Shot: 5×03 “Big in Japan” First Impressions — Episode 82

Tamsin in Big in Japan
We share our first impressions and top 3 moments from “Big in Japan.” You can also listen to our in depth discussion.

First Impressions

  • Annie: I liked the episode overall.
  • Kris: I have some issues with the episode, but I did enjoy it.

Annie’s Top 3

  • Doccubus smoochies! Lauren telling Bo that she has her heart! Doccu-selfie in Lauren’s lab!
  • Ninja Lauren!
  • Bo losing her sex drive because it allowed us to see her as vulnerable again

Kris’s Top 3

  • Movie night! How cute was that scene?
  • Dyson expressing to Lauren that he was worried Bo was upset with him, but Lauren assures him that she is upset with herself
  • Lauren telling Tamsin that she’s full of surprises but that sometimes she is just what the group needs

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15 Replies to “Shot: 5×03 “Big in Japan” First Impressions — Episode 82

  1. I’m seeing a trend of the Bo storylines being the strongest and the rest being a little…hit and miss. I just feel like they tried to fit in every Japanese trope possible in this episode.

    1. I liked Bo’s character/emotional journey OK, but my favorite part was Lauren’s storyline. I thought that had the best progression plot-wise.

    1. It felt weird to me in the beginning. I think it might have been purposeful to make the audience feel Bo’s loss of Kenzi.

  2. Clear headed Bo im still waiting. So it’s okay for Bo to abandon the people who loved her for the sake of DESTINY but if someone else decides to leave for their own good she becomes an emotional mess.I Did not expect any growth in Bo after seeing AZ wrote script Hated the couch scene but noticed candle in foreground. Kenzi is a miss, dynamics with Tamsin are too heavy handed. Bo and her feeding changes from plot to plot but not to worry manly man Dyson is on hand.Hated the fact that Bo hurt Lauren again mentioning her feeding and also the lab scene was crass

  3. Still cannot believe that they have made Kenzi so unfeeling and selfish – so unKenzi like. I hope she comes back but cannot see it before the fall episodes unless she makes a guest appearance in one episode and is written out for good. I think Bo would have reacted the way she did but I think the others, apart from possibly Lauren, would have been more upset than they seemed. Lost Girl without Kenzi is like ice cream made from sawdust. ;o(

  4. I’m really surprised at the strong emotions this episode seemed to have drawn out of others. I personally loved it! It made sense why Bo was struggling with Kenzi’s absence, she’s been there for Bo from the get go, and honestly the least complicated relationship that she’s had. The last year was hard on everyone, then to go to the lengths of having her back only to lose her again. I think it would throw anyone off.

    Did no one else read the interview with Ksenia Solo about how she wanted to pursue other projects? Even she said that the Kenzi that came back in S5 would be different, and it makes sense not only with the loss of Hale but I think a person can only take so much. Kenzi did what she needed to do. Is she missed? Yes, but it would have been worse to slowly watch her wither away from everything.

    I think it shows how much Lauren loves Bo, that she’s just willing to be what she needs as opposed to forcing her feelings on her. She knows that Bo loves her but really isn’t in a place to pursue anyone seriously at the moment. Lauren seems to have come to a level of acceptance, this isn’t seasons 1-3 Lauren.

    If Lauren was really uncomfortable with what was happening in the lab, I’m sure she could have gone elsewhere. Instead we have this really awesome copdoc moment, both of them playing awkward unbelievably well, and Lauren telling Tamsin something that she really needed to hear. It made me say “aww” out loud.

    I love the show itself and thought it was great at all the chemisty each ships have together. But the really great thing this show does is that the characters continue to evolve. Each season has a different feel, I never know what to predict.

    1. It is not just that Kenzi left – it is the hard unfeeling way she did – in effect telling the woman who had risked everything for her to get lost. Kenzi would not have left so abruptly

      1. Highlight the following to read spoilers.

        Ksenia has a stunt double in episodes 5.15 and 5.16 so Kenzi should be at least in the last 2 episodes which makes the long gap between 5.8 and 5.9 even more unforgivable.

        I suspect much of the audience who stay during the inter will not return come Fall and Showcase will see its fan base disappear with the autumn leaves

  5. – Lauren and Dyson

    – Lauren and Tamsin

    – Lauren and Broom

    It’s possible my bias is showing, but Lauren has always been my favourite character. I’m excited to see what direction they take her storyline and I’m glad to see her getting some decent screen time with different people.

    1. That’s exactly what I said when I heard that Zoie was going to have more to do this season! I have always been a fan of Lauren first and then the show second. For a lot of people it seems that without Kenzi, the show isn’t going to be worth watching. For me, it’s Lauren, especially now that Kenzi is gone and Lauren is the only human left.

  6. Bo is back to her season 4 selfish, self absorbed self. Kenzi said it best in season 4 …. “Your So God Damn Selfish” Neither Dyson or Lauren can go to Bo with thier problems because Bo is too tied up feeling sorry for herself. I thought they were going to get rid of this Bo but I guess not. Bo feeds off her “friends” sexually and emotionally but does not show them any love.

    This isn’t about who Bo chooses, this is about the writers writing crap.

  7. Over all, I thought the ep was great. I loved the movie night scene. As I have said on a few posts on facebook, I kind of see a foursome going here… and while I wouldn’t even be able to handle a threesome if I had a girlfriend, I can totally see a special link between all four of these “friends with benefits”. And while I wish we had gotten a real Doccubus scene, I’m still hopeful and optimistic that there will be one soon. We still need a really good Doccubus talk scene, though… I guess only time will tell.

    Three things I like about it…
    1) Lauren and Dyson “Defend yourself” scene
    2) Movie Night end scene
    3) Bo in that long dress and big hat… I thought that made Bo look more mature and beautiful.

    While I agree on some level about the writing being crap…. only because they haven’t given us a Doccubus sex scene… I don’t believe it will remain so…. And I loved the Banter between Lauren and Bo in the stitching up her arm scene. 🙂 My only fear is that we will not be seeing anymore Doccubus sex and it will be left up to the fans to create that. 🙁 But if the writers of the show can’t give us what we want, then we will have to make it up, I guess. 🙂 Lesbians are people too.

  8. Well, seeing Bo in the red dress at the end made everything worth it.

    1. Lauren defending herself, doctor style. Just awesome!
    2. Bo being vulnerable. I didn’t see this as Bo taking advantage of anyone like some have said. I mean, Bo went into Valhalla for Kenzi, went into Dysons memories for him, in season one she fought Vex for him, etc. She takes, sure. But she is a succubus. It’s kind of in her nature to do so. But she always is there for others. When Kenzi was Kenzie napped, she never gave up until she found her, even when no one believed get and they locked her up. Bo is always there for them, too. Yes, choosing Dyson was eh. But made sense. Lauren couldn’t have given enough, considering how injured Bo was. Dyson, being Fae, had the strength to give. However, I’m doccubus forever, so, ew. More Doctor, less wolf, please.
    3. Tamsin. I liked her in this episode. She can’t ever replace Kenzi. But she is a good character.

    The only thing I didn’t really love was the ending. Gearing up for the new storyline, I get it. But it was creepy. Waking up from the dead is not okay. It’s just extra creepy.

    Oh… And Trick saying orgasm… Oh my… LOL!!! That was pretty amazing.

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