The Many Names of Bo’s Father — Episode 80

Bos Father in The Dawning in The Ceremony
Season 4’s finale “Dark Horse” suggested that Bo’s father was the Pyrippus, but in an early Season 5 episode he is called a new name. We talk about Bo’s father’s multiple identities as well as get deep into the mythology behind these figures.

Odin References

A lot of people thought that Bo’s father might be revealed to be Odin given some of the elements the writers included.

  • The Wanderer
  • Hugin and Munin
  • Tamsin is a Valkyrie
  • Freyja


The end of Season 4 introduced the idea of the Pyrippus, who was said or at least strongly implied to be Bo’s father.


In "Like Hell, Part 2," Persephone tells Bo that her father is Hades, the ruler of the underworld in Greek mythology.

  • Hades rides in a chariot drawn by four horses, which are supposedly the Pyrippi, though they are not called that name in poetry or art.
  • Perhaps the Hades of Lost Girl can change forms into a horse and in that form uses the name Pyrippus?

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4 Replies to “The Many Names of Bo’s Father — Episode 80

  1. Perhaps, as civilizations waxed and waned, Bo’s father moved around the world capitalizing on shifting political power and used established religions (or created religions) to convince humans he was a god. So, for instance, if he was in the Hellenistic region of the world he would identify as Hades or Pluto and if he was in the Scandinavian part of the world he would identify as Odin. Or perhaps he is a winged horse on the weekends and a humanoid during the week. Ain’t mythology fun?

    On a side note, I think the woman in the elevator is Demeter (though Lost Girl logic often doesn’t follow my logic); in the original myth Demeter was willing to send the world into an eternal winter, such was her despair over Persephone’s abduction. Also, I couldn’t help but compare the woman (?) in the gray hoodie to the Hermit card in the Rider Tarot Deck, which can symbolize treachery, disguise, and concealment. This would mirror the tarot imagery used last season and there certainly seems to be a whole lot of trickery going on.

    1. First, the idea of being a winged horse on weekends made me laugh like an idiot. Big points to you, darkrat. I like your elegant solution that allows Lost Girl to get away with the mixture of myths in one guy. He’s well traveled!

      I agree with your Demeter-in-the-elevator-idea entirely. I totally missed the Tarot reference (though I did wonder what was up with that hoodie!). Thanks for spotting.

  2. I feel like the mythology jump is messy because cultures have different ideas of death/hell/afterlife etc and I think that it is very easy for Western Culture (of a Judeo-Christian background) to apply its concepts of Heaven and Hell to cultures that didn’t feel that way about Heaven/Hell. A lot of the male sky deities are assholes and a lot of Death Gods are fair and just.

    I feel like Hades was an easy choice because people know key Greek mythology terms and Hollywood has pretty much made Hades, Hel and Anubis defacto Satans when needed for story purposes.

    1. I wholeheartedly support your resistance to the Christocentric. Yes, that’s precisely what I mean to say with all my “these are different cultures and times” rambles. I hope people hear it as both different from each other and different from ANY of our cultures today. Read my mind…

      You’re right about Hades in pop culture, and it’s really a shame! There’s so much nuance to be mined there and in Anubis, Hel and Satan for that matter. There’s so much there to build a story and make a complex world. I hope LG gives it a shot.

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