenzi could be happy.
  • Stephanie wasn’t thrilled with Kenzi’s wedding to Hale. It felt like a disappointing reminder that we’re getting Kenzi back, but not Hale.
  • However, we all loved the sequence of Bo giving Kenzi her “somethings” and walking her down the aisle.

Lauren & Dyson at the Valhalla Gate

  • Apparently Rachel Skarsten helped Zoie Palmer with her Norwegian pronunciation.
  • Why did the Valkyrie voice that possess Lauren just threaten Dyson and not Lauren? Kris speculates that it’s because Dyson was the one who had set foot inside the gate, while Stephanie thinks it’s because Lauren’s trick worked and Valhalla thought she was a Valkyrie.

Kenzi in her coffin in Like Hell Part 1

Everybody’s in Danger

  • Kenzi in a wedding gown and buried alive seems like an obvious Kill Bill reference
  • Stacey is seemingly going after Lauren, though Dyson or Trick might be in danger as well
  • Bo is an elevator headed down to face her father

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6 Replies to “5×01 “Like Hell, Part 1” — Episode 78

  1. Hey guys, always a pleasure to listen to your podcast. I really really enjoyed the Season 5 opening episode. It felt a great return to form by the entire team. I was so happy to get to see Bo being the old Bo, caring, loving, strong and decisive. I like that she made her decision and is ready to face the consequences.A big squeal for that great Bo-Kenzi talk before the wedding, so needed. Also we have the gang always there to help her so lets wait and watch whats coming up in 5×02. Its going to be an interesting journey for sure. Big props to Michael Grassi for that very solid season opener.

  2. Overall I was happy with this episode. I wasn’t the biggest fan of season 4 but I thought this was a big improvement, hopefully the trend continues. It’s nice to have the ‘old’ Bo back. Really liked her checking with Kenzi to see if coming back was really what she wanted, i also thought they might go down the Buffy path and have her be changed or angry about coming back. I found Bo’s interactions with Dyson interesting. She kind of shrugs Dyson off at The Dal and says something along the lines of she was held back once from saving Kenzi. She seemed maybe a little cranky about him holding her back at the end of 4×13? The scene with Lauren in the lab was nice but I thought her pretending to choke Lauren was weird. Enjoyed Dyson and Lauren working together, would like to see that more. (I had the same reaction when cereal/Serial was mentioned)

    1. Another Serial fan! Woohoo!

      The choke was a bit weird, but I liked it because of Lauren’s, “Oh! We’re joking!” line. I thought that made it work.

      1. Massive Serial addict here, just about to listen to the last episode 🙂

        I do agree that Lauren’s reaction helped that scene and even Bo had a sort of embarrassed little laugh after doing it. I just thought it was a really weird thing to do even as a joke. But now it seems downright ‘normal’ compared to some of the weird/creepy things that happened in episode 2!

  3. Never cared for Tamsin. She wasn’t snarky she was a borderline bully. Bo says “You don’t get to keep attacking us” Um she verbally attacked Lauren many times. Too bad Bo didn’t find out about it, not that she would have cared enough to do or say anything about it.

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