5×02 “Like Hell, Part 2” — Episode 81

Bo looking out the window in Like Hell Part 2
Bo heads deeper into Hel to confront her father, while Lauren and Kenzi are visited by a specter who asks for their help.

We discuss “Like Hell, Part 2” in depth in this episode, but you can hear our first impressions in our previous episode.

Drink Special: Double Shot from Hell

2½ oz Tequila
1 oz Mandarin vodka
1 oz Gin

Pour over ice in a cocktail shaker. Shake and strain into a double shot glass.

Bo’s Still Awesome

  • First of all, Bo looked great in this episode — the black dress, the blue top with a short black skirt, and more casual light blue/green shirt.
  • Kris torments Stephanie and mentions that the strands coming off the shoulders of Bo’s black dress reminded her of a bolo tie.
  • But beyond looking really good, we enjoyed her character arc for this episode, especially if you consider “Like Hell, Part 1” and “Part 2” as a whole, even though the actual beats of the plot of Bo’s storyline didn’t particularly captivate us.

Who’s Your Daddy, Bo?

  • Annie really enjoyed the sequence where Bo was talking to her father, especially “You’re not my family. You’re nothing. You’re darkness, and I’m not walking into it.” Stephanie thought that sequence went on a little long, but she liked hearing what Bo was saying.
  • Stephanie wanted a bit more interaction between Bo and her father. Even though she didn’t expect them to resolve everything here, the show has been building to this moment at least since the middle of Season 3. The tension of Bo meeting her father is wearing thin. Will the audience care when Bo and her father finally meet?
  • We were all very moved by when Bo collapsed in the elevator crying. It was great to see both the tough side and the vulnerable side of Bo in this episode.
  • Kris wonders if Bo feeding on Persephone will later make her obligated to return to Tartarus, per the Persephone myth.
  • Bo’s father is said to be Hades in this episode where at the end of Season 4 he was identified as Pyrippus.
  • Why the name change? Sure, the writers could establish that Pyrippus is an alias or alternate form of Hades, but why? It seems unnecessarily confusing.
  • “He’s an asshole. Perceived by me, as an asshole.” AMAZING line.
  • “When you get angry, you look just like him.” Kind of a foreboding line about Bo, huh?
  • As is its wont, Lost Girl is blending mythologies in the afterlife. Tartarus is a section of the underworld from Greek mythology, but it’s located in Hel along with Valhalla, which are both concepts from Norse mythology.
  • We were suprised that the show is using actual mythological figures instead of turning them into races of Fae as they have in the past with Loki, Bacchus, and Garuda.

The Maze

  • We struggle to see the point of including the maze. Bo ultimately didn’t need to navigate the maze at all. She just needed to stay in the center and confront the goblin.
  • Having the goblin appear really undercut her mimicking voice mind game. When you see your friends’ voices coming out of someone who doesn’t look like them, it’s not so intimidating.
  • The only point to seemed to be to wound Bo so that she would need to feed on Persephone to heal.

The Nursery

  • The jack-in-the-box in the nursery was the same prop used in the Season 2 promos. It was nice to see that nod to long-time fans.
  • It was sad to see the conditions under which Aife was kept and hear how she was cut off from Bo.
  • Stephanie was completely confused by the picture that Bo found. It looks liked a drawing of Aife giving a guy a backrub to her, so she didn’t understand Bo’s emotional response. Annie and Kris weren’t entirely sure what was going on in the picture either, but they’re pretty sure it was supposed to be Aife with Bo.
  • Annie feels sad for Bo that she was born in Hel. The emotional resonance is lost on Kris and Stephanie because in mythology the afterlife is often just another realm. It’s also not surprising that Bo was born someplace bad.

Letting in the Light?

  • The scene in which Bo lights the candle was beautifully shot, and we thought Anna Silk’s acting was also very good.
  • Annie wonders was Bo to have Persephone escape Hel? Didn’t she know there would be consequences to lighting it? Kris and Stephanie don’t think Bo knew there would be consequences. Persephone said that she was supposed to light the candle to free herself, but she asks Bo to light it when she leaves so that Persephone’s family will know that she is OK.
  • Who was the blonde woman in the elevator? Listeners have suggested it might be Demeter (Persephone’s mother) and Artemis, and one person even thinks that it might be Bo’s sister or half-sister. Was the blonde woman a sleeper agent “activated” by lighting the candle?


  • We don’t trust her.
  • But Kris liked Persephone’s line that hearing stories about Bo gave her hope.
  • Why did she have to phrase her relationship to Bo in the grossest way possible? While some people thought that Bo was talking advantage of Persephone, Stephanie thinks that Persephone took advantage of Bo in a way by not cluing her into their relationship before they got all sexy.
  • Why did the writers choose to have Bo sleep with her father’s wife? Kris points out that if the show is headed into the realm of Greek mythology there is a lot of that happening in those myths.
  • It was disappointing that their relationship ultimately made the encounter so weird and fraught because the scene itself is pretty sexy. (Bum/hip groping!)

The Ghostly Encounter

  • Annie thought the scene with Lauren, like the scene with Persephone and Bo, was sexy, and she thought it was between Bo and Lauren. When it was revealed that Bo was not the entity having sex with Lauren, Annie thought the plot point was a strange reveal. She didn’t see it as a nonconsensual sex scene.
  • Kris didn’t think the ghost was Bo when Lauren and Kenzi first suggested it, but she thought it might be Bo when the intercut sexy scenes happened. On rewatch, knowing that the ghost isn’t Bo, the scene became upsetting.
  • Stephanie considers the scene a sexual assault and doesn’t understand why it was included. The excounter reminded Stephanie of a scene in Revenge of the Nerds, which involves a character tricking a girl he likes into thinking he is her boyfriend in order to have sex with her, which is a really not OK thing to do.
  • As to whether this scene is a sexual assault or not, it’s difficult to talk about since it involves a ghost. This scene is very much in a gray area. Kris still isn’t sure how to feel about it.
  • Could it have been an homage to Ghostbusters? There’s a scene in that movie in which Dan Akroyd receives oral sex from a ghost.
  • We want to give huge props to Zoie Palmer for filming that scene. It must have been awkward.
  • Stephanie is scared that this encounter is leading to Lauren having a mystical pregnancy, which she does not want to see at all. (The only way Stephanie would be OK with Lauren having a mystical pregnancy is if they used it as a way for Lauren and Bo to conceive a child as its biological parents.)
  • Kris and Stephanie noted that Lauren was wearing the same underwear she wore in “Fae-de to Black.” Annie was too distracted by Lauren’s bellybutton ring to notice.

Team Human

  • Stephanie doesn’t understand why this B plot with the ghost was included at all. Why didn’t the writers follow through on the threat of Stacey that they established at the end of “Like Hell, Part 1”? Annie also thinks that this storyline was ultimately a dud.
  • Lauren discovering the shard in her plot is such a throwaway moment that Stephanie completely forgot about it until she rewatched the episode.
  • Annie wishes that they had shown Lauren and Dyson digging up Kenzi and Lauren breaking the urn. While Stephanie understands why they probably didn’t show this scene (it probably would have been expensive to shoot), she does think it would have been helpful to see Lauren break or discover the broken urn in context.
  • Kris had meant to make a joke about Dyson digging up Kenzi, so she was glad that Kenzi made the joke and a cute digging motion with her hands.
  • But besides the disturbing sex scene, this plot was pretty enjoyable because it was great to see Lauren and Kenzi working together.
  • Vodka out of beakers! We liked how Kenzi smelled a beaker, made a face, and handed it to Lauren. The beakers also reminded Stephanie of Better Off Ted.
  • Lauren got a lot of jokes in this episode. Stephanie thinks it indicates that Lauren is feeling more integrated into the group, because previously she pretty much only made jokes around Bo. Kris also points out that the Fae world seems to be off balance, which could also lead to her feeling lighter and freer and making jokes.
  • We loved Lauren’s battle cry.
  • The ouija board was a beautiful prop piece. Stephanie wishes it was featured.

Bo & Kenzi

  • We weren’t surprised that Kenzi exited in this episode, and we feel pretty confident that she will be back later.
  • Stephanie felt like this episode could have used one more scene to hint at Kenzi’s ultimate decision, given that she said she wanted to come back from Valhalla to be with her family.
  • Granted, there was the moment of Kenzi walking around the clubhouse, touching things with the sense that she felt out of place. Season 4 was really leading up to Kenzi feeling like she didn’t fit into Bo’s world anymore.
  • We thought it was great and important to see that Bo was willing to let Kenzi go if she needed to go.
  • The long shot of Bo reacting to the fact that Kenzi was leaving was fantastic. It was wonderful to get to see Bo processing and accepting what was happening because Bo was very much us, the audience, in that moment.

Dyson & Stacey

  • Stephanie didn’t love this subplot because, again, she thought and wished that Stacey had been used more as an antagonist in this episode rather than the more throwaway ghost plot.
  • Kris enjoyed it, but she isn’t sure how she feels about Stacey being quite so gullible.
  • Tamsin seeing Stacey in The Dal was particularly disappointing to Stephanie because the last time they were in the same room together, Tamsin was being held back from attacking her.
  • However, we both appreciate Stacey’s line about Dyson’s jawline being “insanely distracting.”
  • Kris enjoyed the Valkyrie on Valkyrie “Doubt Off.” For what it was, Stephanie enjoyed it.
  • Stephanie was a little disappointed because the showdown between two kickass Valkyrie was basically a catfight. While she likes the idea of a doubt off, she wishes they had dug a little deeper than insulting their physical appearances.

What Happened to Wolfyrie???

  • Stephanie does her best impression of Annie and laments the apparent end to Dyson and Tamsin’s sexytimes relationship.
  • Even in the scene in which they’re breaking up, they’re super adorable! Why aren’t they making out???
  • Kris is also annoyed that they ended that not-even relationship so abruptly, but she has some hope that it might rekindle.

Stray Thoughts

  • The elevator in Hel reminded Kris of the elevator in Charlie and the Great Glass Elevator.
  • Still no theme song. Stephanie is OK that the opening credits were cut because the opening images and voiceover aren’t entirely accurate anymore. Kris hopes that the opening credits come back. She enjoys original theme songs and opening credits.

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4 Replies to “5×02 “Like Hell, Part 2” — Episode 81

  1. I really enjoyed this podcast and the debating going on between you all. I have to say that I think Lost Girl does a lot of dubious consent. It is fitting because Bo is a succubus and I said on my own review that they usually cover their bases well with her because most of the people she sleeps with are fae or people who are already attracted to her. But with other people it gets a little messy.

    We had the weird transphobia prison assault in season 3. Lauren using sex to reduce to Evony last season and this now. I think a lot of those things are homages to other campier things, like how the prison scene was the result of sexplotation movies and Ghostbusters, but the conversation about rape, assault and transphobia has grown SO MUCH since then so the writers have to realize that their audience may accept or excuse some of those things in older media, in newer ones it’s just unacceptable now, especially since we can now more actively discuss how messed up those things were to begin with.

    I’m hoping that they really do something good with Persephone and the Greek mythology angle or it’ll be a real waste.

  2. Great episode (of the podcast, can’t say the same for the show unfortunately)!

    I really liked the first episode and thought it set all the characters up for interesting stories going into the second part, but I don’t feel this episode capitalised on that set up. We really didn’t need a B-plot thrown in, especially one that didn’t have much of a purpose and turned out to be pretty creepy/weird.

    I did enjoy Kenzi and Lauren working together. And so far I’m liking this Bo a lot more than last season.

  3. I think thematically the ghost story could fit if you take the things that ‘have to happen’ from a big picture point of view – like Annie said Bo brings something back with her from Hel so if the woman in the elevator is someone (I’m assuming Hades) getting his corporeal form, then it makes sense for the writers to explain the rules of how things are made from ghosts to real – an object is set on fire.

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