5×03 “Big in Japan” — Episode 83

Bo with blade to her throat in Big in Japan
While Bo struggles with feeling disinterested in sex, she and Tamsin become bodyguards for a famous warrior who fears that his life is in danger. Receiving death threats from Fae who want the serum she used on The Morrigan, Lauren turns to Dyson to learn how to defend herself better.

We discuss “Big in Japan” in depth in this episode, but you can hear our first impressions in our previous episode.

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Oh, the Asianness

  • Asian everywhere! Karaoke! Guzheng music! Sushi! Seppuku! Ninjas!
  • Kris was tempted to make a drinking game and do a shot whenever someone said the word “honor.”
  • Annie was the most annoyed by the bad karaoke, and she felt sorry for the actors who had to wear the full kimonos.

Bo and Musashi in Big in Japan


  • Stephanie felt like there was too much exposition in this storyline.
  • We can appreciate the theme of this story — that women’s accomplishments have been historically underappreciated or unacknowledged — but we didn’t love the execution.
  • The final scene of Bo confronting Musashi at the restaurant was really overwritten for our tastes. But we can appreciate the final slo-mo shot of Bo strutting out of the restaurant.
  • Annie was very underwhelmed by Musashi’s frosty glass powers. Maybe they’ll come in handy for cleaning toilets somehow?
  • We were confused (with all the Asianness) why the assassin was called “Big Taco,” but apparently the writers were trying to do a thing. His name is spelled Tak’o in the credits.

Tamsin as Bo’s Kickass Buddy

  • We all thought Tamsin was delightful as Bo’s new paranormal hot-vestigating partner.
  • Kris is flummoxed why Tamsin, a kickass Valkyrie with wings, would have Kill Bill fantasies? But we all thought her outfit was great.
  • We all enjoyed the scene in which Bo and Tamsin were in bed. Tamsin got some great lines, and Stephanie especially loved when she spooned Bo at the very end of the scene.
  • Why did she only get police batons for the big fight? Where are her ninja weapons?

Tamsin and Bo in Big in Japan

Bo’s Lost Sex Drive

  • This storyline is a play on the trope of the hero losing their powers. We generally liked this storyline, but Kris was expecting it tie back into the fact that Bo fed off Persephone in Tartarus, given Persephone’s comment about being careful what you eat there.
  • Some Lost Girl fans have been critical of this storyline, saying that it found Bo returning to being selfish and self-involved like she was in Season 4. Personally, We don’t think that Bo was being particularly selfish. She was reacting to losing her best friend that she loves dearly. “Scream a Little Dream” established that ending up alone is one of Bo’s big fears, so it makes sense to us that Kenzi’s departure would bring up this type of fear and need for reassurance.
  • While she understands why they chose to structure the storyline this way, Stephanie wishes that it had been used as a vehicle for Bo to talk to Lauren about their very different life spans. Annie wants that too but thinks it needs to happen while they’re alone and preferably naked.
  • Annie really loved the concluding “family hug” scene. Stephanie thought it was a little cheesy. Kris admits that it was, but she doesn’t care.
  • Poor Trick having to have a version of “the talk” with Bo. Rick Howland was hilarious in that scene, and Annie thought it was interesting that Trick mentioned that sex was important for all Fae.

Bo and Lauren in Big in Japan

Bo & Lauren

  • We were thinking that Bo and Lauren might be together, given what happened in “Dark Horse” as well as their behavior in the first two episodes of this season. However, this episode suggests that has not been the case.
  • It feels like everyone loves Bo, but Bo is running from these love feelings and/or everyone is backing off from Bo because they are trying to be supportive of Bo.
  • Lauren seemed very frustrated with Bo in this episode, and we again got a sense that Lauren isn’t particularly comfortable with Bo needing to feed off of other people.

Bo almost kissing Tamsin in Big in Japan

Bo & Tamsin

  • Stephanie was worried for Tamsin when Bo asked her if she could feed off of her. Bo must realize that Tamsin likes/loves her. Does Bo like Tamsin?
  • Annie and Kris appreciated Tamsin’s face in this episode and how Rachel played that moment right before Tamsin agrees to let Bo try to feed.

Bo and Dyson in Big in Japan

Bo & Dyson

  • Stephanie was thrown off by the first scene of this episode. Why was Dyson shirtless if he and Bo weren’t supposed to have been having sexytimes? Is that his painting outfit? Kris, like Dyson, was going a little crazy watching Bo’s poor painting technique.
  • Stephanie was a little disappointed that Bo grabbed Dyson for sex. Yes, Bo and Dyson have had a previous understanding about sex just for healing, but she felt like it had been done a lot previously.
  • Kris points out that Trick was off limits (thank goodness), it’s complicated with Tamsin, Bo might hurt Lauren because she’s so hungry, so Dyson was the most logical choice.

Lauren & Tamsin

  • We liked that the bonding moment between Lauren and Tamsin was a throwback to Bo and Dyson’s sex scene in The Dal in “Dead Lucky.”
  • Zoie Palmer and Rachel Skarsten were both great in that scene, and we liked seeing a few tendrils of friendship developing between the two of them.
  • Hugs! Tamsin needed hugs at the end of that scene.

Lauren and Dyson in Big in Japan

Lauren Dealing with Death Threats

  • This subplot was the piece of the episode that worked the best for all of us.
  • Annie was glad that we saw some fallout from Lauren de-Faeing The Morrigan.
  • Stephanie felt like the audience was able to be “with” Lauren in a new way in this episode. While she has had her own story arcs in previous episodes, there always seemed to be a mystery surrounding her emotions or her intentions. But here it was very clear what Lauren was feeling and experiencing.
  • Kris points out that Dyson and Lauren’s friendship allowed her to be more open about her thoughts and intentions.
  • Annie is enjoying how Dyson and Lauren’s relationship is progressing. Stephanie liked how Lauren went to Dyson about a problem she had, and Dyson was able to talk to Lauren about a problem he had.
  • It was good to see Lauren try to empower herself rather than having to ask someone to save her. Stephanie doesn’t want to see Lauren master fighting skills — because she likes that Lauren is strong and badass because of her intellect rather than her ability to pummel people — so she was glad that wasn’t the route this episode took.

Movie Night

  • Stephanie thought that Tamsin and Dyson were being adorable with each other at the end of the episode, and she laments that they’re not making out.
  • Tamsin has all the good lines in this scene.
  • We thought the couch scene was cute and wonder if it might be hinting at a polyamorous conclusion to the triangle. But at the very least, we liked seeing all of them hang out as buddies.

Tamsin Lauren Bo and Dyson at movie night in Big in Japan

The Mysterious Blonde Woman

  • What did the Artemis candle do? Did it turn Elizabeth into a murderous zombie creature?
  • Stephanie and Kris think that her comment about “Can you see me?” indicates that Elizabeth had been possessed a sprit or something released by lighting the candle.
  • Stephanie has another possible mystical pregnancy freak out that whatever possessed Elizabeth was what assaulted Lauren in “Like Hell, Part 2.”
  • We have no clue who this entity might be. We think the theory that it might be Persephone’s mother seems less likely this week.

Stray Thoughts

  • Did Lauren’s syringe that she threw at the bad guy auto-inject?
  • Should Dyson and Trick really be there while you’re operating, Lauren? That’s not exactly sterile.
  • Annie would like to thank the costume designer for all the non-Asian wardrobe in this episode.
  • Annie also rejoices about the Bo and Lauren selfie in Lauren’s lab.

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8 Replies to “5×03 “Big in Japan” — Episode 83

  1. I am pretty much in line with y’all’s opinions. I enjoyed the emotional scene but I feel like it would have been better if they had pulled it across a couple episodes. I don’t like depowering heroines, but I do think that if they were going to do it I would haves liked the hug of friendship to have come after a few episodes of Bo dealing with her emotions. That said I didn’t think she was selfish. We live in a Bo world and it is filled with snark vodka.

    1. I can see where you’re coming from, but I guess don’t think of them as “depowered heroines” because often those stories are used to highlight that even without whatever supernatural powers they may have, they are still powerful heroines. Granted, that wasn’t the route that this episode took, but I still thought that it worked to a certain extent. While I feel like the group hug at the end was rushed, I don’t know if I would have wanted Bo to be disinterested in sex and not healing for several episodes.

      1. I only bring up that because there is a long standing trope of having female heroines lose their powers, strength, abilities for them to learn a lesson that is notorious in sci-fi, fantasy, comics, etc.

        I don’t think they shouldn’t have had Bo’s sex drive be gone for several episodes, I agree that would be really pointless and tropey but the emotional climax should have happened later because I think that those feelings that she has would have made a good mini arc for Bo. I feel like the best episode of LG are the ones that deal with Bo and her guilt, fears.

        1. Right. Which is why I said I get where you’re coming from, but I still like that trope when it’s done well.

          Since Bo’s diminished sex drive seemed to be tied up in her fears that she would end up alone eventually, I don’t know if we could have had one without the other in this case. I think the emotional stuff worked as a one-episode arc, but I do wish they had spent less time on the ASIAN TROPES storyline and focused on Bo’s lost sex drive so that we could have had a more complete arc within the episode. I’m thinking like they did in “Turn to Stone.” There is a case-of-the-week in that episode, but it’s used to essentially facilitate a faux bottle episode in order to bring up all that emotional stuff between Bo and Kenzi while Bo is trapped in Lauren’s apartment.

  2. Aw screw you guys for making me feel for Bo this episode. lol I was all ready to go on a rant about how she was acting then you made me have compassion. Who does that? I actually do agree with you guys Bo reacted normally. Her best friend, her heart, just left, not even by death or circumstances beyond her control, but actually chose to leave Bo. Although I 100% get why Kenzi left, and am proud of her for recognizing being a human is more than enough, that’s still gotta hurt Bo. Especially because it seemed Bo felt she was the reason people would leave, Kenzi included. She had this long speech to her dad about the people who care never leaving her and bam Kenzi’s gone. So she would def have to deal with that. The only issue I really had with Bo was she’s still playing with people’s feelings who are in love with her. I don’t even know if she realizes that, but she needs to. I completely agree, she just needs to choose already. To see her be so fickle just diminishes the character in a way because it can come off as selfish and uncaring as well as self-indulgent. Everyone is always like Team Tamsin, or Lauren, or Dyson. I’ve always been team Bo. So it feels like “I chose you Bo, and you broke my heart.”

    This is more for 5×02 but since I’m here I just have to say. Why the heck was Bo mad her dad didn’t teach her to “maze”. She said something like I don’t know how to maze. Maybe because you never taught me. Sorry, my dad never sat down with me and said “Hey kid (because suddenly in this scenario my father calls me kid) Hey kid let me teach you how to maze.” I just… no. Bigger daddy issues to worry about Bobo.

  3. Selfish Bo. I know she’s the star of the show but she has never deserved Lauren. I will give her Nadia and that’s it. It is no wonder Lauren looked at her like WTFae during End of Faes. I would be suspect too that someone that loves me sleeps with everyone, nearly did Dyson wearing Lauren’s necklace but made it way more insulting by sleeping with him in Lauren’s worse. She could have gone to her car?!! But then had the audacity to get JEALOUS of Evony? lolol I’m done.

  4. Y’all are nicer than I am.

    So we’re supposed to feel sorry for Bo because Kenzi left??

    Kenzi needed Bo all of season 4 and she blew her off. It’s a ridiculous storyline to have in the last season because she’s the most powerful Fae and her Succubus went sour because Kenzi left. Please. She left Kenzi more than once. She and Rainer on the train and in bed talking about her friends?? Cough cough.

    I do agree that it would’ve been better had Lauren and Bo talked during this episode. But Bo would’ve had more reason to sulk because Lauren’s death threats would make her feel guilty about not having her Succubus.

    Lastly we all know who can get the Succubus to back down or show up, Lauren. They could’ve solved her sex problem by having them kiss but no let Dyson have his Bo fix in Lauren’s lab.

    Broke my heart a bit when Lauren stormed out after Bo decided to sleep with Dyson just after Lauren had declared her love again (I’m yours) and Bo brushed off both declarations. Then Dyson saying I’m not going anywhere brought the Succubus back?

    I would’ve felt like a one nighter too in 5/7 after that kind of disrespect and treatment. Bo was still being selfish.

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