Shot: 5×02 “Like Hell, Part 2” First Impressions — Episode 79

Bo at window in Like Hell Part 2
We chat about our initial reactions to episode 5.02 “Like Hell, Part 2” and mention our top 3 moments of the episode. You can also listen to our in depth discussion.

Initial Reactions

  • Annie loved it as the second part of the season opener.
  • Kris thought it was a lot of fun and had almost everything you love about Lost Girl.
  • Stephanie feels weird about the episode.

Annie’s Top 3

  • Team Human
  • Lauren kimono scene
  • Bo and Kenzi goodbye

Kris’s Top 3

  • Kenzi and Lauren paranormal hot-vestigating.
  • Bo (to her father): “I don’t need to know you to know myself.”
  • The Valkyrie doubt off

Stephanie’s Top 3

  • Bo crying — Anna Silk got two really good crying scenes in this episode.
  • Lauren and Kenzi!
  • Bo’s wardrobe — Not only did Anna Silk look great, but I loved all of Bo’s clothes.

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9 Replies to “Shot: 5×02 “Like Hell, Part 2” First Impressions — Episode 79

  1. The ghost scene with its rape/violation undertones was in bad taste. Playing something so serious off as a joke to make us laugh made me sick. I now dread EAs next episode and what kind of crap she’s going to pull for “comedy”

  2. Top 3 moments – Stacey and Dyson at the Valhalla gates
    – Stacey and Tamsin trading insults
    – Kenzi and Lauren drinking vodka from beakers at the clinic

    Best line of the episode – “Holy Odin, your jawline is intensely distracting.”

  3. I think that the candle in Kenzi’s window is meant to guide her home when she has finished her roaming and returns to Bo and her faemily ;o)

  4. Best moments Kenzi/lauren
    These 2 are great together why has this chemistry been totally wasted in this show

    Cringeworthy scenes
    Bo having sex with her stepmom who is also her cousin
    Ghost rape/violation scene

  5. Top Moments

    Bo-I remember why she is my favorite. I loved her and her outfits
    Team Human- Yesss, my two favs
    Bo again-Because she was really on point


    Ghost sexual assault
    Evil Hades >.,<
    Stacey, why is she such a valley girl? It was like the Kitsune all over again for me.

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